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I found myself thinking of a number of the others I had been sending love to. I found myself reaching out to a number of them in psychic greeting. In several cases I found that I was receiving psychic responses from them. Kind and sweet- Pure joy - Oh, the beauty of it all.

I knew that Barbara and I had indeed been lovers before. I felt a tremendous 'rightness' in continuing to be lovers.

In some ways Barbara remained a mystery. I found myself aware that while she has powerful healing powers, those powers are a side effect of other powers which are more central to her dharma. She needs to be careful with her healing powers, not allow them to become a distraction from the primary purpose of the life, whatever it is.

I found myself wondering if she was here Bodhisattva. Whatever she is, she is certainly a very advanced soul, here to do some important work. I thought 'How interesting.'

I found myself becoming much more aware of my own dharma, my mission in life. I was also becoming aware, not of other peoples dharma, as much as how I could help them accomplish whatever their dharma was. I found this difference to be very interesting. I could do things to help without pushing other people in specific directions, i.e. while fully honoring their free will.

The purpose of compassion, the role of compassion, the importance of compassion, the beauty of living with compassion all seemed to become much clearer. I was seeing the importance of being compassionate for compassion's sake. Again I was on the "Pollen path."
I suddenly found my energy shifting. I was no longer looking into the Akashic record, instead I was living it. Past lives were becoming ordinary memories. The knight lifetime was as real to me, as say, my college years. For a few minutes I was, quite literally, the knight. I knew both his joy and his pain, his triumphs and his tragedies. That lifetime seemed to have many ties to my present life. Events, many of which seemed small and unimportant then seem to be playing an important part in setting up this lifetime.

In that moment I understood why we reincarnate and why not remembering the details of our past lives makes living this lifetime much more bearable. Yet a great deal of our history does appear subconsciously as our fears and our fascinations. At the same time there is awesome beauty in the big picture but that is only visible when you can look at your history with more than a little detachment. It is going through forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness to a place where forgiveness is just not necessary.

I wrote a lot about the knight.

I stayed in stillness for about twenty minutes and then went to find Ann.

We talked about what I had found. She read several of the stories that I felt would be of particular interest to her. I also pointed out six stories that I said seemed vexing to me in that the energies seemed familiar but I could not identify them. In four cases she was able to add additional information to the stories and in three of those cases we were able to then identify the people. One remaining story, about a couple named Suzanne and Pierre was especially vexing. I was getting a very strong read on Suzanne's energy but essentially none on Pierre's. Suzanne seemed very familiar but I didn't have a clue as to who it was.

We moved a copy of the file to Ann's computer and she printed copies for all of us to read. We all got together and discussed it at length. Later, Ann worked to combine my past life notes with her own. It was amazing how the two fit together. This was for me a logical validation of the authenticity of both works. In several cases we had descriptions of interacting lifetimes which was even more validation.

Ann had written a program which would automate the cross references between each story. She went through my file adding the links so her program would add my data to hers.

A Shower with Barb

At one point Barbara asked: "Want a shower?"

I replied: " OK."

We had a nice soapy shower together.

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