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Something to do with my hands.

As embarrassed as she was, she was just as aroused by the exposure. When she finally collected her thoughts, she decided to hold the new vest closed.

"I'm sorry," Amanda said through snickers, "I assumed you'd have a bra!" Karen blushed and averted her eyes.

"I never wear them to bed," said Karen.

"Well... they are nice."

"If you think so, take a better look!" With that, the brunette pulled her shirt remainder open and flashed Amanda. Amanda stared without thinking. She had seen plenty of breasts on the internet, and of course her own, but never another woman's live. She especially loved the dark, half dollar sided areola that Karen had, the nipples thicker than her own. Eventually, Karen interrupted Amanda's thoughts.

"Ahem! If you're finished, can I take my turn?"

"What? Oh, yes, by all means." Amanda giggled.

"Before I go, though, I got to admit, this is turning me on quite a bit." Karen didn't bother recovering her boobs, letting the shirt fall as it may.

"I know what you mean," said Amanda shyly, "not to be weird, but seeing you topless is making me kind of horny." Karen smiled at that, the same sort of smile she usually reserved for her short skirt teasing.

"Well then, let's just see how much." Karen pushed a smiling Amanda back down and crawled over her lower half. She stroked Amanda's boy shorts softly and heard her moan softly. "What a dirty girl you are." She slipped the scissors into one leg hole of the shorts, resulting in a slight gasp from her friend feeling the coolness of the metal scissors on her inner thigh. Snipping carefully across the crotch of the fabric, she opened up the shorts between the legs, essentially making a loincloth of them. Smiling wickedly and looking into Amanda's eyes, she flipped up the front flap, fully exposing her pussy and nicely trimmed fiery bush. Amanda immediately blushed bright red, this being the first time anyone other than herself had ever seen her vagina. It was very wet and Karen blew lightly on it, receiving another small moan.

"I just love your red hair. It would seem you really like this," Karen said smugly. Amanda quickly pushed the front of the new loincloth down.

"As if you aren't!"

"You'll just have find out, " Karen said tauntingly, winking before laying back down.

"In due time, sexy," replied Amanda, returning the wink, "but for now, I'm having fun stripping you more. Roll over!"

"So bossy," Karen said as he laid down on her stomach. Amanda straddled her friend's legs, trapping her in place. Slipping the scissors in the butt slit she made in the middle of Karen's sweat pants earlier, she made it long enough to stick both hands into. Giving them a yank as she had done to Karen's shirt, Amanda tore the sweat pant's ass as wide as she could, the cute pink bikini panties now the only thing stopping her from checking out her friend's cute, tight bum.

"Just had to look at my ass, didn't you, slut?" Karen asked.

"I was hoping to get lucky like I did with your top."

"Sorry, I do tend to wear panties."

Amanda played with the scissors, making repeated snips in the air. "I can change that any time I want!" She snipped some of the torn sweat pants off.

"Hey, it's my turn now!"

"Nuh uh, I need to clean up this mess I made" Amanda cut more away from the sweat pants.

"I'm not going to have anything left if you keep it up." Karen could feel more and more being cut away as she remained under Amanda. Amanda was on top and had her under control, her wicked mind taking over. Amanda's pussy was getting wetter and wetter as she kept up removing small pieces here and there. So was so turned on now that she could smell her own arousal. As she kept up the assault on what was basically a waste band with many frayed ends on it now, she noticed a nice wet spot forming on the pink panties in front of her.

"You know, you're soaking through those panties, you might just be wetter than me," Amanda stated.

"I don't know about that, I know how wet you are, I saw your soaked pussy."

"As wet as you are, I can prac

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