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As punishment her body is occupied but also pleased.

She was learning, albeit slowly, that I had complete control over her. I gazed at the massive mounds tucked inside the cups of a very skimpy bra indeed and licked my lips.

She was wearing a white demi-bra, sheer of fabric and finely laced. I would have expected all of her body to be the same coppery color, but this was obviously a woman who rarely, if ever, wore clothes with a plunging neckline. Her entire breasts were creamy white! Most of her creamy skin shimmered through the fine mesh and I could clearly see the pink of her nipples. Her large breasts just spilled out over the narrow cups of the demi-bra, the lacy hem of the cups themselves barely covering the nipples. You can imagine the view the skimpy bra provided me with. She didn't have round and bulbous breasts but long and slim torpedoes that created a long and dark cleavage. The thrust of her heavy breasts pushing against the bra created that pointy look I had seen and felt as her nipples were being pushed through the lacy cups. She definitely had to have some real fat and juicy nipples for they were sticking out of the thin material like tent poles.
I cupped the lacy cups in my hands, squeezing her tits together, lowered my head and buried my face in her plentiful cleavage. She gave an annoyed moan as I kissed the soft and malleable flesh all over. I spent a few minutes nuzzling my face between her glorious mounds, kissing and brushing my cheeks against the warm skin while I squeezed and crushed them from the sides. I kissed and licked the warm flesh cradled in the cups of the skimpy bra while I ran my hands up and down her back. I just loved the feel of that silky blouse! I did that for a while, then cupped her breasts and squeezed them together so that they almost popped out of the cups. I was surprised to discover that although her tits had bounced about every time she jumped or breathed heavily---even with the constraints of a bra---that they were rather firm and solid, so much in fact that I had to really squeeze hard. She squealed and whimpered as I crushed her tits together. Man, what a cleavage!

I slipped my hands up and slowly started to peel her tits out of the lacy cups, one at a time. I then grabbed hold of each cup and forcibly tore the shoulder straps off, pulled the back of the bra forward and undid the catch. She squealed a bit in protest as I yanked the bra out from under the blouse. I twirled the skimpy bra around in my fingers while I gazed at her lovely tits.

Man, they just shot out straight and forward---no sag. They swooped down a little because of the massive weight, but there was definitely no obvious sag. She had two-inch, brownish aureoles, the nipples fat and perky. Although she was hardly stimulated they were already sticking out like the eraser ends of pencils and I could well imagine that once aroused they would be long and stiff enough to hand coat hangers from! The little bra label indicated a 34E cup. Now that was pretty large indeed!

She emitted a little squeal when I bent down and planted a kiss on the tips of both breasts in alternating cycles.

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