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" And Lisa put an end to the discussion.

I made the lame excuse that I'd just been getting ready to take a nap before dinner and scurried off to my room. When Lisa called me for dinner I said I wasn't really hungry. We all knew that was bullshit but it was accepted as reasonable that I might need some time to get used to this new paradigm.

And that turned out to be true. I spent a fair amount of time reviewing how I got myself into this situation. This hadn't been my goal. In fact I hadn't had a goal. It had all happened so gradually. Well, except for that first time I stripped and jerked off for Jan. I don't think I could argue that a significant line hadn't been crossed there.

I had been pleasantly surprised at how things developed with Jan. I hadn't ever expected to have sex with her but she made that decision on her own and I wasn't about to argue. Now after finding me naked with Jan and Jan offering up the nudist excuse, which saved us from the obvious conclusion that we'd been having sex, Lisa had taken control of the situation and paved the way for me to be naked all the time.

And so now I was committed, at least for a while. There was really no reason not to be naked in front of Lisa and Jan both. I figured I'd have to maintain this charade for at least a couple of weeks to add some credibility to the story and not have it be about being naked with just Jan. After she went to school I could do it for another week or so and then say that I was done with that experiment and things could go back to normal.

I awoke the next day with the usual morning wood. I knew there was no way my dick was going to go down until I'd pissed. This was another of those times I was very glad I had a bathroom attached to my room. As I peed I considered what was just ahead. I was going to be walking out into the kitchen without a stitch of clothing on and very likely both Jan and Lisa would be out there.

I tried to decide how I felt about that.

On the one hand I'd never considered exposing myself to Lisa and I hadn't made the choice to "be a nudist". I expected nervousness would have caused my erection to disappear. The fact that it didn't go away entirely gave me a clue as to how I really felt about this. Could it be that I was looking forward to being naked out there?

I didn't ponder it much longer and soon found myself walking out of the bathroom and then right out my bedroom door.

I headed to the kitchen before I allowed myself to think about it. I no longer had an erection but I wasn't flaccid either. I could hear Jan and Lisa talking as I neared the kitchen. Jan stopped mid sentence as I rounded the corner. She was sitting at the table and had her back to Lisa who was cooking at the stove.

Jan broke into a wide grin as she saw me having to take this action as a result of the cover story she threw out there the day before. Since Jan had stopped speaking, Lisa turned from the stove and saw me walking in naked. Jan said nothing but Lisa offered a cheerful good morning. There was no trace of embarrassment on her face. She acted as if it was perfectly normal for me to walk in starkers.

"Mornin', Lisa".

I didn't feel the need to say anything to Jan.

"I'm making scrambled eggs. Would you like some?"

I said yes and thanked Lisa before getting a cup of coffee and taking a spot at the table. Nothing was said about my state of undress.

Breakfast conversation centered mostly around our plans for the day. Typically we went our separate ways on the weekend. This weekend was different in that Jan and Lisa were headed out shopping to get some final things Jan would need when she left for college the following Saturday. Lisa suggested a few things I could do in the garden if I felt inclined. I stayed non-committal about that. In truth, I couldn't wait for them to leave so I could return to my room to jerk off.

I finished my breakfast and got up to clear my plate from the table.

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