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The last night fuck involves all the girls.

It took about two hours to sort everything out. Eventually we got the contract back on track. At one point, Craig excused himself. I took the opportunity to invite Alexandra and Louise to dinner, with much emphasis on excluding Craig. Louise looked unsure while Alexandra simply raised an eyebrow.

We formally closed the meeting and ceased being adversarial.

"I think I understand why my staff got lost on this contract."

"Oh," said Alexandra. "Why is that?"

"I think Craig proved too masterful for them."

Alexandra stopped a laugh. Louise was not so in control of herself and looked at me like I was mad.

Alexandra spoke. "Yes, that's probably it. That nice young man you sent didn't have what it takes to master Craig." She laughed like a trooper and I joined in. Louise stared but sensibly said nothing.

We arranged to meet at my hotel for a drink. They arrived and I sat them at a table and called a waiter. We ordered. Louise decided she needed a bathroom trip; or else her boss had instructed her to give us some space.

"Craig is the senior stockholder's grandson. He has to suffer me until he starts shaving, then will take over the business. Well, that's what he thinks. His grandpa has different ideas."

"And Louise?"

"She should be Craig; clever, not too sure of herself but willing to learn."

"And she is in love with you?"

"I think you're right. Or at least has a crush on me, or wants to be me."

I got her talking about herself. I was trying to judge how to handle this lady.

Alexandra gave me a potted history and then asked about me. Louise had re-joined us, so I did my usual twist and turn.

I told them I had more or less retired from business, I had a good team who only occasionally made mistakes, and I now indulged in my passions. Louise took my cue and asked what they were.

"Sex, drugs and rock and roll, but I don't touch drugs, other than some alcohol."

Alexandra smiled, Louise was gasping like a fish out of water.

"You see, Louise, I like finding women who want to expand their boundaries, to take a step into the unknown, to feel alive."

Louise looked uncomfortable and Alexandra came to her defense. "You are quite old aren't you, James, to be chasing young women?"

A nice put-down, I thought. "Alexandra, believe me. I don't chase any woman. We connect by mutual appreciation, and they have usually heard of my skill."

She decided to have another go at me. "OK, so what skills do you have?"

"I can help a woman come so many times she loses count." I smiled. I knew we were jousting for points.

Louise blew her boss's tactic by "Oh My God".

"Pardon?" I asked, seeing my break.

"You mean more than one orgasm?" Her face was a picture.

"Yes Louise, continuous orgasms until you cannot take any more."

She sat with her mouth open. Now Alexandra had a problem, what was her come back going to be?

"Prove it!" she said, calling my bluff.

I pretended to backtrack a little, to wriggle. "How can I do that?" I asked, playing a little coy.

Louise came to my aid again. "Oh, I might want to..." and she trailed off. Alexandra looked at her, I wasn't sure what was going on in her mind, but I didn't think Louise was a favourite just now.

I made my move. "Right you two. We'd better go to my room. The bar is a bit too public, even for me."

I hustled them to my room. My scarves were already out. Alexandra cocked an eye and looked like she had been manipulated. Me?

I told Alexandra to sit in a chair and tied her hands to the arm rests. I told Louise to take her clothes off. She looked shocked, but did as she was told. I instructed her to bend forward and put her hands on Alexandra's. I tied them both together. Louise had to stare straight at Alexandra. I moved to the side of Louise, feeling her clit and finding her already wet; she was anticipating some pleasure.

Right hand thumb run along her clit to get it nice and wet before I inserted it into her anus.

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