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An open curtain catches a man's eye.

And there was nobody coming at all to walk Emmy-Lyn home. There never had been.

Emmy-Lyn had never known much about her father until she'd turned twelve and he was out of her life by the time that she was thirteen and a half. Her mother - when she worked - was a rather alcoholic short-order cook and waitress in a working man's diner on the other side of the many, many tracks. The rest of the time, her mother - when she wasn't working - was just a drunk.

Over time, and as the two girls grew older, it had been Janey who had professed a desire in her for Emmy in ways which had surprised the hell out of the taller girl. And by the time that they'd gotten out of high school, Emmy-Lyn Parker was in the love of her life.

She might have been confused as hell about it until she came to accept it for the way that it felt to her heart, but that had been the first love of her life.

But girls from families even a little better off never think of things like that as they begin to think that it was getting to the time when a girl finds herself a young man. With a little help, it had happened and Janey was engaged, just after the end of the war and now that the economy was ready to boom without the drain of the war effort dragging it down any longer.

The boy worked for the railroad too, thanks to Janey's father and his future as well as Janey's looked rather bright indeed.

It had bothered Emmy-Lyn, sure, but what do a pair of girls from a cow town in the middle of nowhere do? What sort of opportunities are there then? None that either one of them could see for damn sure.

The second blow to Emmy-Lyn's heart had come when she'd proposed leaving Dodge City together and Janey had refused - which, no matter how Emmy-Lyn looked at it, was Janey choosing life with someone else over love with her.

That led to a long period of darkness for Emmy-Lyn Parker.

She'd withdrawn and was just getting over it when she'd run into Janey one day.

Emmy-Lyn hadn't known of Janey's impending wedding the next weekend and Janey hadn't said a word. She'd acted like they could be together again, though she'd been a little foggy about just how.

They'd ended up going for a walk out in a vacant field full of scrub brush out behind Janey's house and well, one thing led to another , since they hadn't seen each other in a while and Emmy-Lyn had just been so relieved and happy and ...

They'd been caught by Janey's younger sister who'd been sent to bring her older sibling back so that they could leave for the wedding rehearsal if she got changed right then.

The sister had come along with their eighteen year-old weasel-faced cousin and ...

Janey had instantly made it all Emmy-Lyn's doing, as though none of it had been her idea at all.

Emmy-Lyn could remember standing in shock and a considerable amount of hurt as Janey had accused her directly when the whole thing had turned into a screaming match.

Now, Emmy-Lyn's own mother wouldn't even speak to her and - not that she'd ever had much of a reputation in Dodge City before that point or anything.

But she sure had one now. The things that she'd been called and ...

The only thing they hadn't accused her of was molesting the kitchen sink.

She'd gotten out her small amount of money; all that she'd saved over her life thus far and been able to hide from her alcoholic mother. It was a little more than what she'd had when she'd suggested leaving town to Janey.

Now, she supposed, it might get her a little farther away. Maybe twice as far.

So with a small suitcase filled with a very few clothes and things, she'd been trying to get to the train station, hoping against hope that Janey's father or her beau wouldn't see her. She'd thought to go about as far as a train ticket might get her and then try to ride her thumb, which wasn't a thrilling prospect either.

But it was all th

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