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The beginning of Charity's submission.

Emma, in turn started exploring my wife and they both sat back watching us as they enjoyed each others touch.

"Who will be the first to cum?" I asked.

"I don't know," Stacey said "but I reckon the winner gets to dictate the next rounds play"

This was like turning on a tap and the girls as if they were competing for some sort of Olympic prize started concentrating entirely on their own orgasmic pleasure.

While Emma and Jean looked pretty happy, I alone knew that with my cock deep in Stacey and having had a good few minutes start, she was the short priced favourite in this sweet race.

My theory was confirmed as Stacey started thrashing around on my cock making the most of its length as I rubbed her beautiful clit with my fingers and squeezed her hard nipples. In less than a minute she yelled out that she was going to cum and as she reached her climax her pussy clamped my cock as hard as I could imagine and she shuddered for what seemed like a full minute on top of me.

Her orgasm seemed to create some momentum as both Jean and Emma started to really react to the touch of each others fingers. They had turned slightly to face each other and were now kissing passionately as their breathing increased and they looked to get each other off.

Finally, Emma could take no more and with a primal scream her body shuddered into the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed. Jean didn't let up through the whole orgasm, kissing and touching Emma for over a minute as she lost herself in a wave of orgasms that rendered her completely incapable of returning the favour.

After what seemed like minutes she came down from her high and we all just smiled at her, amazed at how intense her experience had been. Emma obviously felt the same as she told us that she had never experienced anything quite like that. She turned to Jean and thanked her with a big kiss on the lips.

Stacey took charge again telling us that as she was the winner she was now also the boss. I wasn't sure it had ever been any other way. The action in the spa had allowed Stacey to bounce around nicely on my cock and by now it was pretty obvious that she was riding me.

"Stacey, you horny bitch. You've got Steve's cock inside you haven't you?" Jean wasn't angry with this development, she was turned on and hearing that I'd been inside Stacey all this time had her going even more.

"Okay," Stacey said "Your turn then Jean, and we need to get you off. I say Steve sits on the edge of the spa, you ride him like I am and Emma makes up to you for the joy you gave her."

Now this was Jeans idea of a good time. Having never been in this position before, Jean and I have often fantasised about her being on top of my cock while another women licked her to orgasm.

Stacey hopped off me and I sat on the edge of the spa. Jean hopped out and raised herself above me slowly lowering herself over my cock. Her pussy was so wet my cock slipped nicely inside her and we enjoyed the feeling as she gyrated slowly on top of me.

Emma, ever keen to please, moved over and wasted no time in taking Jean's clit inside her mouth, sucking and licking her with real enthusiasm. She only stopped to give my nuts a lick and helped me out by squeezing them with her hand as she licked my wife.

Stacey had meanwhile moved herself out of the pool and came across to me, spreading her legs, a perfect height away for me to find her pussy with my tongue and enjoy the taste of her in my mouth. Being the shy girl she is she assisted me by putting her hands behind my head and pulling my mouth into her pussy really firmly.

Whilst this was happening my wife started moving herself crazily on top of me yelling at Emma to suck her clit harder as she reached her orgasm. Emma did all she could to keep up with Jean's movements and in response I witnessed the most amazing orgasm my wife has ever achieved.

Similar to Emma my wife's orgasm was a series of thunderous pleasures as her pussy contracted heavil

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