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Jose stood behind him, arms wrapped around Antoine's muscular torso and kissing his neck. Man, those two looked hot together. I looked at them. I wasn't going to tell anybody their little secret. Who would believe me anyway? Antoine's a tough motherfucker. He doesn't fear anybody, dude or bitch. Cops don't mess with him either. He's the man around here. He gets more pussy than most pimps. Who would believe that this man was bisexual? People would ask me what I've been smoking if I went around telling this shit.

Antoine looked at me and said that he recognized me. My heart skipped a beat. For two reasons. The first one was that Antoine had always been the cute and dangerous bad boy all the females wanted to sleep with. All the dudes wanted to be like him too. To have him remember who I am, six years after high school was still a thrill enough to make my panties damp. I smiled. Jose laughed. He said that he could tell that watching two men doing stuff together turned me on. Antoine asked me if this was true.

I nodded. At this point, why hide it? Yes, I'm a girl who likes watching man-to-man sex. It turns me on. Next question! The dude asked me if he scared me. I looked at him. He was a tall, sexy black man. He had a big gun. And that's probably not all that was big about him. But I wasn't going to let myself get pushed around. I'd rather get shot than disrespected. I'm a black woman, damn it! I looked at Antoine. What was he going to do next? He smiled and gestured for me to come to him. I did. He grinned and told me that he remembered me, Malika the Chubby Tomboy from Roxbury High School. I smiled. That nickname followed me everywhere. Right through high school and college and even now, in this dark alley with those handsome Homo-Thugs.

I looked at Antoine. All of a sudden, the fierce gangster wasn't so scary anymore but he was still dangerous. He looked me up and down. Yeah, he was checking me out. Inside, I felt like jumping up and down. I knew he wasn't gay.

He told me that I looked good. Jose flat out told me he thought I was hot. I smiled. Way to go pretty boy, you may be gay but you sure know how to make a female go wild with your words. I felt like kissing him. Jose asked me if I felt like doing something freaky. I looked at him and Antoine. Two handsome, potentially well-hung black men asking me to do something hot and freaky with them. I hadn't had any in a while. What do you think I said?

Antoine stood there, leaning against the wall while Jose and I knelt before him. We began sucking on his cock and balls. Antoine had a big dick. At least ten inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick with huge nuts the size of tennis balls. Damn! We sucked that big dick of his and he was thrusting in and out of our mouths like there was no tomorrow.

I sucked on that bad boy. I've sucked a few dicks in my day but never one that size. He was huge! Jose was having no difficulties with Antoine's thick dick. He was sucking on that big old jungle snake like a lollipop. I had to admire the dude's persistence and technique. He had skills. Antoine was grimacing with pleasure as we sucked him. We sucked him until he finally came, all over our faces.

Jose and I drank his cum. Antoine shouted in pleasure. Damn, I've never heard a man shout so loud. I wiped the cum off my face and looked at Antoine. The dude was sighing but I could tell he was still lusting big-time. He pulled Jose up and kissed him, then he kissed me. He was still horny as hell and I wanted to feel that big dick of his up close and personal. We went to a nearby bench to do the deed.

Jose unzipped his pants and got on all fours on the bench. Antoine put on a condom and positioned himself behind him. He spread Jose's sexy-looking ass cheeks wide open and pressed his dick against the other man's back door. I stood with my back resting against a tree, watching them. My hands were in my panties, fingering my pussy as I watched the two of them go at it.

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