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A woman falls in love.

He simply handed her a soda and carefully led her away from the crowd that had overwhelmed Carrie. There was no shortage of admirers of the naked oil and lotion attraction, but it was much calmer the further they moved away from the Sun Touch booth. Many seemed to stay at the booth, lining up to buy some of the lotion for themselves after seeing the wild live demonstration.

"I can't believe how hot you are, girl." Tanya added gently rubbing Carrie's arm.

Carrie's emotions were starting to calm down from the verge of orgasm, to a more manageable level. She was still plenty excited, but her embarrassment seemed to fade, knowing that people were more favorable about her situation. It was still challenging to be naked amongst all these people dressed in their nice outfits, but hearing so many favorable comments actually boosted Carrie's confidence. For the first time in a while, she actually started smiling, as Jerry told her how well she handled the whole demonstration thing.

Jerry seemed to open up a bit, and seemed to bond with Carrie as she sipped her soda. Unfortunately, privacy was impossible as Carrie remained the center of attention, with various people coming by and chatting with her, many of them being motivated by the desire for a close up view of Carrie's naked body, which was constantly on display.

Every inch of Carrie's form was available to anyone that looked, and that they did. The guys just stared, while the women seemed to scrutinize her every feature. Was she too skinny? Was her butt too small? Each seemed to mentally compare Carrie's figure to their own, with some going beyond that and chatting amongst themselves out loud. Most were very encouraging. One even said to her friend, "You only wish your tits were as big as hers;" and another saying. "I wish I looked half as good as her." But the boldest comment was, "If I had a body like that, I'd never hide it under clothes either."

"Seems like you're really enjoying yourself there, Carrie." Tanya whispered in Carrie's ear, as she gently pinched Carrie's left nipple.

"Stop that." Carrie said pushing Tanya's hand away. "It's just the air conditioning." She lied.

"Yeah, right." Tanya laughed, which was joined by Carrie.

Tanya then casually moved her hand to Carrie's back and gently rubbed it up and down. Carrie briefly interrupted her conversation to give Tanya a defiant look, as if to say stop, but made no attempt to actually stop her. Tanya just continued her casual massage, as Carried returned to the conversation at hand. The effect was subtle, but kept Carrie constantly aware of her nakedness as she struggled to concentrate on the conversation at hand. Carrie was mostly listening, as one of the local organizers praised her for her performance, and the attention the matches were getting.

Just as Carrie started to thank her, Tanya ran her hand over Carrie's bare ass, giving it several gentle squeezes, all of which were pretty much hidden from those in front. She tried to ignore the groping Tanya was giving her, but stuttered twice as Tanya timed her squeezes to come just as Carrie was responding to questions. Carrie wanted to shoo Tanya's hand away, but didn't want to draw any more attention to what was going on behind her back.

Just as the conversation was winding down, someone with a camera came up and asked to get a picture of the organizer along with Carrie and Tanya. The woman moved alongside of Carrie and went to put her arm around Carrie, but then paused, not exactly wanting to put her arm on Carrie's bare skin. Tanya, on the other hand, had no problem continuing her groping, as the camera man took several picture of the oiled and naked Carrie between the two nicely dressed women. Carrie forced a smile, as she wondered where this picture was going to end up.

Jerry suggested they get something to eat at the buffet after the pictures were taken, and the girls followed.

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