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An erotic birthday coupling, as told from two perspectives.

Daniel shot him a sideways look, "Something I need to know?"

Nodding, "That would be her ex. We hate the bastard."

"He was the one who tried to control her, right?" Damien was seething he wanted to rip the man's arms off and beat him with them. When Jimmy nodded his head Damien told him, "Excuse me, sir."

Making haste, he approached Catherine and her ex in time to hear her say, "Why in the hell are you here?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Jos invited me." He boldly stared her up and down, "Plus, I wanted to see you. You've put on weight, but that's okay. I'll take you back anyway."

Hell no! Damien cleared his throat and Catherine looked at him in relief, which made him feel moderately better. Her ex tried to put his arm around her and Damien growled, "Get your fucking hands off of my girlfriend."

Catherine stepped to Daniel and boldly kissed him, "Hi, honey."

He gripped her hip and dropped his voice, "You look gorgeous. Miss me, baby?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, "Every second. Did you and Dad have a nice talk?"

He quirked his mouth at one corner, "We are to be at Sunday dinner." Glancing over her shoulder, he asked, "Who's he?"

Her body molded to his and she looked at him with so much heat that he wanted to fuck her right there. She kissed him deep and slow and he groaned. She asked, "Who's who?"

His laughter burst from his chest, "The dumbass with his mouth hanging wide open behind you."

Catherine turned in his arms and nestled her ass against his hard-on, "Daniel, this is J.J."

J.J. hissed, "I need to talk to you, Catherine."

"Anything you have to say to her, you can say it in front of me. Otherwise, you stay the fuck away from her." Daniel managed to keep his voice low and steady when he really wanted to grab the idiot and beat the hell out of him.

She told them both, "I have no desire to look at or speak to you, J.J." She clenched Daniel's hands on her hips, "Daniel, we really should go talk to my mom."

Daniel could feel the slight tremor run through her as J.J. said, "We will talk."

He squeezed her waist one more time, "Let's go find her, Cat." Looking at J.J. he pointed out, "You will stay away from her, or you deal with me."


Catherine knew she was trembling as they walked away from J.J., but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She knew that she'd never be free of him. He always found a way to get to her, like he did tonight.

Suddenly, she felt Daniel pin her against a wall and she gasped in outrage. Then it dawned on her, they were in a small storage room in the restaurant. She'd been so lost in her own thoughts and worried about what J.J. was going to try to do to her that she hadn't paid any attention to where Daniel was leading her. Fear was a very real and constant being in her life and it must have showed on her face. Please don't let him hurt me, too, she pleaded with fate.

Chancing a look, she glanced at Daniel and saw the concern in his eyes. He was trying to keep calm, but she could see how hard it was for him. It shocked her when he asked, "What did he do to you, Cat?"

His eyes pleaded with her to tell him, but she couldn't. She'd never told anyone what J.J. had done to her, and she certainly couldn't tell Daniel. She barely knew him. Even though, for some insane reason, she wanted to tell him. She wanted someone to understand. Her conscious railed at her, he wouldn't understand because he's just like him.

Straightening her shoulders, she looked through him, repeating what she told herself every day, "I'm fine."

Daniel looked at her, "I didn't ask how you were. I asked what he did." Realization dawned on him, "You will never tell me or anyone, will you? You plan to let it eat away at you, so no one will ever be able to help."

She tried to control her emotions, but failed. Tears were pooling in her eyes. She chanted to herself, I'm fine...I'm fine...I'm fine. She tried to pull away from him when he wrapped his arms around her. Catherine said shakily, "Don't, Daniel."

He ignored her and pulled her into his chest, "I won't let him near you a

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