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A superheroine satire; bondage.

Possibly more about us than we do. Fair statement?"


"OK, where would they be able to get that information? What sources are there that could reveal that much information about us? Brainstorm time. Ancient texts, select persons, spells perhaps, legends, uhmmmm ..."

"Dad." Nicole stated flatly. "Either he or one of his rescued us."

"Yeah, Dad. Or Mom for that matter. Does she have any other relatives?"

"No clue. We know more about the moon than we do about Mom." She pulled some of her hair around to her mouth and chewed it.

"Maybe we should work on changing that. Maybe if we knew more about her then we would know what they were after." I said thoughtfully.

Nicole looked more frustrated. She blew the hair out of her face. "Who the fuck would know anything about her or be ballsy enough to speak up? I can't think of anyone brave enough to speak up about her secrets without her permission."

"No, I can't either. But I can think of someone brave enough to point us in the right direction. Come on. Let's get dressed and pay him a visit."

"Sounds good to me!" She got up and took my hand and led me across the room to our closets. "Battle garb?"

"A little. We don't want to appear that we're spoiling for a fight but we do need to appear serious."


I dressed in slacks and a button down shirt that had my insignia embroidered on the chest. Black knee high boots and a my wristband were the only other items I wore. Besides my wedding ring of course.

Nicole popped out of the closet with calf high red boots, a red leather mini skirt, and a red leather top that stopped a couple of inches below her breasts. She also had a wide blood gold torc around her neck. She looked sexy as hell but fierce. "Ready?" she asked.

"Yeah. Let's go." I took her hand and teleported us to our destination.

She gave me a look. "I figured this was where we going but hoped I was wrong."

"Do you know of anyone more connected?" We were about a mile underground in a side section of the megabase Mom brought us to, to introduce us to the main super-villain crowd. We also used it for our more intense training sessions. We harbored no illusions that Mom was part of this crowd. They just had more useful resources than the good guys. If she thought for one minute the heroes had better resources we'd be over at one of their bases.

"No. That's why I figured he was where we were headed. Let's do it." She and I walked forward and I knocked on his office door.

"Come in," I deep gravelly voice boomed.

I opened the door and held it for Nicole and followed her into an office larger than most people's homes. We walked over to where a massive desk sat by a wall sized monitor showing a scene of downtown Manhattan and parked ourselves in a couple of oversized, super comfortable, leather chairs. We looked across the desk at the enormous figure looking at us. I broke the silence first, "Hello, Meister. Thank you very much for seeing us with no notice."

He looked us over some more. "Well, I can't say I don't know why you're here. We've always gotten along pretty well and you're a couple of good kids in my book. Sorry you got kidnapped and from what the grapevine says, tortured."

"Thanks. In hindsight it could have been much worse. So why do you think we're here?" I reached out and poured Nicole and myself a couple of glasses of ice water from his carafe. I took a sip.

"You wanna know who aced you. You got no idea who could do that and then who knew enough to flatten your skills and powers and keep you two locked up like a couple of pet store puppies. Yeah?" He had a hard time maintaining eye contact with me when Nicole was looking like his ultimate fantasy warrior girl. I mentally nudged her and she took up the conversation.

"You're close, Meister.

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