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Two young bulls met head to head.

It melted the skin in a nice way, not hot at all. Just the perfect warmth. You know how that is, right?

To just enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.

Hearing the waves in the background even relaxes you more.

Everything else just loses focus as the waves roll through your head.

Relaxing your mind more and more, you know?

It feels so good to give up your control to the relaxation that just suddenly overtakes you.

So willingly, to free the mind to it, isn't it?

We all want that don't we?

To just shut out everything, but what is important.

Like the relaxing waves.

Of course, the body feels so warm and comfortable.

The mind just surrenders to these good feelings now.

The tropical climate is so perfect.

The place is made to relax in.

Lying on the towel, on the beach, everything else doesn't exist.

All there is is you and the beach.

The sound of the waves moving, rolling, gently relaxing your mind.

You can't resist, but to relax, right?

To just give into the relaxation, and totally and freely relax your mind.

With no resistance whatsoever.

Succumbing to these good feelings.

With no thoughts to stop the feelings as they overtake you now.

It can be so good and it just gets better.

The more you relax to the waves and the warmth of the sun, the better you feel.

A total escape that you can love and embrace.

You focus so much now.

Your body and mind just grow heavy and limp.

Your mind blank in thought.

You don't need to even think at all.

Just relax.

Let go completely.

More and more.

Deeper and deeper.

You live for the relaxation, don't you?

Nothing else matters.

It's perfect.

Feels so good.

The more you let go, the deeper the relaxation gets.

The deeper you go, the better you feel.

The better you feel, the more you want to go deeper.

Like an endless cycle.

Deeper and deeper you go.

The better it gets.

The more pleasure you will feel.

You want this pleasure now.

You need this pleasure now.

You crave this pleasure now.

This pleasure excites your body.

Tingling with pleasure as you go deeper.

Deeper and more relaxed.

The pleasure grows stronger now.

And you want it so bad, don't you?

You can't resist it after a while.

The relaxation is so powerful.

The relaxation is so pleasurable.

The relaxation is so good.

You want to relax more.

You need to relax more.

You crave to relax more.

As you do, you relax more.

The pleasure grows as you do.

Deeper and deeper.

More and more focused on feeling this pleasure.

You want the pleasure, don't you?

You need the pleasure, don't you?

You crave the pleasure, don't you?

You tell yourself , yes, and you go deeper.

Deeper and deeper with each breath.

Loving this pleasurable relaxation.

And it is so easy to feel this again and again.

All you do is have to want it.

Then you can come back here again.

Then feel the deep relaxation again.

You want that don't you?

You want to ask me for that, don't you?

Yes, let me help you then.

Follow my instructions.

So I can help you come back to this wonderful relaxation.

Then feel like you do now again.

Anytime you desire it.

You crave it so much now.

Listen to me now.

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Then I will take you to this wonderful place again.

You need that, don't you?

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