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I took the dominant role in the bedroom

Our relationship has been rocky from the beginning, and I knew all along I wanted to be with a white man, especially when my husband would go into his chauvinistic tirades about how much better he is than me.

Fuck it. I'm just going to do this, even though I am scared about all the things that could go wrong, never mind the fact that this guy could be a complete psycho. I want to find out. So, as I drive closer to the location, my heartbeat continues to quicken and I ready myself for all the possibilities that could exist.

Ok, I'm finally here. Fuck! He's already here. I nervously exit my car and walk towards him; he greets me with a warm hug. I inhale his scent; I want to run my hands all over his broad shoulders, kissing his soft, warm lips. But, I refrain myself from getting too touchy-feely so soon. We both say, "hello", and he takes my hand and leads me into the small cafe.

We sit at a table by the door and he orders a latte for himself and an iced green tea for me. We sit and talk and fall deep into each other's gaze. I can't help but notice he constantly stares at my lips. Everything is going perfectly. We both know we must return home soon before our spouses begin to wonder, so we wrap up our conversation and head out of the coffee shop. We share another embrace as we leave. I feel more of his body this time, taking in as much as I could. I wanted so badly for him to kiss me, but I walk away wanting more.

Later that evening, after texting back and forth, I tell him I wanted him to kiss me. He tells me he wanted the same, but had already made up in his mind not to on our first meeting. We continue to text back and forth and decide to meet up again the next day.

This time, we meet at the park. Even though I'm still nervous, I feel more comfortable and more frisky. We both get out of our cars and hug. He feels so good. Finally, he brings his lips to mine and we share the longest, most passionate kiss. Im immediately lost in him. I pressed my body against his, grinding myself against his crotch as we continue to kiss.

I have a baking class that night. But instead of attending my class, we make a hotel reservation not far from the park. On the drive there, I reach over and caress his hard, white dick through his cargo pants. Just feeling his hardness drives me wild. He moans and reaches over to slip his hand in my unbuttoned jeans. I adjust in my seat, spreading my legs apart so that he can feel my naked, hot, wet, black pussy. The feeling of his soft fingers rubbing my clit takes my breath away and he makes me cum in my soaked red panties. I knew this was going to be an amazing day.

We arrive at the hotel and I'm so flummoxed with emotions and feelings of desire. I want him so badly. He takes me into his arms and kisses me deeply, tracing his fingers across my neck, down and under my shirt, and through my bra. I loudly moan as he finds my perky brown nipples and gently pinches them. Before I know it, he has me fully undressed. He lays down, shirtless, as I straddle over him. I lean forward and kiss his lips as my hands work on undoing his pants. Once I have them loose, I help him pull them down, along with his boxer briefs. I shudder with pleasure at the sight of his beautiful, erect, white penis, laying there on his belly, waiting to penetrate. Waiting to fuck. I become so aroused and desperate that I take it into my hand and guide the tip into my wet, ready pussy. I lower myself and feel him take over my loins. I gasp and am in an erotic trance as he thrusts his dick deep inside my hairy, black pussy. It feels so amazing that my eyes well up. I ride up and down on his penis until I am overcome with another orgasm. Just at that point, as I am still in the throes of such intense climaxing, Colt stiffens his body as he spills his cum inside of me. We both collapse, labored in breath and covered in sweat.

We lay together on the bed and hold each other.

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