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Me, my sister, and her friend take some X.

Her left hand traveled up Jeremy's leg, sending shudders through his body as she gripped his balls, juggling and squeezing them. His hands moved down the sides of her body and slid under her legs to find the soft patch of white sprouting above her nether mouth. He buried his fingers within her, and her body arched in unexpected pleasure. Her mouth began to ride his cock more furiously, as Jeremy's fingers explored her clit, cunt and ass. She quivered at her multiple penetration, sucking his shaft even harder, and then she squeezed his balls like a tube of toothpaste.

She came in a wave of shivers just as Jeremy erupted in a torrent of hot, young, deliciously human cum that filled Daisy's mouth completely. She eagerly swallowed every last drop. After they lay still for a while, she sat up, cradling Jeremy's head against her naked, dripping breasts.

"Now you have drunk me, and Ah have drunk you," she whispered. "Tomorrow, we will drink each other, all of each other. Mah time is growin' nigh. It has to be tomorrow."

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jeremy's heart was throbbing as usual as he pushed the doorbell button for Daisy Watkins. Fuck the tests. He was just going to make up the numbers today. She buzzed him in, and he stepped into her parlor, which was unexpectedly empty. It was even darker than yesterday.

"Ah'm in heah," Daisy said in a rasping voice.

Jeremy stepped into her bedroom. Daisy was covered by an elaborate blood-red quilt, her head resting on one of the many laced pillows aesthetically placed on her bed. She lay in a bed of roses, their thorns inviting but at the same time threatening. There was no evidence of any nightgown on Daisy's body.

"Jeremy, honey, would y'all mind openin' the window. It's gonna get pretty steamy in heah," she said.

The room felt kind of frigid to Jeremy, but an Antarctic mountain could not keep Jeremy from what was about to happen, and so he obliged.

"Bare me," she whispered.

Jeremy picked up a corner of the quilt and folded it away from Daisy's body, exposing it completely. Her skin seemed to glow, and Jeremy felt his cock rising once again in his hospital blues.

"Strip yo'self," Daisy commanded.

Jeremy unbuttoned his shirt and cast it off, pulled his tee shirt over his hear, stepped out of his shoes and shook his trousers down his legs. He pulled off his jockey shorts, his shaft springing free in all its throbbing glory.

"Even those," Daisy whispered, indicating his socks with her eyes. "Ah want no barrier between our skin."

Jeremy stepped out of his socks. Now only thin air separated his naked body from the glowing flesh beckoning him on the red satin sheet.

"Eat me," she whispered.

As a teenager, Jeremy had been an avid reader of the issues of Cosmo his psychotic mother had discreetly placed around their apartment back in Oklahoma, just one of her constant attempts to entice him into her chamber at night. As a result, he knew that by "eat me," Daisy was not referring to a cannibalistic feast such as that enjoyed by the Donner Pass expedition, but merely wanted him to munch her crunch, gnash her gash, all strictly in the cunnilingual rather than the culinary sense.

She spread her glowing legs to beckon him, and Jeremy's mouth was on her cooz in a New York nanosecond. It tasted sweet, almost like honey, and Jeremy was soon lapping her mound like a bear devouring a beehive. Her arthritic hands reached down to seize his head, pressing it more tightly against her as Jeremy's tongue explored every nook and cranny of her well-practiced granny crack. His tongue worked over every convolution and fold of that complex orifice, occasionally darting into the deeper canyon from which all life springs.

She took Jeremy's hands and placed them on her massive boobs, which Jeremy obediently squeezed and kneaded as he continued to lap the center of her being, setting her body on fire.

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