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Simon, Leyna, and Yilma encounter a merry band of monsters.

But do you think she would approve of me actually performing the castration op myself? I mean, there can't be much to it, can there?"

"I really can't see Governor Monroe having much of a problem with that, BJ. (Slap slap slap slap ...) As you say, there really can't be all that much to it, can there? A minor op like that?" (Slap slap slap slap ...)

Prison officer Billie Jo said, "Do you know, prisoner Chapman, the more I think about it ... the more I am taken with the idea."

"So am I, BJ. (Slap slap slap slap ...) So am I." (Slap slap slap slap ...)

"Actually, I can almost see it now. I can almost imagine the scene ...

"... You, prisoner Chapman: Lying supine, naked and restrained on the stainless-steel operating-table. Under local anaesthetic only, and so eyes-open alert, and fully aware of everyone and everything going on around you. Your pulled-taut ball sac, securely clutched in my synthetic-gloved left hand, and the reassuring weight of the scalpel, in the firm and sure grip of my synthetic-gloved right hand. The bright, clinical, all-revealing operating-theatre lights glinting on the razor edge of the at-the-ready surgical instrument. The surgical nursing team, all standing by, just in case something should ... go wrong ...

"... And me: In my operating-theatre scrubs, wellington boots, and protective face-mask. Poised, and about to-"

"No, Miss Billie Jo!" wailed Ross. "No! No!"

"You've been warned, prisoner Chapman: when they are gone -- they are gone! And then you won't be able to play with your little weenie excuse for a dick, either!

"So, the next time you are about to speak out of turn -- think on! Because I have given you your first and final warning!"

"Ye-yes, Miss Billie Jo," said Ross respectfully, sounding very badly shaken. Sounding rocked to his absolute core, in fact, by this abominable new threat. A threat, that he obviously believed prison officer Billie Jo capable of making good on. "I'll ... think on."

"Well, you'd better!" warned prison officer Billie Jo, now returning her olive-skinned right foot to its pale-blue, thin-rubber soled flip flop.

"You know I mean what I say -- Gummy! I don't do idle threats! If I have your balls, it's not the end of the world: I've still got plenty more ways of keeping you obedient. Plenty more ways of hurting you, besides kicking you between the legs. Plenty more ways, of keeping you under my heel -- right where you belong!"

I could tell that this time, my cruelly bullied, mercilessly belittled, and direly threatened cellmate did not trust himself to reply respectfully.

Relieved now, at the opportunity to avert his tell-tale, 'fraudulent' eyes from prison officer Billie Jo's, my savagely browbeaten cellmate stayed silent. Bowing his head in an attitude of extreme reverence, he stared down respectfully at prison officer Billie Jo's feet.

But prison officer Billie Jo wasn't finished with Ross yet. Not by a long way. She was nowhere near done with browbeating my cellmate. It took a lot, for her to get over the effects of getting out of the wrong side of the bed.

"And anyway, prisoner Chapman ..." said prison officer Billie Jo, in tones of absolute wonderment. "What would a limpdick little virgin like you, know about a real man's needs?"

"Um, er ... nothing, Miss Billie Jo," said Ross respectfully, with a sudden return of hot colour to his face; a burning, violent bright red.

"What would you know -- Gummy! -- about rompy pompy?" demanded prison officer Billie Jo, in tones of such dripping scorn that actually caused Ross's acutely embarrassed face to turn even redder.

"Yes!" agreed prison officer Bella Donna gleefully, immediately sensing and seizing upon Ross's acute, virginity 'stigma' distress. (Slap slap slap slap ...) "What could he possibly know about it, BJ? What could he possibly know, about rompy pompy -- him!" (Slap slap slap slap ...)

"Well, prisoner Chapman .

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