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Our hero gets surprise whilst visit old friends.

Throughout the films she was watching intently and as on the first one was critical, and envious, of the single girl generally involved- in particular she could not understand why she was not enjoy it more. On Thursday evening we watched a good quality compilation of various subjects including girl on girl.

Although both sessions had a very nice bonus for me at the end she insisted that we did not actually discuss how any of the activities may relate to her future activity. She said she was just researching sexual activity a subject which a mere 10 days ago to her was little more than the reproductive process.

Friday evening came around quickly, her bruising had cleared up, and the shower room was finished - all was ready for the innocent housewife from England to sell her body to anybody who had the money, for a second weekend.

Just before six o'clock Chantal came into my office to give me her fashion show. This time she had borrowed a little black dress that was just a band around her hips and a bra joined together with black vertical strings around her middle. She was wearing a very high pair of black courts with a single ankle band.

She said "Not bad" and gave me a twirl which was a bit unsteady; her heels were very high "This dress could get me in trouble under the trade description act or what ever they have here, my boobs are nowhere like the size this dress makes them appear - but I will soon be doing something about that". I just told her she looked absolutely marvellous and for her to have a good night.

I watched her working the bar, and the punters, for a couple of hours. She was full of life and obviously very happy with all the attention she was getting, I noticed that both Mike and Ben were back and the three of them chatted a lot.

Just before eight in she came and told me she was not changing tonight the dress was sluttish enough to attract the customers. "Well my lover, your Whore is off to earn us another crust or two. I have already hooked my first three but I hope I get more" I just called her a slut and gave her a kiss.

Her first guy was just average. He had asked for a "Half and Half" and had obviously paid on the way in but I gathered from her banter while she prepared him that she had charged him $350. She gave him a lengthy go with her mouth/throat and he gave her a very satisfactory, for them both, go at her pussy. First one of her second weekend and already covered in sweat; with her new facilities she was able to clean herself and her 'John' up quickly with a mutual shower. Her efforts were rewarded with $50 tip.

In little less than half an hour she was cleaning up her second customer, it was Mike who I now knew was a pilot. Some nice mouth work but she was soon on her hands and knees pointing her bum at him. Mike said "I hope Ben has not ruined your wonderful ass I made the mistake of telling him how great it was and the randy bastard could not wait he flew in especially during the week to try it" Other than a liberal application of lube on his sheathed cock he was in and slamming without any preparation.

My, so recently innocent friend was away instantly bright red faced, sweat pouring off and steady pleasurable sounds from her lovely mouth. It was actually over quite quickly but they enjoyed themselves in the shower afterwards - I can't actually hear any conversation from the shower room but have a clear line of sight into the actual cubicle, there is no door.

She was really working quickly tonight it was only about ten to nine when number three was been cleaned up. I suppose sorting the cash for her "bookings" on the way thru and the adjacent shower were both helping. This guy was white in his forties with a slim but rather long tool.

Chantal started to work on it with her mouth and said "Lets get this fellow a little harder and I will prove that $300 for my mouth is great value" I thought what is she up to- mentioning the double price for her mouth was obviously for my benefit.

She than lay on her back across the bed wit

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