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She thought she could do it and he would never know.

Then she began her instruction.
She started off by pointing out the various different spanking devices she had been using and the benefits of each one. Some allowed for sharp, stinging slaps to the ass. Others allowed for dull but more repetitive sessions. There were even some that appeared to be harsher than they actually were. This worked best for the easily intimidated. She demonstrated each of them in order with great expertise.

I did not have much trouble making it through this part of the session, partially because I was learning to enjoy it, and partially due to the motivation.

Then she moved to Cock and Ball Torture. She started off by slapping my cock a few times. This really turned me on. Then she showed them how to use clamps on my genitals. I hated that part. It took all the focus I could muster to keep my cool as she clipped them to my scrotum and shaft. For effect, she spanked my ass a few times once they were in place. Helen wanted to be sure everyone realized the benefits of using more than one method at a time. When she finally removed the clamps, the pain actually intensified for a bit before settling down.

After all the clamps were off she proceeded to stroke my cock bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. Then she turned to the attentive crowd and told them that this is something she likes to do several times during a session.

"A slave will do anything for you once he realizes that his ability or inability to come is in your hands," she told them.

She was absolutely right. Most of the reason I obeyed so well was due to knowing that one fact.

Then she turned back around and grabbed the base of my cock and balls and removed the harness that already held them and replaced it with a thicker, tighter-fitting one with a D-ring on it. Then she attached a short rope to the D-ring and pulled quick and hard to ensure that it would stay in place. It surprised me when she did this, but I was able to keep quiet.

Then she demonstrated the effectiveness of adding weight to the equation as she slowly added more and more to the rope now hanging between my legs. I felt the pressure grow and grow as I felt the strap tighten and pull on my genitals. I was nearing my breaking point as she put on the final weight and turned to face the crowd. My hands clenched tightly as I desperately tried to block out the feeling.

I barely heard what she was telling the crowd as I concentrated on my goal, but the next thing I new she had selected a woman from the class who was now inspecting Helen's work. She tested the bondage on my arms and legs and even gave a quick tug on the rope pulling down on my member. I whimpered a bit as the weight fell back into place. Then the woman took her bare hand and slapped my ass twice before she returned to her seat, giggling as she went. Finally, Helen removed the weights and freed my genitals from all of their bondage. I took several deep breaths as the blood flow returned.

Before I had completely regained my composure I felt the cool sensation of lube being squirted at the entrance of my asshole. I actually heard a few of the women give a little clap as Helen did this. Once she had a generous amount in place, Helen stopped and gave a few pointers to ensure the safety of all parties involved. Then she went on to talk about the many different ways to use the slave's asshole for punishment and humiliation. She pointed out that this is something that should not be taken lightly, for it is a very powerful tool to use. Then she pulled out her bag of toys once more.

She started by demonstrating a simple mid-sized dildo and eased it slowly in to show proper technique. Then she used my ass to show off different vibrators she had available as well as the various shapes and sizes they came in. Finally, she pulled her "favorite" toy from the bag: a strap-on.

I lay there in anticipation as she schooled the anxious crowd on the power of taking your slave's virgin ass with a strap-on.

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