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Divorcé goes to a nudist camp.

Then, one night when we were all out together, we were a little loaded and Vikki asked how bad I wanted to see her with Lisa. I told her, that would be a BIG turn-on for me also! So, as the night progressed we tentatively planned to ask Lisa to go home with us and we would take her back home the next day.

Toward the end of the night, Vikki dropped little hints to Lisa that she could come back to our house. It didn't take much hinting around because Lisa told Vikki that the idea sounded good to her. She played it off, and acted like she was too wasted to drive home anyway.

After a while, we were on our way home. I told Vikki earlier that night that we could play some cards first, and that I would joke to the girls about playing strip poker. After we were inside our house, I asked the girls if they wanted another drink. They said yes. We were all sitting around our kitchen table when I suggested playing some cards. They both agreed. So we played a couple hands of poker. Then I said, "So, are we going to play for anything?" Then Vikki spoke up and said, "How about our clothes?" I saw a big smile come over Lisa's face, and she said "sure!" I was immediately hard!

I couldn't wait to see these two girls get it on! Vikki told me a while back that more than anything, she wanted to feel a woman's tit in her mouth. Well, from what I had ever seen, Lisa appeared to have nice size tits. I do remember when we were younger and I knew Lisa back then, I always remembered a couple times that I saw her without a bra on, and she had nice, big nipples.

So, the game started. I lost the first hand. Off came my shirt. I suggested that we all take our socks and shoes off beforehand. I asked then if the winner of the hand could remove the article of clothing from the loser. They agreed.

Vikki lost the second hand, and I won. Vikki didn't have a bra on, and I quickly removed her top. Her nipples were rock hard! It wasn't cold either. I suggested we move to the living room where it was more comfortable. I couldn't help notice Lisa looking over frequently at Vikki's tits. Vikki's tits are about 34B's with nice, dark nipples. When her nipples are hard, they resemble pencil erasers.

Lisa lost the next hand and Vikki won. To my surprise, Vikki told Lisa to stand up, because she wanted Lisa's pants off. So off they went! Lisa had a nice set of long legs. I lost the next hand and Vikki won. She told me to stand up. I had a raging hard-on! Vikki took off my pants. There I stood, just in my Jockey briefs, with this woody that was stretching at the material of my shorts, big time! I saw Lisa's eyes stare at my cock, and then she smiled at me.

Vikki lost the next, and I won. I told Vikki to stand up. I quickly took her pants off. She was wearing a pair of see-through thong underwear. I saw Lisa's eyes fix on Vikki's pussy before Vikki sat down. Lisa lost the next, and I won. I reached over and slipped her top off over her head. Lisa was wearing a bra that was made of a very thin material and you could clearly see her nipples through it. Lisa's tits sagged a little, but didn't have any stretch marks on them. They looked to be a little heavy. Her nipples too, where rock hard! Her nipples were about the roundness of a tennis ball, and smaller points than Vikki's. They were VERY big around! I saw Vikki's eyes fix on Lisa's tits. I wanted to see Vikki suck on Lisa's big nipples!

I dealt another hand.

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