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Amazing things happen when you least expect them


Candy felt that she had dropped abundant hints and invitations for Zack to take command. But he just sat there, looking tired and strained. Candy chirped in again, putting on her best innocence look and tone. Candy tilted her head down, mouth gapped open with a hint of teeth. She peered up through her blond bangs and continued the finger clasp in front. She looked to be the perfect parody of the vixen virgin, feigning fear but raring to be ravished.

"Is there anything I can do to please you right now? We can suck or fuck, tie me up or whatever. I am completely yours for whatever you need."

Her message was well delivered and well received until Zack winced as a stressed muscle compressed a pinched nerve.

"I want you to perform the best of your best. I'm sore from my exercises and need some relief. Let's start with that."

Candy smiled and nodded, her blond tresses bouncing the affirmative. She giggled playfully as she pulled Zack's shirt and pants off, rotating him prone onto the table. Her clothes joined his on the floor. A naked Candy scampered about, smoothing the towels and lowering the table so Zack was conveniently at her working height. The emollients, ambiance and Candy were ready to sooth Zack's ills.

Candy got Zack lying face down, arms comfortably spread, faced cradled in the donut hole of the head cushion. She nestled his cock and balls between his separated thighs. She kneaded his biceps, neck, shoulders and back muscles, working downwards. Candy found Zack's sore spots easily; it was her job as a professional massage therapist. Candy's expert hands attacked and untied the muscle knots. Her fingers eased the constriction and the loosened tissue received the unrestricted surge of healing blood flow. Zack cycled between sharp inhaled breathes and elongated moans of relief.

Zack's backside was completed all the way to his heels; Candy whispered warm instructions in Zack's ear to turn over. She arranged his posture with interlaced fingers under his head; limbs splayed and again executed her responsibility of positioning Zack's genitals for full coziness. She began again at the top, massaging the scalp and temples, kneading arms, chest, abdomen and thighs. Where her hands were not strong enough, she stepped up and walked off the large muscle groups with strong foot manipulation. She finished Zack's total post-workout restoration.

Zack was breathing easy now, tension abated and restored to regular vitality. He was sporting a decent erection; a sure sign of Candy's rehabilitating expertise. The deferment was over; it was time for Zack's evaluation assessment of Candy's expertise for holistic male satisfaction.

Candy chose not to disturb Zack with pointless queries for direction. She knew from experience how this treatment session should play out to the client's total satisfaction: a happy ending. She lowered the table further and knelt beside it. She smoothed a gentle hand across Zack's hair and brushed her fingertips down his eyelids. Candy's light whisper tickled his inner ear.

"Let me closeout this therapy in style, my darling. Be still and think peaceful thoughts as I reveal my intimate tactile talents."

Zack was relaxed and almost unconscious. He didn't respond and Candy presumed his silence for consent. She buzzed his cheek with a butterfly kiss. She quaffed his neck. Her lips sank to his nearest nipple, tongue swirling the hairs surrounding the sensitive disks. She kissed the opposite one, dragging her stiff nipples across his arm and chest. On her knees, she rested her head on his torso and reached down to initiate the penile stimulus.

Candy's delicate hand wrapped Zack's shaft, her index finger pad rubbing the lubricated V notch. She dragged her closed hand along the shaft, using finger pad pressure to add pleasure on the vein tract. Zack's heartbeat drummed in sync: the thump in Candy's ear pressed to Zack's chest and her finger grazing his cock vein were in time. Zack was long. Candy's hand covered less than half his length in her warm rounded palm.

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