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The boss's wife owns her.

" She had confessed.

Yes, that's it then. She will be with him as long as he is there. Suppose if he is not there anymore? Then what? She can think of being with him! His mind started to work over time!

He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

"Long time Boss, you have not called me! Tell me who, where and when?" the husky voice asked him.

"Its here in this city, how long it will take for you to reach?" Mark queried.

"1 Hour Maximum, I can be there."

"Okay, rush right now, you will get a packet with photo and address. Wait for him and take him out. I am wiring 5 million now, balance 5 after you finish the job. Listen... there should not be any evidence. It should be a clean job." He warned.

"Leave it to me Boss, did I ever fail you?" He had a definite confidence in his voice as he put down the phone.


As Jenny was escorted to his suite, she was surprised to see only Mark over there. And there was no sign of any party over there.

Confused she asked, "Mr. Mark, you said Birthday party, but I don't see anyone?"

Closing the door, "Oh Jenny, did I say party? No not at all. I said, would you join me tonight for my 50th birthday?" he had a naughty smile on his face. "Is it not?" he teased her.

"Oh! My God, you are too much Mr. Mark!"

"Jenny you are forgetting your manners, won't you wish me properly? I took so much trouble to be alone with you avoiding all my wolfish friends, so that I can have a peaceful celebration of my 50 years of living with a most enchanting, beautiful lady." He meant every word he said.

"Sorry Mr. Mark," she walked over to him and brushing her lips against his, she wished him -- "Many, many happy returns of the day! Happy Birthday."

So close! When she was so close he really smelt her. Such beautiful smell she emitted. Nothing artificial, it was all her natural body fragrance. He had never smelt anything like this.

Not allowing her to move away, he held her small waist and looked in her eyes, saying so many things through his eyes. Finally she could not stare at him anymore, she dropped her head down. Lifting her chin up, he bought down his lips over hers. He tried to invade her mouth with his tongue. Having worked out all her resistance power, she finally opened her mouth allowing him to explore. She felt that he was such a beautiful kisser; he had an art in that. The way he chewed on her lips, flicked his tongue over her lips, the way he flicked her tongue with his... she started to press herself against his groin. Feeling his already hard dick.

Without warning, the phone shrill disturbed them. Irritated, Mark saw the displayed number then picked it up and moved over to the balcony.

"I know you will not call me unnecessarily, but for Gods sake why now?"

"Boss, I will be delayed by another one hour. Wanted to check with you, is the mission still operative if it is delayed?"

"You have another two and a half hour! Do it, and remember, no evidence." He clicked disconnect on his cell and walked in.

Mark was surprised not to see Jenny in the room. Wandering around, he heard sound from the powder room, thinking that she wants to freshen up; he found her vanity bag on the floor which was dropped when he held her to kiss.

Finding it open, he picked it up to close. Curiosity took better of him to look inside.

When Jenny walked in, he pulled her to him with new vigor to kiss her hard on her lips. She took it as if they were never interrupted and pressed her body hard against his already hard dick caged inside his jeans.

As he continued to kiss her velvety lips, he held his hands over her buttocks and pulled her some more on to his dick. As she moved her hand between their bodies to feel his hard dick, he moved his to her tits to squeeze it making her to moan through his mouth.

Disengaging herself, she started to remove the buttons of her pink silk tops.

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