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A wife meets a dark stranger.

I loved you from the start, Tommy, even if I didn't accept it. The day you had to leave, I thought my heart would shatter. It was broken, true enough. But, I held you in my heart, remembering the fact that you said, "We will always be friends." I knew, no matter what might happen, if we ever met again, our friendship would be as fresh as it was at first.

My mother and father are gone now, Tommy. They both passed shortly before I turned nineteen. I had come out to them when I was seventeen, telling them then that I intended you to be my husband if you ever returned. I still feel that way.

The first time I saw you sexually, and not just as a friend and companion, was after my parents had passed, and I had turned eighteen. One evening, I was resting, after a particularly rough day at my new job, where I was apprenticing. My thoughts roamed, and played images on the backs of my closed eyelids. At first, I saw my parents, the memory of them making me smile softly. After some time, my thoughts turned to you.

This turn of thought reinforced the longing I'd already had, but this time, there was a new, and arousing element. I started imagining your lips on mine, your body against mine, and the feel of your hair in my hand, as I would caress your head. The response of my body was, as you can imagine, rather hard to ignore, and for the first time in my life, I shed my shorts, and took matters into my own hands, as it were, the feeling of the arousal at once foreign, and familiar to me.

I slowly stroked my member, wanting the pleasure to last. The image of you in my head started divesting itself of clothing, exposing you to my lustful imaginatory gaze. I only got harder, and more aroused. This wouldn't do, I told myself.

So, I tested myself. I forced myself to imagine other men, as well as many women, in similar situations. But, their faces and bodies always morphed into you. Tommy, I knew then, I was addicted to you, and I had never seen you naked, nor tasted your lips, nor smelt your scent. I could only imagine what all these were like, and frankly, my imagination, though good, was not very accurate. Everything I see now, Tommy, is far better.

With your name on my lips, and my hand vigorously stroking my cock, I came hard, spraying my chest and body with effluent. I was blown away. For the first time, and not for the last, I had masturbated with your image in my head, and your name on my lips.

I studied the 'art' of gay sex, if you will, and learned as much as I could. I watched videos, and imagined the two of us in those situations. Only when doing that, did I cum. I made a decision, as a result. I'm gay for you, and only you. I don't get aroused by anyone except you. I love you, and that's all there is.

Tommy, you kept your promise, whether you know it or not. Even your leaving, in a way, protected me. It forced me to do something about us. It forced me to take measures to become a man. And, you protected my heart. Because, even when you left, you never gave yourself to anyone else. You drove yourself to find me, even when sickness was on its way. You forced yourself to get well, and to find me. And, when you did, the surprise of me finding you first stunned you.

For all of my life, you've done everything you set your mind to. Yes, you protected me. And, yes, you found me. Now, Tommy, I wish to return to you the promise you made to me. I will protect and love you. I will keep your heart safe. I will make you the happiest man in the world. I promise this, and swear by whatever oath you wish to devise.

The story I told took my mental strength from me, and I cried openly as I told Tommy this. Everything I said, I said with the entirety of my being. And now, I was drained.



My mind was blown, but not so much that I could not respond.

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