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The Game forgotten, lusts take over.

Jamie went over to her husband and nibbled on his ear as Susan just watched. Steve was so hard his cock throbbed with his pulse. It was hard for either girl to resist just pushing him on the bed and fucking him right then and there. "Tonight is all for you my love," she whispered into her husband's ear.

Jamie led Steve over to their bed and had him lie down on his back, his legs hanging off the bottom, his feet on the floor. She parted his legs and slipped between them, licking his hard cock like an ice cream cone. Susan was so excited watching the two lovers that she slipped out of her lacy bra, fondling her long hard nipples as she watched. Her other hand slipped inside her sheer panties and started rubbing her very wet pussy, and stroking her exposed clit. Jamie began to suck and stroke her husband's beautiful cock as he watched Susan fingering herself. Steve was overwhelmed by what was going on all around him... his beautiful wife sucking him; her sexy lips stretched open around his cock, moaning with each stroke. At the same time, her innocent looking and yet very sexy young friend fucking herself deeply with 2 fingers, her large round breasts heaving with excitement, little cat like purrs coming from her throat as she watched. He quickly decided he had to taste her. "Susan, get over here!" he ordered the young girl.

She quickly removed her hands from her pussy, embarrassed at being seen fucking herself... she walked over with her head down. "Sit on my face" he told her. She felt her face blush a bright red, but she wasted no time sliding her tiny panties down and left them on the floor. She got up on the bed and positioned each leg straddling the side of Steve's face. She slowly lowered her wet open cunt to his mouth, almost screaming in pleasure when his tongue touched her pussy for the first time. It was like electricity shot through her as he licked her slit with long up and down strokes, with every lick teasing her clit. She was so wet already he thought she would come with just a few licks.

Meanwhile Jamie was taking Steve's entire length deep in her throat, then swirling her tongue at the head of Steve's cock as she came up. She knew how he loved it when she did that, and was rewarded by his moans each time. Susan was screaming now, as she ground her excited pussy on Steve's face, "Fuck yes... lick my cunt... fuck it with your mouth!" Jamie smiled to herself because she knew how much dirty talk turned on her husband, and she could tell he was nearing orgasm... but she wanted everything to be perfect. She slowed her rhythm, sucking him less deeply, and licking him a bit slower. She wanted him to cum inside her mouth at the same time Susan came inside his.

She was thoroughly enjoying Susan's pussy; it tasted so sweet and she looked so innocent, and yet wanton sitting on his face. Her head was tilted back and she was pulling on her straining nipples as she continued screaming "Oh yes, fuck my pussy with your tongue! Deeper! Make me cum! Oh My God I'm gonna cum!!" Jamie stroked her husband's cock faster, alternating between licks and strokes, she knew her husband was going to cum and so was Susan. Steve moaned as he continued to feast on Susan's delicious pussy. Jamie took Steve' entire cock completely in her throat. "Ohhhh ...Goddddd... mmmmm... Yessss!!!" he moaned as Susan moaned simultaneously "Fuck yess...I'm cumming!!"

Jamie felt her husband explode in her mouth, and took in Steve's entire load, spurt after mighty spurt. It felt like a quart in her mouth, and she struggled to catch it all. At exactly the same time Susan exploded all over Steve's face, riding wave after wave of her orgasm, as he tasted every bit of Susan's juices. She was flooding his mouth and coating his tongue and lips with the sweet tasting pussy nectar. The feeling was so incredible he thought he might not be able to handle it.

Susan had such an incredible wave of orgasms, Jamie thought she'd be too tired to continue but instead it seemed to only fuel her appetite.

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