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Long awaited phone call is more than expected.

I rubbed it in circles, not quite certain how she would react to this new invasion.

"Yes... oh Mr. Moore... that feels so good."

She slid forward giving me easier access to both holes. She had my mouth pulled tight against her pussy and was grinding her pussy hard against my mouth. I coated my finger with cunt juice and saliva dripping from my chin and pressed it against her sphincter. She popped open and I felt my finger slide into her dark passage. She couldn't get enough and was moaning loudly and humping my mouth while my finger fucked her ass. Cunt cream poured from her gash and I swallowed every drop.

As much as I enjoyed drinking from her fountain of pleasure, my cock was demanding attention. I fucked my finger in and out of her ass a few more times before pulling away. I stood and pulled her lips to mine, sharing a mouthful of pussy juice. She slid down off the vanity on to the floor. I pulled off her sweater so my hands could knead the naked flesh of her soft tits. We spun around until I was leaning against the countertop. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed down. My cock was already dripping with urgent need.

Vicki squatted in front of me and examined my swollen meat with her fingers. She wrapped her hand around my throbbing shaft and flicked her tongue across the bulging knob to catch a small secretion that had oozed out of the tip. She looked up at me as she did this with lust in her eyes. She licked her lips to let me know she loved the taste. This was no longer an innocent high school cheerleader. This was a sex-starved nymphette.

What happened next had my head spinning. She swallowed almost my entire length and massaged my cock with her throat creating the sensation of a hot wet pussy. She fucked my cock moving up and down the length and swirled her tongue against me as it slid in and out of her mouth. I could feel her tongue trace along each ridge and crevice as she eagerly explored the hard flesh between her lips.

I put my hands on the back of her head and helped guide her bobbing motions as she fucked me with her mouth. Her eyes were glued to mine. I could see my swollen shaft gliding in and out between her lips faster and faster on each thrust. Saliva was drooling from her chin. Vicki was making loud sucking and slurping sounds as she sucked me like a cock starved whore. A huge load of cum was churning in my balls.

"Oh fuck baby... oh god I'm going to cum... oh jesus... uh... uh... oh fuuuuucccckkk.... AAARRRGGGHHH..."

I had not cum so hard in a long time. Between the pictures of my wife and Vicki's hot young body my balls had filled to the point of bursting and burst they did. The first jet of cum exploded with a powerful force that sprayed steadily like a garden hose into her mouth. I grabbed her hair just as a second equally powerful spray of cum filled her mouth. Cum continued to shoot out from my cock again and again and again.

Even Vicki seemed surprised at the amount of seamen I emptied into her mouth. Try as she might to swallow a lot of my seed drooled from her lips and dripped onto her tits. Vicki continued to lick and suck my spent member to keep it hard, but I needed a few minutes to recover before I was ready for more action. I decided to eat some more pussy. I sat Vicki on the counter, pulled off her panties and pushed her legs back by her shoulders. Her pink pussy lips poked out from the gash down the middle of her swollen peach. Her tight little asshole peeked up at me from just below her pussy.

I lowered my face and flicked my tongue over her tight bud bathing it in saliva. I could tell she enjoyed it so I continued to lick her rosebud to her soft moans. I pushed a finger up her ass which made her gasp. She seemed to like it so much I added a second finger and twisted them around inside her. My lips sucked on her swollen clit which I rolled around with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh... Mr. Moore, yesssss... oh god that feels good"

Her pussy was oozing juices that I eagerl

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