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Baby sister makes a confession to her best friend.

"You know what Lydia, you are so spoiled! My crew quarters are maybe half the size of your closet alone."

"I know, but what can ya do? I still work, mostly."

"Work? You call being a CEO of one of your uncle's company's work?"

"Of course, regular hours, an office and many people to boss around and delegate responsibilities to, of course there are many other matters that I must personally take care of for the sake of the company. But I think I do quite well, profits are up as well as moral and efficiency. It's the perfect job!"

Lydia turned Shannon around and began to unbutton her blouse. "What are you..." Lydia stopped her with a kiss. It had been too long of a time since she last was kissed by anyone. A slight tingling sensation shot through her body. Lydia pulled away and smiled mischievously.

Shannon stood there in a slight state of shock, not saying a word as Lydia slipped the blouse down her arms 'what the?' Shannon thought quickly then she felt her breasts being pushed out of her bra and then something wet touched her nipple. She slowly looked down and noticed Lydia's tongue circling her nipple, it felt good, really good. She was trained for many situations that might occur but nothing like this ever crossed her mind, for one of the first times in her life she didn't know what to do. Lydia moved to the next nipple and did the same thing. Shannon felt something else welling up. Her pussy began to tingle.

The last time that happened it was in the mess hall after teasing someone much more then she should have. She had to go to her quarters to remedy the situation.

Lydia began to suck on Shannon's nipples, spending equal attention to them both. The feeling was becoming more intense and she had to lean against one of the shelving units to steady herself. She felt one of Lydia's hands sliding the bra straps off of her shoulders and another hand pressing her fingers against the denim fabric of her jeans against her pussy. The bra drooped down below her breasts allowing Lydia to fully reveal them. Shannon was only maybe a 36C but they were a handful at least, Lydia was just slightly smaller maybe a 34C. Lydia started to rub against the jean fabric with her four fingers. Shannon could only do one thing at this moment, and that was to give in to Lydia.

Shannon's pussy was very wet at this point, the new sensations were almost too much for her to handle; then, Lydia just stopped rubbing Shannon, removing her mouth and kissing Shannon. Playfully Lydia's tongue spread Shannon's lips and entered into her mouth, Shannon's tongue met with Lydia's and swirled together in a dance all their own. Lydia's hand was against Shannon's naked belly and began to unbutton and unzip her pants. Still kissing, Lydia pulled Shannon's pants as well as her soaked panties down to her knees revealing Shannon's beautifully trimmed blond pussy and pressing her hand against the wetness, sliding two fingers up and down her wet slit. Shannon almost lost her footing and all that was really holding her up was the hand of her best friend in the galaxy.

Sensing the weakness in Shannon, Lydia moved her to the king-sized pillow topped bed. Shannon flopped helplessly to the bed her butt on the bed just before the edge. Lydia leaned over top of her and kissed her passionately then began to trail kisses down her body, spending a little extra time on her breasts and nipples. She continued slowly down her belly and then stopped and played with her navel a bit. She hovered over Shannon's sex, blowing gently onto the wetness and sending another shock up her body. Lydia slowly lowered her mouth to Shannon's pussy and stuck her tongue between the folds, she licked up and down the length of the slit and played with Shannon's clit.

When Lydia's tongue touched Shannon's clit it sent her into an intense orgasm making her shiver and shake with the utmost pleasure.

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