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When the fair came to town two people's lives changed.

She was mad, beyond mad really. There is not a word that could describe her anger at Braxlin.

Braxlin watched her turn around and knew he was in trouble. Deep trouble. There was one way he could fix this, and he would do it no matter what. He walked up to her, grabbed her arm and spun her around. Pulling her to him he kissed her, hard. Cley put her hands up as if to push him away, but wound her arms around his neck instead.

Cley was pissed. How dare he try and accuse Jareth of that. Her anger was quickly replaced with surprise when Braxlin kissed her, hard. As she put her arms around his neck she decided to make him pay. She ran her hand up the back of his head and toyed with his hair. She ran her other hand down his arm and felt him shudder under her fingertips. Her hand moved back up to his chest and tried to untie his shirt. That wasn't working so she pulled her other hand from his head and worked on the knot she caused a minute ago.

Braxlin was shocked that Cley was untying his shirt. While she was trying to undue the knot, he started to pull one side of her tunic down, exposing her pale, firm breast. His hand moved to toy with her nipple, which caused a sharp intake of breath from her mouth. He gripped it in his hand and squeezed, not for pain, but to let her know he was serious. His other hand plunged into her hair and quickly wound around a few strands and pulled sharply, exposing her neck. Her moan let him know he was doing something right as he kissed and nipped at her neck. He continued down her throat to her breast, licking his way around her nipple before taking it in his mouth and biting lightly.

Cley could not believe this was happening, she was letting Braxlin expose her; And she liked it. While he was playing with her nipple, which caused her to lose her train of thought, she did remember to continue on the knot. She finally got the blasted string apart and mover her hands inside his shirt. She felt his firm, smooth chest and mover her hands up to his shoulder trying to pull his shirt off. That required Braxlin moving his hand from her hair, which she didn't think would happen.

There was no way Braxlin would relinquish his hold on her now that he had her in his hands. The hand not in her hair moved to her other shoulder and pushed the other side of her tunic exposing her from the waist up. Realizing that he had to use both hands to do what he wanted, he let go of her hair and moved both hands to her breasts. He kissed back up her neck while massaging and playing with her nipples. He finally reached her mouth and the kiss blew his mind. She threw everything into her kiss and he fell into her completely. Maneuvering her back towards a tree, he pushed her up against it and held her there.

He broke the kiss and started moving back down her body. Cley couldn't think of any good reasons not to be there. The things he was doing to her body had to be a gift from his God, nothing on the planet could compare. He had reached her stomach, planting kisses on every inch of exposed skin when she heard it, someone walking in the woods. "Braxlin" she hissed "someone's coming!" She tried to get him to move so she could get her clothing on, but before he could, Jareth walked around the tree in front of her. The looks that crossed his face in the span of one second were shock, lust, and embarrassment.

Braxlin stood up quickly and turned around, trying to shield Cley from his eyes. "What are you doing here?" Braxlin spat out.

"I was worried. You two have been gone for over half an hour. I wanted to make sure you were all right," he paused and gave Cley a look, something she couldn't catch right away, and continued "but I guess you two are doing just fine." With that he turned around and went back the way he came.

Braxlin turned around a saw that Cley was dressed now and looking flushed, probably from embarrassment. "Cley..."

"Just go, please.

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