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By late afternoon they reached a clearing of a large body of water with a large cove behind it. A waterfall 20ft high threw water from its height, where it splashed violently down upon the rocks. Jasmine stared I wonder at the beauty of the scene transfixed by the almost life like water and the blue green depths of the cove. She dropped her sack and jumped in, cooled off by the chilled water. The others soon joined her and she swam closer to the waterfall, until she realized there was an opening behind it.

"Hey guys, there's a cave over here! Come look," she called as she swam closer.

They swam towards her and she stepped upon the rocks out of the water and slowly walked towards the waterfall. Cautious of the forceful torrents falling from above, she walked behind the curtain of water into the dimly lit cave. Unable to see she walked back out towards the group.

"It's dark in there, yet it's dry and slightly warm," she said as she swam back to the shore.

"We can make a torch and go inside," Luis said, hopping behind her.

He walked towards the edge of the trees and grabbed a handful of thick sticks and dry grass stalks. He tied the dried stalks together then wove them around the ends of the bundle of sticks. He and Jasmine swam back to Ali and Bianca carrying the torch high above the water to not get it wet. Jasmine and Ali climbed upon the rocks and walked into the cave, with Bianca and Luis following. They stood in darkness while Luis fumbled with his satchel to grab his flint rock. Lighting the fire, Luis waved it in the air and illuminated the cave.

The group was immediately blinded by bright light as the fire shone upon glassy surfaces all around them. Once their eyes adjusted they noticed the crystals covering the walls and ceilings in all arrays of colors. Their sharp edges and jagged side contrasted harshly with the beauty of their colors. From the glossamer shine of butterfly wings to the iridescence of the aura borealis the crystals covered almost every surface of the cave.

Bianca walked forward a reached her hand out before Ali yelled out, "Stop! Don't touch them!"

"Why not?" her voice petulant in annoyance.

"We don't know how fragile these are they might break, and they look like they've never been touched by human hands before," he responded walking towards her and looking at them closely.

"How about we take some back with..," Bianca was cut off from the sounder of thunder rumbling outside. They walked back towards the edge of the cave and looked at the sky as small raindrops plattered the ground.

"Shit we have to get our stuff," Jasmine said and she rushed out of the cave.

Everyone except Bianca left the cave to grab their things, with Jasmine grabbing Bianca's. They also grabbed dry firewood before it became soaked. They ran back inside the cave just as the rain began to beat down upon them.

"Here's your stuff, princess," Jasmine said as she shoved Bianca's things toward her.

"What's up your butt, everyone didn't need to get wet if you two went out. Plus who was going to hold the torch if I didn't?" Bianca said smug with her logic.

"Whatever Bianca, were stuck in this cave and you're worried about getting wet as if you didn't just swim over here," Jasmine huffed.

Bianca rolled her eyes when Jasmine snatched the torch from her hands and walked farther into the cave with it. As she walked she marveled at the vast array of sizes of crystals, some as large as her jutting from the walls. Turning a corner she came upon an in ground pool, as wide as a hot tub with steam billowing from the surface. Setting the torch in between a crevice she stuck her foot inside the pool and moaned aloud as the heat chilled her cold body.

Acting on impulse she slid inside thinking she would touch the bottom, yet slipping under the surface as her feet failed to connect with the ground.

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