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missy is taken like a slutty sub should be.

When she couldn't wait any longer, she took him in her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down as she took his dick further and further down her throat. He could only take a few minutes of this before he was ready to cum. The redhead sensed his impending climax and backed off until just the tip of his dick was in her mouth. As he began to cum, she grabbed his dick and aimed it at her open mouth, letting the webcam capture the cum shot. When his orgasm ceased she swallowed every drop. She taking care to lick her lips clean of the few spurts that had missed the target.

She and her guy then fell back onto the couch and looked at the computer screen in front of them. A stream of text appeared from the anonymous female on the other end of the connection. SexySlut217 was thanking them for a wonderful performance, but now she was so turned on that she said she would have to go and take care of herself. The redhead grabbed the keyboard and typed in that "turnabout was fair play" and she should turn on her camera and let them watch her masturbate. There was a long period where no text appeared. Was she considering it? Had she left?

And then all of a sudden an image appeared on the screen. It was the image of a sexy brunette lying on a bed. They rightly assumed that this was their electronic voyeur. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties with shoulder length hair (predominately straight but with a slight curl to it). She was wearing a short powder blue tank top that did little to conceal the shape of her large full breasts (they would come to find out later that they were natural) and a sexy lace panty that looked like it came from Victoria's Secret. Her legs were long and shapely and her thighs were firm.

The brunette turned around so she was now facing the camera with her back against some pillows against the headboard. The camera had a perfect angle looking straight at the beautiful girl on the bed. Her legs were spread slightly, her knees were bent and her feet were flat on the bed. As they watched the computer screen, the redhead sat in front of him and leaned back against his naked chest as he wrapped his arms around her. The brunette on the other end of the computer connection brought her one hand down across her chest and began touching her breast through the tank top. Her other hand slowly slid across the bare flesh of her tummy before coming to rest on the front of her lace panties. Not content with mere over the top stimulation, she moved her first hand under the tank top to massage her naked breast.

Not wanting to be denied a view of this girl's incredible body, the redhead grabbed the keyboard and typed for SexySlut217 to remove the top. It was almost 30 seconds before the brunette noticed the message, being distracted with her own pleasure. She pulled the top off and threw it across the bed. Her breasts were even more beautiful than they could have imagined. Now unencumbered by the top, her hand returned to her breasts. She would alternate between rubbing and squeezing. Occasionally she would grasp a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pull, distending the breast a few inches, and then release it. As they watched her play with her breasts, they noticed that her other hand was quite busy rubbing her pussy through the lace. Before long the girl on the bed escalated her stimulation by moving her hand inside of her lace panties. Through the lace they could tell that she was now working at least one, but most likely two, fingers in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit with the heel of her hand.

Again the redhead took the keyboard and this time told the brunette to remove the panties.

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