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Jake takes control of the lens.

After shaking my hand, Mrs. Collins led me through some doors back to her office, and closed the door behind me. We both sat down, and she began the conversation.

"So what exactly can I do for you, Mr. Holmes?"

"Two things, I need to talk to an attorney about selling off or dissolving my business partnership, and second I need to discuss my options for divorcing my wife. I caught her cheating on me, with my partner. Her flimsy excuse was that I cheated on her first, but I have never been unfaithful to my wife. Oh, he also shot me with a small pistol, when I did catch them. Thankfully for me, the bullet hit a medallion, so it only caused a bruise on my chest."

"Holy shit, really? Didn't you call the police? Did you get checked out at the hospital or at least an EMT? The more witnesses we have to any act of violence that is related to the adultery, will help your case."

"No, I passed out and my buddy took me to his place. Would it help to call them now?"

"Probably not much, but you could go to the station to file a report. They would probably investigate your partner for possible charges. The only problem is evidence at this point. They may not do anything if the gun is gone and there is no evidence at the scene of the crime. I can forward a generic request on to one of our criminal associates, to see if they advise differently, OK?"

"Yeah, that sounds fine to me. So what can I do about my wife?"

"Well, do you know how long the affair has been going on?"

"Honestly no, but I think the time I walked in on them, was the only time."

"Did you take any pictures? Do you have any proof, other than just seeing it for yourself?"

"No, when I walked in, I was shocked and didn't take any. I did just hire a P.I., Mr. Curt Simpson, to dig up what he can, about my business partner. I could have him check up on my wife, but what if he doesn't find anything?"

"I know Curt. He is pretty good at what he does. Well if he can't find anything about their affair, it becomes your word against hers, unless she confesses. Have you talked to her since you walked in on her?" I simply shook my head no. "I have seen a lot of divorce cases Mr. Holmes, and I can tell you that there are several options available to you. Some are clean and easy, most are pretty tough, but a few get so knockdown, drag-out dirty, that they can last a year or two. Are there any children involved?"

"Well, we have a daughter, but she is already over eighteen and in college."

"Well, at least there's that. No worry about any custody battles, or child support payments to negotiate."

The expression on my face must have spoken volumes, because she simply nodded and went on. "Yes, it could take a very long time, depending on all the circumstances. What is it that you really want here, Mr. Holmes?"

"I need to know what my options are. For right now, just assume that I intend to divorce her."

"So you don't think you have any chance at forgiveness, or reconciling with her? I'm sorry to ask, just want to understand how best to represent you."

That was a good question. One that I was not ready to answer.

"I really don't know, but right now I don't want to be around her. I am afraid I might do something that I would regret later. I do have some pictures that were given to me, as supposed proof of my infidelity...but as you can see in them, it's not true."
I slid the pictures that had been given to her, by my ex-friend. There was a moment of silence, and then I broke out in some serious tears. I started really sobbing like a baby. All the anger that had been keeping me going lately seemed to run out all at once. No matter what, I really did miss my wife, and the thought of how my life was going to be now, was TRULY unbearable. I once had direction in my life, but now I was on a new path.

After a minute, I wiped my eyes and looked up at the lawyer.

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