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The tragic ending.

"Yeah ... uh ... great." I answered with little enthusiasm.

"Give it a chance. I know you'll love it before too long."

The place was an indie club that didn't serve alcohol so anyone could enter. I later learned that technically you had to be eighteen, but that wasn't strictly enforced. It was a place to hang out with friends and listen to music. I still wasn't sure that was what it was called, but after awhile I did realize that the musicians were actually pretty good. This was the place for new groups to come and play and perfect their craft. Any style of music was accepted there, from deathcore to jazz to bluegrass, funk, and reggae, even within a single bands' playlist. Sometimes the lines between genres were blurred in ways that might work or might not. Three different groups played while Erin and I were there and I wasn't sure if musicians were joining in or if band members were in multiple groups. It seemed very freeform at the club.

It wasn't long before I was able to open my ears to the music and throw away any preconceptions and just enjoy the sounds the performers made.

It did help that after two songs Erin had me dancing with her. Having a beautiful girl pressed against you made most things better.

I didn't know how to dance to the irregular beat but in a place like this, it didn't really matter. You just moved as your body wanted. It seemed almost a more pure form of music, without all the structure and rules.

We took a break from our gyrations and Erin bought us some colas.

"How did you ever discover this place?" I asked breathlessly as we sat.

"A friend played here and had me come listen. I fell in love with it and continued to come." Erin paused and looked at me seriously. "Do you like it? Honestly."

I would have lied to make her happy, but it wasn't necessary.

"I do actually. It's different. Very different, but in a good way."

Her smile in return made me glad.

We spent quite awhile there. Erin introduced me to a few acquaintances and we chatted about music. I had never been very musical, more of a spectator as it were, than a student, so I had little to add but I did learn a few things.

We left at Erin's insistence long before the small club closed. I followed her out blindly to discover whatever new thing she might show me.

We got in my car and I once again followed Erin's directions.

She had me get on the expressway and soon we were out of town.

Just as I was about to ask how far we were going, Erin directed me to the next exit. Now I was curious as the exit was deserted and led to seemingly nowhere. After going a mile down the dark road, Erin had me pull off down an unpaved road. I couldn't guess where she was leading us.
Suddenly before us, there loomed the dark surface of a lake.

Erin told me to park just off the shoulder of the dirt road and before the car even came to a stop, she jumped out and ran towards the water. I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

I parked my car and followed Erin into the near darkness, the more-than-a-sliver of a moon giving little light to guide me.

I lost sight of Erin but as I passed a young tree, part of its shadow detached and sprang at me.

Erin was on me before I realized it was her.

Her arms were around my neck, her lips pressed to mine as her body molded itself to mine.

I wasn't sure if she had brought me out here in the near-wilds to murder me, but at least at first she was kissing me.

I kissed back as if my life might depend on it.

Erin bit my lip then pulled back from me. She was grinning widely that in the dim light was either sexy or maniacal.

"Give me your keys." Erin held out her hand between us.

Um ...

I handed them to her. She darted back to my car.

Was she now going to strand me here?

My headlights came on, nearly blinding me.

Erin came running back to me giggling.

"What's going on Erin?" I asked intently. I really worried about what we were doing out here miles from anyone else.

"We're going to have sex. Right here." She declared firmly, leaving me no say.


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