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Callia's in trouble, can Cooper come to her rescue?

"Yeah I got your car all taken care of," Danny said casually.

"Again, thanks a lot," Shannon said with a quick nod. She wouldn't have known that the two were brothers if she hadn't been told. While Lenny was about five eight or so and kind of stocky his brother was a good six foot and lean, with muscular arms.

"Glad I could help," he said. He casually crossed his legs and asked, "Can I get you anythin'?"

"No thanks," she said with a quick shake of her head. She knew that this would be a good time to say she had to leave but for some reason she couldn't make herself say it.

"Yeah Lenny sure likes working with you," Danny said, "He says you help make the night go by better. And I can see why." Shannon smiled softly and shook her head. Danny sat up and said, "You look nervous, why not sit back and relax. Lenny will be back in a sec."

Shannon nodded and settled back. Although it had been Lenny that had tricked into letting his brother work on her car and it had been Lenny that had made her spend most of the past night working in just her bra and panties and it had been him that had then groped her while they drove here she silently wished he would hurry up and get back in there.

Almost as if he had read her mind she heard him coming down the hall. He was pulling on a casual shirt as he entered, having changed into a worn pair of jeans. He walked over and sat down on the couch on the other side of Shannon, sandwiching her between them.

"So did you tell her what it would cost?" Danny asked as he scooted closer towards Shannon.

"Yeah sure did," Lenny said with a smile and nod.


"She said okay," Lenny said. Shannon wanted to say what else could she say, but decided against it.

"Good then we can get right to her paying her bill," Danny said as he reached over and placed his hand on her tit. He firmly rubbed her mound through her blouse letting out a soft groan as he did.

"Yeah we've been working on that for most of the night," Lenny said with a chuckle as he placed his hand on her other tit.

Shannon shuddered as the two fondled her breasts; it was the first time she had ever had two men touching her. She knew it was wrong but she was finding it wickedly exciting. While Lenny was firmly rubbing her mound through her blouse Danny was gripping her other as he shoved it about on her chest. She inhaled shakily as they groped her making both of them to glance at her, grinning knowingly.

"I think she likes her payment plan," Danny said with a husky chuckle.

"Sure does," Lenny responded with a grunt. He laughed adding, "I know I sure like it."

"I hear that," Danny answered. He released her tit and moved his hand down her front and grabbed the lower edge of her blouse. He began to tug it up, uncovering her smooth belly, saying, "Let's see what she's got under this."

"Oh its nice bro trust me," Lenny assured his brother as he slid his hand down to help pull her top up.

Shannon hastily sat up as they drew her blouse up and raised her arms. She helped as they worked her blouse up her arms and over her head. Danny tossed her top aside after they had pulled it off of her and she shook her head to settle her slightly tousled hair.

"Well you were right when you said she ain't got much in the tit department," Danny said as he gripped her bare mound, jiggling it after he had. Shannon grimaced slightly because of his comment on the small nature of her breasts.

"Well they might be a little small but they're still nice," Lenny said as he placed his hand on her other tit. As he rubbed her mound he teasingly asked her, "I've heard that ladies with small tits really like havin' 'em played, is that true?"


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