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His wife's tales of past experiences.

His heart began to pound. This was it. He had not had any sex for months. It always made him nervous and excited, with unfamiliar people. You had to let go of your caution sometimes and just go for it. Once you've started the path, or taken the plunge you had to relax and flow with it. She had pressed the lift button - there were four lifts altogether in this building. One lift quickly opened and they slid inside. He had time to notice that all of it, the sides, the ceiling and the floor of the lift, were all mirrored. In the mirror he saw her press the button for one of the levels, then she was all over him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him strongly on his lips. Her tongue was out, and she licked his face, while her arms attacked his body, feeling it, around his shoulders, down his back, into the crack between his buttocks. He responded, there was no purpose in further words. He massaged her through her clothes and licked her face. He could feel her breasts and her buttocks. Quickly, too soon, they were at the floor she had selected. The doors began to open. Eva stopped her lustful behaviour, although she still held him. There was a curious privacy about these people. Sex was an everyday adventure for them, but they did not like to show it in public. He wondered why, storing it in his mind to ask Eva later.

She led him out into the corridor. It looked like just any hotel corridor. They turned left and she looked at the lights above the door handles. "Red is engaged," she said, "green is free." The first few on both sides were red, and Salohkin began to appreciate just how many people were probably having sex in this building right now; many more than just the few couples he had seen entering and leaving the lifts down below. It seemed that most couples, when they came upstairs couldn't wait to get into the first room available. Well, if the females were going at the males in the way Eva had done in the lift it was easy to see why.

Eva found a green door. There was a slot in the handle itself. "The handle doesn't turn unless we pay for our room," said Eva.

"How much does it cost?" asked Salohkin, momentarily beginning to feel distracted from the thought of sex again.

"Only 3 or 4 demos," said Eva, it depends how busy the rooms are. They put the price up at peak times from 3 to 4."

"How much is it now?" he asked.

"Only 3 at the moment," she answered.

He began to fumble in his pockets for some coins. Eva smiled as he did so, then slotted 3 demos into the handle. The green light changed to blue, and she turned the handle and pulled him in. The room was smallish, but large enough for a double bed, a shower in the corner and a window out onto the street, with curtains. There was nothing overlooking the room so they left the curtains open. There was a large mirror on the wall, opposite the bed, and apart from the curtains and bedsheets, nothing else to decorate the white walls and green carpet.

"Would you like me to have a shower," asked Salohkin, nervously.

"No," she said, "I don't want to wait." She had already stripped off her blouse and was unfastening her bra. "Can you help me with this?" He stepped over and unfastened the bra. She caught his hands and laid them on her breasts. He hugged her close from behind and kissed her again. She was undoing her skirt and kicked her shoes away. Breathlessly she said, "Take my skirt off for me." He reached down, nuzzling her back with his face, as he went and drew her skirt, and then her panties down. It seemed appropriate to massage her around the crotch. She seemed to want this so he licked her crotch from behind and stuck his fingers into her vagina, and stroked her gently. His penis was fully erect now.

She began to moan and pant.

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