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A rich socialite female needs to be married, right?

He could tell she was getting into it. Michelle was hesitant at first, but she decided to take a smoke. She immediately felt the effects, as she could feel herself getting horny. Tony came over and gave her a kiss, working his tongue into her mouth as he kissed her deeply. Michelle could feel her pussy juices flowing, and she wanted to leave and just fuck her husband. She walked over to Kevin and said let's go, I need you inside me now. Let's go to the hotel. Kevin said, no let's just have some more weed and more to drink. Michelle went over to sit on a bar stool and sip her drink. Tony came over and gave her the pipe for another smoke. She inhaled a big smoke on the pipe, and it made her even more horny. Tony could see the affect the weed was having, so he went over to Michelle and slowly began kissing her and touching her breasts. He had her shirt open and everyone could see her exposed tits. Michelle resisted and said everyone is watching. Tony kept going. His hand went lower down to her stomach and lower still. He fount her cunt lips and started to work his finger inside her cunt. Michelle was gasping and started to quiver in her orgasm. Tony stopped, and she said please do not stop. did not resist and started to moan loudly. This gave Tony an idea.

He asked if Kevin wanted to play a game of pool. Kevin said sure. Tony said the rules were that he and Kevin would play. If Tony won, then he would get to have fun with Kevin's wife; if Kevin won, then he could do the same with his wife (who was at the bar and looked very attractive). They played eight ball. Kevin also said that how many balls were left on the table was how many guys would be able to join in on the fun. Kevin looked at Michelle, and she did not seem to be opposed to what Tony proposed.

Kevin and Tony played. Kevin went first, and knocked in several balls but then missed. Tony said to Michelle to get ready for some real fun. Michelle twisted on her stool, but she could feel herself getting wet at the thought of what Tony meant. Tony cleared the table, including the eight ball. There were 4 balls of Kevin's left on the table. Tony signaled to the other 3 guys and they immediately grabbed Michelle and threw her up on the pool table. The bartender was watching and went to the door to lock it, so nobody could get in or out.

Michelle was struggling against the 4 black guys who were now holding her down, and taking her skirt and skirt off. She was writhing on the pool table as all of her clothes were now off; she was only wearing the slut anklet that she came in with as well as her high heels now. Tony was between her legs and started to lick her pussy, as the other guys held her legs open and arms down. Michelle was moaning loudly now, unable to control what she was feeling. She could feel an orgasm was coming. She yelled out OMG, this is going to make me cum! Fuck yeah! Someone fuck me please! The other guys began stripping as well as Tony. Michelle looked at them as they stripped, and she was awed at the size of them. All of them were 8 inches, with one of them at 10 inches. Tony lined up first at her pussy. He entered her with his big cock slowly, and Michelle was breathing in heavy bursts, grunting and moaning. Tony began to fuck her hard, as Michelle wrapped her legs around him. Kevin was watching as her back arched and she was sweating from the hard fucking she was getting. The bar filled with her screams as she came on his cock. She screamed over and over again. In the bar light, Kevin could see her sexy anklet glisten as her legs kept up with the pounding she was getting. Tony started to tense and said he was cumming. The other guys were holding her by the ankles now while she was getting pounded on the pool table. Michelle could feel his cum fill her pussy up.

After Tony was finished, Michelle looked at the other guys and crooked her finger to indicate she was ready for them.

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