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The two Crews meet in all sorts of fun, nothing is off limits.

Holding her hair above her head, trying to dance as the boys continued to bump, grind and grope their bodies. Kelly could hear yelling to her back and turned to see guys and girls jumping from the stage into the waiting hands of crowd mostly young guys. She had the feeling of wanting to fly like they were and pushed her way to the stage.

Two guys helped her up on to the stage. A cheer went up and mostly guys in the crowd yelled for her on to jump. She happened to look down and noticed that her shirt was almost completely unbuttoned and her bra was in complete view and one of her nipples had been exposed for an unknown time. She adjusted her bra and button a few buttons and then leaped into the waiting hands. As she traveled over the crowd she felt hands on her tits and ass. She knew she was out of her bra but she didn't care.

She finally was placed back down on the floor after about a ten minute ride over the crowd, she was met by Debbie who had followed her through the crowd. Her shirt was complete opened with several buttons now gone and her breasts were hanging over her bra, one sleeve was down past her elbow along with her bra strap. She struggled to push and tug everything back into place tying her shirt closed, too many missing buttons to keep it closed. Her lacy bra and ample cleavage was still showing to everyone. Once she was somewhat covered again, they headed back to where the guys were. "That was fun," she told them, "I'll do it again later. But my head is spinning I need something to drink please."

They left for drinks and Alex had them wait near a lighted area and came back with drinks for the girls and him. Again after drinking it down Kelly began to feel even more light headed and euphoric, unaware that the boys were adding a little something special to their drinks all along. "Let's head to the mosh pit," said one of the boys. The boys all laughed and Kelly asked what that was.

"It's where we can make some real adjustments tonight." One of the guys said. Kelly looked at him clueless as they pushed through the crowd. When they got close Kelly could see just guys bouncing around inside a circle. Before Kelly and Debbie could say a word the boys began pushed the two girls into the crowd of shirtless guys as they themselves began to be pushed back and forth. Hands were groping them immediately.

Kelly felt a pulling on her top as she was pushed from the side, a hard yank stopped her movement and she felt a tear as it gave way. Then she felt the front of her top pulled apart again as her breasts threatened to jump from her bra. Then again she felt a rip and her sleeve was almost ripped off and some of the seam on that side, as she was pushed away again someone grabbed at the hole where her sleeve was a minute ago and it ripped once more opening up the side all the way down.

She knew she had to get out of the mush pit before she lost her shirt, but it was impossible to move on her own. Her top now was being pulled from the back; she feared it wouldn't last long as a tug pulled her bra strap to her elbow. Hands grabbed at her ass, squeezing it through her shorts. It wasn't long before she felt her top almost completely gone as the back was ripping off across her back.

She happened to see that Debbie was also in just her bra and her skirt was ripped up one side only the waist band keeping it in place. She was trying to keep her clothes on but was losing the battle as quickly as Kelly. Yells and cheers went up as Kelly's top was swept away and her bra was completely exposed, her left strap to her elbow and boob hanging from the bra unable to stay contained without the support of the strap.

Hands wear now pulling at the beautiful cougar's bra, in a matter of seconds it too was ripped away.

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