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Judy needed me again. Really needed me.

She even gave me our usual goodbye peck on the lips before heading off on the company limousine to the airport Sunday morning.

My flight to Oslo, Norway, was later in the day. I had booked a full week of vacation without telling Traci, my kids, or my in-laws. There are just some things you have to see for yourself, I told January when I made the plans.

I got in late Sunday night, got my rental car, and headed to my hotel, which was only a few blocks from the hotel where Johannsen was holding the corporate meetings and where the Johannsen out-of-towners were staying.

Monday afternoon I did a little sightseeing. Oslo is certainly a beautiful city. From the itinerary Traci showed me, the meetings would be breaking up at 4 each afternoon, dinner with some Johannsen locals was planned for 6, although any of the Americans that wanted could opt out and do a little sightseeing and eating out on their own. The meetings would end Friday at noon, and the Americans then had about a day and a half to tour the city.

I started hanging out near the hotel around 4, knowing that it would take a while for Traci to change into a non-work type outfit. I had on a pair of sunglasses and wore a fake beard, but beyond that I figured there was no way Traci would recognize me because I was the last person she would be looking for in Norway.

She came out of the hotel wearing a classy yet shorter-than-usual little black dress that I had not ever seen her wear before. The top of the dress was open to the middle of her 36D breasts, and her body looked wonderful. She had on three-inch CFM black heels and, I noticed, a bracelet on each wrist with the various charms that I had seen several months back in her jewelry box, that she had called old trinkets. Except I wasn't stupid. Those old trinkets were probably worth about $5,000 each.
She got into a company limousine. I couldn't see if dickhead was already in the vehicle, but when they pulled up at the restaurant, he got out of the limousine first, and then helped her out. She leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips before they headed inside. I sat and ate a couple of yogurts while I waited for them to re-emerge, which happened about two hours later. They got in the car and then drove to another hotel, probably the one dickhead was staying in. I have no idea if his wife was at home or not, but at least he wasn't taking the chance on bringing her to his home.

I spent an incredibly boring night in the rental car, watching several movies on my iPad. At 5:56 a.m., Traci emerged from the hotel, obviously not looking quite as fresh as she did last night, and got into the limousine. Dickhead didn't come with her. They drove back to the first hotel and she went inside when they got there. That gave her time to shower and change before the meetings began again at 9 a.m.

I went back to my hotel and slept fitfully for a few hours. Seeing her with him broke my heart and pissed me off. To think she had been doing this to me for 24 years!

I followed her to his hotel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, watching movies in my car until she came out and returned to her hotel. I was dead-tired and completely pissed off by Friday, when the meetings ended at noon. By 1:30 Traci was dressed in a more casual outfit as she got into the company limousine. Unlike the other days, when there was only a few of Traci's co-workers around when she got into the limo, this time there was a large contingent hanging around at the front of the hotel when she got into the limo. A few heads turned, but nobody seemed too outraged over Traci getting into the company limo with a suitcase by herself. Either they assumed it was all business, or she had been doing this so long no one paid much attention anymore.

I followed them around to several sites on Friday and Saturday.

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