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Two online lovers make the move.

I never dreamed that it could feel so good. Julie had finger-fucked me plenty of times but that was nothing like what it felt like to have a big cock pounding my pussy. And Lynn was playing with my titties the whole time, pinching my little pink nipples. Poor Lynn, it must have been turning her on so much to watch my brother fuck me right between her own legs. She kept pushing her pussy up into my back trying to get some relief while I had an orgasm with my brother's cock deep inside of me.

Lynn got hers though. She went and sat on Jake's face and screamed with the orgasms that he gave her. She didn't let Will or Jake fuck her though. She had a big brother of her own and she was going to go home and get him to fuck her. I didn't tell her but I was a little doubtful about whether she could do it. Shane always seemed so goody-goody. But then so did Lynn until we taught her Lickety Split.

And she did it. She fucked her brother and brought him around to our house the next morning to join in our orgy. Oh that was great. I had Lynn eat my pussy, it was her first time. I sat on the couch and she knelt on all fours in front of me while her brother played with her ass. She started licking my pussy and then to my surprise she licked my asshole! She even stuck a finger up it and my cunt at the same time and fucked me like that. I had so many orgasms! I thought that I would never stop but Lynn soon had to. Her brother was fucking her from behind and spanking her ass!! It was too much for her and she wrapped her arms around me and took her brother's pussy pounding. Oh it was a sight! I told Shane to spank her ass and fuck her hard. I loved to watch him fucking his little sister.

As I watched Shane took his big cock out of his sister and shot cum all over her ass. It was so erotic! Lynn was exhausted, she collapsed onto the floor breathing heavily. I couldn't resist the sight of that delicious cum, I'd learned to love the taste of it the day before when Will and Jake had taught us to give head. I knelt down next to Lynn on the floor and licked all of the cum off of her spanked-red ass. Mmmmmm. I thanked Lynn for the amazing finger-fucking that she had given me and kissed her. I started sucking and biting her big nipple as I stared into her brother's eyes. I knew exactly what I wanted.

I asked Shane to spank my ass and fuck it. I just couldn't wait to feel a big cock up my ass. Oh he spanked me and spanked me until I was begging to be fucked, it was so fucking great. And it felt so good to be fucked up the ass.

It was so great, those two weeks of orgies that would last all day until we had to clean things up before my parents got home. I learned so many new things. It was terrible when it had to end, when Julie and Jake had to go home. We all agreed to continue our sexual experimentation and write letters to each other telling all about it. And Julie and Jake would be visiting again at Thanksgiving...

I was so sad to see them go but I was also really glad. Really really glad! Because Heidi was leaving too, going to cheerleading camp, and Shane started summer football practice which lasted all day... And that left me all alone with Will. We would have each other to ourselves, no sharing.

I knew that Will was really looking forward to it too. During all of those orgies we'd sort of avoided each other, spending most of our time fucking and being fucked by the others. When Julie, Jake and Heidi left Will and I hadn't fucked for four days and he'd never fucked me up the ass. I knew that he was waiting until we were all alone, until I was totally his.

I woke up the day after everyone left with a tongue licking my pussy. Will had taken off my panties while I slept and I looked down to see him lying naked with his head buried between my legs. I was already wet wet wet.

"Oh, Will..." I said, stretching and pushing my pussy into his face.

He gave me a couple more licks and then sat on his heels between my legs, I wrapped my legs loosely around him.

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