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Shoveling snow at a friend's house ends up unexpectedly.

Pretty much the same guest stars, except for Barney Frank and Larry Craig, of course, could still be cast in the series if the show featured succubae (and maybe incubi) instead of call girls. If, in addition to the succubae "angels," the series also features incubi, then the potential guest list for female stars become all but limitless, so many are the actresses who are willing not only to get naked before the camera but also to film "love scenes" of the most risqu__ sort.

Another erotic TV series we'd like to see? Jon & Kate Plus 8. This seems like a promising premise. The only questions, really, are whether the costars would take on the eight guest stars simultaneously, in an orgy, or one by one, sequentially; whether bisexuality would be involved and, if so, for whom, Jon, Kate, or both; and whether the "eight" would be friends, neighbors, strangers, or some of each. (Family isn't a possibility unless the kids are the adult versions of the original series' offspring, who are underage.)

As the failed attempt to interest Americans in a preteen Dakota Fanning's sexual assault in Hound Dog shows, Americans, depraved as they are, haven't sunk to this level of degeneracy--at least not yet. Maybe former child actors can substitute for the Gosselins' actual twins and sextuplets. The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce and Diff'rent Strokes' Todd Bridges, to mention only a couple, are probably available. They're not doing anything much nowadays except hosting The World's Dumbest series. In fact, most, if not all, of the cast of The Brady Bunch might also be interested in auditioning for a role as one of the eight. If the show is daring enough to feature a few episodes of necrophilia, maybe even Dana Plato's remains might be signed for a bit part or a cameo appearance.

Bewitched is another possibility. How could a TV series that starred Elizabeth Montgomery and a movie starring Nicole Kidman not be a contender as the basis for an erotic TV spoof? Maybe Lindsay Lohan could be the witch after she gets out of jail. Can you imagine her twitching her nose--or some other part of her anatomy? Drugs and alcohol haven't totally destroyed her looks (yet), although they have reduced her to playing roles such as that of Lind Lovelace, the original Deep Throat. Who'd play her husband, Durwood? Jim Carey? Who the hell cares, really?

The premise might be that the sexy witch bewitches sexy men, playing tricks more like those that a prostitute (or Linda Lovelace) would play than those viewers of the original TV series might expect from the girl-next-door-cute Montgomery. For those on Viagra or Vigorelle, octogenarian actors like Kirk Douglas and Betty White could appear as Maurice and Endora, and, if a gay dimension is included, maybe Neil Patrick Harris could perform the role of Uncle Arthur. If a spoof of this situation comedy, or sitcom, catches on, other possibilities for erotic parodies along this line are I Dream of Jeannie (what red-blooded man or woman doesn't?), My Favorite Martian, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and My Mother the Car. A perfect vehicle for a transsexual series would be an erotic remake of The Girl With Something Extra.

For imaginative sitcom writers and the porn producers who piggyback on their TV counterparts' work, the titles alone of some of the original Bewitched series' episodes suggest some interesting, erotic possibilities for storylines: "I, Darren, Take This Witch, Samantha" (sounds ravishing!); "It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog," (for zoologists and veterinarians); "The Witches Are Out" (a lesbian episode); "Just One Happy Family" (a tale of incest); ".

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