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The story of Alex continues.

No one would be at the school until 7 o'clock, leaving them a good hour to carry out their brainchild. Both men rubbed each others' crotches until their cocks poked out obscenely. At exactly 6 A.M., there was an extremely soft knock on the door.

"Come in." Scott ordered in a mock authoritarian tone.

Rick entered the room head bowed, looking like a 5th grader who was about to lose recess for a week. He was dressed casually, with a pull over jersey and tan khakis. Both Tom and Scott were very impressed with the hunky 6 foot man's imposing looks. Their dicks surged in their pants, begging for release.

"G-g-uys, I really appreciate what you are trying to do, but I can't go through with it."

Rick stood his ground, keeping one hand on the side of the door.

"CAN'T GO THROUGH WITH IT???" Scott was suddenly loud and threatening. "Do you want me to make those complaints about you public?"

Rick's jaw dropped. "Y-y-ou mean y-y-you'd...."

"That's right Rick, public hearing, everything, and your name in the paper."

"B-b-b-u-u-t-t- I can't.....I never...." Rick looked like he was about to cry.

"Don't worry Rick, we'll show you how it's done. Now sit on the sofa and just watch."

Rick reluctantly followed Scott's orders. As if on cue, Tom came over to Scott with his huge basket very prominent. Rick's eyes practically popped out of his head as Scott bent down and took off Tom's dress shoes and black socks. He then slowly unbuttoned his white shirt and let it fall onto the floor. Tom was wearing a stark white wife beater which showed off his curly black chest hair to good advantage. Rick took in a sharp intake of breath as Scott skillfully unbuckled Tom's dress slacks. They fell to the floor in a heap and Tom stepped out of them, naked save for his beater and a pair of green plaid boxer shorts. Scott deftly pushed the band director's fat cock toward the slit in his boxers. It bounced out as Rick gasped. He had never seen another man's dick hard and Tom's was as stiff as a cement block. Scott started out slowly, swirling his tongue around Tom's peterhead as the band director moaned softly. Then he took inch after sweet inch of Tom's tasty cock down his mouth, eventually deep throating him like a madman. Tom's moans became louder and louder, and the ecstatic look on his face was not unnoticed by Rick. He knew in a matter of moments Scott's lips would be exploring his own hard dick and his member was so stiff it was about to rip a hole in his boxers.

Scott played Tom's skin flute for a good two minutes until he begged him to stop. Letting Tom's prick slowly out of his mouth, Scott stood up in anticipation of what his best buddy was going to do to him.

Tom bent down and reverently removed Scott's shoes and socks. Then he unbuttoned his white dress shirt and threw it on the sofa. Scott wore no t-shirt and his golden brown chest hair gleamed with sweat. Tom greedily unbuckled Scott's belt and let his black dress slacks fall to his ankles, revealing white boxer shorts that resembled a small pup tent. He eagerly worked Scott's hard 8 incher out of the boxer fly and vigorously began jacking it. Scott grunted loudly and closed his eyes. Tom's fingers flew over Scott's dick, bending his member in many different directions to heighten the sensations. The very aroused principal started to howl with lust as Rick's cement hard dick leaked precum into his boxers. After about 3 minutes of frantic jacking, Scott reluctantly pushed Tom's hands away from his throbbing member. "I think it's time to take care of the guest of honor."

Rick's voice suddenly got very high and he sounded like a frightened teen age girl.

"I can't do it, I can't do it!"

Scott knew he and Tom had to act fast.

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