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Longtime friends bump into Jennifer Love Hewitt.


"Ok 8 it is honey why don't you and Abby see if they have rooms."

"Alright, sweetie come on." We go to the front desk, which seems rather busy for such a small town.

"Yes how may I help you ladies?" the clerk asks.

"Well my family is on vacation and we'd like 3 rooms if you have them."

"I'm sorry," he says, "our yearly festival is this week and most hotels are full so we don't have three rooms. However, we do have two rooms both are double beds will that work ma'am?"

"Yes I guess it will have too. We'll take them thank you."

"Ma'am for the trouble I'll give you a bit of a discount so for one night those rooms will cost $100. Thank you and here are your keys have a nice stay and if you need anything just ask."

We go back out to the car. "Well we have a place for the night but they only had 2 rooms; boys you'll share one and Abby I guess you'll be staying with your dad and I. Oh our rooms are on different sides of the building."

"Ok we'll drop the boys' stuff off first then ours. Dan help me unload. Honey why don't you and Abby go to our room and relax." Mom and I go to our room mom takes the bed by the window and I get the one by the bathroom.

"Mom I'm sorry I took so long at the truck stop but like you said there was a line."

"It was no problem in fact Danny only beat you out by a minute or two."

"Oh he did? Did he say why?"

"No but I guess it was partly because he bought something he did say he spent the last of his cash. So what ever he was paying for must have taken a while."

I lay back thinking, "Oh god it was him the very first blowjob I ever gave and it was to my brother. And he paid me."

A few minutes later Danny and Daddy came in with our luggage. "Honey the boys and I thought we could order a few pizzas for dinner tonight so we don't have to get back in the car. Does that work for you two?"

We both nod. Danny is carrying my bag and when he puts it by my bed I feel my face get hot as I blush. He gives me a strange look, "Sis are you ok?" I just nod. The rest of the night goes by with nothing out of the ordinary. We had pizza together then my brothers went to their room and we watched TV until a little after 10. Then mom said we needed to get some rest so we could have some fun tomorrow.

I couldn't sleep. I just lay there thinking of how much my life had changed in just a few days. I had assumed that my parents were both out cold but around 11:30 I found out different. "Honey stop it our daughter is just a few feet away."

"Oh come on sexy you saw how she zonked out in the car earlier and she said she was still tired, and she hasn't so much as shifted in over and hour she is fast asleep, look I'll show you."

"Wait what are you doing?"

"Proving she's asleep so we can fuck. Baby girl are you asleep? Daddy really hopes you are I really need your mom's wet pussy. Ok if your not you should say so now so you don't hear your mommy screaming as she cums over and over. See she is fast asleep can we fuck now?"

"Alright she's asleep but let's just make sure," I hear her get off their bed, "sweetie if you're not asleep please let us know now because if not I'm going to suck daddy's cock right now, right here next to your bed so this is your last chance." I didn't make a sound or move trying to breath normally so they didn't know I was awake. They waited a minute or so. "Alright she's asleep, now come to momma." The next thing I hear is slurping noises less than a foot from me and daddy moaning above me.

"Oh shit you sexy little wife-slut if you keep this up you'll be drinking my cum any minute now."

"Well as much as I love drinking your cum stud I need this hunk of man meat in my soaking wet pussy right now so get back in bed so you can fuck me like I need to be fucked."

"Your command is my wish but first let me ask which bed do you want me in?"

"Oh you naughty boy, would you really fuck me while our daughter is sleeping in the same bed?"

"No of course not I was just teasing. Would you want me to?"

"No like you said it's just teasing I feel a little uneasy on my knees like

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