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A hot phone call sparks a woman's imagination.

Oddly enough I'm eating After Eight dinner mints right now. This is the most harmonious my life has been since I had a weekly wage and a weekend to spend it on.

Don't cry for me unless they're tears of joy, or hysteria. I'm in a happy place!

The beauty of eye sight and the ability to see colour is the ability not only to call things as they are, but also to call things as we see them and feel them, by the power of association. We take not only basic intelligence from what we see, but we also employ memory, instinct, intuition, and emotion.

I truly cannot imagine a life without colour. A half-life, maybe; stripped of joy just as the world appears every winter, when even the sun is bled icy silver!

But by god how beautiful this life can be, even by the purest colours of the spectrum. The deep indigo of a darkening cloudless sky, or the vivid green of the sun through the leaves of a tree after a storm in summer. The red of a bleeding sun on the winter solstice, or the sticky gleaming violet of blueberry jam, baking a pudding to welcome the autumn chill.

If you have a lust for life, then you have light in your soul, and it is by that light that your gift of sight is blessed with these vivid colours.



You say baby blue, I say sky blue. Well, both associations belong to the same shade of blue, at least at a certain time of day!

One colour I don't like is yellow, but only when it's artificial. In my mind it tells me something's wrong. Warning signs are yellow, so is my piss (again, at a certain time of day), but I love sweet-corn, sunshine, and a well-kept garden in springtime bloom.

All colour is subject to perception, and individual perception helps to create our perceptive reality of the objective reality that stands before us wherever we happen to be. And in some instances, because of our associations with certain colours, to find them running rampant at times can strike us as decadent, extravagant, garish, or even violent.

On the other hand, life can seem so dull, drab, jaded, and joyless, where the colours are too boring for some, or just not vibrant and artificial enough. Some of us are more at home in nature, and others in loud, brash environments made more to appeal to those of us who never wanted to leave the funhouse.

There are no two sides to a world with so many dimensions though. Each of us with our own unique personalities has our own rightful place. So even if you don't have a favourite colour, there is always a sight to see in which a colour can strike a resounding chord in your heart.

One can spend a lot of time considering the meaning of a colour, too, or the meaning of an object because of its colour. By association we writers paint with words. In the gothic manner, for instance, red wines and velvets are the colour of blood, and silver the colour of the moon, or of a lake beneath the moon, and the ice that caps the looming black mountains afar.

In H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, the autumnal countryside was stricken by the Martian red weed, which grew and bled into the dying landscape with the advance of the invaders. That vision and the association that went with it painted the Martians as a literal and metaphorical living death for humanity.

What's in a colour? Worlds beyond the one before your eyes, and many of them!



For the following exercise there are a number of stages. It doesn't take long. Sit down with paper and pen and think of a colour that springs to mind. Take five minutes to fire off a bunch of associations with said colour.

For example, the colour orange - street light, orange peel, turmeric, the last light of a summer sunset, or the glowing embers of a campfire.

Next, seek a Colour Therapy Chart on Google, unless you have a pack of colour cards at home, or a basic paint catalogue. Take five or ten minutes to leaf through the colours and think about them. Think of what they represent to you. Just by viewing the colours alone, what do they make you think of? What do your immediate memory or feelings say?


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