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Plump Mature is forced to service her captors.

My erect penis pulled out of her with an audible, wet pop. I changed positions and pushed it back into her. I could feel rippling contractions in her vagina. As we gasped for breath, I rubbed her oily body.

After several minutes, our breathing became less noisy, and I slipped out of Carol. I rolled her over onto her back, leaned forward, and we kissed for several minutes, stopping occasionally to get our breath. She wrapped her legs around me and mashed my flaccid penis against her wet, hairy pussy.

Carol had never looked more beautiful to me. She wore no makeup, her face was flushed, and she was covered with a sheen of sweat. But the just-fucked look on her face overwhelmed me with the desire to make love to her again and again. The look in her eyes reflected our passion.
"I need a little time to get hard again. And I want to complete your massage. I still haven't done your front!"

Carol smiled, pulled me down against her, and kissed me. "Oil me up!" She commanded. "But don't take too long! I want you again!"

Carol spread her legs apart, and I knelt between them. She was completely open to me, trusting me, wanting me.

"You are so very beautiful!" I said.

"I knew I couldn't continue to resist you! I've wanted you for so long!" She replied.

We kissed for a very long time. Then I resumed the massage. I began by rubbing oil onto the front of her arms and shoulders.

When I dripped oil on Carol's breasts, I heard her inhale quickly. In seconds I could see deep arousal on her face, and her nipples responded to my rubbing by again poking straight out and becoming hard.

I moved to Carol's legs, which she pulled up so that I didn't have to move to reach them. One at a time she put a leg up over my shoulder while I rubbed her from her feet to her crotch. Her outer labia stayed open, giving me a clear view into her. My cum made a little trail dripping from her opening to the sheet below her.

Carol began to rub her hands along the shaft of my penis, and I added some oil to her hands, making her touch incredibly sensual. My erection quickly returned.

"You're so big and hard!" Carol exclaimed. "You felt so wonderful inside me!"

"Do you mean here?" I asked.

I slowly began to massage Carol's pussy. She began to quiver when I slipped my fingers inside her. With two fingers inside her, I turned my hand so that my thumb was on top, and I pressed it gently against her clitoris. Carol jumped, then began to rub and rotate her hips against my thumb. I moved my oily fingers inside her and found her G-spot, and Carol immediately exploded into another orgasm.

"Oh My Goddd! Oh Yesss! Aaeeyah! UNNH! OH! MORE! OH!"

Her screams were much louder since she was lying on her back, and as I rubbed, she kept moving against my hand and screaming. Every few seconds she would pause for a couple of deep, moaning breaths, then she would scream again. I could see waves of orgasm rippling up her body, and she was wildly thrashing on the bed. She screamed and grunted, "YAAAAH! NNNNNNNH!"

I pulled my hand away from her pussy, and Carol cried, "No! Put it Inside Me Again! Fuck Me! FUCK ME HARD!"

"What do you want inside you?" I teased.

"Your cock! Your penis! I want it inside me! FUCK ME!"

I slid my penis slowly all the way into her. Carol had an immediate response.

"MORE! HARDER! FUCK ME AGAIN! AAAAHH! AGAIN! FUCK! FUCK! AAAHH! NNNNNNH!" Carol screamed and climaxed again, then again, then again.

In the plain, old missionary position, I continued to fuck her, and Carol moved her hips to meet every thrust. When she wasn't yelling and screaming, Carol was babbling incoherently as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were clamped closed, her neck was arched back, and her mouth was open in a grimace. She was pulling on her nipples with both hands, experiencing considerable difficulty since her oily fingers kept slipping off her oily nipples.

I continued pounding into her.

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