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Vince acts out his wildest fantaies on Maria.

She bit back a whimper. Her bottom began to involuntarily grind into the horse blanket.

"Does that feel good?" Luke quietly asked.

Madeline quickly nodded yes. She was grinding her buttocks hard into the blanket.

"Do you want me to keep going?"

"For a little while," Madeline replied in a breathless tone as another wave of sexual tension shot through her.

Luke continued to play with his cousin's clit. He rubbed her button, furthering her sexual stimulation.

With each passing moment, Madeline felt her body responding to new sensations. She whimpered, and squirmed as Luke continued to stimulate her sexually. She felt like she was drowning in a sea of emotions.

Luke decided it was time to take the next step. "Madeline, would it be alright if I touched the tip of my penis to the entrance to your vagina for just a few seconds?"

"Luke, I'm a virgin. You can't put your penis inside me."

"I won't put it in. I'll just press it against the inner lips, I promise."

The beautiful young woman shuddered as her body continued to throb with sexual tension. She knew she should say no, but the excitement she was feeling overrode common sense. "Just for a few seconds," she weakly replied. "Don't put it inside me, ok? It would be weird if we had sex. Besides, I really don't want to get pregnant."

"I won't put my penis inside you, I promise." Luke scooted his legs further between Madeline's spread thighs until the tip of his cock was less than an inch from her vaginal opening. Grasping his shaft, he leaned over her, and slid the tip of his cock between her pussy lips.

Madeline shuddered as the tip of his penis slid against her hymen. "That's far enough," she said breathlessly. Madeline's eyes locked onto the sight of her cousin's penis resting against the entrance to her vagina. She felt that old familiar thrill of doing something dangerous course through her.

Luke held his upper body off his cousin with one hand, and slid his cock up and down through her pussy lips. With each caress, he would purposely rub her clit, and hymen with the tip of his manhood.

Madeline squirmed beneath her cousin. She involuntarily wrapped her legs around his thighs. The feel of his penis rubbing her button felt incredible.

"How does that feel?" Luke's voice was hoarse with excitement.

Madeline felt a strange need that she couldn't fully understand flow through her loins. "It feels really nice."

"Can I rub my penis against your vagina a little longer?"

"I-I guess it would be alright. But just for a few minutes." Madeline was losing the battle for self control.

Luke continued to rub his cock head through the folds of his cousin's pussy, and against her clit. As he slid the crown against the entrance to her sex he slid his cock head partly into her.

Madeline gasped as she felt her maidenhead stretch. "Luke, you can't put it inside me. I told you we can't have sex."

"I just wanted to see what it felt like to put the tip in. I won't go in too deep, I promise."

Madeline's confusion increased. She wanted him to take the tip out, but it just felt so good. "Alright, you can put the tip in, but just the tip. You could take my virginity, or worse, ejaculate in me and get me pregnant."

"Madeline, you can't just get pregnant any old time," Luke said, trying hard not to sound desperate."

Madeline gazed into her cousin's eyes. "Luke, Mama already taught me all that. There are only certain days where the risk of pregnancy is high. But there are also days where the risk of getting pregnant is possible. Right now I'm very fertile. So please, don't screw me, ok?"

"I promised I wouldn't, and I won't."

Luke began moving the tip of his cock in and out of his cousin's pussy.

Madeline shuddered as her cousin slid a quarter inch of his penis inside. She could feel the thin layer of skin that covered her vagina stretch with each inward push.

Luke gently rocked back and forth, sinking the tip between her pussy lips again and again.

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