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Turning her head to the side, she suctioned her mouth at an angle to the shaft, massaging with her tongue in small circular motions. Alex stopped pleasing her as he began to gasp as she did this for a while before again taking him completely, massaging his tight balls in her hand. He was too close to cumming.

With a giggle, Chloe again got up off of Alex. Standing over him, she raised the nightshirt over her head dropping it to the floor and motioned for him to get up. After getting up, Alex pulled Chloe to him and gave her a long, hard kiss that seemed to make her melt into his arms. She sighed as she pulled his tie off and unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall to the ground. Alex took his pants and boxers off before again grabbing her to kiss him. Leading Alex over to the big chair, Chloe stopped kissing him to say, "sit."

Finding himself sinking into the chair, Chloe climbed on his lap facing Alex. Her smile was unusual, and made him a bit uncomfortable for a second. "What is that look for," he asked as she guided his cock to her swollen lips. Happily she replied, "I just want to watch you cum," as she rocked her hips back and placed just the tip of him inside of her.

Closing his eyes as his cock slowly entered her beautiful pussy, Alex loved the way she felt. The feeling of each woman's pussy, in some ways make every one unique. Chloe's had soft ripples that seemed to cradle his cock, suction him in and make him feel needed. The slightest tilt up made him push hard enough to where every stroke was milked and released when making his way deep inside her. It wasn't just the way she physically felt, mentally she was intoxicating, addictive.

Their eyes focused on one another as she began to ride him. Grabbing her ass in his hands he pushed her down hard onto him as he thrust inside of her. Alex was close to cumming but knew he had to wait. It wouldn't be easy as he felt her, watched her find the spot inside to make herself cum on him. Chloe was moaning out, but kept her eyes locked with Alex. She felt the surges inside of her growing and she was close to exploding. Her eyes twitching, momentarily losing contact with Alex, he brought his hands to the sides of he face. "Stay with me sweet girl," he said softly,"I want to watch you cum."

Shaking, Chloe almost completely stopped fucking Alex. He could feel the muscles tightening around his cock as she was only moving in small sporadic movements. Her breathing was now small gasps as he knew she was to the starting point of her orgasm. "Look at me sweet girl," Alex coaxed.

It was too much for Chloe as she felt a rush through her body that snapped her eyes shut and temporarily paralyzed her body. Screaming out as the peak hit her, she soon collapsed into Alex's arms. He held her tightly as she caught her breath. Kissing him softly, feeling him wanting to explode deep inside her she asked, "Can we go to bed?"

Taking a deep breath in, Alex kissed her and helped her off of him so they could make their way into the bedroom. She immediately jumped on the bed and rolled onto her back. "Can I ask you something, something I've never asked of anyone before," Chloe taunted Alex as he made his way on top of her.

"What is it sweet girl," as he began to kiss the sides of her neck and nuzzle his cock against the opening of her pussy.

Chloe rested her head to the side of his face, softly saying in his ear, "I have this unfulfilled need." Kissing the lobe of his right ear, "I don't know what you'll exactly think of me, but I would really love...," pausing as she reached down to stroke his cock with her swollen lips.

"Love what my dear," Alex said gently as his arms made their way to hug her tightly while continuing to kiss her neck.

"I would love to....feel you cum in me....... I just don't know what you'll think of me for asking," Chloe said bringing her head up, doe eyed waiting for his reply.

"Oh," Alex said calmly, but now even more excited by what she had said; craving this gesture from him

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