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Single girl hears noises in the night.

Two bathrooms, a two-car garage and a little yard big enough for a small pool. Yeah, we do alright for ourselves, my family and I. I take excellent care of my seventeen-year-old son Omar, who's lively and funny in spite of his autism. He's six feet tall, curly-haired, caramel-skinned and absolutely gorgeous. My perfect angel. My husband Khalid Hussein is currently working as a foreman in the oil sands of Alberta. He'll come home at the end of the month.

We only see him five to ten days out of every month. Khalid's work is very demanding. I tell myself that I understand why he does what he does. When we met, Khalid was a Concordia University dropout turned vigilante, hunting nonhumans on the streets of Quebec City. This tall, ruggedly handsome Mauritanian stud saved my life one night when, as a rookie cop, I walked into a nest of vampires. We became friends, and eventually fell in love and got married. We had little Omar. Khalid changed his line of work, from huntsman to oil and gas industry journeyman. Our house isn't cheap. Omar's boarding school isn't cheap. We do what we have to do, you know?

Sometimes I worry about Khalid. There's an outbreak of zombies in Alberta. Out of all the nonhumans out there, zombies scare me the most. Vampires, werewolves and ghouls are intelligent predators. Zombies are simply death come walking. They don't feel fear, or pain. They cannot be stopped. They multiply like locusts. A single bite or scratch from a zombie and you become one within a few hours. These mindless, shambling monsters gave the world one hell of a scare three years ago. There was a zombie outbreak in Paris, France. Within days, what began as an 'industrial accident' in a warehouse caused all of Paris to be quarantined. A month later, millions of zombies swarmed all over France.

The European Union's various armed forces stepped in, and the nuclear option was used. In the end, Paris got vaporized for the greater good of mankind, and with it, untold millions of humans locked in deadly battle with who knows how many zombies. The City of Lights is no more. The leaders of the Free World decided that if one mega-city had to be sacrificed to save humanity, then so be it. We've been wary of another zombie outbreak ever since. Of all the nonhumans out there, zombies are the most prolific and the most dangerous.

It's an insane world we live in. A world where ordinary men and women have to contend with the fact that there are monsters everywhere. I wonder if the day will come when we meet some supernatural menace beyond even our technology's ability to counteract it. Only time will tell. As the night wound down, we answered a few other calls. A shape-shifter was prowling around the Dawson College campus, alternately morphing into various male campus residents to sexually assault women. Our guys cornered the intruder and decapitated it before setting its corpse ablaze. All in a day's work.

It was still dark when I got home. I immediately went to check on my son, and grew frantic when I realized Omar wasn't in his room. Calling out his name, I searched from room to room. Finally, I went to the basement, and what I found there chilled me to my bones. My son Omar lay on the couch, fast asleep. Relief washed over me in an awesome way. Taking his blanket, I lifted it to cover him. That's when I saw...them. The two tiny puncture marks on his neck. Telltale signs of a vampire's bite. I gasped in shock, and fell to my knees.

He'll be alright, said a familiar masculine voice. I turned slowly, knowing who I'd see yet hoping against hope that I was wrong. I found myself staring into the face of one Khalid Hussein, my husband. Tall, dark and handsome. His features a beautiful blend of African and Arabian, like most Mauritanians. The man I often called my knight in shining armor. His eyes bore into mine, and they glinted with the sickly, ethereal glow of the undead. When his lips parted into a crooked smile, they revealed his pearly white fangs.

As Salam Alaikum Khalid, I said breathlessly.

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