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Lots of women are, in truth, much closer to another woman, are more in sync with another woman. Women fulfill each others' needs better. Every kind of need, and every kind of want as well. They confide more with another woman, their soulmate can better be another woman. For most girls their life actually revolves emotionally around another woman. They are closer to other women, more intimate emotionally.

But usually women don't all it love. Maybe its due to societal pressure that most women are afraid to call it "love". But it really is love, romantic love. I'm sure most women are in denial that the one they love most in the world is another woman. I'm just being more honest when I tell you that I love you, my best girlfriend, with all my heart.

Besides - you're the most lovable person I've ever met. Anyone would fall in love with such a wonderful person. This doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. Just an honest straight woman."

"But... you also love making love with me, a girl. That makes you at least bisexual. Please kiss me so I can make my point."

The panty clad Linda paused, then kissed Grace. Their hard bodies held each other as the kiss lasted, and lasted, and lasted -- for 10 full minutes! A kiss that eventually included each girl kissing the others' face and neck, their hands rubbing all over one anothers' body. Finally, Linda slowly broke their kiss and, holding Grace close to her and, peppering small kisses all over her face whispered, "Didn't you like our kissing?"

"Yes. God yes! But most women kiss other women. And like it. That doesn't mean most women are lesbians or bi. It just means that girl kisses are much better than guy kisses. More romantic, tender, more passionate, no scratchy hair, with lips so soft, sweet and gentle. Anyone would rather kiss a girl. As Shakespeare put it: "Were kisses all the joys in bed, one woman would another wed." Linda, just because you're a great kisser, just because I can't resist your kisses, doesn't mean I'm a lesbian. It just means I'm a normal woman. Women are just way better at kissing. Its that simple."

Linda then resumed kissing her, and soon started to kiss her breasts. After 10 minute of breast and nipple play Grace moaned, and then became louder and more passionate. Finally Linda reached for her clit. Within seconds Grace lost control, shook her beautiful head from side to side, her gorgeous hair flying, her screams getting louder, and finally she climaxed so loudly Linda worried the neighbors might think someone was being murdered.

After Grace's breathing returned to normal, Linda gently whispered, "Didn't you like that also?"

"It blows my mind when you make me cum. No man ever did that to me, not like that. But it doesn't mean I'm a lesbian, or bisexual. I just love having my breasts and clit get expert attention from a sensitive and patient lover. Any girl would cum when someone as sexy as you, an awesome lover like you, does that to them. Someone as sensuous and beautiful as you are. Especially when its done by someone they are in love with."

"But Grace - you said that when a guy does it to you, you don't cum as often, or as passionately."

"That's because guys don't really know how to do it as well. Like the old saying goes, only a girl really knows how to satisfy another girl. And - being so soft and pretty - you have a big sexual advantage over any guy. Of course no guy can compare with you in terms of lovemaking. Unless he were as soft as you, as pretty as you. Unless he had a pussy so that he knew how to make love to a pussy! Unless he were a she! Its unfair to compare a man to a sexy woman.

Besides, I've never really been in love with a guy, although I always thought I was at the time. And being in love makes the sex a lot better. But just because I love it when you kiss me and when you rub my breasts and clit doesn't make me a lesbian."

With a look of determination Linda took off her nightie and displayed her gorgeous, perfect C cup breasts.

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