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The Battle and The New Moon Ceremony.

"I'm sorry to give you so little before but we opened another bottle." I was enjoying sounding so official.

Janine leaned in and grabbed my crotch and said "okay Stevie baby, give me what you got." I gulped and poured and lingered a ittle until she let my throbbing crotch go.

I was about to put the bottle on the side table when Mrs. Wentworth said, "as long as the bottle's open, I'll have another little bit." So I went over, noticed her glass was empty again even though she had had a lot more earlier. I poured a little and she told me to "keep going" until I poured another full glass. She still looked strange to me but for some reason it was a little exciting, not that anyone else noticed.

They talked some more and I made sure everyone had some wine. when I would pour, Janine would touch me each time and Kim would just stare. The last time I poured I saw that Janine had her dress riding very high and split open. It was a wrap around dress like a coat that tied in front sort of. So the part leading up to where it was buttoned and tied was like a slit but in front. When she sat it showed a lot of leg. By the end of the afternoon she had exposed more and I could see her panties. They were blue and I am positive she was showing them on purpose to tease me.

The last glass I poured for Mrs. Wentworth poured slowly and noticed her hand behind me on my butt. She just set it there but I was surprised. But it wasn't long before we were done and they had to go. I went to the door to say goodbye as each left. Once again as Kim hugged me, Janine or someone shoved my hips so I pushed against her. By this time I was very hard and large and there's no way she didn't feel it. Kim was quiet but I kind of think she liked it.

Janine made a big show again and kissed me hard and squeezed my bulge while she did. She said in a loud whisper that everyone could hear, "I'd take you right here if these other two weren't here. See you soon, sexy."

Mrs. Wentworth was right behind as they walked out. She stood next to me as the two ladies walked down the steps and I closed the door.

The minute the door closed something changed. Mrs. Wentworth grabbed me and showed me into the door and started kissing me. It wasn't like Janine's flirting. Mrs. Wentworth was hungry and probably a little drunk. She kissed long and with a lot of tongue and with her hands all over me. I felt her pulling on my belt and my pants. It was like she had more than two hands.

She was panting and groping and excited. Soon my pants were down to my knees. Soon after I was exposed and her hands were on my cock as she was moaning like she found something special. She pushed me to the living room but my clothes were around my ankles and I fell to the floor half in the living room and half in the hall. There I was laying, clothes around my ankles, naked up to my waist but dressed waist up.

She stepped over me and lifted her dress much higher than her waist. She pulled the tight and I think really wet panties down and off one leg so they just hung from one knee. Her thigh highs were on but she started lowering herself on top of me. I felt a hand grip my throbbing cock and slide it into her as she lowered onto me with a moan. Then she sat and kneeled on me and started to ride me up and down and with an animal lust.

She was bouncing and moaning and I was trying hard to last but it was pretty exciting. Behind my head I heard the door open. I couldn't see but the lust crazed Mrs. Wentworth could. She didn't say anything but just kept riding and squeezing me as she got more and more into it. I don't know but just kept going and tried to think about the door.

It turned out it was Janine who forgot something I guess.

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