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She wants him to take her virginity.

I was going through a period where I wouldn't wear underwear. It felt really sexy to me at the time... actually, it still does. Anyway, so I was passed out in this bedroom and I suppose my skirt must've ridden up or something. Whatever the reason, I suspect that the guy who room it was must've come in, seen my pussy, checked me out and then went to get a couple of friends to show me off to and that started things off.

I woke up with this guy's dick in my mouth. It was kind of dark, but I recognized him as one of my boyfriend's roommates. I pretended to be still really out of it, but sucked him until he came. I didn't know there were a couple other guys in the room with us watching. Almost as soon as he came, another one of the roommates came up and slid his dick into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his dick and blew him to. He pushed my shirt up over my breasts and began to play with them. By the time it was over, I had blown 5 guys, two of them twice while they played with my pussy and tits. One would blow his load and the next would step right in and slide his dick into my mouth.

I never told my boyfriend and the guys acted as if nothing had ever happened, but I knew every one of them.

So I really like oral sex... as I say, it's probably a sickness. Topping it off was being here at the beach, not far from my house doing this in public. Anyone who walked by right now would get a view for sure... me lying on my back topless with this guy rubbing my breasts as I'm blowing him. That would the talk of the beach for sure... and I was excited beyond any control.

I started to moan a little as I twirled my tongue around this strange penis in my mouth. I liked it. He was in much better control now; this was going to be a good long session. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me intently as I did my thing. Watching my face and his dick buried in my mouth.

He had one hand on the back of my head and the other went from playing with my breasts to rubbing my belly. I was breathing a little bit harder, high from both the weed and sexual excitement. I was definitely red hot.

I slid his dick out of my mouth and began to suck on his balls, first one then the other. I stroked his wet dick as I was doing this, softly moaning while his hand was slowly working it's way south.

He was being a little shy and that turned me on even more. I was going to let him do whatever he wanted, but he didn't know that and I wasn't telling him. He was going to have to take chances and figure it out.

I moved slowly up from his balls to the underside of his shaft, licking my way up toward the head and that magic spot just below the head. I wondered what must be going in his mind. This had to totally insane for me; it had to be so for him.

He starts rubbing the front of my bikini bottom in circles as his hand moves ever closer to my wet pussy. I don't stop him. I want to feel that hand on me. His other hand is rubbing the side of my face as I lick and play with his hard dick.

He finally runs his fingers over my hidden pussy. I moan and open my legs a little for him, encouraging further exploration.

Opening my legs was enough of a signal, he begins to rub my pussy through my bikini... it feels heavenly. His breathing is getting faster again, he's excited, but he seems to still be in control. I'm rubbing his dick against the side of my face as I stroke it. My eyes are closed. I'm concentrating on the hand rubbing me down there now. My pussy is swollen and ready. I hadn't intended anything more than blowing Denny, but now... now I just didn't know anything any more. This whole situation was just so sexy and crazy.

He places his dick back against my lips, I open my mouth and he rolls his hips so that it slides in.

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