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He pushes her to her limits, and finds his.

It left her totally exhausted, lying there muttering "oh God, oh God" as she felt the aftershocks.

Vinny came back after her orgasmic journey and told Charlie "That was very good. You were not in a hurry and were completely focused on giving; you and a natural and a quick study. What did you think?"

He replied "I loved it!"

Vinny commented that he did very well and this was exactly what she wanted him to do for all her guests.

She told him to relax for a bit and then it would be time for the other side.

After a couple of minutes, she called Steve over and had him take his clothes off and to sit on the edge of the bed.

She asked Charlie if he was ready. When he said yes, she told him to kneel on the pillow between Steve's legs.

Steve's cock was half hard as Steve told him to look at his cock, take his time and enjoy the experience.

Charlie was a little nervous but excited and wanted to make Steve feel as good when Steve made him cum.

He went on to tell Charlie that cocks came in all sizes and some balls were tight and high while others hung way down. Each was unique and his job was to discover what gave the most pleasure.

It was an adventure exploring what brought pleasure because everyone was different and their reactions were different as well.

Charlie was nervous and excited. Up until now he has never seen another erect cock other than his own.

Steve told him that the place to start is to do things that you like and move on from there.

With that, Charlie leaned forward and licked the head of Steve's hard cock.
Steve told him to hold it in his mouth and enjoy how it feels.

To Charlie it felt hot, incredibly soft like velvet and hard at the same time. He could also feel that it was alive, the blood flowing in Steve's veins made his cock pulse.

He started to explore the head with his tongue, running it all around and behind the head, discovering that the area around and just under the head was extremely sensitive -- more than his was, given the way it jumped. It felt hot on his tongue when he licked it and was like silk.

Steve told him to start with licking and sucking his balls, then work his way up the underside of his cock with his tongue, swirling it around and around as he moved to the head.

Charlie liked the man scent from Steve's balls and the way they felt when he took them into his mouth.

He was surprised when HIS cock started to get hard from the attention he was giving to Steve.

Finally, he worked back up the underside to the soft spongy head and sucked it into his mouth. It fit perfectly.

He could swirl his tongue all around it as he started to gently suck and move his head up and down.

Steve told him to press the head of his cock against the roof of his mouth, stick his tongue forward and, holding it there, force his mouth down on his cock as far as he could.

Steve moaned as Charlie slid down, burying his nose in Steve's hair.

Needing a breath, Charlie slowly slid back up, swirling his tongue all over Steve's cock as he pulled back.

With only the head in his mouth, Charlie twisted his mouth around on it as he worked his tongue under and around the back of the head.

Steve was rigid as Charlie repeated the process of trapping his cock and sliding all the way down on it, causing Steve to become more vocal as he repeated the process again and again.

Finally, Barbara, who was watching and fingering herself, suggested that Steve stand up. He would be more comfortable that way. Steve readily agreed.

With Steve now standing over Charlie, he could slide easily into his throat and use both hands to hold his head in place. Steve was in heaven.

As was Charlie because he was loving the way Steve's hard, yet soft cock felt plunging into his mouth. The more he sucked the harder it got.

They continued for another 10-15 minutes with Steve holding Charlie's head and driving his cock deep into his mouth.

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