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An affair: tennis and then many better matches in her bed.

'Our guard was down last night, but we've still got the advantage. A better skill set, for one: three psychics, and four awesome technicians...'

'Three?' Mara tilted her head, counting out one, two, on the two aliens in the room in an exaggerated manner.

'Lysithea, Dulsie, and Naga,' Sander said, snapping his fingers. 'Guy's a psychic bloodhound. He'll find them. In the meantime, Kana, can you hack into the camera network? Give us some eyes on the street? And Ren, you feel like heading a search party?'

'You know me, boss,' Ren grinned. 'Any kind of party is my kind of party. I'm on it.'

As the Half left, Sander continued to issue directions to his team, putting them in charge of various tasks that would, in the end, expand their field of vision to cover most of the city. Mara watched without saying a word, knowing that no matter what job he had in mind for her in the end, she wanted to be on the streets, searching. She had been there too, after all; in the beginning, when it was just the three of them. Just Sander, Mara and Amy. The Master, the Mistress and the Slave. Sander wasn't the only one who had formed an attachment to the redhead.

He would be out there actively searching, and so would she. It was only natural.

'Mara, can you take Dulsie and Lysithea to Naga? They need to be coordinating on this,' Sander eventually joined his girlfriend, placing a hand on her shoulder just a little too tightly, hinting at the stress boiling away under his surface. The two aliens trailed in his wake, their lingering eye contact indicating a conversation that only they could hear.

'Fine, I'll tell him,' Lysithea said out loud, in the end. She sighed, and tapped Sander on the shoulder, 'I think we might have something extra we can do.'

'I recruited you because of the extra things you can do,' Sander quipped. 'What in particular?'

'Well... when you went out with Amy yesterday, we... sort of did the same with Sally and Lorna,' Lysithea shifted her weight uncomfortably; at the time she hadn't thought Sander would mind, but in the shadow of The Escape, she wasn't so sure. It had never been discussed, she had just assumed they all had an equal share, an investment in the captives and the machinery of Trismestigius... but all the consequences fell upon Sander and Mara, didn't they?

The Doctor had seen Lysithea's face, that was true, but he had no way of knowing she was involved to this extent. All the Time Lord knew was that Sander and Mara were involved; the kidnapper and his paramour, known adversaries that had done precisely this in the past, and Sander had kept his crew out of the limelight too. If the Oncoming Storm was to fall upon Trismestigius, the lightning would strike only at the house of Hackett.

'You did? Okay, so what?' He took it well, though Lysithea registered a colour of surprise in his mental patterns. He wasn't used to not knowing things about the women he collected.

'We went to the red light district and piggybacked on the sensations there,' She continued, enduring Mara's questioning raised eyebrow. 'Including Sally and Lorna.'

'Neither of them are accustomed to psychic connections,' Mara broke into the conversation, apparently more irked at this than Sander was. It was hardly surprising; Sander was clearly more involved in simply getting the girls back, than worrying about what they had done beforehand. Mara, on the other hand, was a capable multi-tasker, apparently, 'You could have done them some serious damage!'

'We didn't, though,' The Trine-form dismissed the point outright; it was unimportant, in the end. 'What we did do, was open up their minds a little, made them susceptible to sense sharing.'

'What's the point, here?' Sander cut in. 'We're burning time.'

'They're still connected to us,' Dulcimer sent. 'It's dwindling, but we can reach out and open them up all the way. It might slow them down some.'

'Will it hurt them?' Sander asked.

'In Se

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