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Christmas for a security guard turns out to be best ever.

Sonny stood up with him but my mom laid down.

"I'm going to lay here for a little while," she said, stoned, so we let her lay.

Josh brought me a pair of swimming trunks and we let Sonny go change in the bathroom. We went out to the pool and found the two other girls already out there, their guys somewhere else. Josh and I chatted with them for a few minutes, but it wasn't long before Sonny came out and joined us.

She was wearing a bright shiny gold bikini that screamed "I want people to look at my body." Her tan skin radiated as she walked, and her boobs shook lightly, pressed together in a natural cleavage. She sauntered and sat with her legs dangling in the water and Josh swam over to her and grabbed her curvy hips.

"You look sexy," he told her, and that's exactly what I was thinking. If I could've, I would've whipped my cock out right there and jacked off into the pool.

I spent a little bit more time with the two girls, neither of whom seemed really interested in me. Josh and Sonny were kissing pretty viciously at the edge of the pool, and I kept stealing glances to watch the scene.

One of the girls noticed this.

"Do you have the hots for Sonny or are you gay for Josh?" she asked me.

Embarrassed, I answered, "Uhh, neither, really."

"You sure you're not gay for Josh? He's got a huge cock, you know. For all I know, he fucks girls, but maybe he'd let you suck him off some time." She giggled.

"No, I'm not gay," I told her, but she didn't seem to care.

I heard the sliding glass door open and the other girl's guy came through. He wasn't wearing any pants, which I found strange, because I don't see why he would've taken them off. His long hairy cock shook as he walked.

"Come on, honey," he beckoned, and the girl stood up and followed me.

"Thanks for having us, Josh," he said, but Josh wasn't listening really. "We had a great time." Here he looked at me, and I stared back blankly.

"You sure you're not gay? He's got a big cock too, you see."

"No, I'm not gay," I told her again.

Here, the other guy came out from the door, his pants gone too. His cock was probably even bigger than the other guy's.

"I guess I'm leaving," she said, standing up, "I'm Maria by the way. Nice talking to you Chad."

"Why did he take off his pants?" I asked her before she left.

"I don't know, must've gotten his dick sucked," she giggled, and left with him through the house.

I wasn't sure what was going on, but I was still pretty stoned, so I swam around a bit, stilling glancing at Josh and Sonny getting steamy at the side. After a few minutes, my mom stumbled through the door.

"Hey guys," she said, and I glanced up to greet her.

There was a big ring of sticky clear goop around her mouth, much of it on her lips and some of it dripping onto the exposed tops of her chest. She smiled widely, still hazy and high.

"What's on your mouth, mom?" I asked her, and she started laughing.

"I ate a popsicle," she told me, letting some fall from her bottom lip and disappear into the cavern of her cleavage, "No wait, I ate two popsicles. Sticky popsicles." She burst into laughter.

"Nah, Chad," Sonny piped in, looking at the shiny mess on my mom's mouth, "I think your mom swallowed some cock."

"Nope," my mom said, giggling like crazy, "I was just drinking some cream. Lots of yummy cream in my belly." She glided over and sprawled down next to where Sonny and Josh sat.

Sonny extended a finger a swabbed some glop off of my mom's cheek, tasting it daintily and then smiling.

"Chad, your mom is even hotter than I thought," she said to me, and they all started laughing.

"I want to go in the water," said my mom, "Can I borrow a bathing suit, Josh?"

"Sorry babe," Josh said, "I don't have any girl's bathing suits."

My mom sighed.

"You could go topless, though," Josh suggested, "I don't think any of us would care."

"Mmmm," Sonny said, "Bust out them mommy titties, baby."

"No," I yelled before my mom could do anything, "I don't want that."

"What's that, honey?" my mom asked.

"I don't want you going to

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