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More puppet fun.

And they did respond. I watched them move back and forth from the telescope to their window. The woman stood looking up at us for a moment, looking at Missy, more accurately, and then she began to remove her blouse.

Missy's smile grew wider and I heard her chuckle to herself as she unclasped the bra. In a moment her breasts were free and visible. She let the bra fall away as she had the shirt. Her hands moved over her breasts, her fingers spread and kneading her own flesh. Her nipples were responding and I watched as they grew hard and pronounced. I watched reminding myself of just how perfect Missy's breasts are, so firm yet full, so expressive, I've thought in the past. In fact, I've often wondered if Missy could have an orgasm just from stimulation to her breasts.

The woman below had matched Missy's exposure. I looked down to see her standing in the window without her blouse, no bra. Even from this far away I could see that Missy had her beat, but everyone plays the cards they're dealt, I always say.

I wondered for a moment where this episode of dueling windows was going. Missy told me when she reached to unsnap her jeans. She moved the zipper down slowly, seductively. Her hands moved to her hips and she began to wiggle her way out of her jeans. Her shoes were tossed in my direction as she pushed her jeans down around her ankles. She stood in the window and looked down to the woman to see her response. The woman was working her pants off too, we both saw, while the man had his eye stuck to the telescope.

I looked Missy over with a mood akin to simple lust. Her blonde hair was pulled back that day, her green eyes focused and gleeful, her smile almost wicked, the gold hoop in her navel a banner of her flair.

I knew the red silk panties wouldn't stay on long. And they didn't. I watched them ease over her dark pubic hair, down her firm thighs, until they dropped at her feet. She stepped out of them and stood for a moment completely naked in front of the window.

The woman below stood naked too, matching Missy.

I wondered where this was going as I watched the woman's hand move between her legs. She lifted her right foot onto a footstool nearby and pushed her hand deeper between her legs. Her other hand held a breast, teasing a nipple, I imagined.

Missy said nothing as she turned her back to the window and bent over. She slowly spread her feet wider and reached between her legs with one hand while reaching around with the other to spread one cheek of her wonderful ass.

I watched her finger disappear into her pussy, and I wondered just how powerful that telescope was that that lucky son-of-a-bitch was using down below.

"I wonder if she's as wet as I am," Missy laughed.

"Well," I told her, "From the look of the way her hips are moving against her hand, I'd say she's well on her way to a flood."

Missy just laughed as she circled her clit with two wet fingers. From where I sat I could see her pussy was swollen and shining, its lips thick and folded back like a flower.

"Tell me what she's doing now, John, please?"

"She's talking to the man, now" I told her, "He's leaving the room. But she still working on her pussy, just like you, I can see her hand moving in circles now, just like you. The man is back and he's got something. Ah, Missy, she's gonna one up you now, Babe. She's got a vibrator."

"Shit," mumbled Missy. She abruptly turned so she could see for herself. The woman down below was running the vibrator over her clit.

Missy stood watching. As she did, she moved her wet fingers over her nipples, making them shine with her juices.

"Goddamn it, John, get your fucking clothes off."

I could tell that Missy was getting serious about this now. I may have set a record for least time taken getting naked with a hard-on.

"Come here," Missy told me without taking her eyes off the woman.

She positioned me and my cock for maximum view.

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