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Tom goes back to his roots after his wife cheats on him.

I looked at the couple. All he could see was your feet and my pants, I am sure he knew what was happening.

I looked over and could see he was saying to her, "Why don't you ever do that to me? Do you know it has been ages since you have sucked me in the bed let alone at a restaurant. There is a woman that loves her man."

My mind floated away from them lost in your mouth, your wonderful tongue, your soft sensuous lips as they sucked me deep into your mouth up and down. Caressing the vein in my hard cock with your tongue biting softly on my cock head you urged me to climax, but I tried to maintain control. You did everything to my cock that you knew I loved and it was everything I could do not to cry out. You were determined to make me cum in your mouth. You sucked me long and deeply urging my cum to the surface and I could no longer resist and exploded in your mouth. You sucked me and drank my cum, licking every drop from my hole licking my shaft searching for all of it. I let my head fall back and I moaned softly from the pleasure.

The man was looking at me with admiration, his wife with disgust. When you were satisfied you had gotten every drop of my cum, you slid out from under the table, saw the man looking at you, winked and smiled at his wife. As the waiter approached the table, I leaned over and wiped some cum from your chin and licked it off of my finger. The waiter smiled and gave us our food. Looked at you and said "Did you enjoy it as much as the kitchen staff?" I was now the one to laugh, I did not think about the kitchen because I was watching the man and woman. You smiled at the waiter and answered, "No, I enjoyed it much more because I was doing it."

The waiter filled our wine glasses as he discreetly pointed to his shoulder and nodded toward your shoulder. I looked over and saw a big stream of cum running down toward your partially exposed breast. I leaned over and scooped it off your breast with my finger and touched it to my lips tasting it and swallowing my own cum.

You winked at the waiter and he walked away smiling. I tried to pull up my pants but was still very hard and fumbled with the zipper and belt. We enjoyed our food and laughed about the other couple, the waiter and our adventure. After dinner I noticed the man looking at me and at you. I knew he was imagining you sucking him, having given up on his wife. An idea came to my head and I whisper it in your ear. You glanced at them and nodded your head in agreement with me. The waiter took our plates, poured the last of the wine, and asked if we wanted desert. I said I had something in mind for desert and he dipped his head in agreement.

I pulled you toward me, kissed you deep and said, "Now it is my turn." You started to take down your panties but I said "No let me do that." I looked at the man and caught his attention, I mouthed to him to follow me. He smiled and nodded he understood. I dropped my napkin on the floor bent down and looked his way, he was following my direction and reaching for his napkin. I slipped under the table and watched as he did the same. I lifted the tablecloth and you secured it under a water glass realizing what I was doing. He could see everything I was doing and raised his table cloth as his wife asked him "What are you doing?"

"Something I should have done along time ago. I am going to eat your pussy."

"Don't you dare!"

"Try to stop me."

You were giggling and trying not to look as the lady glared at us. I smiled at the man and leaned into you crotch breathing you deeply, enjoying the scent of your wet cunt. I watched out of the side of my eye and saw him do the same thing. She tried to keep her legs closed and told him to stop but he persisted and forced her legs open and licked her pussy through her panties. She was shocked but excited at something she had not felt for years his hot breath and wet tongue on her pussy.

I slipped your panties down and looked at your delicious wet pussy already tasting your pleasure.

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