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The sultry summer in 1919 Indiana continues.

Eventually she arrived at the tall rise townhouse that Alex lived in and pulled up outside. It was ten past seven. Dam, she was late and that wasn't helping her anxiety levels.

Even though she was late, Sophie gave herself a moment to compose herself before stepping out of the car and nervously approaching Alex's front door. Gripping the bag of dessert and wine in one hand and raising her other to knock on the door, Sophie held her breathe.

Watching the shadow appear behind the glass door Sophie felt her heart thump relentlessly in her chest before the door swung open. Raven hair spilled over her shoulders, dark yet very alluring makeup accented those piercing green eyes and a deep red gloss amplified that stunning smile. Oh my god, she's an absolute goddess!

'Sorry I'm late,' Sophie all but whispered as she felt her eyes run slowly down the length of Alex's body. She was wearing a very simple, very tight little black dress and red heels. So much for casual! 'You look stunning.' Sophie blurted.

Laughing softly, Alex stepped forward and took Sophie's empty hand, pulling her gently across the threshold of the door. 'Thank you, you look gorgeous,' Alex almost purred as she closed the door and reached up to place a very delicate, soft kiss on Sophie's cheek before inviting her into the lounge.

Sophie felt like she might faint!

Soft music played in the background as both women sat down to enjoy a glass of wine together, falling back into the easy and relaxed conversation meant for two friends that had known each other for years. Sophie complimented Alex on her home which was tastefully decorated in neutral tones and had a minimalist feel about it.

Delicious smells of pasta, lasagne and meatballs wafted through the house from the nearby kitchen as they sat together in the dining room, sharing the brushetta that Alex had made before moving onto the main course. Sophie once again complimented Alex, this time for her obvious talent for cooking. They talked of how Alex spent many summers in Southern Italy with distant relatives, learning how to cook real Italian food. It truly was divine, and even the butterflies in Sophie's stomach couldn't stop her from eating.

'So can you speak Italian?' Sophie asked.

'Perch__ s__ posso,' replied Alex before Sophie looked lost, raising her eyebrows in question. 'That means...Why yes I can.' Alex explained.

'I'd love to speak another language,' sighed Sophie wistfully.

'You can always learn a new language,' encouraged Alex. 'Volete saperne di pi__ vino?'

Alex raised the wine bottle over Sophie's glass and Sophie instantly realised what she had been asked.

'No, I better not have any more wine, I'm driving,' she responded as she put her hand over the top of her glass meaning that Alex couldn't pour any in.

Instantly frozen, both women felt themselves being drawn into each other's eyes. Sophie felt she was being devoured by Alex's sharp green gaze, her eyes looked almost hooded as she whispered...

'Muovi la tua mano.'

Sophie looked perplexed, staring back at Alex, unmoving and obviously clueless to this last statement.

'Muovi la tua mano,' Alex stated again, 'Move your hand.'

Stunned, Sophie slowly withdrew her hand and watched as Alex poured an ample amount of wine into her glass without hesitation.

Looking directly into Sophie's surprised blue eyes Alex let a sexy and knowing smirk creep across her face as she softly breathed --
'Tu non vai da nessuna parte stasera.'

Alex slowly got up from her chair and moved around to move Sophie's empty dinner plate, carefully leaning down and brushing a soft kiss directly on the transfixed woman's lips before again explaining herself more clearly --

'You're not going anywhere tonight.'

Sophie felt a stirring deep inside her stomach, and knew that this time it wasn't nerves. It was sheer, unadulterated desire for this incredible woman. She watched as Alex sashayed her way back into the kitchen to fix the Tiramisu dessert that Sophie had bought with her.

Without thinking, Sophie was on her feet and

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