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Failed resistance to infidelity on a balcony.

My cockhead was burning from the scraping her teeth had given it. It was supersensitive and almost painful, but it was little short of ecstasy to rub it in the moist pink meat of that warm flowing cleft.

Now I leaned down over her with my weight on my hands and arms, and pushed the head of my cock gently into her until her cunt lips clamped over the head like a collar. Then I began a rotating motion with my hips, lightly stirring the head of my dick round and round in her, but not pushing it any deeper in. Her knees came up and her legs went over my shoulders. She hung on my shoulders by her knees and lifted her hips up to meet my cock in a slow, undulating motion.

Now I changed the round-and-round motion to a short, shallow stroke. I pressed no more than a quarter inch deeper into her with each stroke, nudging her virgin hymen lightly, and drawing back only a fraction. Her pussy and the whole triangle of her crotch under the pale blonde fuzz had turned a deep red, and the chocolate edges of her inner pussy lips were now black. I watched the fat, purple helmeted head of my cock sliding into the flaming red fatness of her swollen cunt. Each time I pulled back, the dark, glossy inner lips stretched out tight as they clung to my cock.

I pulled her legs off my shoulders, pressed her knees outward and spread eagled them against the bed. She was utterly open to me now, like a ripe flower ready and needing to be taken or else it would burst open with the inner pressure of its own sweetness. I slowed the rhythm of my tiny butterfly cock strokes until each stroke took a full three seconds. I drew my cock almost entirely out of her so that only the tip rested barely inside the dark, shining lips of her wide open cunt. Then, pressing my chest against her warm little tits, I tightened my arms around her body, lifted my hips and drove the shaft of my thick, rigid cock straight down into her creamy wet pussy. I could feel my cockhead mashing against the membrane of her cherry as I slid into her. It resisted the relentless pressure of my invading prick, stretching thinner and tighter with the force of my driving rod. Then it began to give, and it was tearing, and suddenly it popped and tore open and my cock plunged onward into the foaming wet depths of her virgin pussy.

My balls slapped smartly against the creamy smooth roundness of her bottom. She screamed as I ploughed into her, high and shrill like a wounded animal. Her thighs clamped hard against my hips, and her nails sank into my back. She was clawing like a trapped wildcat, and her torn pussy was flowing blood. I could feel the wetness of my balls lying against the smooth roundness of her ass, and the warmth of the blood from her ruptured hymen flowing down them.

I lay still with my cock buried as deep in her as she could hold, mashing it into her hard and deep, soaking up the delicious heat of her pussy through the length of my rod. And it was pulsating, throbbing like a living thing inside her. It was driving me into a frenzy, but I held it pressed into her as deep as possible, without moving, while she bucked and clawed and kicked and screamed, holding her down with the weight of my body and enjoying the ride.

When she gradually stopped bucking and clawing, and her screams toned down into deep, low moans, I eased up the pressure of my hips, drawing my cock back ever so slightly. It was a painful scrape against her torn membrane. Her arms went round my body, mashing me against her chest. Her entire body reacted with a tiny shuddering spasm, and she clung to me. "Noooo!" she moaned. "Not yet. Be still. Don't take it out. I want it in me. I want all of you in me."

I hadn't come yet, and my cock was swollen and distended and aching with need.

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