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Woman begins to discover herself.

"She... she isn't?"

Relief flooded through him. Evidently there was a queen on the realm's throne at this point in history.

"No, she is not. A queen has advisors. The very best. She delegates, passing on duties that she cannot do herself to those more capable in that area than she is."

"And if she doesn't?" Isabela asked shakily.

"Then the realm suffers. As it does if she abdicates her duties entirely simply because she is scared of them, because what if the person who takes the throne in her place does not do so with noble intentions?"

He stepped towards his companion, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Isabela, I do not know what it is from which you run, but I do know that you are right to fear it. It is right that responsibility makes you nervous. The moment that it no longer does is the moment you are taking it for granted, and that complacency is far more dangerous than a woman who knows her limits. The fact that you fear the role is precisely why you must do it, because whoever takes it in your stead may not understand how vast a responsibility it is, and thus sow ruin with their ignorance. You understand its scale and its importance, and will treat the role - whatever it is - with the care and respect that it demands."

She stared at him in silence, but he could hear her heavy breathing. It seemed his every word struck her like a hammer blow. But her green eyes had filled up with wonder and he knew that she had taken in what he said.

"Jeffrey you... you have changed my mind. I did not think it was possible, but you have. Truly, you are knight of immense honour."

"I am flattered, Isabela. Will you return home?"

She nodded, almost imperceptibly. "I... I will." Then her body stiffened, her shoulders straightening as she took a deep breath, as if collecting her resolve. "I will return at once. I can no longer hide from my duties. But this time, I will not face them alone. I will hire advisors to guide me, to help me in my responsibilities. Never again will they wear me down."

Jeffrey chuckled. "I am glad to hear it." However, he had to admit a slight wave of disappointment at the knowledge that she would now be leaving his side.

As he watched she pulled out a small gem from her pack, no bigger than a stone. She lifted it and then hurled it to the ground. It burst with a flash of light, then she turned to him with a smile.

"It is done," she said. "That gem will let my family know where I am. Escorts will be converging on us as we speak. I suspect they are no more than an hour away." She gazed at him with gratitude on her beautiful face. "I'm going home."

"You are," Jeffrey replied. "You have done the right thing."

"Jeffrey, it is as if you have lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. I feel free at last, more so by far than when I had merely fled my duties. How can I ever thank you?"

"You do not need to thank me, Isabela. I was only doing what is right."

"Now, Jeffrey, don't be silly. I must be able to do something." Then an idea came to her. She clapped her hands together in delight, making her huge tits shake slightly. "There is an inn up ahead. I suggest we get some lunch."

"A good idea."

"And then, when we've eaten, I will rent a room for us and give you the longest, most luxurious blowjob I can manage. And afterwards, I'll let you fuck me in whatever position you want. How does that sound, hmm?"

He swallowed, suddenly lost for words. Even though he would not have turned her down anyway, his magic cock and overwhelming horniness took the decision away from him. "That... that sounds quite excellent, Isabella."

"Good. And given our lack of time, I suggest we actually skip the lunch," she said with a naughty grin.

Jeffrey chuckled. This young woman was truly insatiable.

They hurried to the inn and it did not take long before Isabella had rented a room. She took the key, grabbing Jeffrey's hand and leading him upstairs. He waited with anticipation as she opened the door, pulled him inside and then locked it behind her.

She turned to him with lust on her face.

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