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I thought I was getting a new car, turns out I was wrong.

But I haven't gone for more than 30 seconds of this slow, deliberate fucking when Karen hoarsely whispers, "Faster. Fuck me faster."

I pick up the pace a bit. I'm at an awkward angle, and I grab her hips for support as much as leverage. She has her pants around her ankles so she can't spread her legs much. She compensates by arching her back. Her hands are planted on the examination table, and she pushes her ass back into me with every forward thrust I make. She obviously likes it deep and faster. "Harder!" she whispers harshly, "Really pound me!"

We're moving even faster now and she's starting to mismatch her hips' movement to mine. I put a hand on her shoulder and use it to pull her backwards into me. She groans, a little louder this time, and moves her hand down to stroke her clit. I feel her pussy start to spasm and clutch at my cock. I can feel my orgasm rising, just as I know that she's close to climaxing, too.

"I'm going to come," I tell her. "Where do you want it?"

I guess I shouldn't have been concerned about making a mess. "I want your cum inside me. Fucking fill my cunt!" she commands and starts strumming her clit even harder.

That's enough to push me over the top. I come hard, pushing my cock as deep as I can and holding it there. Karen rises onto her toes and jams her ass against me savagely, angling to get as much cum inside her as possible. Load after load fills her and I jerk my hips forward, lifting her slightly and pushing her harder against the table. I hope we were relatively quiet when we both came. I honestly can't remember.

I stagger backwards soon after the last ounce of cum has left me. I am still breathing heavily when Karen once again flashes that devious smile at me from over her shoulder. As I watch, she crouches slightly, parting her thighs to get her hand into her snatch. I stare, dumbfounded, as she pushes three fingers inside and scoops out my cum. Then she turns slightly so I could watch her put her hand to her mouth and lick my cum from her palm. Then she does it again. And again.

When she's satisfied that she has gotten the last of my spunk from her pussy, she makes a big show of licking and sucking her fingers. Then she calmly pulls up her scrubs, adjusts herself, and wipes her hands lightly on the sides of her shirt. "You'd better cover up," she says, glancing at my cock. "The doctor is on his way in."

Karen pulls the door open and calmly walks out, leaving the door open. Frantically, I stuffed my wet but softening cock back into my boxers while I turn away from the door. I just manage to get the zipper up when the doctor walks in.

"You look a little flushed," he says. "How've you been?"

Part 2- Her

Another long day at work. I've been at this doctor's office for 5 years now, and it's the same thing, day in and out: middle aged men that can't get it up. When I first started this job, I dreamt of all the gorgeous cocks I'd have the chance to see. Who knew that one flaccid dick looks just like another?

Every morning, I look over the charts for the day and think, maybe today is the day someone will surprise me, but it never is. Ah well, last patient of the day should be in soon and then I can head home and look at some porn while spending a little quality time with my vibrator.

The patient comes in a little early and I get a thrill when I see who it is. I've had my eye on him for weeks now. He has the most gorgeous eyes and a smile that makes me melt every time he flashes it my way. I watch as he signs in and take note of his long, elegant fingers, wondering if they match any other piece of his anatomy.

I look down to finish writing my notes, but can't resist peeking at him from under my lashes.

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