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John takes Stephen and Melanie.

Will and Bristol were now both appropriately dressed and pretended like nothing was happening between them.

"Are you sure? You two have been surprisingly civil towards each other for the last couple months. Is that something going on?" their mom inquired. Will smiled.

"No mom, everything is alright. I think that me and Bristol have just matured past all our petty arguments and now we're best friends. We've just grown-up." he said sincerely.

That evening, their parents settled into the motor home. Will and Bristol had to move their stuff into the bunk above the cab because the dinette was now covered with computers and papers of their parents.

"You kids don't mind having to share a bed like you did when you were little, do you? We have to keep our work papers where we can get them." their dad informed them. Will and Bristol looked at each other and shrugged indifferently.

"Sure. She's just my bratty little sister. I'm sure we can deal with sharing a bed..." Will answered, poking Bristol in the ribs playfully. She giggled.

"Alright you two. Try to keep it civil." their mother told them as their parents went back to their paper work that was all over the dinette.

Bristol climbed into the overhead bed and lay down. Will joined her shortly. They didn't kiss, touch, or make love as they normally would have. They kept their clothes on. Both held each other under their blanket all night, getting a good sleep. In the morning, Bristol woke-up early. She poked Will and woke him up too. They instinctively and silently make-out, their underwear soon off as they made love in the bed above the cab in the damp early morning darkness, being slow and gentle about it, trying not to make any noise.

Bristol took Will's condom protected dick deep inside her hairless pussy, kissing him passionately to muffle their mutual gasps of pleasure. She lay under him, their perfectly matched sex organs pleasuring each other. They slowly humped back and forth, back and forth, long deep strokes. Her tight little bald pussy clung to his big hairless dick, their shaven crotches pressed together at times just grinding their smooth spots together. They soon found themselves climaxing with each other, clinging together like cold animals. Bristol drank Will's seamen from their used condom as usual and they disposed of it so that their parents wouldn't find it. Will opened the little window in their double bed bunk, letting the smell of sex leave their little enclosed pleasure palace. With the curtain of their bunk still closed, they re-arranged themselves to be appropriate for their parents when they woke-up, they then both went back to sleep.

That day, the family went for a canoe trip, Will and Bristol acting just like brother and sister should. Bristol was back to her normal self, baggy clothes, shy, innocent. Little did their mom and dad know, Bristol's tiny sensitive breasts were braless and her tight little pussy was hairless as the day she was born in her little boyshirt panties.

"So kids, here is what we came out here for." their dad informed them, as they beached their canoes and walked onto a nicely sized heavily treed island in the lake.

"How do you mean?" Bristol asked curiously.

"Your dad and I have figured that we can live here and you guys can do your college courses using distance learning, if you want to. We bought this island and want to live here. It's your choice, kids." their mother explained. Will and Bristol looked surprised.

"Live on an island, just the four of us? What would we do?" Will pondered.

"You two could live away from distractions that might keep you from studying. TV, girls and boys, parties, and so on... We want you two to keep up your good marks. Whatever you two are doing in school, we want you to keep it up." their dad commented. Will and Bristol smiled at each other innocently.

"So we can live on this island and take our courses through distance education? You think that isolating us will help us do better in school?" Bristol said curiously.

"We think that you two have bee

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