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No comeback.

"You know I was awake right?"

"Huh?" I managed to let out, raising an eyebrow and trying to find a voice to challenge the woman.

"When Becky was sucking your dick," Paige continued. "I was awake and heard all of it. Shame you couldn't get off right? Is this helping Zach with that orgasm you want?"

When I didn't manage to answer, I could almost hear the shit eating grin on Paige's face.

"That a yes?"

Paige ran her foot down to the base of my dick and then she used her toes to paw at my balls, stroking them before moving up to the rest of my dick to keep it nice and hard.

Suitably hard with Becky still away and Paige using her feet to stroke my dick and keep it hard, I gritted my teeth and did my best to not make a scene there and then as the Norwich-born superstar simply continued to tease me underneath the table. My fingers dug into the side of the table as I looked around, no one was paying us any attention and as I saw Becky making her way back, Paige made a surprised noise before looking over her shoulder to see the orange haired superstar making her way over to us. Paige shot me a wink before she put her feet right back down on the floor and left me with a throbbing cock underneath the table. Rearranging myself slightly, I watched as Becky slipped into the box next to Paige and looked to me and then back to Paige.

"Did I interrupt something or something?" Becky asked, looking to me and then to Paige.

To her credit, Paige simply shook her head.

"No! You didn't interrupt anything did she Zach?"

"Nothing at all." I agreed with the paler skinned woman, even though my cock was still throbbing hard.

"Oh, okay then." Becky said, looking at us both as we settled into the evening's meal.

The evening had gone from strength to strength as we had had a good meal at the diner and then the two women had sprung it on me that we weren't getting ringside seats at Takeover but we were going to be getting a box there instead. The view from the box was simply incredible. I had practically booed and cheered myself hoarse from all of the wild action and now as I followed Becky and Paige back to the car, Paige was inspecting the shirt I had opted to buy.

"I mean, he's a great entertainer and everything but a Ciampa shirt? Really?" She asked, holding up the shirt to me.

"He is a great entertainer. Does a lot better job than Johnny Failure does too!" I counter protested, playfully snatching the shirt away.

"Oh! Johnny Failure! That's a good one!" Becky said with a loud chortle as we got into the car. Paige in the back and Becky up at the driver's side, we were soon on our way back to the hotel. As we were driving, Becky and Paige had both engaged each other in conversation.

"So what are you gonna do when we get back to the hotel Paige?" Becky asked, looking over her shoulder and into the rear of the car.

"I don't know really? I'm thinking it's too early to go to bed." Paige said, shrugging her shoulders casually. "What are you guys going to do?"

Becky looked over at me, then back to Paige before she answered. "Fuck."

As I gulped at that comment, both Becky and Paige chuckled at my reaction. Becky punched me on the shoulder before nodding her head. "I mean, come on Zach, we are aren't we?"

"I was certainly hoping we could..."

"Well there you go!" Paige said, smirking as she moved forward and placed her hands on my shoulders, rubbing against the muscles briefly. "At least you guys have a plan for tonight!" I caught her gaze in the rear view before she broke the look and turned to look at Becky. "I could come hang out with you guys?"

"Oh really?" Becky asked, a sly smirk on her face as she eyed me and the back to Paige in the back. "You want to watch us fuck?" Becky asked all while I could feel the two women practically devouring me there and then. "Well, I don't mind. Do you Zach?" Becky asked, her fingers stroking against my ribs as Paige's fingers danced against my neck.

"Please say no Zach, I want to watch you two fuck."

Well, who was I to refuse a lady her request?

"I mean, you can if you

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