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She returned the hello with one of her own. The women chatted as they both continued to exercise. As the conversation continued, she felt herself becoming unsure of the texture of the conversation. Her heart beat faster than normal, her pulse racing as she tried to fathom why she was uncomfortable. The conversation continued further before she realized that this woman was making conversation with her and was trying to pick her up! A thrill chased down her spine with the realization. She felt her cheeks blush as her body responded, unconsciously replying with an emphatic yes to the subliminal messages being sent. She felt her nipples harden. She looked over to find her new friend smiling widely. Message received and replied.

Her blush deepened when she realized the woman was enjoying her physical responses. The woman had stopped walking and was openly staring at her hardened nipples that were quite visible through her sports bra; she realized as she looked down. But instead of becoming more embarrassed, she looked more closely at her new friend, examining her from head to foot much more openly. When done, she realized that the woman had a stunning figure; long. sleek legs, slender hips, flat tummy, full bust. When her eyes returned to the woman's face, she found her still smiling broadly. Accompanied by a long wink, her new friend told her she was heading into the sauna and invited her to join. Still speechless and rooted in place, she watched as the woman stepped off the machine. She watched as her new friend walked away, occasionally looking over her shoulder to see if she was following. The paralysis broke as the woman disappeared behind the door to the women's locker room. She reached down, turned off the machine and walked towards the locker room.

Her pulse was pounding in her throat, but she felt compelled to see what would happen next. She went to her locker, peeling off her work out clothes, grabbing a towel from the pile near the showers. She wrapped the towel around her and headed to the sauna. She glanced up each row of lockers, hoping to see her new friend but did not. She opened the door to the sauna, stepping in and becoming enveloped in the warm moist mist. She looked around nervously until her eyes found the woman sitting up in the far corner, watching her enter. She immediately noticed the woman sat naked, her legs crossed, her hands resting on the bench, sitting on several towels. She moved into the sauna, the door closing behind her. She moved toward the woman, her eyes moving up and down, visually devouring her nakedness. The woman watched, her smile indicating her awareness. She casually leaned back and said, "I am glad you decided to join me. I hope you like what you see. Please come join me so we can become better acquainted."

As she climbed up to sit beside her, the woman reached out and pulled the towel off her.

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