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A witch decides to have a little fun with Jack

Her lips but puffy small. You could see her clit peeking out. As I stared in awe I saw the brush travel down south and saw how he cleaned her. The man dug the bristles into her cunt and scrubbed up and down. Furiously grinding it into her. Then like that, he stopped and got up.

Both dripping wet, naked, shaking on the slick tile floor we looked at each other for a moment before looking back at the men. We saw them approach us, and we both instinctually crawled back before getting up. They stopped, and one of them pointed at as.

"Get going." The anonymous man said in a deep growling voice.

We looked behind ourselves to another small concrete corridor leading directly to another room. The room ahead looked bright and well lit. We slowly treaded to the room ahead of us through the corridor, shivering from the cool air on our naked and wet bodies. The concrete floor felt dead and cold on our bare feet, and didn't help. Pushing past transparent plastic flaps we walked into the room.

The room was white and without angles, like the one I was kept in before. Two men in scrubs and stereotypical medical getup stood there. The motioned for us to sit down. We walked forward to the only things in the room, two small benches. The men stepped forward, opening their fists to reveal pills for both of us. I looked over to my right, from whence we came, and saw the familiar guards staring us down in the hallway. Faced with little else to do, or at least how I saw at the moment, I took the pill and swallowed it.

A single door in the middle of the room, opposite from where we came in, opened by itself. The men stepped back. After a few seconds of hesitation we were spurred into the doorway after hearing some foreboding knuckle cracking by way of the guards crowded in the hallway, still watching. The door immediately shut behind us as we stepped into an identical white rounded room with no other entrances or exits.

We stood there breathing heavily, and took this moment to try and take stock of ourselves. Even in this situation I couldn't help myself from eyeing over the redheaded girl. When she noticed me staring I darted my eyes. I felt a light embarrassment from being caught, only for a moment. I then realized she was looking at me as well. My embarrassment only felt heavier as I saw her take note of myself south of the border. Strangely, even though I could feel the blood rushing to my face, I could also feel it rushing downwards. I was getting hard right in front of her.

Before I had time to contemplate my own pathetic shyness the same voice from the intercom returned.

"You have been given instructions. Begin."

I REALLY should have listened to him.

The mysterious redheaded girl shuffled towards me awkwardly. She looked down and rubbed arm as she said,

"So um... do you want me to go first orrr..." She trailed off quietly. Her voice was light and feminine. Extraordinarily so.

I responded without thinking.

"Do what?"

"You know... I-", She stopped herself. "Let's just get it over with."

She took a few steps forward, gently pushing me down against the wall as she did so. I was on my ass, back leaning against the wall. She went down on her knees and got lower, almost on her stomach. She was looking up at me now with wide eyes. Hesitantly, with a look of grief, she took my cock in her hand.

What the fuck was happening? This is what we're supposed to be doing? Have we really been kidnapped and forced to fuck?

Disgusted or annoyed, I couldn't tell, she put her lips over my head.

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