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She begins a new life, of servitude and pleasure.

"So." Was all Mom said.

"It's a sex club." I blurted out.

"The college hosts a sex club?" Mom stated.

"No Mom. The college has nothing to do with it. Everything is done off campus." I started to explain.

"That notice said moms and sons. You mean moms and sons meet for sex?" Mom asked.

"All I know is no one talks about it. If you ask about it around campus, no one will admit to knowing anything about it." I told Mom. "By the way, how did you get that notice anyway?"

"It was in our mailbox." Mom said flatly.

"What do you know about this 'club'?" Mom asked.

I took a deep breath before going on.

"All I've heard is that when they get together there is some kind of drawing that pairs up the mothers and sons. They socialize a while and then go into a bedroom." I said.

"So the moms aren't with their own sons?" Mom asked.

"I suppose it could happen. It depends on the drawing. I did hear that there are no options. The drawing is final." I tried to explain.

"So that's why you want me to forget about The Mixer, right?" Mom asked.

Before I could answer Mom told me a few things that I didn't know. Dad was starting to lose interest, maybe only having sex once a week. She was getting frustrated and didn't know what to do. That's why her interest in this 'Mixer' thing. She didn't want to start going out to get sex.

I told Mom that I understood. What else could I say?

"Are you telling me that you're ok with me having sex with someone else?" Mom asked.

"Not really, but I want you to be happy. Have you talked to Dad about any of this?" I asked.

"I tried." Mom said. "I'm not sure I should even be talking to you."

"Mom. I'll do whatever I can, you know that." I said.

"And 'The Mixer'. Still think I should forget about it?" Mom said.

"Now I'm starting to get frustrated." I said.

Mom was quiet. She just sat there on the edge of my bed.

"Wait a minute. Is it the sex with other mom's sons that are bothering you, or the chance that we might be paired together?" She asked.

"Mom. That just wouldn't be right." I stated.

"Max. I agree with you, for a lot of reasons. But let's say, for the sake of argument, that you and I decide to have sex. No one would ever know and I can't have any more children. I'm sure family sex like this happens all the time." Mom said.

"Mom. Are you suggesting that you and I have sex?" I asked.

"All I'm saying is that if that should ever happen, it would help my problem and you wouldn't have to worry about that sex club." Mom said, very quietly.

Mom got up then and left, closing my bedroom door behind her. I tried to put what Mom had just said into perspective. Much later that night, it must have been about three in the morning, Mom opened my door without knocking and sat on my bed like she had earlier. When I rolled over, she stood up again. She turned on my desk lamp and just stood there. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. Mom was naked.

In the light from the small desk lamp I could see her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. Her breasts looked full and firm, sagging with womanly weight. Her areolas were dark, her nipples stiff and hard. I couldn't see much else.

Mom walked over to the bed. With her legs, she pushed between mine until she was so close her breasts were brushing my chest. I raised my hands to cup her breasts and as I touched her, I heard her let out a deep moan. Mom reached up and put her hands on my head. She pushed down gently until I was able to wrap my lips around one nipple. I heard Mom moan again.

We both realized that it was too late to stop. Too late to argue. I put my arms around her and grabbed her butt cheeks. I pulled her as close as I could.

After several minutes, Mom pushed me away and stepped back.

"Do you still think this isn't right?" Mom asked.

"It isn't right. It's wrong in so many ways. And right now, I don't care." I said.

I think Mom smiled. I couldn't see her face. She took another step back, and crawled onto the center of my bed. She spread her legs invitingly.

"Max, I need you.

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