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Mike and Laura get together.

Her Masters collar and her rules had kept Wanda satisfied for a couple of years now, but there was always a nagging feeling that she could, should do more in her slavery, but she didn't know what. it was only two months ago that she found what she'd been missing.

She'd been tidying up one of her daughters bedrooms, and whilst picking up the scattered magazines, she took notice of one of the articles, an article about the Goth counter culture. What first captured and then held her attention was a single picture of a lass with too much makeup, dressed in dark colours, but it was the ring through her nose that kept Wanda staring in disbelief. She could feel her already damp pussy flood with her juices as she stared at that ring.

She slowly sank to her knees, looking at the picture and almost unconsciously slipped a hand under her skirt to toy with her now aching cunt. She was no longer seeing the picture, but imagining that ring though her own nose, being led around like an animal on a lead, and with that thought, her fingers found her hot, hard clit and that was all it took, a single light touch and she came and came, kneeling there in her daughters room.

After that, that ring was all she could think about and how she too could get one. She knew that neither Derek, nor her friends would ever accept her wearing one, but she thought there had to be a way, a way she could complete her slavery.

She took to the internet, and after many hours of research she realised that there was a way she could do it. There was a way she too could complete her Master's wishes.

Judging by the sounds coming from the bathroom, Derek was nearly finished, so she had only a few more moments before she had to rise and organise her family for the day ahead. she let her fingers slip into her aching pussy, filling her, as she cast her mind back to her trip to the piercers.

She smiled as she remembered the look on the guys face as he looked out into his waiting room, full of teenagers and her, realising that his next appointment was with a respectable, middle aged woman. Little did he realise that in her mind she was here on the instructions of her Master.

Her legs were shaking as she walked into his studio, and she almost laughed out loud as she realised that he took her reaction as nerves, not sexual tension. She almost came as she sat on the seat and explained what she wanted. All he did was shake his head, shrug and agree with her instructions.

He had tried to talk her out of having the largest septum piercing he could do, especially as a first one, but she was adamant. She didn't have the time, nor the opportunity to stretch a more normal piercing, so the only option for her was the largest he could do in one sitting.

She was tensing and relaxing her thighs, squeezing her sex as he set about his business, almost bringing herself off as she sat there waiting. The feel of the clamp as he gripped her septum, tightening it until it was almost too tight, tight enough to make her eyes water. "Oh God" she thought, the pain was mixing with her arousal, and she was sure that she was going to cum, right there and then. With a struggle she fought down the desire, and told him to go ahead.

She almost backed out when he took out a sterilized leather punch, telling her that normally he'd use a large gauge needle, but for what she was desiring, only a punch would do. She nodded, just wishing he'd just get on with it.

Her eyes widened in shock as she felt the jaws settle inside her nose, and before she could adjust, his arms flexed and she felt the punch slide through her septum. For a moment she was in shock, then the pain kicked in, it was like having all her nasal hair pulled out at once, but only slower. As she struggled with the realisation of an irreversible step, she realised that she'd came, that she'd had an orgasm right there and then.

He then took

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