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Late night painting and sex.

I gently insert the ring and ask if you want to stop at just the one. No? If I can brave out the second you can? Ok, it is your call. You begin to sweat as I prep the right nipple - gripping it tighter in the forceps as you try to sink into the mattress. You moan, half in pain and half in pleasure. Your cock is hard as a rock. I caution you to take a deep breath and as you let it out, I pull the trigger. Your cock explodes as you scream. As I had told you - exquisite pain.

I make you lick your cum from my back. You roll it on your tongue and comment the taste is not all that bad. You wonder why girls resist sucking cock so much if it feels so good for him and tastes this good to her. I file that little bit if info away for another day.

We kiss and bite and slap and tickle for what seems like hours, letting your nipples rest then going back to check the "instant hard" buttons as you called them. The slightest tug makes us both hard as hell now and instantly horny. I will have to get us a little gold chain to connect us when we make love - the constant tugging will drive us both insane.

Finally, you utter the words I have been waiting for. You beg me to let you cum. That you will do anything if I give you the orgasm you need so badly.

Your shorts were discarded long ago. I slowly move over your naked body, and you shiver as the silk stockings rub along your torso. Hovering over you, I finally start to sink down onto your cock. Slowly. Torturously slowly. You did not know anyone could move so slowly while making love. What should take seconds takes minutes before you feel my cervix, before my clit impacts your pubic bone. It feels like hours to you.

With your body pressed to mine, your cock held deep in my pussy I whisper, "Anything baby? Even share me?

Your eyes get very wide. You look a bit frightened, almost as if I had suggested more piercing. Slowly you nod your head and whisper "God help me. Yessssssssssss. The last word coming out in a half terrified hiss.

I know the crystal dildo is not satisfying your bi curiosity any longer but I am sure this will. As you begin to move slowly in me thinking about the day I may bring someone home to join us - you realize I already have. At your hiss of agreement, he enters the room and begins caressing my ass, kissing and licking, making it ready....

You are not the only one dreams of a cock in your ass as we make love. He moves over us and slowly begins to press into my anus. You can feel the pressure building as he pushes harder and harder against my virgin ass. You feel me breathing deeply, and him pushing hard as I hit bottom of the breathe. A low wine begins in the bottom of my throat, a sort of keening that increases as he pushes harder against the sphincter ring. Suddenly the resistance gives way and he is inside me. Almost like when I lost my virginity there is a sharp pain and the keen becomes a little scream followed by a swift stroke in and my anal cherry is gone. You groan under me feeling me shudder, knowing exactly what I am feeling. Now you can feel his huge cock in my ass rubbing hard against your own.

My god there is nothing like a real cock twitching in your ass, filling you, stretching you, hot and alive. You look at each other over my shoulder and start to move, one filling me as the other pulls back. I can feel you rubbing against each other thru that thin wall. The friction is exquisite. I can feel an orgasm building fast

I lied before, I am not in control tonight, he is. A large and forceful man, he is also much attuned to a lovers needs. Just before my climax becomes unstoppable, he pulls back and out of me. We both whimper at the emptiness he has left behind. You focus on his huge cock and marvel that I took it all, then wonder if it will invade your ass as well before this night is thru. When I see the question in your eyes, I smile evilly and nod. You swallow hard.

He pulls me up and off you.

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