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One by one, they fall.

She was tough and didn't mince words. She was a fighter. She didn't wait to be rescued. She rescued herself. She was also tall, and he liked it. Most of the women he dated were too short, to meet a woman that met his heights was a plus. She also had a temper, a temper that was fiery red like her glorious curly hair. His body reacted to her on a primal level. He also realized that this man wanted her dead and that was not going to happen.

"Look Kate, I'm here and I'm not leaving." Colin sat down.

"Colin," Kate whispered. She needed him to go. She needed to be alone. A few hours ago, she processed a scene where her friend Orton was placed. The sick fuck fed him and then sliced him open and watched as he bled out. The bastard was close to her and now targeting the ones she cared about.

"We will find him. I won't leave until he is captured." Colin whispered.

Kate wanted to hug him, but she knew he really did not like her. "Come here." She moved into his arms. He felt so strong, so good.

Colin felt whole. Kate felt amazing in his arms. Her body trembled, and he believed that she was close to breaking. She needed protecting. Yes she was strong and could protect herself, but she was a woman, nurturing, caring, and she needed to be cared for. Colin tightened his embrace and knew, he wanted to be the man to bring her comfort. All of a sudden he understood why Chase followed Lana. She too had a dangerous job. Kate sighed and pushed way. Colin let her go and she felt so much better.

He yawned, and Kate told him to rest. They could start the next morning. Colin for the first time in weeks was not nervous. Before going to bed, he called his parents and told them he had arrive and was OK.

That night, Kate lay in her bed and was unable to sleep. Colin was here and she was too wired to sleep.

Colin slept, and Kate came out to make sure he was really there. Covering him with a thin blanket, she watched him sleep. Even in sleep he stole her breath. "Who are you Colin, Why do you affect me so?" She wondered.

Colin opened his eyes and answered, "You know who I am. Just like, I know who you are. Go to bed, sweetheart. We have time. We can figure things out later." Kate quickly returned to her room. Colin lay awake staring at her door, as Kate lay awake on the other side. Neither one dared to move for fear of them being so close not being real.

Kate was up early. She had to make sure Peech and Jackie were still safe. Colin heard her, and as she exited her shower, he quickly showered and dressed. When he came out, she was ready to go. Twisting her hair in a tight bun, Kate was all seriousness. They walked out and down the coffee shop. Kate searched frantically, then she saw them huddled together beneath a street light, Jackie and Peech waited for her.

Rushing to them, Kate hugged both women, then she looked around. Several people were passing by on their way to work, completely oblivious to the suffering of these two women.

"I'm getting you two off of the streets. If I can't find a shelter for you, you can come stay with me." Kate explained.

Peech and Jackie looked at each other, then they looked at Kate. "We told Orton not to go with that guy. He laughed, and went because the guy told him he needed help with a job. We should have went to because maybe we all could have gotten away."

"All of you would have been killed, Peech." Kate exhaled. "I didn't protect Orton, but I promise you two I will find a way to keep you safe."

Jackie noticed Colin. "Who is this?" She asked.

Kate smiled, "This is my friend Colin Whitefeather. He will help me find this killer."

Colin smiled and Jackie spoke, "Strong lines in your family. You're gifted, aren't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am and like Kate explained I'm here to help her." Colin replied.

Jackie blushed. Colin laughed, "I'm glad to see that Kate has such good friends here. She was so mean to me; I was almost worried." He teased.

"Kate's not mean. She is a good girl and deserves much better that that last guy she was with." She covered her mouth.

Colin looked

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