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Ayanna's unwelcome visitors want her.

She then proceeded to tease me for another hour telling me how big Nick was and how he touched her in places I never could or would. It was so intense I came even with the chastity device ON. Which she found to be incredibly erotic.

That day marked a turning point. I addressed her as Duchess and she would address me as her boywife. We were married shortly thereafter and I agreed with her that to be in a total female led relationship I needed to surrender everything I had to her. So I did, the house, cars, boats, bank accounts, property, everything I had. From that day forward I was at her mercy. I was hers to with as she pleased. But we both loved every minute of it. She made a point of telling her girlfriends that she had a totally attentive husband in EVERY sense of the word. It was no secret to them that I did all the housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, you name it I did it. She didn't have to lift a finger and we both loved it that way.

My reward was the privilege and honor licking her pussy and ass for hours on end, while I knelt at the edge of the bed locked in my chastity tube. It was every cuckolds dream to be released from my tube only when she saw fit and only allowed to fuck her when she felt I deserved it. I would beg to put my cock inside her and she would taunt me and say, "I don't think so my little boywife, that's where the real men go!" And then after begging and pleading, she'd let me inside on the condition that when I came I had to lick her clean.

I always suspected that there was other men's cum in her pussy, but she would never confirm or deny it. That drove me crazier than if she had told me, but I always acquiesced and meekly slid down between her legs and lapped up my cum and whoever else's was there gladly. And then came Donald

Donald was a doctor that she met while traveling to a conference out of state. Turned out that he lived only about a fifteen minute drive from our house, where he had moved after his divorce. The week she was at the conference was hell. She would send me pictures of herself all dressed and ready to go to the meetings or the receptions at night. Needless to say the night attire was much more risqu__ than the daytime attire.

On her arrival home that Friday night I met her naked as instructed at the door wearing only my 'toy' as she had come to refer to my chastity device. We embraced, and kissed and I told her how much I had missed her. She told me to get her a glass of wine and meet her in the bedroom. Two glasses of wine later, I was on my knees lapping what I assumed to be Donald's cum out of her pussy as she regaled me with stories of her week out of town and what a great guy Donald was.

That night marked yet another turning point in our relationship. From that night forward she had only two men in her life, me and Donald. Drinking his cum from her pussy that night got me so hot that I would've done anything for her. Most 'normal' people would think us 'weird' or 'sick' for our desires and lifestyle, but it works for us. I love my wife so much and I would do ANYTHING for her. I long for her when she's not with me to the point of my heart aching when she's not here. All in all though I know that she will be coming home to me and that even though Donald gives her something I never possibly could, that I am the man in her life.

Donald is fully aware of me and of our lifestyle and he's embraced it as well. From his perspective who wouldn't? I mean he gets a tall, leggy, busty insatiable red head, whose husband gets him ready for her, does his laundry, cleans his house and is pretty much at their beck and call night and day. So he'd be crazy not to live life to the fullest and take advantage of it.

Take the other night for instance. In the middle of a blizzard, Donald called our house and chatted with Duchess for a bit and then she handed me the phone.

"Hello Sir."

"How's my little boywife tonight? Making the Duchess happy?" he snickered.

"Y-y-yes Sir." I said meekly.

"Well good.

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