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Chpt 17: Interesting sex on the way home from dinner.

I was actually exhausted from the effort of walking from the dining room to my bed.

I did not sleep well. No matter what position I lay in I could feel pressure on either my tattoo or my piercings. I was stiff and sore all over and the butt plug filled my ass. Nearly two days growth on my pussy was causing a maddening itch and I was embarrassingly horny. The best I could manage was a light doze.

I awoke the next morning with a start; Bambi was standing by my bed looking down at me. I sat up and blinked myself awake, immediately cataloging various aches and pains. Holy shit, did I hurt. Everywhere. I threw back the covers and moved tenderly to get out of bed. I became aware of just how nauseas I was. I ran to the bathroom suddenly, heedless of how painful it felt to run.

I emerged from the bathroom a while later. I had thrown up, removed the butt plug from my painfully raw ass and took a long hot shower. I shaved my pussy. I was feeling semi-human again. That was the good news. The bad news was that my waist was barely over twenty inches, my hips were still widening and I was pretty sure my boobs would fill at least a C-cup and possibly a D-cup. My lips had begun to swell as well. It was my hair, though, that really showed bimbo progression. My hair had once been a lustrous black; now it had faded to a light brunette color. Strangely enough it had thickened slightly and I was prepared to swear it had grown several inches longer as well.

Bambi was waiting patiently. I was still naked so I started to pull out some clothes.

"Wait," said Bambi. She walked over to me and checked my piercings, then poured some oil onto the palm of her hand, which she then rubbed onto my sore nipples and belly button. This was a different Bambi than I was used to. A confident Bambi. A Bambi of action. Finally she stepped back. "Alright, this oil will promote the healing. It's going to burn like hell for the next day or two but at least they'll be more-or-less fully-healed in time for your match."

I shook my head. "My match? Are you crazy? I can't wrestle with hoop piercings! That's begging for someone to hook a finger in there and rip them out! I can cover my belly piercing with tape, yes, but I can't cover my nipples like's not allowed!"

Bambi smirked. "Oh, don't worry, they can't be ripped out. The top third of those rings- the part threaded through your nipples- is a special metallic elastic. A secret gypsy formula. When Katya heated them with the soldering iron last night she was bonding the elastic to the ring. Permanently. If those do get pulled the elastic will stretch. It will be uncomfortable but won't yank through your nipple." She reached forward and gave one of my rings a sudden tug. I gasped at the pain but Bambi was right...the top of the ring was actually elastic and it stretched. My nipples were at least marginally safe for the next few matches.

Bambi slapped me on the ass. "Turn around," she said. Fuming, I did. I felt her fingers inching the tape off my ass and carefully slipping the bandage off my tattoo. She stepped back and looked, then nodded in apparent satisfaction. "Oh, that is perfect!" She led me over to the mirror and turned me around so I could see it.

My eyes widened. I had expected something gypsy-like and exotic; an Asian letter, perhaps, or a rose or something. Instead I had the word "BIMBO" printed across my left ass cheek in inch and a half tall letters, the first "B" slightly larger than the other letters.

I whirled in fury. "Bambi, you stupid bimbo! This is *permanent*! The crowd can see this from the back rows!"

Bambi's eyes narrowed. "My name is Diane, not Bambi. You need to remember that."

Frustrated and embarrassed, I lashed out. "Your name is Bambi!" And I thrust my will into her brain.

At least I tried.

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