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The tables turn.

For several moments, nothing happened except one of the cameras in the room zoomed in on her face and the bulge his cock made in her cheek.

The large breasted woman stepped up and leaned over and said loud enough for us to hear, "Suck it honey!" Melody ignored her until the woman reached over and pinched her nose shut again. Melody had no choice but to open wide to suck in a breath around the cock in her mouth. The man let her get a good breath in before he moved his hips forward, sliding his cock down her throat. The man put his hands behind his back so that the various cameras could get a clear, close-up view of his big pole sliding in between her lips while he moved his hips forward and back. The assistant moved back now that Melody was letting cooperating.

They kept this up for about ten minutes and I wondered if he planned on cumming in her mouth, but then he stepped back and pulled his cock out. The two women stepped forward and again slid the handcuffs up the pole and helped her stand. She was now in the original standing position with the bead string still hanging from her ass. The crowd applauded loudly in appreciation.

The man moved forward and kissed her on the lips, but she was again back to not cooperating. His erection was pressed up against her flat tummy and her breasts were squished against his chest as he continued the one sided kiss. The small chested attendant knelt down behind my wife and we saw her turn on a penis shaped vibrator before she pressed it against Melody's clitoris.

The man stuck his tongue out and ran it down her neck. Then he sucked her neck and she shuddered. I always get the same reaction when I kiss her neck. She and I both loved it when I did it to her. His lips left her neck leaving the biggest hicky yet and he again moved to her nipples.

I was positive that Melody was trying her best to resist their efforts to get her sexually aroused again, but I was also afraid that she wouldn't be able to help herself. I saw her body start to quiver and I realized that my fears were well founded. Her reaction seemed to satisfy the woman kneeling at her feet because she turned off the vibrator and moved back. The body builder moved around behind her and kissed her neck, right behind her ear. He licked her ear and then again attacked her neck with his lips. His hands were constantly moving over various parts of her body. He knelt down and sucked on her right butt cheek. When he moved back in front of her, one of the cameras zoomed in to show the audience the hicky he'd left.

He kissed her on the lips and again melded his body to hers. Bending his legs slightly he moved his hips so that the head of his cock was pressing against the lips to her vulva. While still kissing her, he reached down with his left hand and spread her pussy lips apart and gently pressed his cock head against the opening to her vagina. Half the monitors switched to a view of their faces where her lips were parted, meeting his. It seemed that she was ready to have him inside of her.

Then all the TV's switched to the camera underneath the two and we could see him flex his butt and push his cock head into her pussy. Not much, just enough for him to be inside of her. The TV's jumped back to their faces and we could see my wife's tongue meeting his.

She tilted her head back and, even though blindfolded, we could see the lust on her lips. He moved his lips back to her neck and all of the TV's switched to the lower camera in time to see him slowly raise his hips. He kept kissing her neck and time slowed down as what seemed like a fraction of an inch at a time, his cock slid in until it was buried three quarters of the way. Then half the TV's switched back to her face as she tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips.

She groaned and wet her lips with her tongue. The audience erupted with applause. My eyes went back to the lower view to watch as his cock sliding into her until it was deep inside.

He stayed buried inside of her while he reached up and removed the blindfold.

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