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Bobby gets more than just a room to rent.

It's one of the reasons you married her.

Anyway, today she was wearing her standard home clothes of track pants, t-shirt and jumper, which despite being fairly modest, still somehow showed her figure off a little. She returned about an hour later. She told you that the guys were sweet, complimented her a few times, and made room for her to sit between them on the couch while she enjoyed a beer. Once the game ended they apologized again for the noise, then gave her a hug before letting her leave. They didn't turn the porn off though.

"So how was the porn?" you ask after she's told you all this.

"Pretty hot, to be honest. I was only half watching it, but the girls in the film were teasing and slowly stripping for the guys, and then taking on 3 or 4 of them at once. The girls seemed to orgasm a few times, and each guy came in their pussies or mouths. They even showed the cum dripping out afterwards, like a cream pie."

"Sounds hot" you say, letting her know it's ok that she found it arousing.

"It was, now let's go get ready to go out tonight".

You both head to the bedroom to get ready. Before long your having a lovely dinner out with friends, after which you head home and make love. Yep, life's pretty good.

The routine continued for a few more weekends, and you thought nothing of it. The boys would have the TV up, Beth would go round, get them to turn it down, and enjoy a beer in their company, before coming home and telling you what happened in the game, and how hot the porn was. You always made love those nights, and Beth was cuming harder and harder each week, and while you're not sure it was the porn or the attention from the guys, but you sure weren't complaining.

After about a month of this happening, the guys started to get more sexual in their compliments (but still subtle). They also 'accidentally' brushed her ass, legs, arms or tits as they walk past, really subtly at first, but as Beth gave no resistance, they became more overt. Within another month she was having her butt caressed every time she went past a guy. If she sat on the couch next to them to watch the game, a hand would make it's way onto her thigh before too long. She gently chided them from time to time, things like "what would my husband say if he saw this", or "This is fun, but I will stop you if you go too far". She thought this would reign in their attentions, but they just took it as a sign they could do whatever they liked, and she'd simply stop them if it went too far.

At first Beth was apprehensive about all the attention, but then realized that she's not in any danger, and it's just a bit of harmless flirting. Besides, she enjoyed being desired and felt very sexy when she gets the attention from the guys. She also gets used to the porn on the TV all the time, and increasingly wonders what it would feel like to have multiple guys fuck her.

You begin to notice Beth is staying longer and longer each time, and also starts dressing sexier. You're very happy, because now she's horny all week long, and , he's happy because she always comes home horny (and stays horny all week). Besides, she keeps telling you what happens each week, so no harm done right?

One afternoon after she comes home she immediately sits you down on the couch and unzips your fly.

"Are you sure you don't mind me being felt up and ogled over by the boys next door honey?" she asks, fishing your cock out. "They are starting to get quite open with it, today they were openly massaging my tits through my top as we sat on the couch." She says, before taking your already hard cock into her mouth. She sucks you a few times while you reply.

"It's fine with me honey, as long as you always tell me everything that happens over there, and keep being the horny little minx that you've become."

She stops sucking and starts jerking your cock with her hand.

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