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Becky proves to everyone she's truly sorry.

They were on a quiet road, rolling hills around them with a few houses dotting the horizon. It almost seemed as if they were in an entirely different world.

She heard Desmond get out of the cab and fetch the bags before the taxi drove off. Liana couldn't help but look at the house that sat sleepily before her. A worn wooden fence surrounding the front yard, melting into the hedges that lined the road. The gate was ajar, inviting someone to walk up the smooth cobblestone path that led to the front door. The house was surprisingly large, two stories with an attic and a beautiful porch that appeared to wrap around the entire house. It was painted a pale cream color with dark brown accents with rose bushes planted close to the stairs and porch. The porch had a matching wood fence surrounding it and Liana could see several rocking chairs sitting empty.

"Go ahead in. The door should be unlocked," Desmond said, watching Liana with amusement. Liana looked over her shoulder and grinned before pushing the gate fully open and walking through the yard. She had pictured so many different looking houses, so many different yards but none of them were as beautiful as the home she was to reside in now.

Carefully, slowly, she opened the front door which was unlocked like Desmond had said. The front door led to a warm hallway which extended to the back of the house and what looked like a kitchen. Stairs were tucked neatly in the right hand side of the hall, leading upstairs. To Liana's left was a dining room and to the right a living room. She went into the living room, admiring the streamlined furniture. It looked like something out of an Ikea magazine almost. She sat on the couch, lounging on it like a Greek goddess.

"Do you like my parent's taste?" Desmond asked, sliding several suitcases into the front hall.

"It's gorgeous," Liana whispered, standing up and wandering into what appeared to be a den. The den had dark wood paneling and didn't connect to the kitchen like she had thought. Bookshelves lined all four walls, stocked thoroughly with novels of all sorts. She left that room and went to the kitchen.

"My mother liked to cook," Desmond said, as if that explained the elaborate setup of the kitchen. Liana supposed it did.

"Would you like to go upstairs?" Desmond asked, offering his hand. Liana smiled and took his warm hand. He led her back to the front hall and up the stairs. It was a four bedroom house with two and half baths. The master bedroom was warm and inviting with a bit of a masculine touch in the ornate oak bed.

"This is our room, I suppose," Desmond said, leaning against the doorframe. Liana peeked into the closet (a walk in!) and the bathroom (was that a Jacuzzi she saw?) before returning to Desmond and kissing him sweetly.

"Come on," he said, obviously amused with her pleasure of seeing the house. He showed her the other bedrooms, one of them apparently his from when he was younger, another one his sister's. One was crammed full of more books, the result of mostly him although his sister contributed.

"And this used to be the guest room, but I was thinking it would be our 'play' room," he said, opening the door to the room that was tucked in the corner all the way at the end of the hallway. Liana stuck her head in and looked around the room. It was fairly bare but the backside of the wall, which she presumed was also the back of the house, was nothing but windows. Curtains framed it but could easily be pulled back so that any person in the backyard could look in and watch any movement.

"Um," she paused, looking at him, unsure what to say.

He grinned and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close, "We could switch the master bedroom and the play room around if you'd like." She nuzzled his neck, kissing him in appreciation.

"I think I'd like that better," she murmured.

"Good," he growled.

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