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Standing in the bus can be risky.


I nod.

'That boy would lose his head if it wasn't attached...'

'I took a chance. I didn't think I'd find you,' I admit.

'You sat here all this time?' he looks at me. He laughs.

'What is it?'

'Well, I've had a very long day... when the receptionist told me about you... well, let me just say that the nurse and I have been trading insults about you all afternoon.'

I laugh.

'I'm glad you stayed. Will you come to dinner with me?'

'I'd love to.'

He takes me a few blocks away, near the high school, to a soul food kitchen.

'This place reminds me of my mother's cooking,' he says. 'It's not as good as hers, but it's close enough.'

'How is she?'

'She's great. She's living in Chicago.'

'Is that where you went? After...'

'Yeah. I stayed there for two years. I didn't like it. It wasn't much different from Mississippi, in my opinion. Plus, it was too damned cold.' He chuckles, looking at me. 'How have you been?'

'Okay, I guess...'

'Just okay?'

'I've missed you, everyday, since I left.'

He looks down. 'Have you seen Wade?'

I nod. 'I saw him on Broadway, one day a few years ago. He was with his wife, and his two kids.'

'Did he say anything to you?'

'No; he didn't see me.'

'You haven't been happy?'

'No, not really. I'm happy to see you, though.' I pause. 'You were right, you know.'

'What about?'

'About Wade. I never did love him...'


We're rushing downtown to get to my apartment, but oddly, once we're there, it seems as if time has stopped. We just stare at each other for a long time, standing in our coats, panting from the sprint up the stairs. He's in shock, not even bothering to look around him at the humble d__cor of my living room. He hasn't even taken his gloves off.

I perform a sort of strip tease for him, taking a step away from him with each piece of clothing that I take off. By the time I'm completely naked, I'm in the bedroom, calling him to come to me, beckoning him to follow the trail of my discarded clothes. He obeys, stepping into the room, still in his outerwear, standing in the doorway, staring at my naked body.

I stand in front of him, slowly disrobing him myself, starting with his gloves, working my way down to his shorts, running my face up and down his hairy legs, making my way to his erect cock. He stands above me, only moving to stroke my long red hair, massaging my scalp, and stroking my hairline, until he runs his fingers along the scar at my temple.

'It's okay,' I scratch my fingers along his scrotum. 'I'm all right, John.'

I hold his cock in my hands for a moment, feeling it, inspecting it, remembering how it felt inside my mouth, hot and hard, jerking around, and how it felt in my pussy, tantalizing, filling. I'm intrigued all over again, by its blackness, and it's girth, and I can feel my mouth watering, just looking at it. He's chuckling now, looking down at my amazed face and playfully scratching my head.

'I guess you've missed this, too,' he grins.

I slowly stroke his cock with my tongue, tasting the length of it, rolling a bit of his precum around in my mouth. I'm savoring his saltiness, bathing his penis with my wet and ready mouth, sliding my lips over it, preparing my throat to devour it. I take him by surprise; he moans when I take him down my throat, grabbing my hair, grunting slightly. I can feel his balls stirring, ready to fire his thick semen down my throat, but John is resistant; he's trying to hold off, but I won't allow it. I move faster, stroking and squeezing with my hands at the same time that I'm licking and sucking. He hisses as I suck harder, and I can tell that I have him now, because his precum is flowing nonstop.

'Oh, God, Ingrid... what do you do to me?' he breathes, pulling my hair as he explodes in my mouth.

I drink him in, slowly cleaning his cock, making him moan as I lick him again. He pushes me away, desperately trying to catch his breath. I watch him as he collapses onto the bed.

'Are you married?' l ask, licking my lips as I admire his athletic physique.


'Do you have a girlfriend?' I crawl over him, straddling his

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