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Kelly learns how to write a story.

" I say.

"Okay." Nikka replies.

I grab 2 tubes, a waterproof backpack, and we head off to the river just past the food truck area and parking.

At a narrowing of the path, I get behind Nikka. She lifts her dress above her ass. It is truly perfect in person. She just laughs and skips ahead. I bounce a tube toward her. Nikka turns and catches it. Standing there, she lets the tube lean against her, and then removes her dress completely. I can see her pussy thru the middle of the tube. She throws the dress to me. I stuff into the backpack, and we continue on.

Did I mention she is totally naked? Her ass is all I can watch as she rolls the tube in front of her.

"We better get in soon." I say. "The path is about to end."

Nikka stops. I walk a few steps to get next to her. It's a tight fit, but we squeeze together on the path.

"I want to kiss you." I tell her.

"Okay, sounds good." She responds.

I lean over and kiss her on the lips. There is that smile once again. Holding the tube with one hand, I use my other hand to touch her hair. I put her cheek in my palm, and kiss her again.

She tastes amazing.

"Your turn." She states.

Here goes nothing. I look back up the path. We are out of sight. I put the backpack down. Off the comes the shirt, fairly easily. I hesitate.

"Need help?" Nikka asks.

"Sure." I stammer.

Nikka leans her tube against my tube, so now I am holding both up. She stands in front of me. Her puffy nipples are surging with blood. I can't wait to see what the cool river water does to her.

She bends down in front of me, and begins pulling on my shorts. They fall into her hands. I can feel my own blood flow hitting my cock.

Nikka hands my shorts, then quickly pulls off my boxers. I can tell I am rock hard.

She kissed the tip of my cock, then stands up handing me my boxers. I put my clothes in the backpack.

"Follow me." I say.

I find a small clearing along the river, and I step down into the water. Nice and cold.

"Roll me the tubes." I direct.

Nikka puts one tube down, then rolls the first one to me. I catch it, place it in the water, holding it in anticipation of the next tube.

And there is that sight to behold from the internet. Nikka turns around, bends over, to lifts the second tube. Her ass is firmly in view, and her pussy spreads as she bends over. I cannot wait to eat that.

"Thank you." I smile at her.

Nikka turns around.

"If you think I did that on purpose, you would be correct." She smiles back.

Nikka rolls the second tube down to me, then approaches the water.

I hold her tube as she turns around to sit on it. Nikka bounces into it, giggling at the touch of the cold water. I get into my tube, almost as gracefully, and tie the backpack onto the handle.

Off we go. Naked and unafraid. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

We floated for a good 30 minutes. The water was cold, and the rate of flow was decent. Once we got used to the water, I guided us over to the river bank.

"This looks like a good spot to cool off a bit." I say, pushing myself off the tube into the water.

Nikka follows suit. I tread closely to her. I hold onto my tube with my left hand, and put my right hand around her waist underwater. I pull her closely. We kiss as our bodies become entwined. She is so soft. Her tits are firm against my chest. I can feel her hard nipples.

We continue kissing. I can feel my cock against her stomach. I move my hand from her waist to under ass. After one squeeze, I gently lift her up in the water. I feel my cock slide down her stomach, brushing against her pussy. I stop. I look her in the eyes.

"So, what do you think?" I ask.

She looks me in the eyes as well.

" I knew when I saw you in your food truck, we would become one today. At least, physically." She smiles.

With that, Nikka reaches down and grabs my cock. I can tell she is pointing toward her pussy. I guide her body down, entering her slowly. She lets go of my cock, and places her hands on my shoulders..

I kiss her on the side of her face, and begin workin

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