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For love must always triumph.


He nodded, "You have been such a trooper about this budget shit."

She blushed guiltily, "Not completely. I sometimes go over my book budget."

His deep laughter echoed off their bedroom walls, "Yeah, well, if what I saw the other morning was any indication, spend away."

She bit her lower lip. This was the entrance she had been hoping for, but did she have the courage to carry through with her plan. Looking at the man who was the father of her children, who worked so many long hard hours to provide for them, who had been her best friend and lover for almost two decades, she knew the answer. She had to find it.

"You know our anniversary is Monday," she began tentatively.

He nodded, "Yeah, I know. I wanted to talk to you about that. I know that we promised we would not buy anything. So this morning I went to check with my friend Larry. See if his cabin in the mountains might be available."

She chuckled, "That's funny because I asked Mama if the boys could spend the night with them."

The rough pad of his thumb brushed against her bare nipple as she sighed softly, "So does that mean we have a date, Brandy Wine?" he asked, using the nickname he had given her years before.

She nodded shyly. How could this man still make her feel like a fumbling school girl after all these years? But he did. Just as he always sent the butterflies in her stomach into flight with just a look or a touch. She drew in a deep breath and forced herself to continue, "But that's not your real present."

He winked at her and shook his head, "Then what might be my real present?" He leaned over and buried his face between her ample bosom, licking them tenderly.

She pulled away and her heart soared at the low growl of frustration her husband emitted. She reached over to the night stand and grabbed her e-reader. She pushed the power button and its screen came to life on the passage she had chosen earlier. "Read this," she asked timidly with her eyes down.

He wrapped his arms about her, "I can think of better things to be doing than reading."

She looked up, "Please, read it. I don't think I could actually say it."

He frowned and lifted the reader over his face as he tucked her under his arm, her ample chest pressed against his side and his other hand resting on her bottom. But within a couple of minutes his eyes had grown wide, his breathing more shallow and his heart beat rapidly beneath her fingers. She looked down to discover that his cock tented the front of his jeans.

"Fuck me," he groaned as he finished the chapter. "You women been keeping that shit a secret. Damn, that is hotter than most of the porn I read on the Internet," he chuckled.

She giggled and reached for the reader, "Well, what did you think?"

He rolled her beneath him and rubbed his stiff cock against her mound. Even with his jeans and the flimsy triangle of red lace that covered her wet pussy, she could tell that her husband was harder than he had been in a long time, "That's what I think about it." He leaned forward and began to nibble at her ear as he dry humped her. One hand kneaded her breast while the other slipped beneath the fragile barrier to her warm welcome.

She arched up into his caress, seeking her own release as she whispered, "Would you like to," but she could not find the strength to finish the question.

His hand on her cunt stilled. His lips released her ear as he drew back to stare down into her eyes. "Like what, Brandy Wine?"

She bit her lower lip and looked down to watch her chest heaving up and down rapidly. "Want to do that? With me?" she whispered.

His fingers gently lifted her chin, "You mean fuck that sweet ass? Bury my cock inside your back door and fill it with my come?"

Brandy's heart stopped for a moment at his bold words and the intense desire in her husband's face. She could not speak so she simply nodded her head.

"Fuck, sweetheart. That's been my favorite fantasy to beat off to for years. Hell, yeah, I want." He searched her face, "But are you sure?"

She sighed, "I don't know.

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