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Was it really him taking her? Who was he??

It was around the corner so Melissa sped walked to the sound. She saw two girls her age, dressed in bathing suits covered by light clothes. She again stood in front of them as if posing for their approval.

"Will did this to me." she repeated, calmly opening her right leg again to these strange girls. Their shocked reactions made Melissa feel like she was in charge and not the one who felt awkward at this intimate sexual display to a female, instead she felt they were the ones on the defensive.

These girls recovered a bit faster than the guy. "Wow you're having a good time aren't you sweetie?"

"How can you tell?" Melissa said, still holding her pose, and resisting a strong, and unexpected urge to rub her hands over her breasts or pussy.

The girls just smiled and the other said "Well, we should let you go grab a shower." They laughed and Melissa moved to allow them to pass.

The last guy responded almost exactly like the first and Melissa headed back to the room, ice bucket in hand.

Melissa strolled into the room with a wide smile on her face, put the ice in the table between the beds and turned and faced the two beds, where the girls all looked at her expectantly. "You'll never guess what happened." Melissa said in an understated way, adopting her right leg out pose. The cum now a dry, sticky mess on her inner thigh.

Mandy looked like she was having a heart attack or something, but Jenn squealed. "You got fucked!"

Melissa then did a circle on the spot, sticking her ass out at the halfway point.

"And you were a bad girl!" Erin chimed in with laughter at seeing the hand print.

"What happened?" Mandy said, still not believing Melissa.

Melissa told the whole story to a captive and enthusiastic audience, as they all drank pretty heavily during. They talked about that for a while until Melissa finally urged them to continue the game.

"Well, leader goes first, so you're up, one ice cube on each nipple until you say stop."

So Melissa lay on the bed and Erin and Mandy each got an ice cube. Erin commented "We are going to have to get new blankets for these beds after this," as Jenn set her watch, as soon as Jenn said "Go" they put their cubes on her nipples and Melissa gasped and flinched at the sudden coldness.

At first the ice felt very cold, but over time it turned into a prickly pain. Her nipples were extremely erect as the girls traced the ice cubes in small circles over her nipples.

The pain slowly grew more uncomfortable until Melissa said "Stop."

"3 minutes, not bad. Ok Mandy."

Mandy's performance was very similar to Melissa but she lasted a bit longer, close to 3 minutes 30.

Jenn said she'd go next and she put up the high score, close to 6 minutes. At this Erin basically conceded saying she's sensitive to stuff like this, and her nipples were especially sensitive, but she'd try it anyways.

She did and lasted about 2 minutes before she couldn't take it anymore.

The girls then all laughed at their super erect nipples and Erin decided to get her camera and get a picture of the 4 of them, they knelt shoulder to shoulder in a row on one bed, while Erin put the camera off to the side of them and just in front, so it took a picture of their 8 nipples in a row, pushed out. The girls loved the way it came out.

The girls then laughed for a bit as they were now pretty drunk, when Erin suggested the next contest: "Ok, in honor of Melissa's cute little ass and the sexy hand print, we'll play spank for spank, slap each other's asses until someone gives. We'll do semis and finals."

"Ok, who fights who?"

"We'll do bed mates to start. Doggy style, take a hit then switch."

Melissa and Erin got on all fours and looked at each other across the beds, both remembering the last time they were like this they were being videotaped and group fucked by a bunch of random guys. They smiled at each other, sharing a secret memory.

Melissa saw Jenn windup and whack Erin hard, who winced but made no sound, a resounding slap was heard and then her own ass was spanked soon after and she gave a

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