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Vivian continues his journey into sissy heaven.

Stepping out of it, she removed her white panties, folded them and the dress neatly, laid them on the back of the couch, and just stood there with a faint smile, completely nude and silent. As she did this, I, too, undressed in like manner, neatly folding my clothes and placing them on the other end of the couch.

Wow!!! Was Diana ever dy-no-mite! Sure, I'd seen her cleavage many a time (957 times that very day, to be precise) but that was it, and I was reminded in a most delicious way that in all the time I'd known her, I'd never seen any part of the rest of her big boobs, her legs above the knees, or any part of her mid-riff. No, she'd never been seen in a swimsuit or shorts, always donning an expensive dress at even the most casual of functions. She was a voluptuous beauty, made all the better due to her body having been hidden from view for so long.

My eyes roamed all over her. What was her best part? Hell, all of them were in a dead heat! She had thick red hair, falling to just below her shoulders, which framed a face of timeless perfection. Very fair skinned with a few freckles, her hazel eyes shined brightly over an aquiline nose situated over smooth red lips and a natural white smile no orthodontist could possibly improve. A Greek in 400 BC would have found her face just as pretty as any modern man.

Though of average height, she was not of average build, with "proportionate" being the key word here. Everything went perfectly with everything else. Her 36D breasts would have looked oversized had her shoulders and arms not matched them, and the nipples and small diameter areolas, with nary a bump, were the same color and just as smooth as her lips. Diana had obviously avoided the sun, the freckles evenly distributed all over her fair skin, even on the tops of her luscious, lily-white breasts.

Her waist flared dramatically inward, but she was not skinny, having a lovely cushion of compound curves around her tummy, punctuated by the enticing vortex of her deep navel. Below, soft hips flared back out like a Michelangelo sculpture, but nothing obscured from view her red pubes, growing not quite bushy enough to conceal a deep crease from Pussyland extending up into a bulging mons. Incredibly smooth legs tapered to small, arched feet, the nails painted deep red to match the polish on the long nails of her exquisitely manicured hands.

In a word, she was beautiful, and we were about to enjoy the pleasures of sex. And all I had to do for it was ask politely!!!

Normally, when I've got the sexual green light, I waist no time, but it was different that day with Diana. We just stood there for like 5 minutes gazing at each others' nude bodies. I slowly stepped over to her and gently kissed her lips as I ran my fingers through her soft, thick red hair. She kissed back ever so lightly while softly tracing her nails through my own hair.

Since I was much taller than she, my fully erect penis was rubbing on her velvet-soft tummy while I introduced my tongue into the kissing. She responded with her agile tongue, though still kissing extremely gently. She was a great kisser, and I increased my lip pressure and pace. Again, Diana responded in kind, reciprocating to my actions by kissing back harder. I slid my hands down to her buns, squeezing them and massaging them. No tiny butt, her proportionately ample buns were nevertheless shapely, soft, and so smooth. Accordingly, she squeezed my buns at the same time as we continued to French kiss.

I was thrusting my tool ever more vigorously on her stomach, her lovely belly button so deep and soft it was not unlike a pussy, and most girls would have by then taken hold of a hard cock to play with.

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