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She thought she could do it and he would never know.

I cruised the aisles and watched a few videos, always keeping an eye on the sexy blonde. She continued chatting with her friend and a couple of other guys. After a while the couples that had been in the theater came out. I got to watch the ladies enter a glory hole booth together. There was an instant line of guys at the booth next to them. The husbands stood outside the door and watched as several guys entered the booth and then left.

That was exactly what I had come to the place to see. I had a hard on in my jeans as I observed the activity. The two women entertained about five men. The men would go into the booth quickly, their movements tight and eager. When they came out they wore easy smiles and most of them headed straight for the exit. I enjoyed watching the events and let them feed my fantasies about having my wife do that exact same thing.

Finally, the two women left their booth and were escorted by their husbands out to the room off the entry hallway reserved for smoking. I strolled past the sexy MILF and went back to the theater. It had emptied out some and I wasn't quite as night blind as before, so finding an empty row to sit in was easy. I had been sitting there for about three minutes when I heard steps coming down the ramp to the theater entry. Looking around, I saw my red dressed vision of naughtiness enter the theater with her husband and their friend. I watched as they men took seats on either side of her in the row across the aisle from me.

After about thirty seconds of debate, I got up and moved to the row immediately in front of them. Suddenly I was acting like I saw all of those other men did earlier, but I didn't want to miss anything that happened. With my seat right in front of the sexy lady, I thought I might get to see her do some necking and petting with her husband and maybe with her friend there.

I wasn't wrong, either. After just a few moments, her friend had one hand on her tits and the other on her thigh under her dress. I thought my cock would split open from the pressure. This was incredibly sexy. Then I saw her grab his wrist and remove his hand from between her legs. I thought the show was over and was ready to run up to a booth and stroke out an orgasm.

She stood up and removed her skimpy red panties, revealing a beautiful smooth shaved pudenda and a very wet pussy. I watched in excited amazement as the guy slipped on a condom and she sat in his lap. I couldn't believe that I was watching this sexy woman fuck a man right there in front of me. I looked over at her husband. He was watching her activities closely. He was also playing traffic cop -- reminding some of the guys standing in the aisle that management would make them leave if they didn't have a seat. I was sure happy with my location. I had a perfect view of the action.

It only took a few minutes before the guy was gasping and obviously coming. The woman lifted up off of his deflating cock, bent over, and kissed the guy. Then she sat back between him and her husband with a very hungry look in her eye. She opened the top of her dress and pulled her full breasts out. Immediately hands reached over from the seat behind her and started caressing her tits.

The just fucked guy got up and was replaced by another man. I was excited to watch this sexy woman quickly open his pants and lean down to devour his cock. His head tipped back and she started stroking his cock with her mouth. I was turned in my seat looking right at her as she did this. Her legs were spread and she looked positively wanton bent at the angle she was in to get her mouth on his cock. Men were still stroking her breasts as she sucked.

I am by nature a bit shy and very conscious of personal space, so it was with a lot of trepidation that I slowly reached forward and stroked the inner thigh of this sexpot.

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