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The Colonel's Away...and the Whore Will Play.

She was in her pyjamas, a pink buttoned flowery top and pink trousers. I glanced away quickly as she caught my eye, but couldn't help but glance back. She looked at me. She stared right into my eyes and both of us seemed to freeze on the spot.

I stood and stared in disbelief as she methodically undid her pyjama top to show her bare breasts. She casually flicked her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders as she opened her top wider, her gaze remaining directly in sync with mine, her expression unchanged. I stared at her shapely figure, her pert breasts, her finely shaped stomach, her tanned skin and erect nipples in perfect light through her bedroom window as the rain splashed down on the pavement.

Cars went past, an old woman walked straight past her window not noticing as I examined her perfect young body for what seemed an eternity ... then with the same nonchalance that she undid her top she quickly closed the curtains. I was left stranded on the street, with my sense of disbelief, my sense of adventure heightened and a bulge in my jeans. I didn't know what to do - should I go over and knock on the door? Just as the thought entered my head, a curmudgeonly looking middle aged man walked out of that very front door and started up the car. I walked on in a confused state ...

On my way back from the shop, I turned to walk down that same street, my steps becoming slower - slower as I approached her window once more. I got near enough to see the curtains were open once more, but now the light was off. My heart sank. There was no sign of her. I had no idea who this girl was, I had no idea if I'd ever lay eyes on her again. At that moment all I knew is that I wanted her body so badly.

I was opposite her window. I stopped still. Staring. At that moment, her light came on once more. Then she walked to the window once more. She looked straight into my eyes once more. She put her fingers in her mouth, sucking on them, before reaching down into her pyjama bottoms, before slowly sliding them down with her other hand as she fingered herself in full view of anyone who cared to look.

She then undid her top in the same careless and matter of fact manner as earlier, slipping it off before sliding off her pyjama bottoms. My eyes blazed as I stood looking at this beautiful naked girl slowly and methodically slide her fingers in and out of her tight pussy with one hand, squeezing her perfectly shaped breasts with the other. Suddenly, she reached down and took something on the window sill. She wrote in large letters on her body with her lipstick:

"Eat My Pussy"

Putting the lipstick down, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and placed them in her mouth, sucking them provocatively as her eyes pierced mine. Then she drew the curtains, and the light went off. I just stood there, my cock rock hard with a loaf of bread ridiculously perched under my arms, not really sure what to do.

I stood there for what seemed an eternity as I waited for ... I didn't know what I was waiting for, I was just ... waiting. Then her front door opened. I started walking back towards home quickly for some unknown reason, probably blind panic. I crossed the street, and there she was, head bowed, walking slowly in my direction. She had a long black hooded overcoat on and trainers. Her legs bare in the rain. I wanted to just go over and fuck her right there and then, but I kept on walking. She followed.

I reached my house, she was a few paces behind. I slowly opened the gate so as not to make any noise, lifting it as I entered, leaving it open behind me. She followed, closing the gate behind her in the same careful manner as she tip-toed behind me. I went through the back gate in the same way. She followed me. I looked at her, but she said not a word, nor even made eye contact. She never averted her gaze from the floor the whole time.

I could hear the television from the back garden.

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