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Disneyland-hater finds a new amusement.

.. It just stuck, even while I had them under my influence. I don't know, they just really pissed me off for whatever reason.

"So, I bought the quilts and the two duvets at full price. Yup, I did. Then I gave Ms. Perfect and her oh so flawless little offspring instructions to personally deliver them to the clubhouse. Heh... I'll show you the little home movie we'd made sometime, but the best part of the show is their priceless deliberation over which of them should be gangbanged in front of the other. Not that it mattered, they both got ganged in the end anyway. Heh. Good times...

"(Ahem) Anyway, Donna Totten, his lawyer, became my lawyer and a very good friend. She never knew how I did it, but she accepted the new order of things at the clubhouse pretty quick and, after I gave her what Sir had on her and let her kick him up the arse a few times afterwards, she was too grateful to much care. Poor dear, she died of cancer almost seven years ago."

" ... About all the books I'd collected then..." Auntie went on after banishing a sad expression. "This is when I started my research into what we really are. Like I said, being there and having achieved this new protected status finally let me think that I could start looking into this properly, since I finally had the time and resources. At least, I thought so then. I sent some of my people, my little band of outlaw bikers, far and wide to collect books, information and other curiosities of my particular interest from wherever I'd determined them to be. Some, I sent out on quests from which they never returned during my time with them. That's really all part of a different story, but I bring it up to tell you what I was up to during those five years, besides kneeling for a nice load of cum in my face, or emptying rum bottles one after another. Of course, I'd also collected close to a million dollars that Donna had skillfully laundered for me. Sir, like I may have mentioned, was a pretty smart guy, at least until I got to him, and I had to credit him for hiring her in the first place.

"But, like at other times in my life, and I'm sure both Kathleen and Sheila can identify here, there came a point when I knew it was time to move on. So, after having all my belongings put into storage, I collected Ace and another man whom, I'm sure, some of you have met. At the time, his name was Barnbreaker, but his legal, family name is Lamarr. Their mission, as I gave it to them, was to safely drive me in the Caddy back to Ontario. ... And I wasn't going back to the Sault."

"Back home," Kitten almost whispered in awe.

"Back home," Ashleigh confirmed. "I'd been reading, like I said, and I had some ideas about what Mum and I were, but I wasn't sure of anything. All I knew was my guilt over leaving, my worry for my family, my depression and anxiety as I wondered what in hell was going on without the nerve to go anywhere near my mother. I hated that I was still afraid, too. Imagine that, huh? The queen of the bikers, she who was responsible for the slow mental decline of their former leader was... afraid of her mother. It took a lot to commit to that trip, just to get into the car, but the stakes were too high not to go and the preparations had been laid.

"Both Ace and Lamarr were armed, and so was I.

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