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She reunites with the man who took her virginity.

"You came prepared, I like that in you. You are thorough and forward thinking."

"What I am wearing is what you see, everything under is skin. My skin is for your pleasure." Lunch lasted a little long this Friday.

The first hint of change for Dan came Sunday afternoon. He saw Laura going through her closet. It looked to him like she was evaluating her entire wardrobe. Laura was doing just that. She moved three business suits, several skirts and blouses plus some casual clothes to one side of her closet. Laura was very careful to move nothing Dan had given her as a gift, nothing at all he bought special except one of the new dresses. She would not move the red dress; that one would stay here with Dan.

Sunday's meal was a late lunch on the patio. Laura served champagne, Piper, not Greg's brand. "Dan, you seem to be getting very comfortable about me being with Greg."

"Yes, I guess I am getting used to my wife having a lover. It doesn't seem like you have been with him much since California though."

"I see him every day at work; I work for him you know."

"Of course, Baby, I know you work for Greg too."

"We had lunch together Friday, and then drinks after work. I still see him socially."

"Socially? Hah!"

"I sucked his cock three times at work last week. You must have noticed a little taste of him."

"Yes, I did notice him in your kisses, lightly though."

"When you ate my pussy Friday night, you were looking for him, you couldn't find any trace with your mouth or your cock, but you looked for Greg in my pussy. You know you did, didn't you?"

"Yes, I thought that when you came home a little later than normal, you stopped for a quickie."

"No, we didn't stop for a quickie, just after work drinks."

"I figured that much."

"What I was doing with my clothes that you saw earlier was deciding what to take."

"Take, take where?" Dan's apprehension level rose rapidly, his confidence jumped off a cliff. "I'm going to move a few things to Greg's place; I am going to stay with him for a while, for at least the next two weeks." That Dan was shocked by Laura's announcement was clear. Laura expected as much; she told Dan of her plan just as she asked Greg's permission.

"Laura these last few weeks have been some of the best times of our marriage. I was reluctant at first, hurt by your affair. Lately, I have willingly accommodated you being with Greg whenever you want to be with him. Now this, you tell me you are leaving me for Greg. Why, and what have I done wrong?"

"First Baby, please understand this completely: I am not leaving you for Greg, I will never do that; I will never leave you for Greg."

"You're moving out, you will be moving in with Greg, how is that not leaving me?"

"I am not moving in with Greg; I will be staying at Greg's house, staying with Greg for a couple of weeks. I will still be here at times, I will still live here with you. I will just be staying with Greg for a short while. Do you understand?"
"No, I don't understand, and I don't understand why at all."

"The why is simple, you are getting too comfortable with my affair. I told you this is my affair, and I told you we need tension to make my affair work. That tension is slipping away; you keep looking forward to tasting Greg when I come home. I want to surprise you when you taste him sometimes. Now you are only surprised when you don't taste Greg. Greg is mine, not yours Baby."

"I want to try staying with Greg for me, to see what it feels like. I want to know the part of an affair that is going to sleep with another man and waking up in the morning. I want to know the part of an affair that is having him watch me dress and undress without immediately jumping to or from the bed. I want the same thing when I shower with Greg, when I drink coffee. I want to experience more of life with Greg. Now I want just a little more than dates and sex with Greg. Is that too much to ask?"

"You are not asking, not asking me anyway.

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