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Kate leaned forward and resting one hand on the bed the other side of her son's body she leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead.

"Thank you for being so understanding darling," she breathed as her lips met his skin.

As she did her full, heavy breasts rested on his bare chest and due to her moving her legs the hem of the dress rode up a little. The movement caused Grant's hand slide slightly between her thighs, some eight to ten inches above her knee. Kate felt a jolt of sexual energy surge through her as his fingers touched that smooth and sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh. She pulled away and brushed his long blonde hair off his forehead. Recovering from the strange and rather dangerous feeling she said softly.

"Well I think it's time for bed now, don't you Grant?"

"I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep yet so why don't you stay a little longer. Maybe we could have another glass of wine?" he suggested.

Giggling Kate said, "Like a midnight feast really, but why not?"

Grant pushed the blanket back and clambered out of bed. In the dim light Kate saw that he was naked but thought nothing of it for when he lived at home before uni she'd often see him around the flat like that.

She lay back on the double bed as Grant turned the light on in the lounge and got the wine and glasses. She glanced up as he walked back in the light from the lounge illuminating his lithe muscular body. As he approached the bed and she saw his long penis hanging down she again felt a sexual surge go through her.

What on earth's happening to me?" she asked herself panicking a little as he climbed past her and sat on the bed not bothering to cover himself with the blanket. He handed her the drink and they both sipped their wine.

"K how old were you when you first went with a woman?" "Actually, almost exactly your age and that was at uni as well." "And you enjoyed it?"

"I was scared at first but after a few times yes I did and still do enjoy it?"

"When was the last time then?" he asked.

"Just a few months ago."

Smiling at her he asked. "Do I know her? Was it an affair or what?"

"Now now don't ask such questions," Kate said assuming a jokingly serious tone. Turning she saw that he was now laying flat on his back and had pulled the blanket up around his waist.

"It's got a little chilly so I thought I'd get in. Why don't you?" he asked pulling the sheet up.

"No. No I don't think I should," Kate blurted out without thinking and realising she sounded guilty and apprehensive. Which wasn't surprising for that's exactly how she did feel.

"Why not?"

Recovering her composure, she said. "Well I think I need to get some sleep now as, young man, you should as well."

"We can sleep here, he said quietly looking right into her eyes.

"Is he feeling the same things I am?" Kate wondered looking at him holding the blanket up for her, his nakedness beckoning her like a beacon.

On balance she felt it would sound less controversial if she agreed rather than demurred.

"OK," she said sliding in beside him.

They chatted for a while their legs occasionally touching until Kate said. "Well time for sleep now."

She turned onto her side facing him and he did the same. She kissed him on the cheek as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

He whispered. "Thank you K, I do love you, you know."

Involuntarily she slid her hand forward and it rested on his hip as she again kissed his cheek. As her hand rested on her son's flesh it was as if she got an electric shock. She pulled it away only to get another similar charge when his hand slid down from her shoulder along her arm and onto her wrist.

"And I love you Grant but now we really must sleep mustn't we?"

She turned over and faced away from him her heart pounding and her mind racing from the forbidden thoughts and emotions she was experiencing.

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