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Aspiring sports personality vs Basketball all star.

It took three more whole steps to equal Megan, the scale, and heels. I was now as tall as Megan, and also almost five and a half feet in the air.

"Oooh, Tiny," she exclaimed picking me up over the stair railing, lifting me high up into the air and then, while kissing me, wrapped me into her meaty arms, crushing all breath out of me. I almost fell down when she put me back down.

"Wow," Katey said, "if you get any stronger you'll accidentally kill him with a hug like that."

The scale had a built-in mark at 7 feet, all I had to do was measure the difference; and so I did, marking the tape at 2 feet, 4 inches.

"That means that you are, well, with the shoes... 9 feet and 4 inches, so actually 8-feet 4-inches tall. Megan, you grew 6 inches in a week!" Holy fuck!

"Mmm, yes. And I was wondering why I was so hungry all the time. And also horny," she said with a wink.

"Okay, Katey's turn... hey, what about the two of us together," Megan said, lifting Katey up onto her shoulders. The two women now formed an almost 11-foot-tall tower of breasts, asses, and muscular female perfection.

"Hmm," Katey mused from her perch on high, "Joey, go and sit on the upper level, I want to try something. And Megan, do something about his clothes first."

Megan reached out, grabbing a handful of clothes on each side of my body, and simply pulled them all apart in one violent motion. As soon as I sat down on the balcony, my legs hanging over the edge through the railing, Katey took my penis in her mouth. She was at just the right level to give me blowjob while I was sitting on a balcony.

"Nice idea" Megan said. "Let me also try something; I wanna play with your kitty. Let him go for a moment."

Katey released my pole and Megan lifted Katey up off her shoulders, turned around facing into the room, and replaced Katey with her snatch just below her chin. Megan then let her tongue slide into Katey's kitty while Katey was working hard on my erection. I could see her face suddenly turn to absolute shock as she discovered the astounding length of Megan's tongue burying itself deep in her vagina.

Katey dropped my cock and exclaimed: "What IS that thing? Jesus Christ, how... how loooooong...! oooh, MEGAN!" Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she experienced an unexpected orgasm from Megan's foot-long tongue.

"Give Tiny to me; I want him in me now."

Still seated upon Megan's shoulders, Katey was firmly clutching Megan's head with her legs and still shaking in orgasm, but Megan was impatient. She turned around again to face me, reached up and tore out the supports of the railing, and pulled me down. Her arms exploded in muscle as she was holding both of us effortlessly. She stood me on one of Katey's wooden kitchen chairs.

"I want you soo bad, Tiny. I've been thinking of you the entire week." My penis was still fully erect from having just been in Katey's expert mouth and its tip was near her gate.

"I couldn't even train, I just ended up destroying all the equipment. I am completely loosing my mind over you!" And her vagina simply swallowed my erection, Megan landing massively in my lap, one arm crushing me against her body. Her breasts were now so big that my head was buried in them even though she was so much taller. And with each heavy THUD of her ass on my lap, her breasts would slap my face painfully. Dear god, she was really horny! And speeding up. She grabbed the chair back and simply tore it away, to be able to hold me with her arm, and her thighs were crushing the chair; the wooden seat broke, as did the legs of the chair. I could feel the crushing embrace of her titanic thighs on my pelvis as we fell down to the floor, the seat crushed between those insanely huge teenage thighs. She continued pounding me into the floor, her lovely hair cascading around us, her breasts slapping in the air above me heavily into each other, her pussy gripping me as I had never been before.

"Oh yes, yes Tiny! Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she was screaming as she threw Katey on the sofa.

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