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It's the morning after and she has to make a choice.

We all thanked her and as she departed, we all shucked our luggage to the side and stripped nude at the same time. Now completely naked, Anthony, Jeff and Mark left the room and headed down to the pool, taking towels from the bathroom and linking their key cards to neck chains. Linda, Zoe, and Amber also left, heading down to the spa.

As we watched them leave, I quickly grabbed Kelly and mom and dropped them onto one of the beds, quickly mounting mom as soon as she hit the mattress. Adam came up next to me and mounted Kelly at the same time. Our women moaned as we started to thrust and exchanged kisses and tit grabs. We fucked for several minutes before Adam and I pulled out and swapped pussies. As I entered Kelly, I leaned forwards and kissed her deeply, and whispered how much I loved her. She returned the favor by kissing me hard and whispered she loved me back. As soon as I heard the words, I came inside her hard and fast.

Lifting my head as I came, I saw that Adam was now fucking mom's ass from behind and she was howling like a wolf to the moon. He howled back as he pulled out and grabbed my neck, pulling me down to his cock. I took him in, sucked him clean, swallowed his cum, and lifted myself to full height, getting off the bed and grabbing my clothes. The three of them watched me dress, then asked me where I was going.

"I looked it up online where to find a Jewelry store in Vegas before we left. I still haven't gotten Kelly and engagement ring yet!" I told them as I slipped my pants up. Adam smiled as he too got off the bed and grabbed a pair of shorts. Kelly and my mom looked at each other, then looked back at us and said they didn't need engagement rings, that we'd go buy rings after getting married, since we'd be able to afford them with the amount of money we'd receive from the porn movies we would be doing. I quickly smiled and dropped my pants, walking over to Kelly and my mom, kissing both on the lips.
"You are absolutely right!" I said, "That's why we're going to find a chapel somewhere in Vegas after the Generational Orgy! We can invite everyone we brought with us to it, even have some of the flight attendants and other members of 'SSU' to be witnesses!" Kelly smiled broadly as I spoke and leaned forwards and kissed me harder, as a form of agreement. After we broke the kiss, I pulled her off the bed and towards the door, "Let's go find someplace to have fun!" I told her. she agreed and we left, finding the elevator and hitting the button for the second floor, which, according to the manifest on the wall next to the doors, showed where the pool was.

As soon as we hit the second floor, we caught the aroma of Chlorine and semen in the air and rushed to the pool. Opening the doors, we automatically saw at least fifty well built men and women in a massive fucking session, both in the water, and out. I looked around and saw Anthony, Jeff, and Mark already in the mix, fucking twin Latin guys with hard bodies and 5" dicks, and a black chick with double d-tits. Taking my hand, Kelly led me over to where they were and knelt down next to the Latin men who were taking Anthony and Jeff up their asses. She smiled at them and took their hands, leading them to her tits.

I, in turn, presented my dick to the black chick, who gave me one sexual glance before leaning forwards and taking my cock into her mouth.

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