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I take a vacation.

The cost of discovery would be extremely high for what I intended to do. A few nightmare scenarios flitted through my mind; what if she somehow came home days early, or gave spare keys to other people as well?

I walked around the living room, slowly defeating my anxiety as I looked at her inert TV and the various papers and knick-knacks on her work desk. The air conditioner had been shut off in her absence, making the air warm and still. The window blinds were quite firmly closed, and I took a peek just to make sure no one was around outside. For the afternoon, at least, Lilly's home was my playground.

While I'd been cautiously padding around, I casually but deliberately pressed my hand over the crotch of my jeans, provoking a pleasant erection in anticipation of what was to come. No longer feeling the need to be so careful, I unbuttoned and stripped off my pants entirely. I'm sure I was openly grinning as I continued to undress, thinking of all the times I'd been here before, chatting with Lilly while secretly ogling her sweet small breasts and lovely legs. By the time I was down to my snug fitting white briefs, I was already quite hard and eager.

This was pretty much my last chance to step back from the brink. One more step, and I would be completely naked in the condo of my wife's longtime friend. Well, at least it isn't cheating, right? No harm, no foul, and all that...

Sliding off my underpants, they joined the rest of my disordered clothes on the immaculately clean carpet. I clasped my bare erection, giving it a gentle squeeze just to underline the point. This was only the beginning, and I'd become bored of the living room -it was time to take my solo party to her bedroom.

Stepping quietly into this intimate space, I took in every detail as I slowly stroked myself. There was no mistaking that this was the bedroom of a single woman of a certain age, from the delicate perfumed scent that hung in the air to the various family photos on the walls and dresser. It wasn't a large bedroom, but it seemed like there were no shortage of small corners to poke my nose into and explore.

I was tempted to wonder if there wasn't a vibrator tucked away somewhere. I liked to imagine Lilly lying alone in her bed, hands between her thighs as she brought herself to orgasm while reliving past sexual adventures; maybe her fingers weren't the only thing pressed against her clit.

I was also eager to get a good look at what I hoped would be her panty drawer. I'm not at all what one would call a panty-sniffer, and married life had diminished my boyish fascination with a ladies silky under-things; but right then, I would very much have liked to touch and caress Lilly's most intimate garments as I aroused myself.

If this were a fictional tale, I would have found that slender white vibrator, and used a pair of her silk panties to stroke off to messy orgasm. Sadly, this was not the case. While I did open her clothes drawers, caution prevented any serious rummaging -I knew Lilly would be very unhappy if she suspected I'd been going through her things, even if she remained blissfully ignorant of everything else I was doing in her bedroom. I could only content myself with fingering some of her neatly folded, brightly colored tops. That was all right, because the bed was waiting a mere step away.

I brushed my hand across the comforter, teasing myself with thoughts of Lilly sleeping beneath these very sheets. Did she sleep in the nude, or wear a nightshirt? Had she invited any men into this bed with her? If not... Well, she was about to have one anyway.

Mounting the mattress with one knee, I grasped my cock firmly in my right hand, pointing it towards her pillow.

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