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Matt helps Gram with her aching knees.

"Here, hold these," she said pushing my legs higher, and I did. She went back to sucking the shit out my dick and after a few moments pressed a well manicured fingernail at my ass. I tensed up. But she sucked me until I relaxed again. Then the finger was knuckle deep inside me. She paused in her blow job to lick my ass with her finger still in it. She jacked me with her other hand and began sawing the digit in and out of my filthy hole.

I'm not gay, I told myself over and over as she continued to finger-fuck my asshole and alternately jack and suck me off in-between rimming me. Soon she had two fingers penetrating me. I thought that this was all wrong, it was supposed to be me fingering the girl and eating her out and thumbing her clit and rimming her ass as I pushed two fingers in and out of her tight, pink hole. But damn, what she was doing felt so fucking good!

"Are you ready to cum?" she asked. I couldn't speak. I just feverishly nodded my head as I panted. Her fingers sawed inside of me, her hand jackknifed up and down my cock. "Good, cause I want you to cum all over my face." I nodded my head again.

"Don, look at me," she said. I looked down at her sweet face; the swollen head of my cock was brushing against her lower lip as she fisted it. "Cum all over my face. I want to feel how hot it is, your dick throbbing in my hand as cum drips down my cheeks ... Ah!" She gasped loudly when I started to ejaculate all over her face. She smiled and laughed pulling the three fingers from my asshole. Then she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and cleaned my cum off. I yelped at the sensitiveness and Amy just laughed at me. She leaned in close to me and asked me very politely to clean her off please. I was so in shock from the most perverted and powerful orgasm of my life that I did as I was told and I licked my warm cum from her face. When I was done she stood up.

"Now my dear, let us go to your bedroom so you can have your way with me." Amy turned and walked to my now familiar bedroom. I took a deep breath to collect myself, took a look around the apartment to make sure I was awake and not dreaming, and then followed Amy into my bedroom, Marilyn Manson still played too loudly on the stereo.

By the light on in the living room I could see her lying naked on the bed, her shorts, shirt and underwear lying in a neat pile at the foot of the bed. Her legs were splayed like butterfly wings and her pussy was slightly open and very pink, and very wet. I walked into the bedroom hypnotized and climbed onto the bed between her soft thighs. I curled my arms around her legs and lowered my mouth and tongue to lick her. She had a strip of hair on her mound and I ran my fingers through the short curls. It's odd; I love a clean shaven pussy, but I also love running my fingers through pubic hair. Amy gave me my happy medium.

My tongue threaded its way between the lips of her pussy, licking and tasting. Amy let out a deep sigh. I went for her clit and flicked it with the pointed end of my tongue before flatting it to lap at the sensitive area. I opened her labia with my fingers and licked up and down each in turn before plunging my tongue deep inside her as far as it could go. I went back to her clit and started the process all over again, flicking then lapping, up and down the labia, taking the plunge and wriggling my tongue around inside her, repeat.

She writhed beneath me. Her hands found my head and her fingers worked their way into my hair, grabbing fistfuls of my locks and pulling me into her pussy. My tongue traced up and down her pink lips, then focused on her pert little clit. Soon she was pushing her hips up into my face as she silently orgasmed, soft moaning purring from her mouth.

"Okay, now it's your turn," Amy said and pushed on my shoulders indicating that I should back up.

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