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She just needed a smaller dick.

The look on Billy's face made her know that she had won the battle and his long black dick was hers.

Billy released his hand from hers and started moving it all around her pussy lips. Holly leaned toward him and put her arms around his muscular torso. She started kissing him on his neck and then traced her tongue upward to his ear lobe, then she gently tongued it. Billy moved his arms around her and picked her up just enough to center her torso onto the bed.

She felt so vulnerable as she laid there totally nude, as this clothed black man that she had long fantasized about was feasting on her trembling flesh. He rapidly tongued her pussy, and sucked on her clit.

His attentions moved towards her tits, as he massaged and kissed them, then he gently kissed her neck as she reached for his crotch area rubbing on the outside of his dark pants.

She had never seen his cock before but what she could feel through his pants felt huge! He started kissing her and their tongues slid back and forth, and she could feel pussy juices dripping off her moist cunt.

She grabbed his pants at the belt line and firmly grabbed them, moving his hips toward her. Billy pulled his upper body upward and allowed her to do this, as he pulled off his shirt. His crotch was right on top of her milky white tits.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants to expose his boxers with a very large bulge in them. She pulled his extra large member out of the fly, and started rubbing both of her hands up and down the extremely long shaft.

Gently pushing him on to his side, she totally removed the rest of his clothing. She started sucking his cock, it was probably a couple of inches longer than Jim's. As she tried to deep throat it, it would gag her in the back of her throat. She made love to his cock with her mouth and tongue.

Moving her torso up, she sat on his fully erect cock, moving up and down at first, then back and forth. It felt so good to have his hot, stiff cock inside her, it filled her like no other's had. She was massaging her own tits and pinching her nipples, while Billy reached for her clit and was fingering it, while she was riding his dick.

"Play with that clit", Holly said in her trembling voice.

"You look so hot", Billy responded. "I've fantasized about this for a long time."

"Well, you don't need to fantasize anymore, you need to just come over and fuck me", Holly added.

She slid off of his moist cock, and said, "Fuck me hard, Billy."

Billy got on top and started rapidly moving his huge cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy, as she moaned with pleasure. They moved into the doggy style position and he rammed it even deeper into her steaming hot snatch. It hurt, but it felt good if that's possible, as it went so deep inside her. Billy shouted, "Oh, babe I feel like I'm cumming."

She pulled off and started sucking on his wet cock, as he shot his wad into her mouth and all over her face. They collapsed onto the bed in each other's arms.

Holly asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Billy said, "Are you kidding?"

Holly said, "If you want to ever do this again we have to get Jim on the same page." Oh, by the way if you want me to make love to Sonya again, also, we have to get him on the same page."

Billy said, "What?" "You've had sex with my wife?" She started giggling, and he said, "I've got to see that!" They talked for a while about the plan, then they kissed at the door before he left. Now part 2 of the plan was ready to be initiated.

Next week, Holly said she was going to see her Mom, and left Jim at home. Supposedly, Billy was at work, and Sonya was home alone. Jim got a call, and Sonya asked Jim if he could come down the street and look at her hot water heater, as the pilot went out and she can't get it to restart. She told him she really wanted to take a shower but there was no hot water.

Jim arrived to find Sonya wearing nothing but a towel that rode up as high on her as the miniskirt did on the night that she and Holl

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