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I dream of a hot girl at school.

He hears the panic in my voice fill the room...

"No, Daddy, no! I was a very good boy, didn't do anything like that...please...", puts his fingers back on me, starts to feel the pre-cum on the end of my penis, rubs it all around the head..."no, I swear..."...

"Shhhhhssss, just enjoy your little reward. Such a good boy." I feel him start to pump with his finger and thumb, rapidly. "Cum! Do it for me, don't make me wait, baby, cum. You know what I want from you, do it." He stares at my penis, feels me quiver as he works me, takes me to the edge. I see him look up at me, sternly..."Cum, do it, fucking cum, bitch!"

Hear him laugh as I start to shake. Cum runs down all over my penis as he holds it straight my by my balls, feel the warmth of it as it spurts and then drips down my little thing. He runs his fingers over the tip of it, "Very good, a good little boy. And in less than five minutes." I don't dare say a word as he finishes with me. Feel him milk the shaft gently after I go soft. And then he releases me. I don't wait to be told. He holds his hand up, the one with the most cum on it. I bend forward and lick it clean. Then the other, I taste my cum, lick it with my tongue trying to be very careful not to get my lipstick on his hand.

"I have to see this for myself some time, have to get someone to film you like this, very erotic. I want to watch you being milked, watch you clean up after. This is very hot. Only problem is I can't watch your pathetic little show, I have to milk you. I want to see it from all angles, see that ass of yours quiver, shiver and shake." He sits back in his chair. "What if I found someone to do this for me, send you to him, not have to touch that sissy thing ever again?"

"Daddy, please don't say that, I love you doing this for me. Please, you know I love you, don't want anyone else. Please..." He hears the pleading in my voice. Watches me beg him, he sits forward in his chair, reaches out and runs his hand up the smooth inner side of my left leg. There's cum all over the front of my dangling panties. Some of it drips onto the tile floor.

He stands, I feel him take me by my left arm and pull me to the back of his chair, firmly. Feel him hold my arm so tight I cry out, Feel him push me forward, bend me over the back of his chair, my face pushed into the seat of it. I feel his foot push my feet apart, he spreads my legs. He slaps my rear then runs his hand over the curve of my cheeks, can feel him looking down at me. Then I hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. "You know that even though I'm in a hurry giving you your sissy reward always puts me in the mood. You know you make me want to fuck you, baby, makes my cock hard when you do your little submissive reward show. You love that, don't you, baby?" He doesn't wait for an answer. I feel his erection run up between the crack of my rear, feel him put it to my tight little hole, "Uhhhh, yes!" He pushes it in deep...then pulls back out quickly. "I knew there was a reason I keep you as my sissy bitch...ooooo, you are the best little fuck I think I've ever had, better than my wife...and that's saying a lot. Oooo...yes!"

Feel my little hole open wide for him, feel him use it to just run the head of his erection in and out of, short little teasing strokes, he makes me open and close around the head of his cock quickly. I can feel him enjoying my tight rear end, feel him as he uses me. Then he just pushes it in, doesn't wait for me get ready, pushes it in as far as it will go. He starts to fuck. I cry out, jump slightly. He ignores me and I feel him start to pump to cum. He pushes my face down into the chair seat, feel him take my rear in both hands tightly. He holds me in place as he starts to fuck very hard and very fast. Only sound in the room is my soft whimpering and his erection sliding in and out of me in long strokes, can hear the k-y slippery sound.

I stay perfectly still for him, know that he likes me to do that, just let him use my rear until he finishes.

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