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Her laugh rang through the apartment as he sheepishly sat up. She extended a hand and he took it, rising up to her. They found themselves suddenly very close.

So close they could


Suddenly they both wondered if it really just happened, and if so, which of them had made the move. But suddenly it didn't matter as he wrapped her up tightly in his arms, and kissed her, deep.

Surprise faded to sensation as she let go and wrapped her arms around him. It felt like desperation. Like an eruption of passion that had been building over the last hour they'd know each other. How had it built so quickly? Yet here they were, his one hand slowly dragging down her back, the other holding her waist closer, pulling her into him. Her hand finds his chest and rests there, lightly scratching him as she feels his heart race in response, faster and faster, the tempo matching that of their lips as kisses become sloppy, tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouth, wrestling with each other.

Suddenly, they are both very aware of the heat rising between them, the growing want they both feel. In subconscious agreement, they head for the bedroom, never breaking lip contact. Once there, he lays her on the bed, climbs on top, and insistently presses his waist into hers as their legs become entangled, intertwining as the need to feel every bit of each other grows.

And still they hunger to feel more.

He slides his hands up and down the curve of her body, absorbing her figure as he slowly moves closer and closer to her chest. Suddenly, he's there, feeling her, and feeling that she wants it as she thrusts her hips into his in response. Encouraged, he becomes more aggressive, palming, sliding his hand up her shirt and bra, then running his thumb across her nipples and feeling her body squirm beneath him.

She can't get enough of this. Every nerve seems to be working overtime, churning out new desires that have never been felt before. So much courses through her body all at once that she suddenly feels far too cramped, removing her shirt and rapidly unbuttoning his as she throws it to the floor. The kissing continues, but before long he has left her mouth and is kissing her neck, causing her waist to press against his once more as he lightly bites her neck. Her nails suddenly dig into his back, as he has hit a spot, for now she knows she has lost control of herself to the heat that courses through her body, consuming her, and arriving at her thighs.

He feels the shift in temperature and greedily takes advantage of it, his hand slowly working its way lower as his fingers dance around, teasing her, which she loves and hates, struggling for breath as it keeps catching in her throat. But two can play this game.

His desire has been growing for quite a while, and she has definitely felt it. Now, she's going to actually feel it as her hand arrives at his pants, playing with the bulge that sharply erupts from it. Suddenly, she feels an intensity of pressure between her legs as he has stopped playing around and gets serious. She bites her lip and unbuttons his pants as he does the same to her. Since they are both fully naked, she intends on stroking him for a while, but then a blast of pleasure fill her body as he feels her sweet spot. There's no way she can do anything besides lay back and let the euphoria engulf her body and escape through the moans she can't help but make. It only grows and grows, leaving her gasping for air. Suddenly, she feels small tickles slowly moving down her body as she realizes he is kissing her, but slowly getting lower and lower, until the pleasure pauses.

And is resumed with a doubled intensity as his tongue goes to work, licking her again and again, hitting that spot that makes her squirm. Her cries become longer now, no longer sharp intakes, but long exhales with muddles attempts at words while her hands push his head further into her. He continues his efforts, occasionally sucking for a change of pace, before she can no longer take it and asks him to


fill her

she needs him

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