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An exec moves and finds his life really starting new.


No one needed to tell me twice and I had my clothes off faster than lightening.

Diane was in the other room waiting for us and she put us both to work right away. Derek and I performed our task with pleasure, kneeling beside her, letting our hands move lovingly over her body, caressing her for several long minutes at a time.

Diane was even more gorgeous in full light. She was absolutely beautiful.

She got up and reached out and slipped her arms around our backs, pulling herself close to us. I felt her breasts press into my muscled chest. I put my right arm around her back and dropped my left hand down to gently cover her pussy. She raised her mouth to mine and gave me a full, wet kiss. Derek put his arms around her shoulders and began kissing her throat, then up her neck to her chin and on to her cheek. I moved my kisses downward and Diane switched to give Derek the full pleasure of her mouth. Back and forth we went, exchanging kisses with her and tantalizing her body with our affections. It must have been like watching a tennis match, the way Diane's lips alternated between Derek's and mine. After a while, we each settled on a favorite breast and poured on the attention. We were licking and tugging on the various parts of her luscious body. The whole time my fingers were massaging her pussy, rubbing her clitoris frantically while we feasted on her breasts. Occasionally, Derek's fingers would join mine in sliding between her wet lips and penetrating her body. Soon Diane was shaking in our arms, her ass bucking as she came on our hands. She gasped and whimpered for the duration of her orgasm, then relaxed for a moment before plopping herself on the end of the bed and collapsing onto her back.

"Oh, Jesus," she whispered contentedly, "You guys are awesome."

I smiled at her and knelt onto the mattress, but Derek headed for the bathroom, saying something about not having had a chance to piss for a while. Before the door closed, Diane and I were kissing. She held my cheek in her hand and looked into my eyes.

We exchanged another moist kiss.

"I have an idea," she told me, "Lie down with your head at the end of the bed."

I did as instructed while Diane moved out of the way and onto her knees. She gripped the base of my hard manhood before plunging her moist lips over the head, taking as much as she could fit into her mouth.

I gasped for air as I was engulfed in her warmth, fulfilling the fantasy of my week. I had watched her perform this on Derek and thinking back to that alone made me feel like exploding.

I lifted myself up on my hands and watched Diane's head bobbing rapidly between my legs. I parted them slightly to let her have access to my testicles, which she grasped eagerly with her other hand, letting her fingers dance gently over them. I let out soft moans and lightly pumped my hips upwards.

"You are so good at this," I moaned to her, "Too damn good."

I grunted and fell back onto the bed, digging my fingers into her hair.

But just as soon as I was really getting into it, she stopped sucking me and slipped off the bed. She saw my frown and smiled back.
"Be patient," she admonished and came to the foot of the mattress.

Kneeling on the bed, Diane crawled over me, brushing her breasts past my face, down my chest, and resting them against my abs.

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