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Jenny's further adventures.

I licked the area below her pussy, teased the exposed crack of her tush. I kissed up and down her thighs, always returning to kiss and lap her pussy. When she was finally spent, and nearly motionless, I kissed my way back up her body. As I reached her facial area, I guided my erection into Beth. She sighed as I filled her. I sighed as I felt her surround me.

Neither of us moved our hips; we lay pressed together exchanging soft kisses. I wanted to be inside Beth. I wanted to feel her warmth, her dampness, to share the rippling of her muscles, but I wasn't ready to begin intercourse. I just wanted to lie in her arms for a while, to savor the sensations of being embedded inside her perfect body.

Chapter 29: Beth Brings Out The Beast In Larry

The kissing and cuddling lasted a long time. Beth occasionally inched her sheath up and down my length, but more as a show off affection than an attempt to initiate copulation. I remained erect within her, less than steely hard, but rigid. Every few minutes I'd withdraw, then slowly push myself as deep as I could reach as an adjunct to a wonderful kiss we were sharing. Life was good. Life was very, very good.

Truly I'd come to care tremendously for Beth. She was such fun to be around, I felt so comfortable near her.

Beth gave my penis another hug with her pussy. "Is there something I can help you with, Sugar?" purred Beth.

"Actually, I'm very, very happy just like this for now." I replied. Tenderly I explained how special it felt to be with her this way, to be quiet, and to really be able to feel HER.

Beth understood what I was getting at. She and I shared, as best we could, what sex felt like; I tried to explain how it felt being a boy inside her body, she helped me get hint of the sensations of being a girl with a stiff male organ inside of her. We must have talked for half an hour. At times one of us would say something endearing, kisses would be exchanged as our affection for each other deepened.

Beth had been curious about the time Lynn and I spent before coming in. I knew she was genuinely interested, not trying to be nosy. She'd assured me I didn't have to talk about anything if it was private. It finally dawned on me what it was that had been bothering me. It wasn't a big, drive me crazy kind of bother me, just a little twinge of guilt I'd been dimly aware of.

"Beth, I hope I don't ruin things with you. I'm a little scared admitting this, and I feel stupid saying what I'm about to, considering I'm laying here, my penis inside you, having sex with you, but I told Lynn that I love her. I care about you as much as I care for her, but something inside me says I'm in love with Lynn. So I'm feeling somewhat guilty about wanting, make that enjoying, sex with you while feeling that I love Lynn."

"Relax, Larry. I know you love her. I've seen THAT look in your eyes when you watch my sister. I'm no woman of the world, but I'm pretty sure there's some chemistry there. For a few hours after I gave my cherry to Jim, I thought maybe he was the ONE. I do love Jim, and I want more sex with him, but there's no chemistry between us. As for us, fella, you can ask me to roll in the hay ANY time you want. No promises, but I can't picture the time when I won't want your lovely penis inside me. The more I've gotten to know you, the closer I feel to you."

"I love you, Beth." "I love you too, Larry." We both knew what we meant.

Beth became playful, deviling me for more details about my conversation with Lynn. I couldn't think of anything we'd shared that Lynn would mind Beth knowing, so I recapped our conversation. I recounted Lynn wanting me to make love with Beth or Charlene, because she was too young to stop experimenting.

Beth described how she and Lynn had discussed sharing Jim and I, they'd worried about any of us getting hung up on one person and blowing our foursome to hell.

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