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Its either prison or slavery for our heroine.

Vexim began to chant gibberish and sway her big, sturdy, hips side to side, performing a ritual dance. Vexim took black paint and made a mark on my forehead, marking me as a fertility sacrifice. Occasionally sprinkling different powders on me. Vexim opened her eyes, and looked down upon me in lust, biting her lower lip.

"I hope you're ready slut, that ass is about to be all mine, then the girls are gonna have their fun."

I gulped once again.

Rook came up to the stone circle in front of the entire crowd. She was completely naked, not afraid to show off her well toned and shredded body, accompanied by her gargantuan ass and tits.

"Alright ladies! We've all worked hard, and finally the goddess has given us an ass worthy of The Valkyries! This slave boy was running away from a Concordat entourage that was raided by The Revolution. Fate put him in our path! Now he's ready to become a fully fledged servant! Have fun tonight girls, you've earned it. Everything ready Vexim?"

Vexim grinned.

"Oh yes Rook, everything's ready."

Rook snickered.

"Then let's start already, don't make the girls wait too long."

Vexim guided her long hands all over my body. She began to kiss my body up and down, licking my nipples and sucking on it occasionally. Her hand rubbed my hardening cock, and she shoved her tongue in my ear.

Vexim took some of the white powder that was coating her nipples and fed it to me on her index finger. Vexim whispered in my ear.

"Eat it up baby, things will go a lot smoother if you do..."

Without thinking, I took her index finger in my mouth, sucking on it, as she twisted and turned it, exploring my mouth. The powder tasted sweet, like candy. It was hard to say that I wasn't enjoying everything at this moment.

Vexim breathed in my ear, making me fully aroused.

She lifted her head up and looked down to see my cock standing at full mast. She grinned, and came back to my ear.

"Neth tripoli suub Noralai, es too eth Victhra..."

She whispered into me, the words echoed into my mind, and suddenly my body became unresponsive, I could feel everything, but couldn't move. I was conscious, but my limbs were paralyzed, yet I was calm.

Vexim had cast some sort of hex on me.

"That's it honey, just relax, and let us do all the work. Now. Get on all fours."

My body moved on it's own, without me even controlling it, I got up on all fours, perking my ass up to Vexim's cock.

"Mmmm, yes, that's a good boy."

Vexim began to rub my ass, grabbing and massaging each cheek with a giant green hand, as she got on her knees behind me and leaned back so that her cock was facing upwards.

"Now take the head of my cock in your ass, do it yourself, make your master feel good."

Without any hesitation, my ass lowered itself on her thick green rod, popping the head inside me and stopped. I cringed in pain, as the stretching pain from earlier had returned.

"Oh yes!" She gasped, "That's it! Now stay still! Master's gonna take it from here!"

My body became statue like, Rook hoisted her hips up, slapping her giant green balls against mine. Vexim began to hold her position, only hoisting her hips upwards like an erotic dancer. Her movements into my ass were fluid and smooth, yet forceful, as her tangerine-sized testicles continued to slap against my ass. Moaning, "Yes!" or, "Oh!" with each rhythmic thrust of her massive orc cock. I began to moan, as her cock was continuously grinding itself against my prostate.


I began moaning to her instructions, a lot louder and girlish than intended. I had no control over myself anymore. Any slight tinge of pleasure from her cock, made me scream in ecstasy. Vexim was moaning dominantly in kind.

"Mmmm! Yeah! Oh that's right slave boy! Say my name! Say it! Say the name of the orc fucking your ass apart!"


The other orcs were snickering at my loud and girlish moans escaping me involuntarily.

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