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She loves turning on her roommate's boyfriend.

Your fingers slide into my wet hole and start moving in and out, in and out, in and out as you continue licking my flesh. You suck on my clit and within seconds, my body reacts and coats your tongue and fingers with my love juice, which you hungrily lick up with your tongue. You slide a finger into my anus after having it in my vagina and start to fuck my ass with your finger as you continue licking and sucking my clit and pussy.

Within moments, you feel my body tense and you know that I'm about to cum. You finger me faster and lick faster too, and almost immediately, my fluids leak out and coat your tongue and fingers. You lick them all up, then leave a trail of kisses from my crotch to my chest, where you suck on my nipples again before moving up to kiss me deeply on the mouth, your tongue sliding sensually against mine. I feel the hard tip of your cock pressing against my inner thigh and I part my legs wider for you.

You tell me to open my eyes now, and you press the head of your cock against my clit and I moan softly, wanting to feel it deep in my wet pussy. I wiggle my hips a little to the left to get it centered, but you hold back, not pressing it into my wetness even though you know how bad I want it in me. You move a hand down to my pussy and start rubbing my clit again and as I gasp, you quickly slide your cock deep into me with one thrust, as far as it will go.

You stop moving for a moment to allow me to get used to the fullness, then after a minute or so, you start moving slowly, in and out of my wet pussy. My legs move up to wrap around your waist and I pull you to me in a tight hug as you thrust your hard shaft in and out, in and out, in and out. You kiss me again and start moving faster and harder. I moan and pant and tell you to go harder and faster and deeper.

You do so and soon we both are starting to feel like we're on fire with passion. I feel you throb within me and I moan loudly as my body tightens around your shaft, coaxing forth your orgasm. Moments later, I scream out your name as my own orgasm hits me like a tidal wave, sending shockwaves of pleasure shooting through my body. I feel your body tense and then I feel the heat of your cum shooting deep into my pussy as you climax within me.

You wrap your arms around me tight and we kiss again, still joined intimately. A few minutes later, you roll onto your side without pulling your cock from my pussy and you pull me tight to you in a tender embrace. I rest my head on your shoulder and cover my mouth to hide a yawn. You kiss me on the forehead and tell me to get some rest because we aren't done with our fun yet, so I fall asleep and regain my energy for round 2.

After an hour or so, you wake me up with some tender kisses and a finger stroking me softly on my nipples. I slowly open my eyes and you smile at me. I smile back and then get up to use the bathroom. I get back in bed after that, and you pull me close and I can feel your hard cock against my leg and I smile again. Your hand goes between my legs and you start to stroke my pussy again.

When you get me nice and wet, you tell me to get on my hands and knees. You get behind me and tease my pussy with your cock head before pushing it slowly into my wetness. Within seconds, you are fully buried within my hot wet sheath, your hands on my hips holding me tight to your pelvis. You start moving within me slowly, setting a steady rhythm, in out in out in out in out.

You move one hand up and take my hair in your fist, pulling back slightly as you move within me. I move my hands up and place them against the wall so I am almost upright instead of on my hands and knees. You continue moving within me and your hands come around to rest on my breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them. You squeeze my nipples between your thumbs and forefingers to get them harder. I close my eyes and tip my head back and moan your name softly as you kiss my shoulder and neck.

You move your lips up to capture my own in a long deep passionate kiss as you move faster within my wetness.

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