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Sexy accountants get ahead.

While I massaged my penis with my right hand, I placed the middle finger of my left into my ass. It was impossible to get the proper angle while standing in the shower, so I sat on the floor, spread my legs, and reinserted my finger by reaching between my legs from the front. I sat there on the shower floor, fingering my asshole and jerking my penis to a climax. It was okay, but not special. Not even close to the experience that Mona had given me. I finished showering and went to bed.

Later in the week I got a phone call at the office from Mona. She said she had to meet with me, "It's important." She said.

At first I was inclined to disregard her 'important' plea, but my vanity got the better of me; maybe she wants a repeat performance, I thought. If I had been thinking clearly it would have been obvious that she didn't get anything the first time around to want a second time. I agreed to meet her at a road side bar, outside of town after work.

She was already there when I showed up a little late. Her demeanor was different from the last time we met, but still quite crude. She had a beer waiting for me and I thanked her for being so thoughtful.

"Yea, sure." She said, dismissively.

"What's so important, Mona."

"Look, I've got a proposition for ya."

"A proposition?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, looking at her ample sagging breasts.

She had obviously been around the block a few times and knew when she was being mocked. "I mean, I got a deal. See Mark and me got this idea, but it won't work unless you go along with it."

"I'm listening."

"Ok, it goes like this; Carol's old man is rich, Mark says he's worth about two mil, and your little miss prissy is set to inherit most of it."
"How does that involve you?"

"Let me explain. Mark fucking her the other night wasn't just for giggles, he knew she couldn't let him leave without getin' some. Mark is smart like that, anyhow, the only way she gets the money is if you two are still happily married when daddy kicks the bucket. If she ain't, well bye-bye Dillards, hello Wal-Mart."

"I still don't understand..."

"I'm getting' to it. Here's the deal; Mark says if you go along, he'll hold off Carol, so the inheritance goes through with out a hitch, we split everything four ways, and then we can part company friendly like."

I wasn't convinced this woman was serious. Her 'plan' was complete bullshit, it wouldn't work. "I don't think you understand the law Mona..."

"I know the law real fuckin' good... you prick!" she shot back, "What do you think will happen if Mark shows up at daddy's house, and Carol and him disappear for a few days together? Think it couldn't happen? Do you want to take that chance?"

I had to admit, she was shaking my confidence. Carol had acted like a slut with Mark. "Let's say I go along with this charade, what's stopping me from just keeping all the money?"

"Everything. If Carol inherits the two mil, you get shit in a divorce. If you go along, well who gives a shit if you divorce her or not?"

"Does she know?"

"No. If she knew we were fucking with her just for daddy's money...well she might not go along."

I sat and thought about my options, I thought that I could come up with a way to defeat these two morons, but I saw their logic; Carol was too unstable to rely on with Mark in the picture, he was the spoiler. "Okay, Count me in."

"Great!" She said with a big smile, "Let's toast, to the deal."

"The deal." I echoed.

That night I was watching Carol wander around the house like she usually does, when the door bell rang. She went to answer it, and as she opened the door I couldn't see who it was. The look on her face however was one of astonishment. She shot a quick glance toward me, and then leaned into the doorway as if to say something.

"Who is it honey?" I asked.

Suddenly, Mark barged through the doorway, "Hi, buddy, bet you didn't expect me, did ya."

Mona followed, him in and they made themselves at home in my living room.

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