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A tale of a young lady who loved to masturbate.

Now, she was beginning to wonder if she actually believed that...

"Mind if I join?" A familiar, baritone voice drew her attention from her sexual thoughts. She'd lost count of the number of times they'd been hit on, and there'd been some attractive men, too. But Marcia had simply waved them away and danced closer. It was as if she was keeping Alice for herself. How had this one got through her guard?

"I don't..." she began, glancing around in expectation of the redhead cutting in and sending her suitor on his way. This time was different. Her voice faltered when she realized who it was, standing in front of her.

"Hi," Tony Daly grinned.

"Hi." Alice she answered, cursing herself for the expression on her face. She realised she must have looked like a deer in headlights. The photographer was the last person she'd thought she'd find here and if she remembered correctly, the last time she'd seen him she was masturbating in front of his camera.

If he sensed her discomfort, he didn't show it. "Fancy meeting you here," he said, with a laugh.

"You too," she flirted back.

"Oh, I'm here for a reason," he told her, his arms on her shoulders as she continued to move her body in front of him.

She watched his eyes flit across her undulating body and put an extra oomph into her movements. "Yeah?"

He grinned again, his vibrant white teeth beaming. "I heard you were here and wanted to see if you were just as sexy without a camera being trained on you."

Alice blushed. Their last contact was clearly on his mind, too. She thought of Kirsten when his powerful arms pulled her closer. Her fellow cop had asked if Daly had come on to her and clearly had some kind of soft spot for him. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all?

The feel of his thick cock as he pressed into her changed her mind. Was he really that big?

"So," she mumbled into his neck, trying to compose herself. "You're here alone?"

"No," he answered, practically rubbing himself against her now. He was growing against her body and it was impossible not to grind back. "I'm actually here with a friend of mine."

The blonde followed his eyes to the man currently dancing with a laughing Marcia. He was a good looking guy, although a little too thick-necked for her usual tastes. His hands were liberally surveying her full curves, just like Daly's were doing with her.

"I like you better," she murmured, pushing herself closer. Kirsten would hate her for this...

"I should hope so," Daly laughed, stepping back and relieving the pressure against her groin. His eyes swept across her heated body. "You look fantastic, by the way,"

The blush on Alice's cheek increased. So did the warm feeling between her thighs. "Thank you."

"You've got a great look."

"I have?"

"Very sexy," he told her. "Great in front of the camera, I could see that straight away. But it's pretty hot on the dance floor, too."

Alice felt her blush begin to colour her entire body and tried to dance away from him, but his large hands were already running up her hips, pulling her close enough that she could feel his erection brush her stomach. She gasped when they slid down her hips, eventually coming to rest on her ass as he pressed his penis against her stomach.

Alice began to speak again but only a croak emerged. It felt good in his arms-more than good-especially since she knew it was so wrong. Again, she thought of Kirsten, only this time it was her friend's interracial fantasy that popped into her head. Alice had never really thought about it, but now that she was in Daly's arms, she couldn't help but wonder...

It was Marcia's voice that interrupted the spell. "Hey, Alonso's invited us into the VIP Lounge," she said, resting her head on Alice's bare shoulder for a moment. "Come on, let's check it out!"

Alice hesitated, trying to think things through.

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