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Super hero Goldie uses every power she has to save the world.

He pulled the front of the cup down and lowered his head to lick teasingly at her nipple. She thrashed around on the bed as his lips sucked her nipple into his waiting mouth. Climbing more onto the bed, he used some of his body weight to hold her down. He reached his hand back and slapped her thigh. Not hard enough to mark, but enough to get her attention. She lay back, quietly, her body rigid as Danny's mouth suckled at her breast. His hand moved along her body and quickly slipped up her dress. He could still feel how tense she was, as her body tried to stiffen even more against his exploring hand. He lifted his head from her breast and observed her reaction to his hand exploration below.

Julie gasped for breath as she felt his hand exploring her inner thighs and pussy. She was so turned on. She trembled as his finger pulled the crotch aside and whimpered behind her gag as his fingers delved deep into her. His fingers slowley fucked her, his thumb rubbing her clit. God it felt good. Then his hand was gone.

Dan got off the bed and had a look at a cabinet next to a small washbasin. On it was a selection of items, and quickly seeing the right bottle selecting it and returned to his victim. He grabbed a few pillows and moved them down the bed to her waist. Grabbing her body he flipped her over and onto her front, her backside pushed into the air by the pillows with him quickly mounting behind her. Turning her over her legs Dan used his knees to prevent her closing them again.

What was with him tonight? First the gag and blindfold now the ripping of her dress. Doubt kept flicking into Julies mind, but each time it was quickly quieted by her body's needs. She wanted a good fuck more than a think.

He pushed the skirt of her maid uniform up around her waist and gripping the sides of her panties ripped them from her body. Her grinned at the sight of her struggling beneath him. A beautiful smooth ass was presented to him and below that small blonde curls inviting him to violate her. All of this was sexily framed by the thin wisps of material from her dress and the garter and dark stockings. Grabbing the bottle, he poured baby-lotion over her backside before taking his hand and massaging it into her. She screamed against the coldness of it hitting her ass and screamed again as his hand began to rub it into her ass and pussy. Her protests became quieter as he continued to work the fluid into her as she became slightly used to his fingers. He worked the oil in further, pushing into her entrances with his fingers, hearing her wince slightly each time. He gripped her hips roughly and grabbing his cock he moved forward and pushed against her oiled cunt. "Here I come baby!"

That wasn't Nick's voice. A cold wave of horror shot through her body. This wasn't Nick! She immediately shouted out and started to thrash harder against her bonds but he had her pinned with her ass in the air, and with that she felt him enter her oiled cunt.

She was an amazing fit. The oil allowed him to enter her quickly and fast. She wasn't too tight and the liberal amount of oil he had used prevented any friction. He heard her gasp from behind the gag as he repeatedly slid into her. Pushing in as deep as he could, he held himself deep inside before withdrawing and commencing yet another assault. He lifted himself up from a kneeling position and squatted behind her, aiming deeper, feeling his balls almost entering her blonde trimmed bush. He could no longer hear the music from downstairs. All he could hear was the sound of her groaning from her stuffed mouth as he thrust inside and the sound of his heart beating in his chest.

Julie fought for air behind her gag.

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