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A researcher is trapped in a lab with an unusual slime girl.

could you stick that fine cock for even more pleasure?

pleasurelady: Yeah, love to take over and show you that the real thing offers much more pleasure

Stephen7: Don't get the idea I don't still love sex with a warm blooded pussy with a mature mind attached...we all need the good role in the hay with grunts and dirty sexy talk

pleasurelady: Maybe, but you take my breath away watching you (or maybe its my finger on my clit that is doing it!)

Stephen7: but honestly there's no limit to the sensations e-stim can deliver for both a man or a woman!

UKcouple4cyber: That's a really horny tool you got there. Wonder if they sell those things in the UK? I want so badly to get one myself, but I can't figure out how to purchase the equipment without the wife finding out...oh, forgot she is sitting right here! ___

LittleBitNaughty: I think it is beautiful... love the intensity and anticipation of it. I wish my clit was hooked up like this. The contracting and twitching your cock is making is a real turn on...can almost feel the waves of pleasure the estim is putting through you

UKcouple4cyber: I just handed my husband a credit card to buy one!

pleasurelady: You couldn't be hotter, and seeing your cock bobbing in obvious sweet ecstasy from the e-stim is incredible

UKcouple4cyber: Stephen, can that thing get you off more than once with the same hard on?

Stephen7: Actually soon after I turned 40 I stopped being able to cum more than once a night whether it was with my own hand or with my wife. With this toy I've been able to cum 2 or sometimes 3 times in one night again

pleasurelady: If I was standing there and you were performing like that for me, you would have no choice but to cum more than once...I'd jump your bones and give that cock a warm wet place to sink into

LittleBitNaughty: You're making me soo wet mmmmmmmmm...I want to fuck something hard right now. This is so hot...I'm taking off my clothes and taking my laptop to bed...brb

UKcouple4cyber: You look soooooooo good...I wish your tongue was right here licking my pussy in front of my husband...btw my knickers are totally soaked already!

Stephen7: You need to let me cum over and treat that pussy right then

UKcouple4cyber: Who me?? *blush*

pleasurelady: me? *wink*

Stephen7: Either of you...or both of you...all three of you!!

All during this session so far I could see myself on my computer in a little pop-up window. It was the same view the girls had. I was seeing exactly what they were seeing as they watched this. I could see my hard cock, bobbing and drooling a thin flow of pre-cum from my own natural point of view as well as theirs. I became even more aroused myself, my arousal feeding off theirs ever more intensely. And then I began to picture their lovely, smiling faces, their twinkling eyes looking back at me, wanting me.

LittleBitNaughty: Back! Did I miss anything??

pleasurelady: only that he thinks he can lick three hot wet pussies at once!

LittleBitNaughty: Hmmm, what a thought...oh, my nipples are so very hard right now. I wish my bf was here to suck on them both while you are estimming too!

Stephen7: I'm sure between the two of us we'd make you cum very nicely

UKcouple4cyber: All I can say Stud is you must have a lot of self control. I'd be letting that machine vibrate me right until I squirt!

LittleBitNaughty: Do you think it would shock me if I licked the head of your cock while you were stimmin?

Stephen7: I wouldn't know, I can't bend in half enough to reach down and lick test it wife has never tried either come to think of it. I doubt it would shock you though

pleasurelady: That is so hot, if I was there with you, I would spit on your cock and make it even better for you! You are making me so wet watching you

UKcouple4cyber: Damn, look at that thing jump around. You're gonna electrocute that bloke!

LittleBitNaughty: Would love to have my lips around your beautiful cock!!

pleasurelady: I would absolutely LOVE to hear all the sounds you are making. You could probably make me cum just moaning in my ear right now


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