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Learning erotic submission in her dreams, or is she?

There was a man she didn't recognize standing across the street staring at her house.

Catherine stood there for a moment, watching the man. "What's he looking at," she said to herself.

The guy had to be in his early 30's. He had dark hair and was wearing jeans and button up shirt with rolled sleeves. This man was pretty attractive, but why did he just stand there and stare?

Catherine needed to know why he was there. She opened the front door went out onto the porch. Her eyes never left the guy.

"Hello," he called.

She cocked her head to the side, puzzled. "Hi".

Without moving, he stood there. "Very nice day today, huh?"

Catherine looked up at the sky. It looked like it could rain at any moment. "Yes, a good day for staying inside."

"Right, to read a novel and listen to Enya."

Catherine's mouth dropped open. Was it coincidence that he had picked the very same thing she was going to be doing? She stared.

A large motor home drove by, blocking her view of the man. Once it had passed, the guy was no where to be seen.

Catherine looked up and down the street but still did not see a trace of him. She shivered. What had just happened? Was she hallucinating? That guy had been there! He knew what she was going to do that day! Who was he?

It started raining.

Catherine took one last look up and down the street then went back inside of her house. She spent the rest of the day reading, cleaning her house and reading some more. She had finished one book at around 8:30 that evening and started another.

Sitting in a very plush chair, Catherine had her legs curled under her. Light from a lamp illuminated the pages and Enya still played softly in the background.

Catherine had light a few candles earlier. The flames seemed to dance to the beat of the enchanting music.

The book Catherine was reading was getting pretty sexually graphic. This, along with the candles and the music, was having quite an effect on her. She had a feeling as if someone was watching her...wanting her. Catherine closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath. She imagined it was the guy from across the street. She shivered.

Catherine put the book down on the coffee table and gathered the lite candles. She decided that she was going to take a long, hot, candle lite bath and relieve some of the sexual tension she was feeling.

She placed the candles around the bathroom and the garden tub, and turned on the water. Catherine put in a couple drops of bubble bath from Victoria's Secret and the water began to foam up. The tub filled up quickly while she undressed.

The water was warm enough to turn the skin red when Catherine slipped her lean, sexy body into the bubbles.

She inhaled deeply the sensual strawberries and champagne foam. Catherine spread her legs widely so her knees were sticking out of the water. She gently started rubbing her breasts. She traced a long finger around her nipple and cupped at the fullness. Her other hand ran down her neck, around her breast to her stomach.

Catherine didn't realize that she was indeed being watched.

While her left hand caressed her breast, her right hand moved slowly down to her center of pleasure. She spread her lips with her fingers, dipping one finger into her wet pussy. Catherine closed her eyes, letting her mouth open slightly to sigh.

Her fingers came back up to rub slowly on her clit. Electricity ran through her body. She imagined the mystery man making love to her. She imagined that he was gentle and took his time. That he would kiss every square inch of her body, sucking, licking.

Catherine's ears began to buzz, almost as if someone was whispering. She thought it was her imagination. She liked it.

She was stroking her clit faster now, getting very caught up in her 'day dream'. Catherine imagined that he had a thick cock with a big head that he teased her with. Running it over her clit between her lips, and then to her pussy where he would enter her slightly then pull out. He would do this until she ached for him to take her.

Catherine's breath was coming heavy, her mouth was opened

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