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A young man tries a gay sex club for the first time.

"You and I.... we both know this is not going to be one kiss," Then he kissed me. It was gentle at first, and his lips sent heat into my body and I immediately felt the wetness between my legs deepen. My pussy literally hurt when he kissed me, a feeling I had never felt. "Holy shit." I said when we pulled away, my lips tingling.

"Not wrong. Not wrong at all." And in response I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine, ferociously. The bulge in his pants touched my crotch; my legs were just long enough.

We opened our mouths and our tongues started to dance. I bit the bottom of his lip and sucked it up as I started to lift myself up. He knew exactly what I was doing and lifted me onto the counter. That way his bulge that was straining against his jeans was literally pressing into my crotch as I spread my legs and wrapped them around him. We kissed, never letting our lips part. We started to grind into each other; his bulge pushing into my crotch was too much. I felt like my wetness was going to seep through my pants and my pussy was burning, already begging for his dick.

We were so passionate that I barely noticed how we were slamming into the cabinet with our faux-fucking. The glass that was on the counter rolled off and broke into a million pieces. I didn't even notice. His lips went to my neck again and I let out a moan, like smoke escaping a chimney. I shivered again, and had no idea my neck was such a sensitive spot. His hands grabbed either side of my shirt and tried to unbutton it, but he was shaking and it wasn't working, but he kept kissing me, down towards me breasts.

It was taking too long, the buttons weren't working. I pushed him away slightly and I could almost here my body protest. I grabbed either side and ripped it down, the buttons exploding off. He laughed and kissed me again, pushing the remnants of my shirt down my shoulders and off my body. He expertly unhooked my bra and yanked it away, kissing me as he cupped one of my breasts. The nipples hardened and perked up like they never had. He leaned down and licked one then suckled them. I threw back my head and moaned.

"Fuck. I want you inside me so badly right now," I said as my pussy was contracting with each suckle of my breast. Chris didn't respond but groaned in response and I could literally see his bulge get bigger. "Bedroom." I said through a moan, putting my hands in his hair.

"What?" He asked, coming up to kiss me again.

"Bedroom!" I said, pointing. He grabbed me and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him so that he could carry me. We stumbled across the room, kissing the whole way. He dropped me on the bed, ramming his bulge into my crotch. He sat up and lifted his shirt off. I stopped him from coming all the way down and ran my hands down his defined abs, they were incredible.

"I've wanted to touch these forever," I said but then I saw the bulge of his pants and I unbuttoned them, my attention on something entirely new. But he laid me down, pushing himself between my legs and when our chests touched and my nipples rubbed against him it made me want to cum right there and then.

He unbuttoned my shorts and practically ripped them off my body along with my underwear. His hand touched my wet mound and I let out a yelp, a good erotic yelp. A noise I had never made before in my life. He stuck a finger in my hot hole, and it slipped in so easily because of my wetness. He leaned down and kissed me, and than kissed down my body over my nipples and to my pelvis, causing my to writhe underneath him.

He licked me and tasted it, making both of us let out a soft inner moan. He pumped his finger in and out while licking my clit. I could already feel myself about to explode.

"Oh fuck. I'm about to cum." He just moaned in response and continued. "No! Stop." He looked up, his finger now rubbing my clit; I was writhing, trying to prevent myself from exploding. "I want to come the first time with you inside me." He looked at me and nodded. But it was my turn.

I grabbed his pants and unbutton

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