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Saturday comes and so does Enid.

I felt him rucking up my miniskirt to my waist, then he announced, "You're a very hot little bitch, Ashley, but you need to learn some respect."

Not even bothering to strip off the boyshorts I was wearing, he actually began spanking me exactly like I was a misbehaving brat, giving name to each "transgression" and counting out ten licks for each. After thirty, I'd lost count and my ass was alternating between numbness and fiery throbs. And unsurprisingly my clitty was stiffening from this treatment. I knew that any second Darren might see it or feel it, and I wasn't ready for that yet.

Finally the spanking stopped. Darren was frowning darkly. "The problem with a black ass is that you can't see it get red when you punish it. Go ahead, get down." I let myself slide to the floor. Darren spread his thighs and waved me between them. But before I started to blow him, I gathered up another hit and held it under his nostrils. Right as it disappeared in one deep sniff, I bent back down and swallowed his entire cock in one motion. His hands flew to the back of my head and stayed there. Luckily he was just small enough to swallow completely without causing me to gag, so I could really work his dick with my tongue and cheeks. He managed to hold out for two minutes before one of his hands slipped away and he began bucking his hips and down. I relaxed and let him take his pleasure with my mouth, looking directly in his eyes as he ground and thrust into my mouth, forcing me to drool messily all over his cock and balls. He certainly wasn't as vocal as Sam, with only the occasional grunt to let me know what he was feeling. But that was okay, because I could certainly read his body language just as clearly. And the message I got from his rapid panting and twitching of his thighs was that Darren was extremely excited. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and he let out a groan of disappointment. I took hold of his ankles and pushed his legs up, bracing his feet on the edge of the chair and exposing his ass. Slowly I leaned forward, licking my lips against to moisten them, then began lapping at his pink hole and using both hands to caress his balls and slowly stroke his dick. That got an immediate reaction, as Darren began humping his ass against my lips insistently.

"That's right, you little black whore," he groaned. "Get that tongue in there. Lick my ass deep slut. Put those lips and tongue just where they belong.... Aaaaah yessss...."

His voice trailed off into a series of grunts as he ground his ass against my mouth, using my lips and tongue like a rag and directing a stream of humiliating abuse at me. His insults grew more heated as my tongue bored into his hot tunnel, slipping all the way in and rubbing furiously around his inner walls. Fifteen minutes later Darren pulled away and sat back. His entire crack was shiny with my saliva and my lipstick was now wrecked, with most of it tinting his ass faint red. I waited on my knees while he decided what he wanted to do next...and I had a feeling what he'd settle on.

"Come here, slut," he ordered, holding an open hand just below his glistening balls. I moved forward and he took my chin in his hand, tugging me closer until I felt the heat of his balls resting on my face. I could smell my spit, his ass and a little sweat all mingled together and I began to shift uncomfortably. He held still for over a minute, watching my hands drift unconsciously between my thighs and knowing that I was continually getting hotter and hotter. Gently he began rubbing his sac over my lips and forehead, covering my face with his scent like a mask.

"Lick," Darren commanded, and I stuck out my tongue as far as I could, licking his balls when they passed near my lips. "Do you enjoy my taste, slut?"

"Yes," I answered instantly. "I love tasting all of you."


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