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'From The Jacuzzi To The Shower' part 2.

At least that's what you've heard and you've always been a little jealous of him anyway. He is your supervisor and even though you know you'd be way better at his job, you don't have it.

One night you invite him out for drinks and appetizers with us. You're nervous as we pull up to the tavern, you tip the driver and open the door for me to get out. I've made sure to dress extra revealingly tonight. Sharp black heels paired with a tight red dress that highlights all of your favorite parts of me, especially my toned, tight ass.

We go inside and see him sitting at the bar, he smiles at us and waves. We walk up to him, exchanges hellos, and he kisses me on the cheek-a normal interaction; however, for some reason this makes you particularly angry tonight, probably because your cock is still crammed into my little torture device. We order drinks and go sit down at a small table.

I look at you to check and make sure you're still okay with the plan. You nod. I begin to sip my drink, allowing myself to get tipsy and settle into my new role. You've already had two glasses of whiskey and seems to be hitting you hard tonight. You watch me in awe as I flirt with him. I make sure that I share brief but intimate touches with him the whole time. I also make sure not to neglect you. I don't want your crotch to be too comfortable.

I rub your arm and you place your hand on my thigh under the table. You start to try to slide your hand up my dress but I stop you. It's so warm in between my legs. You don't know how much more you can take. By now we've all had enough to drink that we've eased into a much more relaxed interaction. I excuse myself and get up to go to the ladies room. You try to follow me, but I give you a disapproving look and you sit back down.

I can tell you're ready to rip through the confines of your chastity belt. This turns me on even more. I make sure when I return from the bathroom to turn myself so I'm more so facing him than you and pretend to be in grossed in what he's blabbering on about. I'm not listening, instead I'm thinking about what he looks like naked and how not too long from now I'm going to feel his big, strong hands on my body.

It's getting late and you suggest that we go back to our apartment. We're all in agreement about this. I wink at you to signal you that soon I'll be letting you free and there won't be much more to endure.

When we get back to our apartment you fumble with the keys and finally the door unlocks and we step inside. We go into the living room and you offer him another drink, he accepts and you go into the other room to make it. While you're preoccupied, I take this time to begin getting physical with him. I gently place my hand on his knee-at first he seems to back away but quickly accepts it. You come back into the room and now the growing bulge in his pants is becoming more apparent. This succeeds in further turning me on and without thinking about it, I begin to kiss him. You move closer to me and begin to run your hands over my still clothed body. You can't wait to get me out of this dress, until you remember that you probably won't be the one fucking me tonight.

I've now begun to remove his clothing, first his shirt, then I slowly unbutton his pants. I decide to make the situation more humiliating for you by exposing your caged genitals to him while you watch us fuck. I unzip his pants and the size of his cock does not disappoint me, in fact it's even better than I hoped it would be.

You start to stare at his balls without even realizing it. You wish yours were more like his. Large, plum, succulent looking. I begin to lick them and he moans in pleasure, his cock is pulsating and yours is begging to be released.

You remove my clothes as he begins to finger me, I send you off to our bedroom to get some toys.

When you come back I've bent him over and am eating his ass.

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