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Husband decides to get revenge on cheating wife, sorta.

She was completely helpless to resist anything he wanted to do to her.

Out of sight behind her, she heard him disrobing and grinned inside. God I am so ready to get fucked!

"I don't think you've been taking your punishment seriously, let's find out." And he sank two fingers deep into her hot wet hole. He finger fucked her roughly, while she strained against her bonds trying to fuck back, to no avail. Then the thumb of his other hand started making small circles on her clit while he rubbed her G spots, and she started to come. Just before she went over the edge, he stopped and pulled his fingers out, leaving her wet and throbbing.

"Goddamn you, you fucking tease!" she yelled. "I was almost there!"

"I know." He chucked. "But you don't get to come until I decide it's time."

She heard a stretchy sound behind her and wondered what he was doing now. She didn't have long to wait, as a trickle of lube ran down the crack of her ass and the tip of a finger started massaging her sphincter. "What kind of sick perverted bastard does that?!" she screeched. "Get your finger away from there RIGHT NOW!"

He just chuckled again, and started probing gently with the tip of the finger, working it into her a fraction at a time as she bit her lip and moaned. Her juices ran down her legs as she thought about how obscene this was. Tied over a table, well spanked ass on display, and a finger slowly sinking into my ass. God I love it! I am such a submissive little fucktoy!

Once he was past the first knuckle he sped up a little, until he was finger fucking her ass slowly. She was starting to pant and tug against her bonds again when the pulled the finger out. Damnit, when was he going to do more than finger it? Bastard, she thought, I am so going to get even with you for this!

"You're definitely not taking your punishment seriously. I'm afraid I'm going to have to fix that."

She gritted her teeth and waited for his hand, acutely aware that the only thing she could do was lie there and take it. Instead, she heard an explosive KRAK and something else, some kind of small paddle impacted her left cheek. Despite the noise, it was only a little more painful than his hand.

"What a lovely look for your ass." She could hear the smile in his voice. "As I'm sure you noticed, it makes a lot of sound but isn't horribly painful. It's called a slapper. What makes this one a little different is that it has a couple of layers of leather, and the impact layer has three hearts cut out. Now your ass has a red paddle mark, with three pink hearts in it."

Then he gave her a proper hiding, working not only her ass but the backs of her legs and her inner thighs. She yowled and wailed and tried to struggle, for all the good it did her. She was on fire when he stopped, butt so sore and tender she could feel it throb in time to her pulse. More lube trickled down her crack, and then he pressed hard against her swollen ass, cock firmly between her cheeks. He started to hump her ass, as she hissed in pain and rubbed back against him. She gasped when he seized her ass firmly and began to knead it with both hands.

"Are you ready to apologize yet?" He asked. She thought briefly, then shook her head.

"NO! I'm not apologizing when I didn't do anything wrong."

"That's what I thought you'd say. I guess I'll have to take extreme measures." And his hands left her ass to descend upon her armpits and begin tickling mercilessly.

She shrieked with laughter and fought her bonds madly as he tickled. He started with her armpits, then went down her sides counting each rib. Then her waist, reaching under for her belly. Then back up the ribs as she begged for mercy between gales of laughter. He finally stopped, letting her catch her breath.

"That was some amazing wiggling, your ass felt great against my cock."

"Fuck you!"

"What was that? You wanted more tickling?"

"NO! I apologize, I shouldn't have gone shopping, I broke my promise and I'm sorry! PLEASE DON'T TICKLE ME ANY MORE!!"

"Hmmm, that sounded

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