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Christmas a time of good will: part 1.

She felt eyes on her as she struggled to maintain balance and poise in these wretched heels, while her insides were quaking with need and anticipation.

Leaving the lounge, they entered into a dimly lit hallway lined with dark doors along the right side. Past the fourth room, the hall curved to the right and disappeared from sight. The left wall was covered with emerald green silk wallpaper, while copper chandeliers emitted a soft glow above. He stopped her in front of the third door, taking out his copper key and sliding it into the antique lock of the large, carved door. Cinda felt her pulse increase as she realized that the intricate carving on the heavy wooden door was that of a man and woman locked in an intimate embrace. They were alone in the quiet hallway, and Cinda wondered what they were entering into behind the suggestive message.

Before opening it, Luke turned around, taking her face in his hands as he searched her eyes. "Are you ready?" he asked softly.

Cinda's stomach leaped into her throat. Ready for what? Unable to form a response, she nodded quickly, and then found her lips to be taken over by Luke's warm mouth. He kissed her with a tenderness that she wasn't expecting, his tongue pressing between her lips. Cinda felt fused to the spot, his hands gently holding her face as he kissed away her anxiety. She felt rough calluses on his palms that seemed out of place with his executive veneer, and Cinda found herself desperate to feel them across her soft nipples. She began to arch her body closer to fit against him, when he ended their kiss and turned to open the door.

Left gasping for breath, Cinda hesitantly followed him forward into the dim room. Heavy damask drapery hung on the wall directly across from the door. In front of the drapery was a large sleigh bench, upholstered in oxblood silk, matching the bedding on the masculine sleigh bed that was settled into the corner to her left. Along the wall to her right stood a small antique table and chair, upon which a desk lamp and laptop computer sat. The curtained wall was the only mystery in what otherwise seemed like a normal room. Turning to close the door behind her, Cinda noticed another trunk in the corner that was similar to the one that had been in the room he had taken her to before. Again, she wondered what secrets it held, at the same time, not quite ready to find out.

The note had said 'private viewing' and he had just told her that he was going to keep her to himself tonight, but why bring her here? If this was the Copper Key Sex Club, then it was very mild compared to the place he took her last time! Realizing that she hadn't moved from the door, Cinda walked over to place her clutch on the desk.

"Have a seat." Luke placed the items from his pockets on the desk, and typed something into the laptop quickly before snapping it shut.

Cinda glanced around, "Where?" Damn wine! While she had intended to sound sexy and mysterious, her voice instead rang shrill and childish. She should have sipped her drink in the lounge, instead of gulping due to nerves, causing the alcohol to go to her head quickly. Feeling slightly tipsy, but not enough to stop her mind from overanalyzing, Cinda tried not to think about how casual sex did not fit into her controlled life. The fact that she now knew more about the naked Luke Lawson than the businessman Luke Lawson was something she wished not to dwell on at this moment.

"Anywhere," he looked up and hit her with his smoldering gaze as he gestured around the room.

Not quite feeling bold enough to jump on the bed just yet, Cinda perched on the sleigh bench and watched Luke slowly untuck and unbutton his shirt.

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