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Brad hires a PI and gets home in time for some fun.

It was tastier, less caloric, and higher in protein than regular yogurt. There was even a jar of strawberry jam in the very back.

He made his way upstairs after packing up the kitchen. A quick look around Ariana's father's room netted him a few things. He snagged plenty of socks which he'd greatly underpacked, collected a bunch of belts, and even snuck a bottle of cologne into his pocket. Hey, someone had to use it, right? The shaving cream and razors also found their way into the box. There wasn't one vital item left in this house after he closed the front door for the final time.

He wanted to sit here forever. This pickup truck wasn't all that uncomfortable. Hell, give him a few blankets and he could turn the seat into a cozy bed. The sight of the front door opening caused him to reluctantly lift the handle. Why wasn't anyone listening? What if it wasn't safe to step outside? They were supposed to be communicating with signals!

But then everything looked up. Suddenly, the world wasn't so dark. Megan came walking out with Ariana to her rear, and they both had big smiles on their faces. The sound of laughter filled his ears after he opened the door. It was actually happening! They were getting along!

"No way!" Megan giggled. "Are you kidding me?"

Ariana's smile couldn't be wider. "I'm totally serious. I packed all my nail polish. I have like forty bottles in my bag."

The two brisked right past him and to the back of the truck. Holy shit, they were laughing about nail polish! Here he was, dreading the potential boxing match he was expecting to walk into, and these two were conversing like longtime friends. It was perfect!

"Hey, girls. Umm...what happened to our signals? Remember?"

Megan shot him a look as she pulled a box off the truck. "We were watching outside the entire time. There's nothing going on."

"Can you please wait for me next time?"

She nodded before handing the box to Ariana. "Do you have to go back?"

"Nope, this is everything," he answered. "There's nothing useful left next door."

Megan was more than ready to get her new best friend situated. "Well, let's get Ariana moved in."


Megan took a quick break from her cataloging to make dinner. It'd been a few hours since they'd unloaded the last of the belongings off the truck, and it would still be several more until they had everything put away. It'd be an understatement to describe her mood as ecstatic. There was so much food! And Ariana was awesome! They had the same type of personalty. The little brunette was a wiseass, and she had a toughness to her while still retaining her girly side that was so cute. She thought Ariana was kidding when she mentioned having forty bottles of nail polish. She actually did! And they were the coolest colors! An awesome boyfriend and a kickass friend on top of it? It took the apocalypse to finally bring her happiness.

She called down into the basement where Steve was organizing their supplies, "Dinner!" Footsteps moved above her head after a similar shout upstairs to Ariana who was busy setting up her room. Thirty seconds later she had her family gathered in the kitchen. Was it too soon to refer to these two as her family? They certainly felt like her kin.

A plate of turkey BLTs was sitting in the middle of the table. There was no way she was letting this lunch meat go to waste, and she wouldn't be caught dead allowing bacon to spoil. The mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes were the perfect compliment to the slices of bread which had a slight crisp thanks to the toaster. Stretching out their food supply was a real concern this morning, and now they were enjoying bacon on their turkey sandwiches. A lot had changed as a result of their new neighbor.

"These look awesome."

Ariana was in full agreement with Steve. "No kidding. Thanks, Megan."

The three sat down at the table to enjoy a rather unexpected dinner. There was no splitting a half of box of mac and cheese tonight. No, this evening, they were eating like post-apocalyptic royalty.

Ariana had di

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