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He gains his freedom, his girl, her home.

I caressed her up and down, sucking and tonguing, moaning out my lust. She cooed her appreciation for me, her feet involuntarily retracting as I continued. As always, persistence paid off as the milk of her arousal began to flow into my mouth. Her taste was unlike mine and Diana's, an erotic vanilla-like flavour that slid across my tongue like velvet. I loved it.

"Yes," I gasped, finally sparing a moment of my attentions to speak. "I can't believe this is happening..."

"Oooh, and you're so good at it too." Her creamy flow was dribbling down onto my thumb, so with a twist of my wrist and a couple thorough strokes I worked it all over her length, getting her slick. I then pumped my hands up and down, making her groan and throb.

She leaned forward until our noses almost touched, her lips parting beside my own where they were sealed against the end of her long member. I accepted them, trading hot hardness for the softness of a kiss as my hands slid down to the base of her shaft, which swayed and bumped against my cheek.

Our mouths separated and she shuffled backwards to the middle of the bed, where she laid on her side with the elegant structure of her back to me. She reached into a drawer in her beside table, taking out some sort of shiny envelope. I followed her, laying against her from behind, being the big spoon. Her bushy bunch of blonde curls tickled my cheek. As I wrapped my arms around her she whispered, "put it in me Eva."

I blinked, hesitating at the thought. The end of my raging erection was practically touching her shoulder blades as it throbbed against her spine... and she wanted it in her? "Are.. are you sure?"

She was tearing open that envelope, and lo, out fell a huge condom, not unlike the type I'd once used during one of my webcam shows. "God yes. Put your huge dick in me!"

"I've never done that before. Won't it hurt you?"

"Mmmm," she purred hotly, "maybe a little. Come on..."

"Is that condom for you, or for me?"

She giggled. "Silly... it's for me."

I shifted down the mattress, gaining the distance I'd need, my drooling cock leaving a thin trail of pre as I went. As she lay on her side I was admiring the curve of her narrow waist and feminine hips, as well as the little gap between her slender upper thighs where I could see just a hint of her sac. Her arms were moving slowly as she unrolled the condom onto her cock.

Butting the end of myself up against her rear, parting her cheeks, the fat head dwarfed her little hole. "Mmmh," she again purred. Her arms were moving faster; the condom was on, and she was teasing herself. I gave myself a couple rubs of my own, coaxing out more pre to lubricate her exit, being very thorough, only stopping when her bottom was so well covered that it dripped from her cheek onto the bed sheets.

I pushed my hips forward. She inhaled sharply, but knew well enough not to tense up. There was a lot of resistance, so much that my shaft began to curve and bow, but eventually the head of my cock popped inside. She moaned and hissed out loud, pulling her legs toward her chest. "Ooh... gently."

"I... I'll try." I started to feed more of myself in. She clenched the bedsheets in her fists, gritting her teeth as her body strangled my girth. The more I sank into her warmth, the better it felt.

She eventually reached back, resting her hand on my thigh - she wouldn't take any more. I must have been ten inches into her, which was more than enough to please me. I took that hand, weaving my fingers through hers, and withdrew, only to sink myself in again to the same depth. "Oooh god! Your cock... oh, amazing."

"Mmh... can't believe I'm doing this," I replied. Indeed, I had once only dreamt that another beautiful, immortal, immensely endowed creature such as myself would share that level of intimacy with me. Her body was offering less resistance, and I was sliding more smoothly in and out of her. It felt divine.

She pulled her hand free of mine, choosing to run it up and down her turgid, latex bound length.

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