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Jose summons Jean leaving C to reflect on their first time.

The skin around his eyes tightened briefly and I knew I had him. I smiled innocently and went back to taking my notes. By the time class was over I had my normal happy attitude back and as I passed by his desk he called me over.

"Ms. Eaves," he closed his briefcase and looked up at me as he pressed his narrow black glasses back up his nose, his blue eyes meeting mine, "my office, now please."

I kept my smile of victory to myself and politely followed him down the hall and up a flight of stairs. Reaching his office I waited for him to unlock the door, passing him as he held it open for me. While my back was still turned to him I looked out the large window behind his desk, watching cherry blossoms shake in the wind as I heard the lock click into place.

Before I could turn to look at him, a hand grabbed my right arm near the wrist and pressed it into the small of my back, pushing me forward. I stumbled but made it around the desk. I saw his leg come around me to shove his chair out of the way and then pressed me over the clear plastic protector on his desk.

The hand at my back held me there, pressing me into the wood as I heard his briefcase click open, papers rustle and then a page was placed in front of me. It took me a moment to realize I was looking at the back of a picture.

I felt his breath on the back of my neck before he whispered, "You have been a very bad girl this week Ms. Eaves."

I gasped thinking back over the last week, "no Sir! I have been careful, almost boring in my clothing choices! I swear!"

His hand reached around flipped over the picture, it showed me sitting in the school cafeteria reading, my knees relaxed, I could see the underwear showing. "I had gone to get my lunch Ms. Eaves; I wasn't expecting a show with it."

"I-I swear I didn't know!" the pleasure of having caught his attention in class slowly being taken over by fear of what I might have gotten myself into. "But you said all week, it could have only been that once Sir!"

Another picture was placed over the second one, it had been taken two days later and I recognized the shirt. I had been sitting on a wide cement rail with some friends. Leaning over to reach into my bag, the wind had picked up the back of my skirt and flashed a smiling hello kitty at him.

"That one was interesting, I don't know what you were rummaging through Ms. Eaves, but it took you long enough that even after the wind had let go of your skirt, I still managed to catch another chance at a picture of them."

I closed my eyes but I still saw that little white cat on my ass cheek, there were no words I could give him, I just whimpered and weakly struggled against his grasp. "You thought I had forgotten you," he pressed himself against my backside, digging the edge of his desk into the front my thighs, "You thought you'd get my attention today is that it?"

I nodded as I felt the edge of skirt being pushed up, his fist adjusting, repositioning to hold both my wrist and the skirt. "You have my attention Ms. Eaves." He said quietly as he pulled my underwear down to my knees and then his hand fell on my ass hard and quick. "You may wish you hadn't."

There was a volley of slaps that I lost count of, then he rubbed the redness for a moment and then there was another volley. They didn't hurt, but I could feel the warmth spreading across my skin. A hard slap that stung, more light smacks that warmed and a soothing rub. Nails dragged up the inner thigh and for an instant my head swam as a shiver raced up my spin and then back down to light up my clit.

Again. Light hits, warming hits, hard slaps. Stings that arched in suspension of sensation peaked in pain and echoed in pleasure. Gentle, soothing pets, dragging nails. Over and over, the heavy hits becoming more frequent, no longer an edge, but at center stage.

My breath seemed too loud, my moans accompanied his pets, shivers and whimpers of need echoed his nails but I barely kept back the scream

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