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A closet amateur Crossdresser meets a confident one.

She expertly swallowed it as her own orgasm died down. She felt her brother's dick jerk in her mouth again, and more of his salty semen pooled inside. She drank it hungrily, eagerly - she could drink his delicious cum all day! Never had she so thoroughly enjoyed cum before! Her orgasm had died down, as he slid his finger back out of her ass, and his mouth released her pussy. She continued to milk his penis of his seed with her mouth, getting and drinking down every last drop. He kissed each of her ass cheeks lovingly, moving back and forth as he recovered. She let her brother's softening penis slip out of her mouth, gasping for breath.

He kissed his sister's pussy lips, watching them shake a little when he made contact. They were swollen, pressed together, quivering. He kissed them again, sending thrills up her spine.

Bonnie got off of him, spun around, and lay beside him, sliding a leg and an arm over him. She was smiling.

"Good morning" she said. He kissed her mouth softly. "That was so good!" she added. He remained silent, holding her. Unable to help herself, she slid her hand down his stomach and grabbed on to his semi hard penis. She squeezed it lovingly. She kissed him again, this time sneaking her tongue into his mouth. He returned the favor, and for the next couple of minutes, the two siblings kissed passionately. She could feel his dick grow in her hand, and she began to stroke it. Still kissing her, he rolled onto his side. She let go of his cock and reached underneath her leg from behind, grabbing it again. He could feel her run it down along her wet, hot lips until it reached her entrance.

He pushed forward, and the petals of her pussy opened for him, welcoming him inside. Her warmth engulfed most of his penis instantly, and they moaned into each other's mouth. He pulled back a little, and then pushed his entire penis into Bonnie's vagina. "Ohhh" she breathed into his mouth as she felt him enter so deep inside her.

His pole felt so hot inside her, she never wanted him to pull out! He sucked her upper lip, pulling it outward as he kissed her softly.

She stuck out her tongue and he sucked it into his mouth as he slowly eased his penis in and out of her vagina. He was kissing her softly and fucking her gently, his hand sliding down to her ass. He grabbed her soft cheek, squeezing it as they made sweet love. Jeff loved how his sister's pussy gripped his cock so snugly, she was such a good fit for him! He rolled her over onto her back. She was looking at him lustfully, her feet in the air as he continued to slide his manhood in and out of her hot tunnel. Without missing a beat, he bent to suck on her nipple.

He licked and sucked the tiny nub as he slid his rod in and out, in and out. He held himself up on his arms, beginning to fuck her a little harder. Bonnie's face was flushed, and she could feel the beginning of an orgasm. He looked down her slender body to where the fur of her bush made his penis appear and disappear. He began to fuck her harder, watching her small tits bounce.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unmh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned as her brother got her off. Her orgasm was rising quickly and she was getting louder as it approached. Her feet were flailing helplessly as Jeff drilled her into the bed hard. "UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH! OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, cumming. The inner walls of her pussy were convulsing around his driving penis, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. Her pussy was so hot! She was blowing his mind! He jackhammered in and out of her tight cunt as she tried desperately to recover. "Unh! Unh! Unh!" she cried out so loudly, she was gasping for breath. He watched his cock slide in and out of her needy pussy lightening quick, he was losing it. He gave her a few more rapid thrusts before jamming his manhood all the way into her hole and holding it there.

His penis spasmed, and a thick load of hot jism fired out of him and into her womb.

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