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The humiliation of being thrown out by your wife.

With broad shoulders, and firm calves from jogging he looked very cute, especially when the girls contrasted his body to his blushing face.

Naturally, like most submissives, his genitals were completely shaved. Being humble and shy, Michael would have never believed that almost every submissive girl and several of the Dommes had licked their lips then they viewed what was under his thin boxers. Softly, Chloe pushed him to the table, as she bent him over, she placed her pelvis up against his bottom and slowly grinded into him, it was certainly aggressive and the feeling of his bulging penis rubbing up against the smooth wood of the bar made him moan softly. With that, Chloe smiled and stepped back to the table and knelt by Mistress Samantha. As a reward, Samantha slowly began to play with Chloe's hair. As Michael looked toward Samantha he gave her a pleading look, he was desperately scared and was beginning to get jealous of the way his Mistress was treating his submissive fried. Naturally, he had seen Mistress use Chloe on several occasions. In fact, on more than one occasion they had been used together, just not allowed to touch. It was clear to most that with Michael, Chloe, Jenny, and Samantha their relationship was almost like a family.

"Michael, I am going to enjoy playing with Chloe while I watch you get punished." Seductively Mistress Samantha lifted Chloe's head and kissed her on the mouth. Samantha forced her tongue into Chloe's mouth and Chloe instantly began to suck and lick on Samantha's tongue and lips. Chloe whined as Samantha pulled away and the onlookers in the bar began to cheer for the two beautiful women that they had been watching intently.

"So ladies, should I use my cane or my baby bull whip?" Michael visibly trembled as she asked the question. It was no secret that he was terrified of the whip. Mistress had used it on him once and left blood blisters on the lower part of his bottom. His eyes filled with tears just at the mention of the cruel device. Much like several of the other dominant women in the bar, Samantha was wearing a tight short skirt. Chloe instinctively placed her head on her thigh as she watched the scene at the bar unfolding.

The crowd responded the exact way that Michael had hoped it wouldn't. "Give the bitch boy the whip!" "Hell, why not give him both." Michael closed his eyes and never observed any of the women that had said these things.

"Why both, now that sounds like a wonderful idea! I will give him ten with the whip and fifteen with the crop." Michael could not believe what he was hearing. He was about to get the worst flogging in his life, all because he dropped a cup of fucking liquor. He could not believe his luck. His eyes were glazing over and his Mistress just looked at him with a devious smile on her face. All the while, she continued to give love and affection to Chloe.

"So should I gag him?" The crowd primarily chanted no. Then one girl screamed, "I want to hear him beg! He does not need a gag." This time Michael saw who said the comments. It was a gorgeous red headed Domme, the girl at her feet was enormously busty and had no top on. Unlike Michael, she was extremely open with her body, in fact she did not even attempt to cover herself when Michael gazed at her creamy breasts.

Immediately, he felt the sharp crack of the whip at his lower right bottom cheek. He screamed louder then he had ever done before. The sting was a complete surprise. Stupidly, he jumped up and brought his hands to his behind. Mistress Jenny was furious.

"Chloe, I thought I told you to tie him up!" Chloe instantly looked at the floor.

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