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As I walk out the office door, Diana comes bopping out of the bathroom.

Naked as a jaybird!

She screams out "Damn Unc, I thought you were gone" and then runs off to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Not sure what to do I left for work once again again, and Diana was gone when I returned for the day.

Didn't hear anything from the wife all evening, and when Diana returned for the night, she made made no mention either, so I thought it had all passed over.

Day two:

Another day, another slack ass morning.

Up in the early hours after the wife has left for work. Play on the computer for a bit, and then everything in my normal routine changes.

Here comes Diana again. Only this time she's not wearing the sweats. She only has the t-shirt on!

Plops herself down on the desk again. Only now I have a plain view of her bare, shaven pussy!

She just sits there like nothing at all is out of the norm. Seemingly oblivous to the problems she's causing me.

I'm having a hard time functioning. I feel like my breathing is getting a bit erratic.

Diana asks, "Are you okay, Unc?"

Finally finding my voice,I mention that she is, after all, rather EXPOSED in front of me.

To which she retorts. "Well, you saw me naked yesterday, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem."

She waits a moment and adds. "Is it?"

I stuttered. "I, I guess not Diana, but better not let anyone know about it, okay? I don't think it would go over to well with other family members."

As I was about to say more she jumps up and says "Great, I'm gonna go take a shower now. And by the way, my friend Nicole is going to be coming over later today. Aunt June said it was okay if Nicole came over and spent the night."

With that, she bounced down the hall and into the bathroom.

Again, I collected myself, then headed out the door for a short days work. Thinking about how it went yesterday, I immediately ran back to the office and grabbed my cell.

Didn't want another mishap to occur did I?

As in the previous evening, after my return home, nothing at all was said by my wife, and I went to bed prior to Diana and her friend arriving .

Day three:

Ah, just another fine summer morning. Up to see the wife off and then into the office for a few minutes of online play.

As in the days before, along comes Diana. This time clad only in the t-shirt of the day, bare pussy exposed once again, followed immediately by her friend Nicole, who wore nothing but a sheer little teddy.

Both plop down on the desk right in front of me and make like nothing is out of the norm.

Damn! I can't breath. This is so fucking unreal!

Two obviously devilish little young, slender and nearly naked girls sitting right in front of me.

Bare pussies exposed, and in the case of Nicole, perky little breasts clearly visible.

I couldn't help it, this had to change.

I said, "Damn girls. I can't take this shit. You come in here nearly naked, and I'm going to do something I shouldn't."

Diana looks me right in the eyes and says "Do what Unc? Touch me like this?" As she slides her hand up her leg and places her finger in her little pussy. "Or touch Nicole like this?" As she reachs over and places a finger in Nicole's little sweet pussy as well.

Diana then said, "You can do this if you want. No one's gonna tell." "Why you can even do more if you like."

That was all I could take!

I reached out towards Diana and slid my left hand up her smooth young thigh, while I slid my right hand up Nicole's leg in the same manner.

Feeling the wonderful silkiness of their skin as I made my way up to Diana's tight shaven pussy, and Nicole's little pussy with it's small amount of soft wispy curls, I was lost in the moment.

Slowly I leaned forward, inching in closer and closer, until my face was close enough that I could now smell the glorious aroma coming from Diana's little twat.

I gently extended my tongue and tasted of her.

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