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Malanie and Sabine play a game at the school year's end.

"Yes she received those strokes very well I must say," said the headmaster smiling at the memory, as he idly fingered the crook handled cane, that was still lying across his desk.

"But...but she's a grown woman..." stammered Dorothy in a state of shock and bewilderment and a gnawing sense of guilt that she'd been the architect of the poor secretary's six stroke caning.

"Oh yes she is, she is indeed a grown woman, very much so..." said the headmaster lecherously as he licked his lips. "She took her punishment accordingly, without a single complaint and barely a whimper. Now then Dorothy, I have your slip here somewhere, ah yes here it is." Said the headmaster as he nonchalantly handed her another sheet of crisp white paper.

Dorothy's breath caught and she groaned out loud as she read her 'punishment slip,' with her heart pounding and blood rushing to her ears.

"But...but I'm a grown woman..."

"Yes, yes, as is the secretary, I think we've already established this Dorothy, of course we could still arrange for your transport to the station..."

"Oh God, oh God, you're going to cane me aren't you headmaster? But I don't want to be caned...caned on my bottom, oh my dear God no, you're going to cane my bare bottom...but that's...that's just so embarrassing...and six strokes too, oh lord will it hurt headmaster?"

"A lovely firm young bottom like yours Dorothy will really feel the sting of my cane. But I'm sure you'll agree that it's so much better to get this over and done with. We'll tear up your horrible blotted copybook and wipe the slate completely clean. You'll have a nice fresh start Dorothy and no-one will ever know what you did. You're lying and cheating will be completely forgotten Dorothy and never mentioned again, it'll be our little secret."

Dorothy's heart thumped alarmingly as she squirmed in her seat, the thought of bending over to be caned, caned on her bottom, her bare bottom, was simply mortifying...but she didn't want her Husband to find out what she'd done behind his back. He'd forgive her of course, she knew Alan was mad about her...but she just didn't want to let him down. She couldn't bear the thought of his lovely puppy dog eyes looking so sad, as she confessed to him what she'd done.

Instead she could avoid that awful guilty confession to her handsome Husband and all she has to do is bend over and take six strokes of the cane and that's it finished, how bad can it be? Her caning will be in private and nobody else will ever know. The secretary took her punishment, 'with barely a whimper,' so perhaps it really is best just to get this over with, clear up the horrible mess she made and move on...

Dorothy nodded to the headmaster, as she signed her punishment slip and sealed her fate. The sexy little school master's Wife was going to be caned and that was an end to it. The headmaster's face lit up, with a twinkle in his eye as he smacked his lips together in eager anticipation. A big cheesy grin spread across his beaming face as he lifted his ferocious cane.

"Bend over my desk Dorothy, it's six strokes of the cane on your bare bottom for lying and cheating," said the headmaster sternly.

Dorothy's legs turned to jelly as she tottered unsteadily across to the headmaster's desk and bent over as ordered. He hummed to himself happily as he teasingly lifted her skirt right up over her slender waist. She heard him gasp out loud as he feasted his eyes on her creamy white bottom with just her skimpy little g-string nestled between her quivering bare buttocks, so teasingly pleasing.

"Please don't pull my panties down headmaster," pleaded Dorothy, "surely my panties won't protect me from your cane."

"I'm sorry Dorothy, my hands are tied, school regulations I'm afraid, a six of the best caning must be delivered on the bare."

Dorothy's face burned with embarrassment and shame as his bony fingers eagerly tugged at her g-string and she felt her panties sliding down her legs.

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