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She gets off easy... this time.

I timed my thrusts so her snatch would clamp on me at my deepest incursion into her, and listen to her whimpers as I tried to pull back as her pussy held me tightly.

I lunged forward again and held myself there. I was supporting myself on my hands and knees, so that the only point of contact between our bodies was where the tip of my shaft was buried deep into the furthest reaches of Tammy's pussy. Tammy lay on her belly, writhing in passion as I continued to softly spear her in her most tender place

"Is that the spot?" I whispered. Tammy nodded, her mouth open in obvious delight. Holding myself motionless inside Tammy, I was rock-hard, but nowhere near cumming. "Come on, baby," I breathed into Tammy's ear. "Use this cock. Let your brother see you get yourself off."

Tammy lifted her hips slightly and began grinding her hips in small circles, gently increasing and decreasing the pressure against my cock. I had never been inside Tammy without a condom before, and I marveled at how deliciously warm and wet her slippery little pussy felt. I held myself steady, letting Tammy continue working my long, hard shaft against that special spot inside her. Her moans became shrieks and screams as she continued working herself against my meat, like I was a dildo. I leaned over her back, resting my weight on my elbows and forearms, and cupped Tammy's lovely breasts. Each was a perfect handful, warm and firm, and a smile crossed Tammy's face as I began gently pulling and rolling her pert nipples. Tammy's arms were stretched out in front of her, her head lowered and her back arched as she continued greedily pleasuring that spot deep inside her.

As Tammy's breathing shallowed out and became uneven, I knew she was close to cumming again. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as I arched my back and impaled her on my shaft, balls deep, her ass pressed tight into my hips. My step-sister's slender body convulsed as if my cock had been a high voltage power line. I moved my lips to her ear and kissed her gently.

"There, baby. Now you've got all of me," I whispered. I let go of Tammy's hair, letting her head drop down to the pillows again. Raising my hips up, I began rhythmically pounding my sister's pussy, smacking her little ass with my right hand in time with my strokes. Tammy was completely over the edge now, and she totally surrendered her body to my lustful thrusts. Her whole body began shaking as I felt her juices spilling out of her pussy, dripping down all over my balls.

I felt my cum building in my nuts, and I drove my cock deep into Tammy's belly one last time, my hard cock literally pinning Tammy to the mattress. I felt myself get faint as my spunk spilled out of me in a rushing torrent. I emptied myself into Tammy, and felt my load fill up her insides, and then collapsed in a heap by her side.

* * * * * * *

When I woke up, I was alone in my bed, the sheets soaked with sweat and sticky with cum. As I came around again, I could smell bacon frying, and coffee. I pulled on a pair of shorts and padded into the kitchen.

Tammy was showered and dressed, and was at the stove making breakfast. As I slumped down into a chair at the kitchen table, she poured me a glass of orange juice and laid down a loaded plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast in front of me.

"Good morning," she said in a chirpy voice. She was always chipper after I nailed that deep spot in her. Her brown hair was in a ponytail now, and she was wearing a tight black tank top and faded Levi's. She looked at me in my disheveled state and shook her head.

"You'd better eat up and then go take a shower. I just talked to Priya, she's on her way over here now." Tammy came up and hugged me around the shoulders, while stealing a piece of bacon off my plate at the same time.

I looked like a wreck and Tammy had just sucked the life out of me. "Priya's coming over now?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yep," Tammy said with a smirk, as she leaned over and kissed me on top of the head.

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