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Jenny is under the mercy of her enemy.

His fingers slid down between her shapely cheeks and he dipped one into her wet pussy. Thrusting it hard inside her, he watched her body react with pleasure, welcoming his touch. As her warm walls closed tightly around his finger he laughed.

It was a cold, mocking laugh that chilled her heart. Her head jerked back as he yanked her by the hair. He added another finger to her smoothly shaven pussy and shoved into her hard. She cried out with the force of it but was unable to tell him to stop. She didn't want him to stop touching her. Her body craved everything he could give her and more.

"You want me," he whispered, his breath hot against her ear. "You need me to fuck you. Beg me for it."

Her mind rebelled and the words shot from her lips before she could reconsider them.

"Fuck. You."

"As you wish," he replied coolly.

She couldn't see the coldness in his eyes or the way he clenched his jaw but she heard the steely tones in his voice and that tendril of fear squeezed her heart tighter. He pushed her head forward as he let go and the momentum carried her head forward to smack against the floor. As she turned her head and rested her cheek on the cold surface, he withdrew his wet fingers from inside her and slapped her ass repeatedly, harder and harder. The smacking sound of his hand against her flesh mixed with her whimpers of pain until, as suddenly as he'd started, he stopped.

Her ass was on fire and the burn spread through and heated her entire body, her soul and her mind. In a moment of perfect clarity she saw herself for what she was; a slut driven by passion and need. But she was his slut, just as he'd said. She wanted it no other way, but her stubborn pride refused to allow her to speak those words. Her desire for this man was unquenchable and undeniable. He made her feel alive. The two of them together turned that passion into a living, breathing, tangible entity. That was one thing she couldn't deny.

The leather strapping bit sharply into her flesh, startling her out of her daydream. She gave a sudden gasp as her body swung clear of the floor. She closed her eyes tightly to block out the swaying room and squeaked once as the harness jerked to a halt several feet above the floor. Suspended. Helpless.

He secured the strap to itself and gave her a little swing. Walking around her slowly, he observed her from all angles, tilting his head and looking at her as if considering. Coming to a stop in front of her he leaned over and raised her chin with one finger until her apprehensive eyes met his. She looked into those opaque windows and saw only darkness. Cold, hard obsidian. She couldn't look into those eyes, couldn't bear the silent fury that remained caged there. Closing her eyes and turning away couldn't block out the sound of his zipper opening or the deep tones of his voice as he spoke.

"I should fuck your mouth, cum on your face, and leave you here. You don't deserve anything better. But no, you'd enjoy that too much wouldn't you, my little cock-whore?" It wasn't a question he expected her to answer. As he slapped her cheek with his hardening cock, he watched her face turn and her mouth open reflexively. He struck her lips with the head of his shaft several times but didn't allow her to take it into her mouth.

"That's what I thought," he said smugly.

She found herself spinning in the air until he was behind her again, running his warm hands over her reddened ass.

"I'm going to hear you beg, one way or another." His disembodied words demanded her surrender, but he didn't wait for a response.

Taking hold of the strap around her waist he pulled her back towards him, driving his hard, throbbing manhood into her deeply, savagely.

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