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After a long day, he treats her like a princess.

She was that kind of woman.

I told her I didn't want her to have sex with anyone else either. I don't want to see her with another man but, in a fantasy, it's a little different knowing it is not going to happen.

It was about a month later that Jamee came home and said we were invited to Jim's thirtieth birthday party. His wife Linda stopped by and invited most of their office friends. It was going to be on Saturday and that they had a pool so most everyone was going swimming.

Linda was a nice looking woman also. We didn't go out with them very often. Mostly it would only be company parties and such. Linda was also a little flirty and did her share of sexual innuendoes. As with most of our friends we just wrote it up to kidding around. What I didn't know until much later was that Jim tried to put the make on Jamee a number of times. She never told me about it; she told me later she was always able to handle it.

The party was nice. A lot of booze was flowing. I drank way too much. What I didn't know until later was that Jamee was drinking too much also. We had on our swimsuits the same as most of the people there. Jamee had on a nice two piece. I didn't think it was over revealing for a two-piece but she did look damn good in it.

Throughout the night I noticed that whenever I wasn't with Jamee, Jim was there. As I said, I found out later he had been hitting on her the whole night. It was getting late and the party was starting to break up. I had drunk too much and went inside and sat on the couch for a few minutes to wait for Jamee. I didn't realize it but dozed off.

When I woke, I was a bit disoriented. The room was dark but I could hear voices coming from one of the bedrooms. I wondered where everyone had gone, especially Jamee. I stood up and walked toward the bedroom, wobbling a little from all the booze. There was my sweet loving wife on her back with Jim's cock stuck in her.

I have to tell you this and I really mean it. It was not a sexual sight to see my wife with another man's cock in her. It had to be the worst picture I could imagine. All those stories that said I would get a hard on or be turned on were full of shit. My stomach started to churn at the sight of my wife lying on the bed saying more. "I want more."

I was still pretty much drunk but I staggered into the room and got in two sucker punches to Jim's head before he turned and pulled his cock out of my wife. He jumped off the bed with his cock dangling and caught me a good one in my stomach with his foot.

I started vomiting right then and there on the end of Jim's bed. I heard Jamee scream out, "God no, what have I done?"

A number of things happened at the same time. Jim just stood back, standing there naked, while I was puking on his bed and floor. Jamee was sitting on the bed naked and crying and Linda came running into her bedroom asking what the hell was going on?

She had taken a few friends home and returned sooner than Jim had expected her. She looked at her husband and asked him what the hell he had done. It didn't take but a few seconds to see what had happened. She went into her bathroom and handed me a towel. "Take your fucking slut wife and get the hell out of my house." Jamee was still crying and quickly put her bathing suit back on.

I told Linda how sorry I was and she just said, "Get that fucking bitch out of my house. You can keep the damn towel." I walked out of the room and Jamee went to say something to Linda but she wasn't listening. We heard her screaming at her husband as we walked out the front door.

We got in the car and headed home. I couldn't say a word to her. She cried and tried to apologize all the way home. I wasn't listening. My mind was mush right now. When we got home I went down the basement and slept on a bed we kept down there. I told Jamee we would talk in the morning.

I couldn't sleep I just lay there and tried to figure out what to do next.

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