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Lovers reunite for a night of passion & fantasy.

"Ahhhhhh, oh that feels so good. You're a good cocksucker," Orang Minyak moaned.

Wiping her face with her hand, she looked at the substance and realised it's his seed, his cum. Tears ran down her cheeks, making Orang Minyak laugh at her. "Good, your pain arouses me even more," he said. "Soon you'll know the feel of my cock in all your holes, something that you'll remember forever."

"Please, stop this evil," Megan begged.

"Where's your precious God now, whore. See how little he cares for you?"

She took a deep breath and shook her head defiantly. "He'll give me strength to endure your foulness, and heal me once you're done."

Orang Minyak slapped her face hard, making her fall to the ground with a scream. "There's only one place for such a dirty tongue," he said. He pulled her on her back and promptly sat on her face. "Lick my ass like a dirty dog." Megan struggled beneath him, however, he grabbed her nipples pinching them hard and making her squeal. "The faster you lick, the sooner your punishment ends," he said.

She gave in, and poked her tongue into his ass, tasting more foulness than she thought possible. The stench reminded her of a pit toilet, but she licked it dutifully as she could, hoping Orang Minyak would grow bored with his game. She prayed in her mind for the Lord to give her strength to endure the monsters attack. Eventually, Orang Minyak had enough of her rimming efforts and stood. She wiped her mouth with her arm, spitting out as much foulness as she could. Orang Minyak grabbed her and rolled her on her stomach, she didn't resist knowing it to be futile. His hands grasped her firm butt cheeks and pulled them apart. He said loudly, "Now it's my turn to taste you."

Megan looked back wide-eyed, "No!"

Orang Minyak laughed and knelt behind her, first sniffing her anal cherry, followed by his long tongue digging into her, wriggling about, and lavishing her anus and taint. Megan squirmed and groaned as his tongue felt rough. A sudden pressure exerted itself against her rectum, and as she turned Orang Minyak slid a finger inside her and started finger fucking her ass. "No, that's so gross," Megan protested, but the oily man ignored her.

Two fingers entered her, making her grunt with pain. Her anus burning as if it were on fire, as three fingers stretched it even more. Orang Minyak pulled out and watched her anus gape, enjoying the view. His tongue raked inside her anus, tasting her, but making Megan shiver all over. He quickly moved and in moments his thick cock pushed against her newly stretched rectum. Much thicker than three fingers, and Megan wondered how he could even think he'd fit inside her ass. Orang Minyak pushed, and felt her ass give way to his cock and slid it inside her body. Megan screamed in pain as her rectum stretched beyond anything it had ever had to endure. Blood trickled down her taint as she tore slightly from the huge cock pressing her.

Orang Minyak enjoyed her pain, he revelled in it. Megan is a pure soul, and beloved by God, he could sense it. Not like her sister, whose secrets marked her as a sinner, despite how she may act. Looking at his latest victim in the spiritual sense, he could see her resolve weaken, and the darkness of his deeds begins to destroy her purity. Purity is like virginity, he thought, once it's gone, it's gone forever. The thought filled him with satisfaction. Her purity would feed him for a long time. At last he reached full immersion inside her, he paused, feeling her body wrap around his cock, and how Megan squirmed and grunted in pain at how he stretched her.

"I have impaled you," Orang Minyak said triumphantly.

Megan looked back, tears running down her face like a river of sorrow. "Please, it hurts... It hurts so much," she begged.

The oily man laughed. He loved how they begged him. "Your sorrow has only begun, whore."

Placing his hands on the ground next to her, h

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