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She's taken to the desert.

I was so near cumming that I shoved my cock back in without much thought," I began, but Kelly interrupted.

"You pushed back into her pussy," Kelly stated. I shrugged and then nodded.


"Was that it?" Lee asked.

"Yes! That was the only time," Tara began, but then hesitated. "I mean we fucked again a couple of minutes later, but that was the same time."

"You're sure one horny bitch," Kelly said in what I thought was admiration. Her eyes glistened lustfully.

"You know, Kelly, Tara's been with a few women too," I said into the silence.

"Tom, your such a jerk!" Tara said. Kelly looked at her brother.

"Do you mind? I've never been with another woman," she asked. Lee smiled and shrugged.

"Not at all. It's every guys fantasy to watch two women together," he said.

"It adds extra spice when one of them is related," I added. He laughed.

"What?" Tara asked. She was obviously a little behind, but that quickly ended when Kelly kissed her. I'm not really sure how, but they were both naked in a matter of moments.

"Since it's your first time, lay back and relax," my cousin said with a grin. Kelly did what Tara requested and Tara slowly worked her way down Kelly's body. When she got to her tits she hesitated and the looked at me.

"I see you marked your property," she said with a grin.

"Hey! She marked hers as well," I said pointing to my neck. Tara laughed and started licking Kelly's nipples. Kelly moaned gently.

"Tara, believe it or not, little Kelly likes it rough," I said. Tara didn't reply. She simply bit one of Kelly's nipples. Kelly groaned loudly. Lee reached in his pants and pulled out his cock. He started to jerk it off slowly.

"Sis, you're one perverted bitch!" he said.

"You have no idea!" she replied. Tara dipped her tongue into Kelly pussy and Kelly came. However, Tara didn't stop. I don't think Kelly would have let her anyway. Lee's cock was a good inch and a half, maybe two inches, shorted then mine, but it certainly was thick. His hand didn't fit all the way around it.

My own cock was jutting out of my shorts. Kelly saw it and grinned.

"Come here," she said. I mode my way next to her and she pulled my cock out of my shorts and slowly jerked it off. I pointed to her brother and Kelly grinned.

"What do you think, Lee? Could you handle a hand job from your little sister?" she asked. Lee was by her other side in a flash. She gripped his beast and sighed.

"Lee, Tara's right. You've certainly got nothing to be embarrassed about," she said with a lustful grin. She jerked us off for a few minutes and then she pulled me by my dick until it was in near her mouth. "I have to taste this!"

She couldn't quiet get all of it down her throat at first, but it was certainly not from lack of trying. Finally, she locked eyes with Lee and forced the last inch into her mouth. She looked hot as hell with her nose buried in my pubic hair.

Lee's cock was oozing with precum as he watched his sister work on me. Kelly noticed her brother's state as well. She pulled off of my dick and looked at Lee's cock. She looked at me and licked her lips.

"Go ahead," I said with a smiled. Kelly grinned. Lee was in shock as his sister stretched her mouth wide and took his beast in. She took it to its root as well. This time her eyes were locked with mine.

"You're such a slut!" I said with a grin. She let go of Lee cock long enough to reply.

"And you love me for it!"

"Hey, little sister, nobody like a tease," Lee interjected.

"Sorry. Does my big brother want to shoot his cum down my throat?" she replied, opening her mouth wide.

"He's right! You are a slut little sister! Now shut up and suck me," Lee snapped, shoving his cock back into her mouth. He held her head on both sides and started pistoning his thick cock in and out. Kelly was using her hand to stroke my cock while she worked on her brother's dick.

"That's it, suck your brother's cock bitch!" Tara said, drawing my attention to her.

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