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She feels his breath hot against her cheek.

She must have taken this as a positive move because she pressed herself against my body tightly and started exploring the tips of my lips with her tongue. In a matter of seconds our tongues and lips were dueling each other in a very passionate kiss. I thought, so much for slow, she is hot. My cock was already rock hard and it was pressing against Lisa's lower abdomen. I reached down and moved it into a more comfortable position then reached behind her and got a handful of her magnificent ass cheeks and pulled her tighter into my body. When we finally broke our first kiss, Lisa stepped backwards and pulled the teddy over her head and threw it on the floor.

She said, "I didn't put the bottom on to save us time."

She looked magnificent standing there, proud of her body, with a big grin in her face. I had to stare. As much as I wanted her I couldn't take my eyes off of that sexy body. She didn't want to waste anymore time so she yanked my shorts down in a flash, grabbed my very erect cock and said "let's fuck."

We got on the bed, Lisa flat on her back with her legs spread to accommodate me. This was not a time for foreplay for either of us. I remembered slowly, and fought the urge to slam my rock hard cock into her in one thrust. It had been more than twenty years since she had sex, and she was bound to be tight. I slipped a finger between her pussy lips to see if she was wet. I was surprised at the amount of moisture I found there. I pushed my finger up into her vagina and it was soaked too. So I moved over her and gently put the head of my cock against her pussy opening.

Lisa said "hurry up, I can't wait any longer."

Now I pushed the head of my cock into the opening and felt a lot of resistance. I was concerned I would hurt her so I stopped for a minute. I looked down at her face and saw no signs of pain so I pushed a little more cock into her. Lisa was getting very impatient. She wanted all of me, and told me that. When I didn't respond she slammed her hips upward into my groin in one fast move. I heard her gasp in pain, and her body tense up, so I pinned her to the bed with my body and lay very still, imbedded deep in her pussy. When Lisa started relaxing I slowly pulled my cock from the depths of her pussy then slid it back in. She was making little murmuring noises. The pain was gone from her face, replaced by a lustful look.

I hadn't had sex in almost a year, and Lisa is such a beautiful, sexy lady, and I was having trouble controlling my orgasm, but I wanted Lisa to really enjoy this first time. She was tight, but wet, and starting to loosen up. I sped up the pace a little and Lisa responded by starting to moan. Since I was not familiar with her reactions during sex I didn't know how to interpret the noise so I slowed down some. Lisa quit moaning, and asked me what was wrong. Nothing Lisa, I replied, and started stroking her fine pussy faster. The moaning started again, followed almost immediately by a big shuddering type vibration as Lisa started to cum. Her juices were pouring over my cock, and she continued to vibrate under me. That of course set off my orgasm. I started cumming deep inside of her and couldn't quit. I sprayed stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into her pussy. My sperm added to Lisa's enjoyment as she continued to shake.

I wrapped my arms around Lisa and rolled us onto our sides. I was still buried in her cum filled pussy.

She pushed up against me as close as she could get and said, "Thank you Tom, I loved it."

We lay that way for awhile until Lisa got up to empty the cum from her pussy.

When she came back to bed she asked, "How long have you been saving that for me?"

We fell asleep in each others arms for the first time.


I awoke around 7 the next morning with Lisa asleep with her head on my chest.

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