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Ros's first romance is short-lived.

Just as a kicker I also knew that the church secretary would open the envelope before passing it to pastor. She was such a gossip it would be all over the congregation if not all over town, in just a few hours.

Her siblings each all got envelops too. No big deal there though, I just wanted them to know how much Anne had she'd hurt me. She would not be able to go to them and lie about me.

Anne, of course got personally served the main envelope. Her copy had the notarized and signed copy of the divorce petition. Anne's envelope also contained all the pictures that everyone else had gotten, and a DVD of her trysts with her lover. But the real topper was a second DVD also showing her boyfriend in action with seven other women he was fucking while doing her. All the video tracks were nicely stamped with date and time so she could see for herself that her lover's dick had just barely dried from her pussy juice before he was mounting the next and professing his undying lover to her as well with his big fat cock.

On advice of councilor, I had my accounting clerk go back and create new pay records for me and readjust corporate earnings too, just in case she did decide to put up a fight, We could present these cooked books to show that we were living from hand to mouth. Being able to produce these documents on such short notice would give credence to the accuracy of the books. Besides, books presented for divorce evidence are only very seldom audited.

My full earnings and company profits were safely set aside in dummy accounts with other banks. The same applied to all my other forms of wealth as well. My stocks, bonds, notes, and real estate were nicely put out of Anne's, or her attorney's reach.

I made a few other calls from Philadelphia as well. The first few were to our credit card companies. I paid each balance in full with electronic transfers and cancelled the cards. Anne's car was also a lease. I cancelled the lease and the car insurance as well. Unfortunately the lease didn't run until the end of the month so I was stuck with that, but it was OK in any case, her fuel card was now void too.

The next issue was our house. Here I was stuck. The planning of what to do with the house was a bit more complicated. Our state being community property had my hands tied a bit.

For the furniture though, I did prearrange with a consignment house to have all our furniture taken to his store for immediate cheap, bargain basement sale and provided him with the front door key. He would take everything except those items that Anne had brought into the marriage like her grandma's coffee table and the grandfather clock in the hall. The movers were required to leave a receipt on the coffee table and a check for half the estimated value of the furniture. When Anne entered the house there would be nothing but her clothes hanging in closets or packed in boxes. We even took half of the small kitchen appliances. I did say I had time to prepare for this?

There was just one more detail to take care of; that being one Lamar Johnson. Lamar was Anne's lover. By the way, he was also Anne's personal trainer at the gym where she went 3 times a week. And even though he was a gigolo with no intentions of ever marrying Anne, I just felt I owed him a little something as well for seducing my wife into his bed. Well, not his bed exactly, he used motel rooms Anne had paid for out of my company's profits. She always kept her earnings separated.

Now being in the construction business, I knew people, who new people who knew people in the "insurance" (extortion) business. It was not even a problem to find a couple of strong arms to deal with Mister Johnson in the manner I prescribed.

It seems Lamar being a personal trainer and pimp prided himself on staying in considerable good health. He made sure his muscles bulged to attract neglected white wives with money to spend on him. The fact is, his muscles were simply bulk, for show. There was no real strength in them.

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