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POV both Abby and Grandpa...hotter and wetter.

I knew straight away that his thin five and a half inch dick just could not compare to yours, and although my cunt was wet and I was still hot from the passions you had aroused earlier, in an instant I was almost a disinterested spectator in this act of sex with my husband." I was going to cum in my pants if she carried on like this.

"But, lying slut that your dick has made me, I started to moan in a simulation of growing passion at this act of angry rough fucking by my spouse. He continued to plunge his dick into me, his head buried next to my neck, his body pressing down on mine. 'Oh, Mike,' I lied, 'Your dick is so wonderful inside me, so big, so hard, I love being fucked by you.' And one of my hands slid down to caress and squeeze his ass, while the other slid to the back of his neck, and I started to grip and clench his thrusting dick with my pussy walls. My fake moaning continued to build with his own mounting grunts as he fucked me.

"Fucking him felt like being with a boy after experiencing a man, but when he commanded , 'Tell me you love my dick inside you,' I moaned, 'Ohhh...Mike, your dick feels soooo good inside me, you are such a sexy lover...ohhhhhhhhh.' But I was really thinking about what a poor pathetic specimen his cock was, wishing it was you spearing me with your girth. Eventually, to bring things to a close I licked his ear and pretended that I was cumming while I used my cunt muscles to coax him over the edge, and then he was shooting inside of me, adding his seedless sperm to the fertile spunk which still remained from the load you had pumped into me earlier.

"I held him inside me for 5 minutes, then finally he rolled off me, turned off his bedside lamp without saying anything, and went to sleep. I lay in the dark, replaying fucking you in my mind, still feeling warm and savouring the afterglow of the orgasms you had given me. And when I got up this morning, the conversation with Mike before he went to work was polite, and we didn't mention what had happened at all. Imagine it, him not mentioning that he was thinking that another man had fucked me to orgasm, me not mentioning that he had practically forced himself on me, had as good as fucked me without my consent."

"Wow," was all I could muster as a reply at the end of this dirty monologue. I wanted to release my zip, grab my cock and masturbate myself properly, but I resisted the urge. I paused for a few seconds, then summoning all of my oratory skills to encapsulate how turned on she was making me, repeated, "Wow."

"Do you want to know my naughtiest thought of all, John?" she asked, then continued without waiting for my assent. "When we started this, before I felt you inside me for the first time, all I could think about was that if a baby was conceived, it would be mine and Mike's baby. That it would be Mike's child, no matter who the father was, because I am his wife and we love each other. But now, I am thinking that if there is a life starting inside me, it is mine and yours, the result of these incredible experiences together."

This was a very surprising announcement to hear, and despite our incredible level of intimacy to this point, I felt the threat of another brick in the foundation of my life with Natasha being smashed away. I paused to consider her words, then drawing upon even more deep and profound descriptive powers, announced, "God, I can't wait to fuck your brains out again tonight."


The rest of the work day passed uneventfully, other than the peculiar stares I was receiving from Alison, who was no doubt wondering why her straight-down-the-middle family man boss had spent so long on the phone to a woman who was clearly not a business associate.

When I got home from work, Natasha was noticeably more friendly towards me.

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