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Meeting a guy she met online for the first time.

She sometimes sat at Mark's side, sometimes on his chest. She sometimes sat on his face and made him lick her while she stroked his cock and made him come.

Each time, Carrie scooped his cum with her fingers, looked him in the eye and ate it. She licked it up and kissed him and he didn't object. She finally fed it to him directly, looking him in the eyes, feeling his tongue swirl around her cum coated fingers, saying, "I love the taste of your cum, darlin', but it is your cum after all, and it pleases me that you don't want it wasted either. That's what Brian taught me. Never waste cum when you can have it in your mouth."

One night as they climbed into bed Carrie said, "I think you're ready."

"For what?"

"The next level. Here, raise up." Carrie motioned with her hand, picked up a pillow and slid it under Mark's rear. She went to the dresser and pulled out a conservative black tank top. She put it on and, baggy and loose, it covered more than it revealed. Carrie kneeled between Mark's legs.

"You know I don't want to hurt you, but I really haven't mentioned Brian too much since we started this. All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will, but Brian loved handjobs. And he knew what he wanted in a one."

Mark was hard. He felt that thrill and that guilty exhilaration.

Carrie was incredibly aroused. She scratched his thighs, moved closer to his cock. "You have the perfect pipe, Mark. It's perfect for me." She lightly grazed the back of her nails up his cock and smiled when it twitched. She flicked the underside, the sensitive foreskin. She grabbed it with both hands and said, "Look, both of me hands on it and they still don't reach the end. And I have to squeeze really hard and even then I can barely get me fingers around it."

She stroked it. "Oh, I've seen bigger cocks, Mark. I hope that doesn't make you feel bad. That I've had bigger cocks inside of me." She stroked him and massaged his smooth balls. "In my mouth and in my pussy." He moaned. "A really big cock can be uncomfortable, though. I hope it doesn't bother you that I know about really big cocks from experience. I don't want you to feel bad. But I will say, darlin', that your cock is the best all 'round. It's perfect."

Mark was excited; he didn't understand why it thrilled him so to hear her talk like that. Maybe because it was in the past, safe that way, almost like a fantasy.

"You can stop me if you want to. I don't want to hurt you, darlin'." She rubbed her palm over his crown and he moaned. "I'll take it that you want me to continue then." She did it again and he moaned and she smiled.

"Here, darlin', put your legs over mine." Kneeling, Carrie scooted in, spread her thighs and pulled Mark's legs over hers. "There, that's better isn't it. Brian loved this position. Know why?" Mark looked up at Carrie, kneeling over him, towering over him. "I bet you can guess."

She stroked him. Mark leaked pre-cum and she used it as lubricant. Never letting him come, but making him leak.

"Look at you, now. Way down there, lookin' up at me. Your privates all exposed and vulnerable." She massaged his balls, slowly stroked his cock, wet a finger in her mouth and circled his rear.

"And look at me. Way up here, lookin' down at you. I'm covered, clothed. You're naked. And exposed. And I can do anythin' I want." She moved her hands back up to his cock.

"Brian was into soundin'. Do you know what that is?" Mark was breathing hard, trying not to come. A slight shake of his head. Carrie placed a manicured nail against Mark's urethra and lightly pushed, the pre-cum providing lubricant.

"Brian had this set of small metal rods. Made out of surgical steel, they were. He used to lay with his legs over mine, just like your doin'. Sometimes his wrists would be tied to the headboard. I'll tie yours up if you want. I'd like that." Mark made a noise that was somewhere between whimper and moan.

"I'd be perched over Bria

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