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Sexcapade ends tragically.

She will age 3 times faster than a normal Human, and she will reach the age of maturity in 6 years. In 7 years, she will begin her training to see if she is worthy to take her place."

"Worthy, My Lord?" Kaylena moaned out, her lust consuming her slowly, creeping up her body like an itchy fire, starting at her toes; it was currently licking at her pussy with its electric tongue, her clit twitching in her pink folds.

"You shall see when the time comes," Xenphael said flatly.

"And Mmmmm-my...reward?" Kaylena panted out, her breathing escalating with the sensations deep in her twitching cunt. Her nipples were diamonds and her skin was radient with her fine sweat glowing in the dying fire light. There was a silence between the two, the only sounds to be heard were the howling winds, the crackling embers in the fire, and the splattering drips of Kaylena's pussy juice splashing in heavy drops on the floor.

"When our Queen is taken, so shall you. She will begin her three quests and you shall be by my side, for all time," Xenphael said, the rumble in his voice exciting Kaylena just as it had three nights ago when she summoned the Incubus. She only moaned in response this time, her pussy flexing and unflexing, desperately gasping for the demon's hardening organ to impale her again. She licked her lips slowly and looked away from his face for the first time since he entered her cottage. His huge dick was visibly throbbing, growing larger with each pulse, but still not standing erect. The length of was of the softest skin, with odd looking shapes moving under its skin, almost like stones, spinning and swimming in his skin. Her vision hazed over, her eyes loosing focus, her pussy taking control of her fuzzy mind. She wanted to feel that shifting cock in her cunt again, she wanted to feel impossibly stretched by the huge dick before her.

"I..." she began. She didn't even know what she was going to say, but a noise of thunder and a flash like lightening outside the shack cut her off.

Xenphael whipped around, his cock instantly shrinking to a normal size. His wings stretched out and he hunched over in an attack position, his massive muscles rippling with his every move. His whip-like tail cracked behind him, almost snapping Kaylena in her clit. This new danger filled her with enough urgency and state of mind to move, just as her front door was cleaved in twain by a bright flash of light.

A figure stepped through, glowing wing-shaped tendrils flapped behind the figure, the small home filled with their eerie emerald light.

"Michael," spat Xenpahel. "I should have known," he said and stood upright.

"Xenphael, you fool!" Michael shouted, brandishing his heavy war sword. Kaylena could see the divine power radiating from the glowing crystalline blade, the energy distorting everything behind the angel. His powerful voice blasted right through Kaylena, but she knew neither fear nor guilt.

"You know the prophesy! You will have your champion and we shall have ours! The die has been cast and there is nothing to stop the process now!" Xenphael shouted, standing up straight in front of the archangel before him.

"I know the prophesy, and I know you have played your part. I cast thee back to the deepest layer of Hell, demon!" Michael said, his voice rattling Kaylena's belongings inside the cabin and even making the fire burn hotter and brighter. Kaylena barely saw Michael twitch, but she saw Xenpahel's left wing slide from his body shortly before he disappeared into a smoky vapor.

"Human!" Michael shouted, watching the demon dissipate. Kaylena meekly turned her head to face the angry angel of war. "You know not what you've done. Your soul has been lost and you can never reach the Heavens."

"What was this about Champions?" Kaylena asked quietly, her voice sounding so hollow and weak compared to Xenphael's; next to Michael's voice she may as well have been an ant.


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