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She submits.

And I told him I hadn't. He was surprised and told me that Heaven was the perfect place for a queen like me. I told him that I had actually been there, but I never saw anyone in the arcade. And he told me, no, you have to go into the theater in the back, because that's where all the action took place. That was news to me. We sat like that for about a half an hour and then he told me he had to leave. I lowered my legs so that my heels were touching the floor, and I slowly rose, feeling his still semi hard cock slide out of my rectum. "Want me to clean you off, honey?" I said, lowering myself between his legs.

After he left I sucked a few more guys off, but I couldn't get what he said about Heaven out of my head. It was only around 10:30 -- still early. I decided I had to check it out! I got back into my black 2 piece string bikini, my ripped jeans butt baring short shorts, and the cream colored see through blouse, grabbed my clutch purse and walked out of the arcade and through the brightly lit adult bookstore. There were several customers there, and I heard someone say: "That's her!" as I walked out the door into the night.

It had been a hot day, and even now at 10:30 pm, it was still hot. Heaven was a little over a half a mile away, and I was wearing 4-inch high heels, so I took my time walking there. Besides, I enjoyed the attention I got from passing vehicles. I wasn't really afraid of getting gay bashed because, due to my small frame and innate femininity. I can pass as a biological female, if I want. I walked up the one big hill and then it was all down hill from there. Once I got to the top I could actually see the blinking lights of Heaven, near the bottom of the hill.

As I walked I recalled the first time I had ever seen Heaven. It was soon after my wife and I had moved to the city; we were driving by and I saw the blinking lights and saw that it was an adult bookstore. I didn't say anything to Emilyn, but I silently marked it as a place I might want to check out sometime. Emi and I had only been married for a couple of years then, and neither of us had yet crossed the line with others. But I still liked going in those places occasionally -- I was drawn to them. When I finally did go there a few weeks later I was disappointed. The store part was very small, with a few videos and old sex magazines on the rack. I went into the arcade and saw no one or anything back there. I visited a few more times over the next couple of years, but it was always the same; no action. So I wrote it off. Little did I realize that there was a good size movie theater in the back.

When I arrived I went in. Thanks to my past visits, the place was familiar. This time I went straight to the desk and asked for the theater. The guy said it was 6 bucks, and pointed to the turnstile and the door beyond, and buzzed me in.

The theater was dark and there were rows of seat, and straight porn playing on the screen. There were quite a few men scattered throughout the seats, but other than that I didn't see much going on. Which kind of surprised me because the black guy at Whispers had really talked the place up. I was about to leave when suddenly a head popped out of an area behind the screen. He stepped out quickly before disappearing again. What was THIS??

I quickly walked down to where I had seen the guy and found myself in the doorway of a large bathroom -- a men's room.

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