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When the parents announce their divorce, kids get involved.

Let's get pictures of her bruises." I said.

Mary patted Lindsey some more. Then sat back. She folded her arms making her tits look even bigger. "I guess you really aren't up to speed on us, are you? She said to me then looked at Lindsey who shook her head. "Chris may own the largest imported car dealership in the state. He has lots of friends in the police department." She went on to explain that her father made a ton of money in real estate. His family owned most of the land there and sold off parts and invested heavily. He died with more money than his grandchildren could spend in their lifetime. There was a trust fund and Mary controlled it.

"I never knew what my father saw in Chris' mother. She was a small minded mean woman. Chris is just like her: conceited, self centered and venal." She looked at me and continued." We all live on the same piece of property. I live in Dad's old house. Chris built at the far end about 100 yards away. We usually all take meals together. We share a lot of the same servants."

'Servants?' I thought. How rich were these people? Why the hell was I mixed up in all this anyway?

"Why is he so pissed off at me? I don't even know the guy," I asked them.

Lindsey looked at Mary. Mary sat back against the head board and ran her hand over Lindsey's shoulders.

"Lindsey here talked a lot about you when she started working her. Well not just you at first. She talked non stop about everyone she worked with. Then it seemed to focus more on you. Then when she changed jobs it was ALL about you, Then suddenly it stopped. I'm guessing about the same time you started fucking her?" she asked Lindsey. "I'm guessing Chris thought it was same old stuff until she stopped talking.Then he figured there might be something up. It wasn't until I saw her reaction when you showed up that night that I knew for sure. Maybe Chris suspects something." she concluded.

"Jesus what a fucking mess." I said. "Does he know you came here?"

"No. I was in the car before he even got out the door. No way he knows where I went." she said.

I walked over and sat on the bed. I turned to them both saying, "So what are we going to do, ladies?"

"Before or after we wear you out?" Mary said sweetly. She pulled me to her kissing me hard while grasping my cock in her hand. "Suck it Lindsey. I want to see you sucking his cock." she said her voice husky. She kissed me again then whispered, "Mind if I play along?" I just winked. Mary swung a leg over sitting on my face.

My cock grew rock hard in Lindsey's mouth while I attacked Mary's pussy and ass. I felt two tongues on my cock. Then one licking my balls as the other deep throated me. Soon there was a tongue licking my asshole and a mouth sucking me from head to root and back again.

Mary had Lindsey strip in front of us. Then had her sit on my cock. I could feel her womb against the head as she sank down completely on me. Mary continued wiggling on my face as Lindsey rode me. I thrust two fingers in each of Mary's holes and her thighs clamped down on my head as she came. I felt the flood of pussy juice around my balls and I knew Lindsey had cum too. She was so incredibly tight my cock was numb again. I wanted to pull out but Mary wouldn't let me up. She coaxed Lindsey to riding me hard and fast. The women were working me over and all I could do was lay there letting the one enjoy my cock while licking the other. Finally I pushed Mary off, set Lindsey on her back. Then hoisting her legs over her head sank down deep in her cunt. I pounded her pussy unmercifully. Mary started rubbing my balls and ass then leaned down to lick at them. As her tongue entered my asshole I could feel the cum starting to boil. I pulled out and sat down for a second to let the feeling pass.

Mary immediately jumped onto my lap nearly breaking my legs. My cock sand deep into her sopping wet pussy.

"Get down there and suck my balls, Lindsey." I commanded.

"Lick his asshole too, Baby. I want to feel him cum in me." Mary purred.

The effect was galvanizing.

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