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Ian & Sam are inseparable as more surprises are thrown their way.

I was getting a paddling!

The blows began to rain down fast and furious on my backside and although it hurt quite a bit, I began to feel some erotic stirrings. Half knowing what to expect and maybe hoping for some excitement, I had already had the beginnings of an erection. Being treated this way caused a competition between the erotic nature of the situation and the pain I was feeling. Still, the eroticism seemed to be winning and my penis was rising, despite the humiliation of being spanked by four fully clothed women. Of course displaying my arousal so plainly was also pretty humiliating.

After a few minutes of punishment, they stopped swatting me. Maybe their arms got tired, I don't know. I started to relax a bit, but then I felt their hands on me. They were touching my butt that was feeling quite fiery, my back, arms, and stomach. One even knelt to rub the sides of my legs. I glanced down and saw that it was Barbara. Looking at her touching me made me feel a kind of connection with her that I was not expecting. It was almost an intimacy and my excitement combined with this realization made my cock give a little throb and it bounced a bit. This could hardly go unnoticed because she was, after all, kneeling with her face only a few inches from my erect penis.

Barbara let her hand find the inside of my thigh and with each stroke her hand seemed to travel a bit further upward. Apparently Jill was noticing because she whispered to the others "Look, I think Dave is enjoying this too. How kinky is your husband, Monica?"

"Why don't we find out?" Monica replied. "Let's see if he will be naughty for us again."

I had lost count of the hands and was focused only on the touch. I didn't know whose hands were where, but there were more than four hands touching me. With Monica's encouraging remark, the touches became more personal. Barbara slid her hand all the way up, brushing my balls and my reaction sent my cock bouncing even more. Whoever was behind me had their hands on my ass and they started moving their fingers closer to the cleft between my cheeks. One of them probed lower down with her fingers between my legs and rubbing softly, approaching my scrotum from the back.

Another hand, Janet's I think, started touching my right nipple, taking it between her thumb and index finger, squeezing gently at first but increasing the pressure until it started to become unpleasant. But at the same time someone's hand landed on my stomach and slid slowly lower, leaving no doubt in my mind about where it was headed. This had to be Monica so I turned to look. I could hardly believe it when I saw it was Jill looking straight back at me as her hand moved down toward my erect penis and stop without touching it. Then I heard Monica say "Go ahead, Jill."

I heard Jill draw a breath and then she moved her hand taking hold of my hard cock. Jill started to stroke me up and down quite firmly while Janet continued to increase the pressure on my nipple. "Does that hurt, Dave?" she asked.

"Yes it does Janet."

"I can stop if you like, but Jill will stop what she is doing if you tell me to," she said.

This was not fair. To stop the pain in my nipple I had to also give up the pleasurable sensations being applied to my erection. I wanted to stop the hurting in my nipple but I thought I could maybe last for a little longer. Jill's hand was doing amazing things to me, forcing my foreskin to uncover and cover my glans again and again. Unbelievably, it felt almost like lips working on the head of my cock.

Janet and Jill must have been coordinating their actions somehow because when I did not ask them to stop Janet added some twisting to the pinching but Jill started to stroke me faster. At the same time, Barbara took my testicles in her hand and started gently squeezing and massaging them. It was not something I was expecting, but there was no pain involved, just pleasure.

The pain in my nipple was getting more intense and if Jill had not picked up the pace of her stroking I am sure my hard-on would ha

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