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Ville walks into Jussi's bar.

He could still feel the tip of Ashton's tongue on the head of his dick and he knew that he had to have some relief. The need was clawing at him, his hand was not going to suffice tonight and for the first time, Charles thought he was finally desperate enough to follow through.

As much as he wanted to fuck Ashton, the extent of his gay sexual experiences were confined to his imagination. Unlike his son, who had actually had several boyfriends as well as who knew how many flings, Charles was sure that the boy must have built up quite the repertoire by now, he was technically a virgin. That slip of the tongue on his dick today was the first and the only male touch unless you counted their lingering caress in the kitchen a month ago.

Charles did but he was past his limit and he stepped out of the car and into the night, carefully locking the car with a press of the button, he was almost sick with nerves but he pressed on. Tonight, he was looking for immediate relief, something that would satisfy, just so that he could keep his promise.

Charles made a right once he was inside the adult bookstore and headed down the wood-paneled corridor. There were four doors down the hallway, two on the left, two on the right and he knew that inside all four rooms, there were men in various stages of undress.

The first door on the left opened with a squeak and there were three pairs of eyes that darted up and appeared to be nervous, he had startled them just as the man in the center was about to lower his jeans. "Sorry," Charles mumbled and started to turn back. They were about to begin their tryst and if any of the three of them were as in need as he was, about to burst, sweltering under his shirt, his whole body aching for a release, then this interruption was almost cruel.

The man lay back, pants hanging around his ankles, the man to his left was wearing a blue baseball cap down so low that he appeared to be in shade. He was unbuckling and seemed to be ready to mount the man who had laid down. The third turned and stared at Charles, licking his lips briefly before asking him, "do you want me to suck your cock too?"

Charles was out of breath at the thought and he wondered if he had any self-control left after the sweet feel of his son's tongue on his cock. "Go ahead," he waved to the third man, "I'll just watch for now." Although the head of his dick felt as if it might explode, swollen and pulsating in his jeans, Charles didn't think that he could merely watch for long, not tonight, but the third man shrugged as if to say suit yourself before dropping to his knees.

He took the man's cock in his mouth, inhaled it really, from tip to root, he swallowed the man whole and the man, lying on his back, let out a muffled moan. Charles was sure that he would have said something in appreciation if his own mouth wasn't full of the third dick.

The slap of skin on skin, the smell of sex and the heat from bodies, it was almost a taste in the back of Charles' throat. The man on the left, busily pumping in and of his companions' mouth, looked back for a moment, he asked Charles, "like anything you see? You want to suck my dick when he's finished, don't you, faggot? Yeah, I can see you over there, drooling to get at my dick, aren't you?"

Charles kept his eyes down as he made a quick exit. That wasn't a substitute for his boy, his soft, blonde boy with the nest of hair and the warm place on his neck and his dainty, little fingers and his small cock that his Daddy wanted to stroke to the same, slow tempo that he fucked his beautiful son to. Plunging inside his slippery, tight boy pussy, pumping back and forth as Ashton gasped and shuddered in his father's arms. "Oh, Daddy, I love your cock," his son whimpered as he thrust his ass back to meet his father, stroke for stroke.

They would kiss, something like they used to do when he was so much younger.

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