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Can one of them find the courage to take the next step?

"So, you're brother was right."

"What, daddy?" Ellie was positive she'd heard her father incorrectly, John called for his son.

"Ellie, get on your knees on the bed and face away from me. Now." Ellie scrambled to do as her father asked. He walked up behind her and grabbed her by the hair, angrily saying in her ear, "There's no way any daughter of mine is going to parade around like a little slut for the whole school. You understand?" Ellie nodded. "I'm not quite sure you do. Get on your hands."

John shoved her forward so Ellie was on her hands and knees, her head hanging. Ellie trembled as she heard her father's pants drop, his fingers sliding up and down her slit.

"Not wet? Maybe there's hope for you yet, whore."

Her father put one knee on the bed and leaned forward, grabbing her jaw with one hand. "Open up." Ellie opened her mouth, able to feel her father's cock between her ass cheeks. He thrust his other hand in her mouth, wetting his fingers. He leaned down and licked her slit from clit to asshole. He shoved his wet fingers in her cunt, forcing her open. Ellie cried out, never having been touched there, feeling both pleasure and pain as her father used her roughly.

Joss walked in then, saw what was going on and smirked, rubbing his cock. He slapped her face with it, laughing. "Finish what you started, bitch." Ellie opened her mouth again, wider this time as her brother fucked her face, keeping her in line by pulling her hair.

Her father stood up, and grasped her hips, sliding his cock up and down her slit.

"Ready for this, slut?" Ellie whimpered and tried to shake her head no but her brother yanked on her hair. John grabbed her hips, positioned his cock, and slammed as far into her cunt as he could, merciless. Ellie screamed loudly as he ripped into her body.

"You are so tight, you've never had sex have you, you little tease..." He rammed her with his cock again and again until he bottomed out; Ellie's crying slowed as her body numbed. Joss shoved his cock in her mouth one last time, pulling on her hair to get it all the way in as he came deep in her throat, forcing her to swallow. He let his cock fall out of her mouth, still hard. John saw that his son was still hard, and they shared a look. John licked his finger and circled Ellie's asshole, slowly sticking a finger in as he fucked her damp cunt. Ellie moaned in protest as she felt her father's hand penetrate her ass.

"No, Daddy, no, please don't.." she pleaded. Her brother laughed and left the room. Ellie hoped he was done, but started crying as he walked in again holding lube. John let his cock slide out of his daughter, and pulled his finger out of her ass. Ellie tried to crawl away but Joss was quick to grab her ankles and yank backwards, making her collapse on the bed. Her father grabbed scarves off of coat hangers in her closet and tied her hands to the bed posts, and also used one around her mouth to muffle her crying.

John slid onto the bed, grabbing Ellie's hips and holding them up so he could get under her. He buried his face in her breasts, biting and sucking them roughly. He motioned to Joss, who stepped up to the bed and got on his knees, smacking Ellie's ass hard. She cried out.

"That, you little slut, is for trying to get away. I bet you didn't try to get away from the soccer team, did you cockslut?" Joss said as he angrily slapped her again. The thought of his baby sister with so many disgusting guys made him sick, and he continued to slap her ass harder and harder.

John started to thrust fingers in and out of Ellie's cunt in time with Joss's slaps. He could feel Ellie starting to get wet and laughed darkly. "The truth comes out, you really are a little slutbucket." Ellie shook her head fiercely.

"No daddy, no... please stop this, it isn't right..."

"Shut up whore, you should have thought about the consequences of your actions yesterday."

Joss stopped smacking her and she soon felt something cold on her asshole.

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