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He's got as much right to be here as you have."

Then I walked over to the bed with a miniature of Jack Daniels, Don's favorite whisky, and removing the cap I freshened his drink sitting on the bedside table. Then I returned to the couch and sat down next to Phil.

"Now we have our drinks," I said. "Let's all have a nice friendly conversation starting off with when this affair started."

"Don't say anything Lynda," Don said. "We need to talk to a lawyer."

"Truer words were never spoken," I said. "And Don, he better be a damn good lawyer! I intend to take you for everything you have. Phil tells me that the video of you two fucking is good enough to be a feature film on the porn channel."

"VIDEO," Lynda screamed. "Of us fucking?"

"Don," I said. "Get up out of bed and put your pants on. Then pack your stuff and drive back to that hotel in Nashville."

"How did you ... " he began.

'A lucky guess Don," I said with a chuckle. "You're too smart to be in the same city at the same time as Lynda. Of course you're not as smart as Phil here. Phil figured it all out and got the evidence for our lawyers."

Don finished off his entire drink in a couple of swallows and got up and headed for the closet naked.

"Check out that little peter Lynda," I said. "Not very impressive when he gets scared is it? And believe me you little whore, my husband is scared shitless right now. And you ought to be just as scared as he is."

Phil got up and walked to the closet and got a big white fluffy robe that luxury hotels have for their guests. He walked over to the bed and pulled a naked Lynda out and helped her put on the robe. I looked at her body and saw nothing better than my own. What the hell, I thought. Don liked it.

"Everybody get comfortable," I said. "And lets talk. Phil why don't you tell them what your lawyer said?"

"The bottom line," Phil said, "is that with the reports of the private investigator and that video, any lawyer worth having will tell them to settle and if we don't ask for the moon they will settle without a trial."

Lynda was sitting next to Don on a small love seat. How appropriate I thought! Phil and I were on the couch. Lynda started to say something and Don hushed her up repeating what he had said earlier about seeing a lawyer before saying anything.

"Okay if you don't want to talk we'll leave you two love birds now," I said. "Lynda, my hubby, when he's really horny, is never satisfied with just one piece of ass. So suck that little thing and if he's not too scared he'll get hard again."

I touched Phil's elbow and he got up from the couch with me and we walked to the door and departed leaving our spouses sitting there on the love seat. As we went down the elevator I looked at the pain on Phil's face. He'd known it was happening for some time but actually seeing it had obviously hurt him. It's always worse for the guys I thought. Wives get angry and want revenge just like I'm feeling now. For a guy it's like he's been kicked in the balls.

We drove back to our hotel and sat down in our room and had another drink. We needed to talk.

"So now what happens?" I asked.

Phil answered as though reading from a list.

"You get a lawyer and I'll have mine talk to him and share all the stuff that detective collected. You throw that bastard out of your house and change the locks. I get all my stuff and move to a hotel room. Then we let the lawyers do what they get paid to do."

Then he got up and turned on the TV, went to his bag and got a DVD, and popping the DVD into the player, he said, "You need to see this Sandy. This is the edited version. The original is in a safety deposit box."

I watched a naked Lynda climb into bed followed by my naked husband with an erection. I looked at the time on the video screen and it showed 3:33 PM. The date was last Thursday. There was no foreplay. He just shoved it in and started fuckin her missionary.

"Romantic, isn't he," I said.

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