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Andrew & Wendy's fun with the vibe continue.

"Fill my pussy daddy! Spurt your cum into me!

He reached the point of no return. His balls tightened up and he held her tight, pulling her hard onto his spasming cock. The breath caught in his chest and his head threatened to explode as his cock jerked violently within her loins spraying her insides again with his hot load of semen.

Jenni felt his cock throb inside her belly and as the first jets of cum splashed into her she shuddered in another massive orgasm. The feeling of his uncontrollable ejaculation into her naked sex driving her mind and body into a release she hadn't experienced before this night.

They held each other tightly as their sex organs melded in a hot, sticky orgasmic release and waited for the throbbing to ease. Jeff slumped part of his weight onto Jenni and relaxed his grip on her as he gulped at the air. No woman had ever drained him so completely or satisfied his lust with such passion.

"Oh baby! That was incredible," he panted in her ear.

Her legs fell limply apart as he took his weight off her to look into her face and she smiled back a him weakly.

"I never got fucked like that by my boyfriend," she replied in a low voice.

Jeff chuckled a little, "He doesn't sound like a very good lover."

She was silent for a moment. "No, he's not. He didn't even make me cum."

"Is he the only man you've been with?"

"Yes," she whispered.

Jeff was intrigued. A hot, sexy girl like this with only one boyfriend to date?

"How many times have you had sex before tonight Jenni?"

She blushed not looking him in the eye, "Maybe like six times."

"And he never came in your pussy, or ate you out?"

"No, never. Well he wore a condom, and came in that, but he didn't fuck me like you did."

There was a silent gap till she looked back up to him.

"I didn't know I would cum so hard when you spurted your sperm into me. When I felt your cock get really big inside and suddenly I was all hot and wet with your cum, it just felt so nice, I just came."

"Jenni," Jeff started slowly, picking his words carefully, "when you said you want to have sex with other men, at the same time, did you mean it?"

She thought for a moment then said in a concerned voice, "Is that wrong?"

"No honey, it's not wrong," he reassured, stroking her hair. "It's a very erotic fantasy."

"Yes, I think about it often. I wonder what it would be like to have all those men touching me, kissing and licking then fucking me and cumming in my pussy. I think if they fucked me like you do then it would be really nice."

"Would you like that baby?" he replied, his minds eye imagining her being gang fucked.

She nodded. It was had for him to believe this beautiful girl, with a perfect body and deep blue innocent eyes harboured a fantasy to be used by multiple men for their own pleasure, depositing their semen deep into her pussy, forcing her to swallow their thick sticky cum loads.

A plan formed in his head.

"I might be able to help you live that fantasy Jenni. Would you like that?"

Her eyes widened. "Yes!" she hissed, her excitement barely restrained.

"Uncle Jeff," her voice was low.

"Yes baby."

"Will you be my daddy?"

He didn't answer, just looked at her questioningly. She did have some interesting fetishes.

"Only when you fuck me, when make love," she explained.

He understood now. "Yes baby, I can be your daddy, so I can fuck my beautiful daughter and fill her pussy with my hot sperm."

She squeezed her pussy around his turgid cock still deep inside of her, eliciting a groan from him.

"Thank you daddy!" she said joyously hugging him close and burying her face into his chest.


Jennifer walked along the busy sidewalk heading for the address she had been given. The streets were busy with home bound traffic and people walking single minded in the late Friday afternoon bustle.

Her mind cast back to the encounter with her 'Uncle Jeff' on that fateful evening a few days past.

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