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Dr. Brown requires Dawn's after-class participation.

I went after this brother with everything I've got.

Western males were brainwashed by feminist dogma and they've lost a portion of their manhood, not physically but psychologically. Males from Islamic countries think of women as inferior to men, and they've got their holy book to back them up. I find such males a worthy challenge, that's why I specifically targeted Abdi. At first, we clashed in classroom debates because of Abdi's truly backwards views on women and gender relations. The dude refused to budge on his stance, and for some reason, I couldn't get him out of my head.

The best way to lure a Muslim? Ask him or her about their great religion. That's exactly what I did. One day, after class, I approached Abdi and asked him about his faith, and Somali culture. At first, Abdi was hesitant, since he thought I was one of those rabid feminists who saw Islam as the enemy of all things connected to female empowerment. I got Abdi to let his guard down by telling him that at my church, I questioned the Pastor on doctrine and got a stern rebuke. You should have seen the change that came over Abdi.

By hinting to the Somali Muslim dude that I was questioning Christian doctrine, I suggested to Abdi that I was questioning my faith, and Muslims are always drawn to people in spiritual crisis. That's how they spread their religion, you see. They approach the unsure and unwary and sweet talk them into conversion. Abdi smiled at me and invited me to grab a bite with him, and then, over lunch, we talked about Somali culture, Canadian society, global politics, and course, the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam.

After that talk, Abdi offered me a copy of the Koran, and his own phone number if I had any questions. I took both happily, and thus began springing my trap. Every day at school, I would meet Abdi and we would talk, and slowly, I began to wear down his resolve. A guy is a guy, and guys have needs. Abdi Suleiman was a proud Muslim, true, but he's also a nineteen-year-old male who's never had sex with anyone. The Muslim brother set out to convert me to Islam but I instead seduced him and converted BDSM and perversion.

Slowly but surely, I wore down Abdi Suleiman's resolve. One night, I invited him over to my place for, ahem, scripture study, but instead, he ended up studying every inch of my body. Once I greeted him naked under my bathrobe, Abdi's eyes went wide and the Somali brother started stammering. I smiled and took his trembling hands, and put them on my big, firm breasts. Abdi looked heavenward, begged for forgiveness, and then began sucking on my tits. I smiled victoriously, for I had my favorite Somali Muslim dude right where I wanted him.

That night, I laid Abdi Suleiman down in my bed, kissed him, sucked his dick and then impaled my aching pussy on his thick Somali cock. Dude was real hesitant but once he had his dick inside of me, he stopped talking all that religious nonsense and instead began pounding my cunt with everything he's got, just like any man would. Oh yeah, Abdi definitely showed me what he was made of. For a first timer, he handled himself well enough. Hell, dude made me cum twice, thanks his relentless pounding of my sweet pussy.

After that night, Abdi Suleiman became addicted to me, following me around campus like a puppy, and I had him wrapped around my little finger. When I began introducing elements of female domination, fetish and BDSM into our bedroom play, the Somali Muslim stud didn't mind. That's why, slowly but surely, I got Abdi to let me do freakier and freakier stuff to him. Until I had him right where I wanted him.

Abdi Suleiman probably doesn't know how he ended up on all fours, his arms and legs bound, while I stood over him, stark naked, in all of my womanly glory, stroking my strap-on dildo.

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