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Story of an 18 year old girl seducing her father.

My dick was seeping pre-cum wanting that used up mouth. She knew exactly how to please me and started on my cock by licking the tip sucking up as much pre cum possible.

As Jenn started on stroking me and sucking my dick at a faster pace, she let out a loud moan. Matt crept up behind her fingering her dripping pussy. I could tell that she wanted another man inside her, so I started to fuck her mouth harder in anticipation. Matt asked me where the condoms were, and Jenn glanced up at me with a cock in her mouth. She said to me, "please let him fuck me bare. I want to feel his big cock deep inside me. Besides he's married and safe." I didn't have any hesitation as I was so into being pleased.

Matt was teasing her pussy with his huge hard on, and slowly made his way in her dripping wet cunt. Jenn let out a long, satisfied moan and briefly took her mouth off my cock. "Oh my god, I've been waiting for this," Jenn said. She turned and looked in my eyes as she stroked my cock. "I loved that big dick in my mouth Tim. He's stretching my pussy out so wide." She then lowered her head back to my cock, rocking back and forth as she was getting railed from behind.

Her moans felt so good vibrating on my cock, but she eventually stopped and leaned forward to remove Matt. "My knees are hurting. I want a bed." With that, Jenn stood up and grabbed Matt's hard on. She led him up the stairs to our bedroom. I sat on the couch to rest and finished my beer.

I was watching TV on low, drinking my nice cold beer. I was listening for hot sex sounds from our bedroom. Instead, I only heard soft talking that I couldn't make out. This sparked my interest as what was going on upstairs behind my back. I got up from the couch and made my way to the stairs to listen in. I heard Jenn giggling. I wanted to see the show. I crept up the stairs and heard our bed making noise. All I can think about was my little slut getting pounded on our bed. I went up to the bedroom and the door is ajar. I peered in and it was really bright in our room. The aroma of sex was making my dick hard again. I walked into the room and said in excitement "What's going on in here!"

The camera was pointed towards our bed where Jenn was butt naked with my best friend. Matt was lying on his back with his big dick pointed to the sky. Jenn was on top of him in a 69 position, feverishly stroking his hard on while moaning. "Oh yeah, Matt your tongue is so good on my clit. You like my cum in your mouth?" Matt's guttural moan was enough to make my girlfriend jump from the vibrations on her clit. "Does your wife's pussy taste as good as mine?" Matt responded with the same moans.

I quickly picked up the camera to get some close-ups of Jenn lowering her mouth back on that throbbing monster.

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