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Anne has a run in with several of her neighbors.

He laid down moving to the center of the bed. The women moved onto the bed, one on each side of him. His lady kissed his mouth, slipping the tip of her tongue over his lips. He tasted both himself and her friend's mouth on her tongue. She then kissed along his jaw to his ear where she whispered to him, "You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

His response was to smile as he brought her mouth back to his."I am Baby," he told her as his tongue rubbed against hers in a deep kiss.

He could feel her friend's hands stroking his cock and caressing his balls while he and his lady kissed. His lady then trailed her hot wet tongue down his chest, stopping to tease, nibble and lick at each of his nipples. She continued her downward licking until once again her tongue slid over the head of his, now hard, throbbing cock.

He watched as the two women kissed again before lowering their mouths to lick at his balls. Feeling the warm wet tongues slide over and around him. Gently they took turns sucking at his balls as his lady's hand stroked up and down the shaft of his cock.

Soon his precum was oozing over the head of his cock. His lady leaned over and lick him like an ice cream cone. She then kissed her friend sharing the taste of him she had collected on her tongue. His lady let her hand slide over the head of his cock using his precum to lubricate as she stroked him.

While the two women were treating him with their mouths, tongues and hands. He reached out to begin rubbing a hand over each of their up turned asses. He slipped his hand down the thin strip of thong covering their asses until his fingers found each woman's pussy. He began to rub their pussies through their panties. Their wetness could be felt even through the material that covered them.

Soon each woman was moaning as he rubbed their pussies. He could tell his lady was very close to cumming as her breath came faster in quick panting breaths.

"Oh I'm going to cum" she moaned. Her hand still stroking his hard cock now wet with his precum and saliva from their tongues.

"Cum for me Baby, make these panties wet so I can lick them," he encouraged her. As he rubbed harder and faster over her panty covered clit.

"Oh Yes, I'm cumming!" she cried out as he felt her lips close over the head of his cock. He could feel the vibrations of her moans as her body shook with the force of her orgasm. Instantly he felt the material of her panties become saturated as her sweet honey flowed from her pussy. At the same time he felt her friend begin to shudder as she cried out that she was cumming too.

After they had calmed from their orgasms. He helped each of them remove their very wet panties. He took his lady's and held them to his mouth as he breathed deeply and licked her honey from the material before dropping them with her friend's over the edge of the bed to the floor. As he turned back to the women he saw them kissing again as they knelt facing each other. Their hands moving up the other's body to fondle their breasts. As they kissed their fingers pinched and rolled the hard nipples of the other. They took turns leaning down to lick and suck at the erect nipples of the other woman's.

He moved up to lean against the pillows, watching, what he thought was the most sensuous sight. His lady and her friend kissing while their hands touched and caressed each other's body. He watched as their hands moved lower until they were rubbing each other's pussy. Their wet fingers gliding over their clits giving evidence to their last orgasm.

Her friend moved to lie on her back until her face was under his lady's pussy. She began to lick and suck at the pussy above her, while his lady reached out to rub her friend's clit before lowering her mouth to lick and suck at her open wet pussy. His eyes darted back and forth watching first one then the other woman lick and suck at the other. His hand slowly stroked up and down his raging hard cock as precum streamed down to lubricate the movements of his hand.

Soon his lady was bucking he

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