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He reached out to the table again, this time he grasped a larger phallus and inserted it into Sarah's waiting cunt. He looked at her face, her eyes were closed, her face still relaxed although her muscles now held both stimulators in place. Moving the remote control leads to one side Jim once again reached out to the desk this time holding the clitoral vibrator he knew she loved so much.

She sensed that her favourite toy was about to become part of the ritual and her eyes opened wide. She nodded and he placed the 'venus butterfly' over her clit, strapping it in place with its harness and trapping the two other vibrators firmly inside her. Moving up her body he teased her already hard nipples until they erected enough to allow him to clamp small clips onto each one in turn. He reached out moving all the controllers within easy reach. Sarah again nodded and Jim began turning each vibrator on in order, starting with the anal one, then the vaginal then the nipple ones, keeping the clitoral one until last.

She was already gasping when he moved the dial of the 'venus butterfly' to its mid setting. She moaned loudly as the combination of vibrations engulfed her body in a multitude of sensations. The nerve endings at her groin being assailed by the pulsing of the machines, while her tits were throbbing with the small electrical signals travelling through them.

Jim walked to the foot of the bed, wanking his erect cock as he moved. Sarah's head was tilted back over the edge of the mattress, her mouth open and ready for him. He moved closer, rubbing the end of his cock over her lips before sliding it into her. Moving his hips he began to fuck her mouth getting deeper with each thrust until at last the knob touched the back of her throat. She gagged slightly and he quickly withdrew allowing her time to recover.

"Ok, put it back," Sarah whispered, and he again inserted his hard rod into her eager mouth. Jim recommenced his thrusts, first short and stabbing, then long and penetrating until again he was inserting his full length into her, his balls hitting her forehead. He could feel his impending climax and signalled it to her, allowing her time to prepare. Moments later he made a final thrust sending his hot, salty cum deep into her throat. She shuddered as she simultaneously orgasmed with him, her body quivering and shaking with the overwhelming sensations. He withdrew and watched as she raised her head swallowing his sperm, a small glob appearing at the side of her mouth. He reached forward and caught it on his finger then placed it onto her tongue, watching as she drew it back into her mouth.

He stepped back and watched as orgasm after orgasm engulfed her, the vibrations from the stimulators sending waves of pleasure through her cunt, the taste of his cum adding to her arousal.

Jim reached down and turned off the vibrations and watched as her breathing returned to normal. He wiped away the sweat that had appeared on face and upper body allowing his movement to cool her somewhat before standing to one side awaiting her order.

"Again," was all she said. He obediently turned on the vibrators to a slightly higher setting this time and repeated the performance. Although he lasted longer this time he soon found himself pouring his load deep into her mouth, again standing back to watch as Sarah writhed on the bed, tensing and relaxing against the restraints, the muscles on her body contracting and pulling at the straps.

"Stop," she gasped and he moved in and untied the cords holding her arms to the bed posts.

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