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Susie agrees to have sex to get treatment for her mum.

When I took the head of his cock in my mouth, I thought he was going to shoot right then and there. He moaned and reached for my head. I smiled around his cock and held his hands away. I took hold the base of his cock again and started sucking him in farther and farther, it had been a while since I've had a cock in my mouth.

"God Jack, shit I'm going to come." I knew he was, I rubbed his balls and that was the end of him. He started cuming and I drank it all down, he wasn't expecting that at all. When he finished cuming he pulled me up and started kissing me, I didn't swallowing all of his cum and he got to taste himself. "God Jack, that was fucking awesome."

"Do you want to try that on me now?" I knew he had never sucked cock before, so he probably would be very hesitant.

"Yes, I do." He didn't take any time in deciding, which surprised me. He kissed me and started kissing my neck, pulling up my polo, he even sucked my nipples. God do I love that, I didn't even think to do that to him this time. I unbuttoned my pants and he unzipped them, pulling them and my underwear off all at once, I couldn't believe he was that quick.

I'm not as well-endowed as Toby, I barely have a six inch penis fully erect and it's not that thick. But I was hard and he wasn't scared to lick or suck it. He has several times touched me as I said we've giving each other hand jobs, but it was generally with sweatpants on. Oh did it feel good, it has been a very long time since I've had someone lick and suck me. Long since before I transferred into Toby's school.

Toby was gentle too, he even caress my balls. "Toby, how do you know what to do?" I gasped as he was sucking me harder and harder.

He pulled off me and laughed. "You're not the first person to give me head, but you're the best, I've had. I'm just doing what I like done to me." MMMmmm I'm not the first he has had, well that is a discussion for later. I did warn him that I was about to cum but Toby didn't lift off. I didn't think he ever had anyone cum in his mouth and I found out when he started gagging.

"Are you okay. Babe?"

"Yeah, I didn't realize what it would be like." Toby was still coughing a little.

"It's okay. Babe. You will get used to it." I pulled him up to lay with me on the bed and we kissed and he held me tight. I felt safe with Toby, I never have with any of my other boyfriends. "So babe, who else have you been getting head from?"

"Just a few girlfriends when I was sixteen. It was before Jessica, I made out with them but I just never really felt connected to them."

"How were you able to get it up, if you didn't feel connected?"

Toby laughed. "We were double dating, so one of my buddies were always in the room with their girlfriend."

I laughed. "You're terrible, so you had to have another dick around."

"Yeah and Jessica never wanted to make out when there was someone else around, so hence the reason, I was a killjoy."

"So you learned to hide well." He just nodded.

"Sometimes I think too well. I know I'm going to kill my family."

"Well, let's kill them much later. I want to teach you more before you have to go home. Unless you want to stay tonight." I know it was too much to hope for.

"Why not." He responded.

"Why not, what?"

Toby laughed, "You don't follow your own thoughts." Then he sat up and retrieved his pants and pulled his phone out. "Hey Dad, I'm going to stay at Jack's tonight. Okay, I'll be home by lunch, I promise. Thanks." When he laid his phone on my nightstand I jumped on top of him and he laughed.

I was glad I decided to pick up condoms and lube, I'm going to take this night to a whole new level. Toby isn't going to know what hit him. "Toby, can we try something tonight?"

"We can try anything you would like, Babe." He kissed me.

I pushed him on his back. "I know you don't know how to open me up, so I'll do that. Would you like to make love?" He didn't know but I own butt plugs and dildos, which I use quite a bit.

"I don't know what to do, meaning.... Well really, I don't know what to do." Toby glanced away and I smiled.

"It's okay, B

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