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Alex and Chloe find time to play.

Come and have some tea." so saying she led the way through towards the drawing room. Jenny had dropped behind and was using the Riding Boot remover to help her off with the boots.

"No need for that Jenny" she said. "Hmmm I think so, manure y'know."Jenny answered.

Mrs Harris served tea , scones,devon cream and strawberry jam and the two tucked into the fare with a will.

Afterwards Jenny asked Alicia if she had enjoyed her day at the Bloodstock sales.

"Oh very much, were you there, I didn't see you? However there was quite a crowd."

"Yes" Jenny said, her face colouring a little," It was a little later I saw you with the young man. Your agent perhaps? It was after Satan had served Lyda, I am afraid I saw you enter the stables."

It was Alicia turn to blush, and then thought 'What the heck' it was only the previous evening she had been remembering watching Mrs Alllardyce getting fucked and now it would appear that she too had been watched.

"You mean you, My agent and I having a little tumble."

Then Jenny laughed." Not to put too fine a point on it Lady Alicia, after hearing your comments, never mind a 'little tumble' you were well and truly fucked. I must confess I was up in the loft and had a fine view, it was too much to ignore and if you. had both been quieter you may have heard me 'cum' too."

"Oh dear me, I dont know what I would have done if I had known a voyeuse was in the stables." Alicia responded with a laugh to show that she bore no grudge after being watched.

"Jenny impudently added." Good job I was there too, Lady Alicia, if I hadn't been I reckong Rufus would have wanted to fuck you too."

"Rufus, you mean the dog, the Alsatian. Oh my God, How on easrth did you stop him. When I sw his dick I was sure |he wanted to fuck me."

"Yes, by the way, they call them German Shepherds these days I am sure he wanted to fuck you. he would have smelled your aroused state, if I hadnt had my dog whistle to call him I think he would have growled at your agent to keep him at bay and before you knew it he would have had his tongue in your pussy and you would then have been willing him to fuck you."

"Alicia looked at Jenny and smilingly shook her head. "You sound as if you have experience my dear."

Jenny smiled in turn, "I do, does the thought do anything for you?"

Alicia decided to be blunt, she liked this younger woman who seemed to be on a similar wavelength to herself.

"Jenny, first of all, just call me Alicia, I think anyone who has watched me being fucked should be allowed that." They both laughed at this sally." Secondly, I must admit that I could not get the sight of your dogs dick out of my mind. In fact I surfed the internet. I was very very careful, but I believbe I have found just the person to provide me with a dog."

A look of horror past across Jenny's face. "You have been in touch with someone on the net and they are going to provide a dog?" she asked incredulously.

"Well yes, she was extremely careful in what she said but eventually sahe telephoned me and made an appointment for later this week, in France."

"Hmm and I believe she telephoned you again cancelling the arrangment wanting to make another appointment with you. Further I will wagewr she said her name ifs Maddy"

A look of incredulity was on Alicia's face as she nodded her agreement. "Have I done something stupid. Am I in trouble?"

"No", Jenny replied," Is it this phone number she has?"

"No. my private number upstairs."

"Right, ring your telephone company now and tell them you have nuisance calls.Ask them to change your number immediately and make it unlisted."

"My husband, he is in America, how can I tell him.?"

"Oh he will just get 'number unobtainable, surely he would then ring you on the house 'phone. Next, This Maddy had your screen name. If she has already contacted you by e-mail you will have hers too. Block it out. Also e-mail all your friends who use that e-mail address and tell them you have a new address and then cancel the old one OK?"

"Jenny, What IS the mat

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