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Asari Matriarch buys human pet, spends night breaking him in.

There was a copious amount of blood on the ground. Standing over him was something out of a nightmare. It was awful. It had the head of a Kodak grizzly and a human body. One arm might have been a lion. The other looked to be a gorilla, and the feet I think belonged to two different horses. It had Rodney's arm in one hand and was currently enjoying a snack. I pulled my knife, a custom job mad for me by a guy in California. I dove the last 10 feet, left hand holding the knife and right-hand braced behind the hilt. If this thing could touch us it could be killed.

My knife took it dead in the chest. We went flying back and slammed into the wall. I felt my knife strike something solid and get stuck. I was pretty sure it was dead until it screamed at me. It didn't scream like it was dying. It screamed like it was pissed. I let go of the knife as it grabbed for me. I fell to the ground and scuttled backwards till I hit a wall. I was kind of wondering how long I was going to live. That blow would have killed any living man.

As I sat there waiting to die the thing screamed at me and tugged ineffectually at the knife. I realized with a start that I'd pinned it to the wall. When I felt the knife get stuck it was because it was stuck in the wall. That thing wasn't going anywhere. The rest of the guys came down the steps. They looked at what was left of Rodney and then at the thing pinned to the wall. Some of them jumped when it screamed. They filed through the little hallway, giving me an appraising look. As they went through I got up and headed for my truck. I keep a few tools in there for emergencies. This wasn't a situation I'd ever thought about though. I got my 16 pound sledge hammer out of the truck and headed back to get my knife.

It took me a couple of minutes to pulverize that thing. I'm sure it wasn't alive, and I don't want to know how it got that way. I had to pulverize most of it to get my knife back. While I was finishing it off I noticed something strange. There was no blood at all until I hit the stomach and found Rodney's.

I headed off after the guy's. I was hoping that they found Horst, but my hopes were dashed as I passed by the next room. There was a loud moaning coming from the first room to my right. I stopped and the sight that greeted me was horrendous. It was some kind of mass orgy going on. Almost all of the guys were there and so were two women with bat wings.. I thought they might be some kind of costume until I saw Bob pull on one. They weren't women they were Succubi!

I was drawn into this orgy myself. To see a succubus is to want one. They are very enticing. I was three steps through the door when it hit me I was about to be killed. These females were using up my buddies at a prodigious rate. And I could see why the blonde one of the two was gorgeous. She had long flowing hair about halfway down her back. Her breasts were fantastic as well being of the young conical variety. Her hips were slim yet slightly rounded. I watched here kneel in front of Bob and begin giving him a blow job. It occurred to me then that I was the only clothed person in the room.

I took a look at Bob's face and I remember thinking there could be worse ways to die. I don't think I've ever seen that kind of satisfaction on any one's face. Suddenly she threw Bob to his back and climbing up him she positioned herself to be impaled and then began riding Bob's dick like there was no tomorrow. What finally broke me out of my paralysis was the look she gave me. It was intense and I can see why a succubus can be so dangerous. Even as she was fucking my buddy she looked over at me with a smile that promised me that I would be the only one in her life. Right at that moment I wanted to posses her like I wanted to breathe. I had actually taken a step forward when I saw Bob shudder and die.

I wasn't even thinking as I swung the hand holding the sledge hammer.

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