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Mother and son come together after many years apart.

'Wow,' she thought as she slowly ran her fingers over her mother's handwriting. As if she was a psychic or a clairvoyant, she tried to feel what her mother felt when writing this by touching her words written on the page. With them never having a heart-to-heart mother and daughter conversation, as if her real mother had died and was reincarnated into Suzy homemaker, it was sad that this diary was now the only way she had to connect with her mother.

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Most of the entries were the boring same until she came to the entry of her mother with her father's brother, Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill? Seriously?

'Oh, my God,' thought Lydia while reading what her mother wrote so long ago.

"We fell back on my bed and continued kissing. As passionately as he kissed me, I kissed him with as much passion if not with more passion. Obviously and inevitably, a long time coming, we were going to have forbidden sex. Obviously and inevitably, a long-time coming, my husband's brother was going to lick me and fuck me and I was going to suck him and fuck him."

As if her mother's words were cold water splashed in her face, she couldn't believe that Uncle Bill and her mother had a sexual affair. She couldn't believe they had sex. She had to reread that passage to realize that her mother had an illicit, forbidden, sexually affair with Uncle Bill. She couldn't believe that her mother had sex with Uncle Bill. Lydia flipped to the beginning of where her mother wrote about the affair.

'Wow,' thought Lydia. 'Oh my God, I don't believe this. This is so frigging unbelievable. Are you kidding me? My mother had sex with Uncle Bill. Had I not found this diary, I never would have known. I never would have suspected their sordid affair. I wonder if my father knows. Maybe that's why Uncle Bill is no longer welcomed in our house,' she thought again. 'With my father five years older than my Mom and Uncle Bill the same as her, maybe that's why they were attracted to one another.'

Now piecing together some of their most heated arguments, their anger and frustration made more sense.

'Maybe that's why they argued so much. Maybe that's why my mother drank to an excess,' thought Lydia. 'Maybe my mother wasn't sexually abused but just married the wrong brother. Or maybe she was sexually abused and married the wrong brother. I don't know. I have no idea. Hopefully after reading her diary, maybe I'll know why she became a drunken whore.'

Just as she couldn't believe she was about to read this, she couldn't believe her mother wrote this. As shocked as she was sexually excited, she couldn't believe she was about to read this entry in her mother's diary as if she was reading Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, Gustave Flaubert's Madam Bovary, Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, or Jane Austen's Emma. Instead she was reading about the love affair between her mother and her father's brother, Bill, her Uncle Bill.

### Lady of Erotica ###

Saturday, June 29, 1996.

"Even though this happened so very long ago, before Lydia was born, with it still fresh in my mind, I needed to write this as if it happened yesterday instead of two-years ago. I needed to forgive myself for what I had done. I needed to put the words to paper to get them out of my head. Perhaps, by reading what I wrote, I wouldn't feel as guilty and drink as much. Perhaps rereading what I wrote, I'd feel more human than the monster I've grown to believe I am. If Charlie every found out that I had sex with his brother, he'd never forgive me."

Lydia looked away from the page stunned. Always knowing that her mother was a whore but not thinking that her mother would cross the sexual line with her own brother-in-law, she was shocked that her mother had sex with Uncle Bill. Already stunned, she didn't know how much more she could take reading about their incestuous affair.

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