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A walk in the woods leads to all sorts of surprises.

Emanating from the mouth of someone who looks so forbiddingly and illegally young, even though she was twenty-six-years-old, the surprise of her saying something so sexually explicit was shocking. Looking like the poster girl of the Vermont Maid maple syrup spokeswoman, she looked like butter would just melt in her mouth. Reminiscent of Shirley Temple playing Heidi but with tits, with her acting so coyly innocent and with only her true chronical age betraying her, she was a little girl trapped in a woman's body.

The best of both worlds, innocence peppered with sexual passion, any man who had sex with her would fulfill his every sexual fantasy. In the way that her husband would never leave his wife for any other woman, any man who had sex with her would be glad that he had. A memory that he'd remember the rest of his life, he could brag to all of his friends that he had sex with Liz. He could tell everyone he knows and all of those he'd later meet that had sex with a porn star.

Obviously, for them to be so enamored with her, both the producer and the director saw her intrinsic value. With them knowing the pulse of their audience, their audience would just eat her up and continue to come back for more. Looking as if she's never given a hand job never mind a blowjob, she looked so young, so sweet, and so innocent that no one would ever suspect her of propositioning two men by asking them if they wanted her to suck them and fuck them. No one would believe she was sitting in the office of the producer of adult films while applying to be a porn star.

A juxtaposition of meaning and a paradox, to look at her, she looked so nice, albeit so sexy. As if to look at her was infectious, she had an undercurrent of sexuality that was contagious. As if she was a witch who cast spells on men, she had a way of giving men a fever of lustful desire. As if she was a modern day Medusa but beautiful instead of ugly, she had a way of turning men speechless, to babbling idiots, and to stone with their inability to act upon their desire to seduce her.

There was just something about her that made men want her. Any man who saw her wanted to stick their cocks in her. Any man who saw her wanted to hold her and kiss her while touching and feeling her everywhere. She was the type of woman that men wanted to own and control but no one could own her and certainly no one could control her. Seemingly a one man type of woman, when she wasn't having sex with a multitude of men, the only man she allowed to use her body whenever he wanted was her husband.

"Sex won't be necessary to get the job," said the director looking nervously from his producer before responding.

Obviously, Lars was as sexually enamored with her as was Peter. With just his nervous look, having seen the look hundreds of times before, Liz knew that he wanted her to suck his cock. She knew he wanted to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow while he fondled her big tits and fingered her huge nipples. With her having had sex with so many men, neither one of them were hard to read.

Even under the possibility of jeopardizing their potential business relationship with her, both men wanted to bed her. Even at the risk of ruining one of their movies with favoritism getting in the way of their better judgment when directing her, she knew that both men wanted to have sex with her. Unable to control themselves, Liz had cast a spell over them in the way she'd be casting a spell on her audience. With Peter and Lars willing to throw all caution to the wind, she could tell that both these men would do anything to have sex with her.

Surely not the best looking woman in the world or a woman with the best body but there was something about her that drove men wild.

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