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An interesting night at the gas station.

He knows what it's doing to you and smiles inwardly. "You have very soft skin" he tells you as he takes one hand and begins to massage your ass again.

"Aaahhh...Yeeesssss" you hiss under your breath. Your pussy burning now. He's pushing you to the verge and he hasn't even touched your pussy yet. "What is he doing to me?" You think to yourself as you try to spread your legs a little wider only to realize your skirt restricts it.

You feel his hand begin to move up your thigh again. This time he continues ever so slowly. He's enjoying the effect he has on you as his fingers move closer to your core, the light teasing touch pure torture. You lean forward again, resting on your elbows now. Your breathing labored as you wiggle your ass enticing him to continue.

He wants you...but he wants to drive you crazy first. He slides his fingers through the juices running down your leg on his ascent to womanhood. Finally he reaches his target and rolls his fingers around spreading the copious amount of juices leaking from your pussy, pleased with how excited you are. He then sinks a finger slowly into your pussy, curling it down to focus on your G-spot.

You gasp as you feel his hand move up, knowing he feels how excited your are. Then it happens. You feel his fingers massaging your pussy, you nearly cum the moment he touches you. You then feel him sink a finger inside you. You explode in a powerful orgasm the moment he hits your G-spot. Your pussy clamps down on his finger, squirting all over his hand as he slides it in and out like a small penis. In the throws of your orgasm, you raise up. Your body rigid as you float above the room in pure orgasmic bliss.

He grins "Mmmm, a squirter" as he continues to massage your pussy. When you come back to earth, he pulls his finger from your soaking pussy. You look over your shoulder in surprise at the sudden absence of his finger only to see him sink it into his mouth, licking it clean. "Mmmmm. You not only look good Mishka, you taste even better!"

At that point, you hear a quick knock on the door. You jump but see him calmly motion you to be still.

"Come in" He says in an authoritative voice to the person outside. The door opens and one of the analysts steps in to discuss a report that was requested. As the conversation continues between the two men, you feel his hand slide back under your skirt. Sinking two fingers deep into your pussy now, he continues his conversation never letting on that anything was happening. His multitasking abilities surprising you as he finger fucks you, never missing a beat in his conversation with the Analyst.

Not wanting to give away what he was doing, you lean forward again to look at the computer screen, moving the mouse and hitting a couple of keys on the keyboard in an attempt to masquerade. From the angle of the desk, it looked perfectly normal. Little did the analyst know that he had his fingers deep inside you, fucking you while carrying on the benign conversation.

It's killing you, the feeling of his fingers in you, your already heightened sexual state, the fact that someone was right there and could catch the two of you in a very compromising situation if he knew what was really going on behind the desk. You bite your lower lip trying to prevent the guttural moan that's wanting to escape your lips.

Thankfully they end the conversation and the analyst leaves stating he is the last one and will lock the door behind him.

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