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Coed finds a fun way to study with the professor.

The fun wouldn't last as long." He patted her thigh. "Just think about everything we've talked about. That will turn you on enough. We'll be there in a few minutes." He pulled away from the curb.

Tori closed her eyes and pictured herself and Marc in the back row of the theater, his hand under her skirt, touching her... She sighed. "Good thoughts?" Marc asked.

"Very good."

Tori slipped her hand between her legs, but Marc reached over and grabbed her wrist. "No fair starting without me."

"Then you shouldn't have told me what you're planning," Tori said.

"Maybe I should have tied your wrists behind your back before you got into the car," Marc said.

"You wouldn't do that."

"Don't tempt me. Keep your hands still, sweetie. I'm the only one who's going to touch you tonight."

Tori's pussy was wet; she badly wanted to touch herself. But she kept her hands in her lap as Marc had instructed for the few minutes it took to drive to the movies.

Since it was a weeknight, the cinema wasn't crowded, to Tori's relief. Letting Marc touch her and maybe even fuck her in a public place would be nerve-wracking enough without the threat of being seen by a lot of people.

Marc bought their tickets and a soda for each of them, and they went into the theater. They sat in the back row, as far from the door as they could get. Tori appreciated this concession to her comfort; when she and Marc had discussed this, he'd teased her by threatening to make her sit where they would be visible to anyone entering or leaving.

Until the lights dimmed, they simply sat holding hands. As the time approached for the movie to start, Tori's heart beat faster. Was Marc really going to go through with this? Would she really let him?

Finally the lights went out. In the dim light from the screen, Tori could barely see the people in the rows ahead of them. That gave her a bit more confidence; if she couldn't see them, they probably wouldn't be able to see whatever she and Marc did.

A few minutes went by and Marc did nothing. Tori began to relax; maybe he hadn't been serious. For nearly half the movie, they just sat hand in hand. But then she felt his hand on her thigh, and she tensed. "It's okay," he whispered. "Just remember, whatever I do, keep quiet."

Tori nodded and tried to relax again as his hand slid up her thigh. She looked at the people ahead of them, but everyone seemed to be focused on the movie. Through her skirt, he pressed his fingers against her pussy. Tori hissed in a breath. Her clit was ready for some attention, but the rest of her was scared. She'd never done anything like this; her sex life had been blander than vanilla until the past few months. She trusted Marc; he hadn't asked her yet to do anything she didn't want to do, and she knew if she asked him to stop this, he would stop. But she wanted him to continue; she wanted to find out what would happen.

He took his hand away, which both relieved and disappointed Tori. Then she felt his hand on her knee. He moved it up her leg slowly, pushing her skirt with it. Part of Tori's mind screamed for him to stop; in a moment her pussy would be exposed to anyone who might look. But no one was looking; no one could see. She took a deep breath and kept her mouth shut as one of Marc's fingers found her clit.

As Marc lightly stroked her clit, it became harder for Tori to stay quiet. A few soft whimpers escaped her, but they weren't audible over the noise of the movie.

"Slide down a little," Marc whispered.

Tori did, and Marc thrust two fingers inside her. To keep from crying out, Tori had to push her fist against her mouth. For a few seconds, Marc thrust his fingers in and out of her, then he pressed against her clit again. That was all it took to bring Tori over the edge; she fought back a shout as she came.

Marc withdrew his hand.

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