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Elitist stepsister gets Sex Ed 101 at home.

..your girlfriend trails off into a soft moan.

Taking off your pants, you sit and admire your work for a few minutes, before you sit next to the two lovely bodies and rub your hands over them. Massaging their breasts, backs, stomachs, legs, and folds. Moving closer your sex moves closer to your girlfriend's mouth, she has a begging look in her eye, so you inch closer allowing her to run her tongue along you for a few minutes before you take it away... a look of disappointment and pleasure takes over her face and her eyes flutter closed as the girl between her legs hits a good spot. You stand and look over them again, how sweet they both look both thoroughly enjoying the opportunity you gave them. Moving between the girl's legs you kneel, and play ontop of her panties, while exploring her body with your hands and mouth, not working completely in detail for she is not your girlfriend and that is who you are aiming to please, besides yourself of course.

Using your fingers you get the girl moist, you explore her folds, and her body begins to respond to your touch ... soon you hear two whimpering girls under your control, you can hear that your girlfriend is close again to another orgasm, you lean down to your knees and get comfortable between the girl's legs, to see if you can get them both at the same time. She tastes different, but still pleasant, and she is getting wetter for you by the second from your sweet manipulations, you switch from rough to soft, shaking your head slightly and then backing off to barely anything, you insert your finger and touch spots that make the girl moan into your girlfriend's sex which in turn, turns your girlfriend on more and more until you are sure that the people downstairs (if they were home) could hear her. Not wanting to be out done, you continue on the girl, working on her as best you can until her muscles clench down and she moans loudly, bringing her pelvis up to your mouth and she reaches her peak before your girlfriend does soon after ... you smile inside thinking, I guess some guys are better then girls at knowing their bodies.

You allow them both to relax, but not for too long, kissing your way up the girl's body you kiss around her face, savoring your girlfriend before you lean up to the source, leaning back down you whisper to the girl to move the pillows so your girlfriend could see who she was, and then to kneel facing your roommate's door. You crawl up your girlfriend's body and softly kiss her, asking her if she likes her surprise so far, she purrs a yes to you, her body shaking pretty hard from the pleasure radiating from her body, you slap her ass for good measure, she yelps and smiles, ready for whatever is next. You slip yourself between her legs with you hand, and rub against her, getting yourself slick with her juices, she whimpers and pouts and tries to move you closer to her, but you don't allow it. Kissing, and crawling away from her body you are now uniting her hands from her ankles, you stretch her arms out to the corners of the bed, and secure her bonds once more, so that her ankles are still tied, and she can now hold herself slightly up on her elbows if she tried. Then once again telling the girl what to do for you both.

The girl leans down and kisses your girlfriend softly, trying to stay away from her mouth though, and then scoots her body down so that her pelvis is in front of your girlfriends mouth, your girlfriend needing no other cue, reaches for the girl .

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