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A seaside trip.


Karen had no idea what that meant, but she understood that she must find Jen and spell-out the new house-rules. This situation was only beginning and she had to admit to herself that she was highly turned-on by it all. Her master commanded her and it was her pleasure to obey. Mike smacked her bare bottom and for good measure, planted an enormous sucker-bite over her left breast. He spun her like a top and directed her to the door. This time she would not only be topless, but now her undies were gone and she could not hide the fact that she just had sloppy sex. Infact, the proof of that was dripping down her leg.

Her shower over, Jenny was once again sitting on her bed, running a brush through her wet, shiny hair. When she noticed her mom at the door, she reached for a robe but froze. Jen was stunned by Karen's awkward appearance. "Mom, are you okay? The shower is open, if you need it. Why are you walking around naked, today? You look like you lost a fight, or something?"

Karen held her palm out to signal a cease to all the questions and joined Jen on the bed. Screwing-up her courage and taking a deep breath, she began:

"Jen, something strange and unbelievable has happened..."

It took only about five minutes. A lot less time than Karen had imagined. Mostly because Jenny sat transfixed with her mouth hanging open. Through it all, Jenny alternately gasped and shrieked. But it was her final phrase that truly delivered the punchline, "so essentially, Mike said that unless you are prepared to leave this house tomorrow, with nothing but the clothes on your back, you have to obey his orders and have sex with him whenever he desires."

Jenny turned from pale-white to burnt-red. "Mom, this is nuts! He's nuts! You're not really having sex with Michael?...That's incest. I'm getting out of here and you're coming with me. We'll pack-up and go. I'll get the car. We'll call the police from my cell-phone."

Karen grabbed Jen by the upper arms and gently shook her. She inched closer to look her daughter in the eyes. "Jenny, dear, you are not listening. Michael says it's all his. The cars are in his name. So are all the credit cards. The bank account, phones, everything..." She tried to get through to her. "I'm too old to start over and work for tips somewhere. We couldn't afford an apartment even if we somehow found one, today. "I know this is alittle bizarre.

"Alittle? Mother listen to yourself! We have to go, now.

"Jen, hear me out. I like this house. Mike pays for everything. He has even promised to hire a maid. I just need to have sex with him. "

Jenny let out a piercing scream. "Mom, how can you do that? Doesn't it disgust you? How can you even stand to let him touch you?"

Karen succeeded in calming her down. She went on, "I know it's a taboo subject. But really, we're not getting married, we're not making babies and nobody outside ever needs to know. We are consenting adults enjoying our bodies and having some fun." She was trying to hide the fact that she was now totally smitten with the sex. And the incestuous nature of it just heightened the eroticism. Karen didn't want to lie about it, any longer. "It may look bad to others but who cares? It's incest, so what? Once you get past that, the sex is fantastic!"

She continued, absorbed in the scenario. "Maybe it's the dirty excitement of it, I don't know for sure. But I have never had orgasms like this and I don't ever want them to stop. It's sex like with any other man, but I already know Mike. No stupid movies or dumb dinners. Just thrills and orgasms. I can't explain it all. We both get what we want."

For Karen, saying it out loud and to another person, finally made it real.

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