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A wife wants to try something new.

to hear it, or is it because I want and need to hear it and admit it to myself?"

Leaning back in her chair she spreads her legs wider, wantonly displaying her necessity to be taken.

"Is this what you want to see. Is this the way you want me to ask for it, displayed like a total slut?"

Jennifer's breathing is fast and shallow, her body yearning for the type of embrace that she has never been brave enough to admit to. The moisture builds as her legs try to spread wider; rolling her hips drives the dilated opening to her pussy upwards, broadcasting the readiness to be impaled by a lover. The inner lips flushed and shining with the coating of natural lubricant.

"Please, O god I cant wait, I will do anything, just take me, take me now, hard and deep, Oh I beg of you, fuck me now please, please!" The voice that fills the room now is a gasping plea for relief.

Unknowingly Jennifer has turned the brush, gripping the bristled end as it stands at the ready, just waiting for the moment her mind totally surrenders her body to what her inner conflicts of right and wrong behavior dictate.

Jennifer's eyes are still closed tightly, impatiently awaiting the decision of her virtual lover. But now feeling the smooth rounder end of the brush lightly playing over the lips of her sex, and downwards dragging so agonizingly slowly over the tight pink star below, and then upwards once again.

"Yes, yes, whatever you want, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, just fuck me now please!"

Imagining her lover poised before her, she feels the blunt end of the handle held fast just parting the inner lips of her wet flesh. The scent of her need and desire now reaching into her mind's core, taking her higher.

The first reaction was to thrust her hips forward driving herself into the lover. But something told her that it was not her choice to decide when the time was right.

Her patience running thin, the desire to be taken growing and growing, knowing that at any minute she would feel her lovers embrace, the embrace that could fulfill her need.

The brush handle began spreading her inner lips apart, the first sensations of the long awaited pleasures of deeper contact makes her stop breathing for a moment, the anticipation levels building to a critical height.

The deep intake of breath being held is pushing her chest out making her breasts stand proudly her nipples poised as if being served. Toes trying to grip the carpet, trying to find leverage for the impending assault of her being.

Quicker than the image appeared it dissolved into and empty nothing. The bedside phone's coming to life breaks the spell, thus transporting Jennifer back to reality.

A held breath now slowly escapes her lungs, not in the way to show she had achieved the moment she had desired, but more a soft sigh as if watching a dream dissipate into thin air.

Smiling to herself she acknowledges and accepts the parting gracefully.

Turning she rises from her chair, and after a few steps is flopping herself face down over the covers reaching for the receiver and answering it.


"Hi Jennifer, Sarah here, how do you feel this morning?"

"OK, a bit in need of, Oh never mind its nothing."

"Are you sick or something?"

"No I was just looking for something earlier is all?"

"Well maybe I can help you look later today, maybe we can find what you're looking for?"

"That's OK, I will find it eventually. Hey guess what? I have an interview today".

"Really! How cool, where at?"

"The lingerie store just outside of town, they are looking for a summer sales assistant."

"That's awesome, I have driven past there now and then and I did have a chance to stop in once. If you get it think how fun it will be to try things on. They have toys too you know."

"Toy's?" Jennifer's voice relaying the confusion her mind has at that prospect.

"You know novelties, vibrators and dildo's and such."

"Oh toy's" laughing at the utter denseness she had shown.

"Have you ever tried one?" Sarah asks.

"No, have you?"

"Well I have to admit, that things are a bit more liberated where I go to school, and

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