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A new world awaits inside the castle walls.

Before leaving, I decide to make one last pass through the fiction area, see if anything leaps off the shelf at me. And as I turn a novel over a few times in my hand, considering it, a voice startles me, asking if I have read much by that author. Within seconds, we are deep in conversation, my surprise quickly surpassed by your presence, the sound of your voice, the nearness of you.

We keep talking until we decide we really should get going, that mutual sense of needing to be somewhere before we do something we can't imagine. We walk to the door, both leaving books and magazines behind, intent on just staying in our private conversation. As we step outside, you realize it has gone from a light shower to a torrential downpour. You have no umbrella, which makes me smile and offer to walk you to your car.

Instinctively, you link your arm through mine as we dash through the rain, huddled under my umbrella, trying to avoid the large puddles but splashing like mad. At your car, you fumble with the keys, finally sliding one into the door, the plunging quickly into your car. With the door still open, I stand peering down at you -- a little drenched, face flush from the run and the rain, smiling, beautiful. I am speechless. You lean back, reach over, and unlock the passenger side, saying, "why don't you sit in here for a minute until it lets up a little." I am around the car and inside it in flash moment. Side by side, we look at each other then start laughing. We look away, brush some of the rain down our legs, you start the car, the radio coming to life. We look at each other again -- without a word, our lips meet, my fingers find your face, slide along your cheek, then up, pushing back your wet hair, then pulling your face closer, harder against mine, our kiss growing deeper, our mouths opening, our tongues dancing, twisting, tasting.

As our mouths grasp at each other, we murmur and moan, exchanging names, exchanging surprise at each other, exchanging just the beginnings of what we want, what we need. Your hands are on my chest and shoulders, pulling against me, pressing. My arms wrap around you, slide down your back, pull you almost across the seat.

We break apart for a moment and I ask, "Here or...?"

* * * * *

I place my fingers across your lips... shhh.. kiss me again. You smile at me, somewhat perplexed, but eager to resume our kiss.. Instantly your lips are on mine, your tongue hungry and inquisitive in my mouth. My mind is swirling with possibilities, do I take him home, send him on his way, this is so unlike me.. to be making out in my car with a man I met merely an hour ago... you sense my hesitation, my indecision.. Softly, taking my face in your hands, you look deep into my eyes, and with four small words, you make all my fears vanish and I know... "

Be with me Kate" ... "yes" is all I can manage to say through my haze of desire and emotion.. You laugh as I fumble with my keys.. trying to hurriedly get them into the ignition.. not wanting you to change your mind before I can get moving. We pull up to my apartment and make a dash for the door. Its been pouring, so we are both drenched by the time I get the door unlocked and hustle us in. Briefly you take in the small but cozy living room, the artwork on the walls, the warm wood floors, and the two sleeping cats posing as throw pillows on the couch. Still dripping water, you turn to kiss me.. our passion re-igniting almost immediately. "should we get out of these wet clothes?"

I murmur into your neck as I kiss my way up to your ear lobe " absolutely" .

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