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Time spent in hell can do more than mess up your head.

In his cage, the slave was watching him almost without blinking. Xavier could tell he was tense and ready to pounce. He chuckled and watched him, too. His eyes rested on the man's organ. Quite endowed, too, he thought, and suddenly felt the need to adjust his position.

The beast inside the cage was making him hard with just his mere presence. Xavier wondered how that supple skin would feel under his fingers. For once, Vachiari hadn't lied. This was a beautiful male, barely over 20, untouched, as the merchant vouched, although he had his doubts. He wanted to see for himself.

He rose and touched the iron bars slowly. There was enough room for the slave to draw away from his master's touch, but he didn't move when Xavier extended his right arm through the bars.

The ruler caressed slowly the taut abdomen, going lower. The slave's breathe became more labored, when Xavier grabbed his cock and pushed the skin back to play with the sensitive head. Apparently, the beast didn't mind being touched.


Cory felt his jaw slacking seeing the scene in front of his eyes. His master, one of the most powerful men of Drena, was slowly stimulating the slave who stood still, his eyes at half mast, an expression of unhidden bliss on his face.

Xavier turned towards Cory. "See, Cory, maybe I know other methods, too."

The servant placed the tray filled with goodies on the small coffee table and stood there, not knowing what to do.

"As much as this creature excites me, I would not get my mouth dirty. So, Cory, come here," his master gestured for him to approach. "On your knees," he whispered, gently this time, and Cory obeyed. "What do you say, Cory? Would you like a taste of this?"

Cory nodded slowly, fascinated with the dark cock rubbed steadily by Xavier's elegant fingers. His master pulled the slave closer to the bars, to allow Cory easier access.

The servant didn't need any more encouragement. His smaller hand closed over his master's, taking over. As Xavier let go, he licked slowly the engorged head, reveling in the slave's needy whimper.

"I think he likes it, Cory," his master said satisfied. "Take care of me, as well."

He stopped his licking to take his master's cock out and suckled at it greedily. The slave seemed to mind being neglected like that, as his hand pulled a bit clumsily at Cory's hair, to draw his attention.

Cory obliged right away, and, unconsciously, made the two move closer to one another. Soon, he was switching from his master's long, thinner member to the dark meaty one, taking one, than the other, deep in his throat, and using his hands to increase stimulation.

He saw Xavier sneaking a hand inside the cage again to grab the slave's buttocks. It seemed that the sudden move triggered something in the young male, as Cory felt right away the tang taste of ejaculate on his tongue. He swallowed quickly and turned to enjoy his master's seed, too.

But Xavier took his own cock from his servant's hand and whispered: "I think I want to mark my slave a little, Cory. Come on up and help me keep him steady."

He stood up and grabbed the slave's naked ass, mirroring his master's gesture from earlier. The slave's skin was supple and silky everywhere. Xavier grabbed the youngster's nape to draw him into a kiss, and started to ejaculate, through the bars, over the man's taut abdomen.

The slave fought a bit against the kiss, but he slowly relaxed, as Xavier slowly spread his seed over the dark skin with his fingers.

"Cory," Xavier spoke, "you are allowed to touch him only when I ask it. Do not do anything other than what is necessary to keep him fed and well taken care of. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," he nodded and Xavier rewarded him with a short kiss.

The slave blinked, a bit confused. Maybe he could not understand the relationship between master and servant. Or maybe he could not understand his own role just yet.


It felt strange to serve Lord Lucas when Xavier was not at home.

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