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The hotsy next door gives him the best treat he ever got.

You can feel the wetness of your pussy growing as you want so bad to feel me inside of you.

I bend down and bring my face to your neck as I gently put my tongue on your skin and lick upwards towards your ear, breathing heavy, you can feel the warmth as I pull your earlobe into my mouth and suck on it. You shiver with excitement pulling me to you, feeling the weight of my body on yours, your legs spread, me laying on top of you, breathing on your neck, blowing on the wetness making you feel the cool air. I whisper in your ear, Vika, sweet Vika you feel so good to me! As you imagine me, I lay on my own bed with my cock in my hand, stroking as I watch you throw your head back with ecstasy.

You abruptly take your C-string off letting me see your pussy lips, pink, wet and wanting. I imagine my face between your legs licking your clit and tasting your sweetness. You start to rub your pussy and clit for me, you call out my name, Mike, Mike, oh my god Mike... You throw your head back on your pillow, while squirming your ass and rubbing your pussy letting me imagine I am giving you this pleasure. I now have my face buried firmly between your legs, licking your swollen pussy lips, my hands under your ass lifting you toward me so I can press harder into you, pushing my tongue into your open pussy canal licking the top, pulling your clit into my mouth between my lips, swirling my tongue in circular motions.

All the while I am stoking my cock and rubbing my smooth balls, my shiny silver metal cock ring making my cock and balls so hard and tight. I rub up and down the shaft of my cock while I watch you rub your pussy with one hand and squeeze your tits with the other. Rubbing your tits with such fervor as your pussy swells with blood in all the excitement. You are so horny for me to make you cum. Your Mike giving you such pleasure.

You turn onto your stomach with your ass towards me up in the air, your face buried in your pillow. You reach back and spread your pussy lips for me, so I can see the pinkness of your love hole. You play with your pussy lips while I watch you, looking back at the camera so you are looking directly at me, thinking of me while you open yourself to me. The pink butterfly pussy lips spread exposing the slit of your love entrance for me. Pointing to your pussy you tell me to enter you, to fuck you right now, you want to feel my cock slide into you.

You lift and raise your ass like twerking a little to let me see your rise and fall on the bed. I watch as your ass squeezes and releases as you lift and lower your ass on the bed. You reach around and touch yourself, feeling how wet you are, imagining it is my hands on you giving you these feelings. You close your eyes, letting the feeling of sexual pleasure flow throughout your body. Knowing I am watching you, enjoying you. You run your hands up and down your legs, caressing your soft supple skin as you build your anticipation for what is to come. After several minutes, you slowly roll back over onto your back, taking a breath while reaching for a bottle of oil nearby.

You take a little oil and rub it on your stomach, your tits and your pussy to make them shiny and glisten in the soft light. You can see my cock, it is so wet and shiny with my lube and it is long, thick and hard for you. We both stroke and rub for what seems like forever, calling each other's name to add to the pleasure we feel for each other. The joy and pleasure we feel for each other at his moment is exquisite.

Suddenly you sit up and come closer to the camera, you reach out and grab your favorite toy, a thick 25-centimeter dildo you keep next to your bed.

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