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The warrior set her on her feet, grabbing her wrists and holding them out before her, to be bound with a deerskin tie. He tested the bonds to make certain they were tight enough, then slung his captive up over his shoulder, smacking her bottom sharply when she attempted to struggle again. The others gathered up her clothing and basket, and took care to smooth over the grass so that in moments, there was no trace that Charity or anyone else had been there. Now the silent shadows followed the girl and her captors, hoping they might be able to rescue her later that night, when the men stopped to make camp. It would not be easy, but they were determined to at least try. Her fate would not be pleasant, should she remain with her captors. Their tribe was very vicious and treated their women quite badly, and any captives even worse. They would take her virginity and use her until they tired of her body, then they would sell her to another tribe or in a worst case scenario, offer her as a sacrifice to the gods.

As for Charity, she could scarcely believe what had happened. The day had started out so lovely, and now she was a captive, to be used and tormented in who knew what ways? She was seated on the warrior's horse, in front of him, naked and with her legs spread on either side of the horse, in a most unladylike fashion. The man kept running his free hand all over her body, teasing her breasts, sliding over her throat, and moving down her stomach to her pelvic bone. The movement of the horse's body between her spread thighs felt strange and caused a tingling in her body that she wasn't sure how to deal with. It made it difficult for her to think clearly, which she needed to do if she was going to escape, before they did anything worse to her. If only someone knew where she was being taken, and could help her. She knew that had to be an impossible thought, but she couldn't help hoping anyway. Maybe someone had chanced along and had seen what was going on, but knew they would never be able to defeat these fierce men, so they had gone to get help. Even now, perhaps they were being trailed. Even as she thought this, she knew just how unlikely the scenario was. She was shaken from her thoughts momentarily, when the warrior's finger slid between her open legs and the horse's body, and moved into her most intimate place. She gasped at his boldness and tried to squirm away, but he simply pushed another finger in to join the first, and then let the motion of the horse do the rest. Charity felt moisture flood her nether lips, as a new sensation swept through her. She felt as if she were on the brink of a discovery of some sort, but she wasn't certain what, then suddenly he withdrew his hand and she heard him slurping on his fingers.

Stalking Panther could scarcely believe his luck when he and his men had come across the treasure he now had sitting before him on his mount.

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